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Thread to laugh at Debit Card Retards

What I imagine every time I see someone use a debit card.

Whats the matter? Have no financial discipline? LOL CHILD

Debitfags like to:
>expose their own money
>get little to no benefits
>get fucked by other dudes
>have no perks
>accumulate no credit

Creditchads like to:
>Put the banks money at risk
>Acquire credit
>Gain rewards and cash back
>Have perks
>Fuck hot chicks they met in the Centurion Lounge in the free upgraded hotel suite they booked on their credit card

Literally no reason to use a debit card unless you are a 2 digit IQ fiscal retard.

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>this copypasta thread 3 times per day
Is this the/biz/ equivalent of the black dick Jewish tricks on >>>/b/ and >>>/pol/?

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>t. 6 digit payment fag

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