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every man wants a bigger penis how can i make money out of this

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Uh, those are men, anon.

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jelqs break your dick

kegels are for the thinking man

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The hardest part is staying regular with it. Pumps on their own don't do a whole lot but it's not a bad idea if you're jelqing. Like lifting, learn good technique and take it slow so you don't wreck your dick.
>small fry turned into average peen in about 2 years

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Jelqing is where you stretch your dick. Imagine you are jacking off but when you pull away from yourself, you just held it for a period of time. This tears the spongey tissue of your penis and puts scar tissue there.

Lots of people essentially break their dicks.

Kegels are just a simple exercise. You know how you can make your dick flex up? It's that muscle. If you do it a lot and build it, it makes your penis get erections easier and makes your erections fuller. No hocus pocus like length or anything. Your erections are just MAXXED out all the time when you get them.

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Show some juicy pics then faggot

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Not to brag, but if my penis were any bigger it would be uncomfortable for me and her.

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Jelqed for almost 5 years now. Gained over 2 inches in length and 1.9 inches in girth. This wasn't consistent over the last 5 years either.

Never jelq fully erect. The most effective exercises I've picked up over the years that I know worked from constant measurements
>Wet Jelqs with half erection
>Ulis (the best girth exercise period)
>Double Uli
>Helicopter Spins
>Kegel work

If you have any questions, ask away.

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+1 Went from like 4 inches to 5.25 after a year and a half of almost daily exercises.
Still a dicklet, but it totally works.
Imo stretching works better for length, jelqing is for girth.

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My power region began to grow immensely around this time. The stretching and tearing and then healing period method of jelqing that I had moved on to was working. I had shot up from 1 or less inches to easily 6 or 7, and the scars along the way were proof that this was all thanks to the jelqing. I sometimes thought that the scars were bad because they didn't look like they would ever heal, and then I realized that they were proof of my progress, and of my drive to go on, and any girl who looked at it would understand that and know that they were honorable and symbolic - and also, she wouldn't care, because it would be so big she would totally freak out anyway.

Pretty soon, I was elected to be one of the moderators of the main jelqing board I posted on, JelqOrBeJelqed dot com, and I reigned supreme. I gave tons of advice to starter jelqers like I had been just last year, and told them that I was the ultimate vision of success and proof of the power of jelqing. About halfway through sophomore year, I developed my own unique variation on the tearing-and-healing method, which involved consumption of an all-dairy superfood diet and self-induced numbing of the region, and then MORE ferocious stretching and tearing. The method, which I called Super Rip-And-Repeat System, had soon gained enough reputation and was proven to work as a highly advanced method.

My adherents on the board took my word as the word of a jelqing god, and strictly followed my instruction, and this power was the first time in my life that I felt truly in control. Even better than that, though, was knowing that I was helping people like me, who needed help like this, who needed a positive force in their lives, and a guiding hand to slice up their private parts and stretch it out to unthinkable lengths.

I was forcing the hand of nature and in some ways had literally become a god.

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>asking another man for pics of his dick while calling HIM a faggot
never change /biz/

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I'm interested in trying it but am too afraid of breaking my dick

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how old were you when you started
Have you lost weight since you started?

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Jewish scam to permanently damage your dick

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Don't go fully erect for ANY EXERCISE and don't death grip. Just a decent amount of pressure is all you need. You're going to cause massive scar tissue damage with too much grip, discoloration thats permanent, and you can get ED like >>18383054
is implying.

95% of the injuries are from full erections and death gripping. Will answer other questions in a bit, game queue just pooped.

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wow what school is this?

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what routine do I do?

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Tranny school

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>jelqing for Asian women
lmao poor chang

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I don't, I already hit the cervix of most girls probably an inch off would be perfect

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I should add at least a 3-5min warmup before each session. As for routine, I started with this, and its the best routine for beginners. Works in no time as well.
JP90 Beginner's Routine

If you dont want to read it on a forum

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I was almost 23 and I've been /fit/ the whole time. Even bulking up I don't like my bodyfat to get over 15% so maybe 20-30 pounds in my heaviest.

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how old were u when u started?
did u lose weight?

Apparently u gain length just form losing weight, so its important to know. and my dink grew at age 23 just randomly by 1 inch without doing anything.

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you wouldnt have seen drastic gains form losing weight and age then. But not impossible. I was in similar situation. I know i didnt gain form losing weight, but it grew without doing anything else at age 23. was really random.

I think maybe some guys dicks grow till about 25.

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I only touch my penis to urinate. I pay a Chinese massage artist to jelq me.

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Just answered you lol. Maybe during that entire time I was 30 pounds heavier, but you're right on gaining length by losing weight. If you're a bigger guy you can get 1.5 inches of extra dick once you burn off that fat pad.

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I would always jelq while masturbating and it grew from 6” to 8” over my developing years. 18-24. Now I’m married

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don't jelq for asian chicks, 5 inches is enough to bottom out in most of them, 6 inches is enough to hurt some of them if you are rough, 7 inches is enough to scare most of them and make sex difficult

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I do this shit sometimes while jerking off so pretty much daily. My dick is now 9.5 inches though im unsure if it's the exercise or just naturally growing over the years.

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Yeah, about mid 20s. I recommend anyone to try it. 2.3 inches of length and almost 2 inches of girth on and off over the course of 5 years isnt that bad at all.

I do have some discoloration, but nothing drastic. Other than that, no injuries, and no scar tissue buildup. Proper warmups, proper grip, proper erection level are the keys and youll be perfectly fine jelqing.

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Penis enlargement surgery is a thing and it’s also an easy procedure I think. Just setup a clinic and expand to hair transplant later on too.

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I would put my dick in all three holes of all three of them if you get my drift.

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You realize roasties push babies through there right? You could fuck a 5 foot tall asian girl with a 10 inch dick and she'd get used to it after a while.

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>comparing a blown out vagina to girls that only regularly take 4 inches

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