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>Going to 4chan for financial advice
Does anyone actually do this unironically?

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Biz is actually a good source for financial advice if you know how to filter 4D postironic comments

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You'll get better financial advice than dating advice at the very least

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I have legit made money from lurking this board. It can be done but you need to be able to tell the difference between shilling and not shilling.

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Depends if you like traps

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Which is virtually impossible

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We told everyone about link 3 years ago.
We are telling everyone about suter right now.

> there is no good advice on biz

Will the midwits ever understand?

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Go to fageddit and post about how the Federal Reserve actually works and you will be banned by the ADL for antisemitism. This is one of the few places you can explore ideas without instant bans.

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>tfw deliberately give Anons terrible financial advice

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Its 90% shills and 10% actual advice from people not afraid of what they say ending up linked to their real identity.

My advice Buy Ethereum. ID2020 and all the Corpo's are going to be using it when the dollar shits the bed. wish i was joking

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Implying link wasn't good financial advice... for now

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well if I had listen to these faggot on /g/ back in 09 and mined bitcoin, I would probably be worth 8 figure by now instead of a poorfag

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Made $200 today like it was the easiest thing in my life thanks to this autist board. You just have to know how to filter the schizos and memes and theres actual useful shit here

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First one's free

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I made $1,200 in 15 minutes. It's easy!

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Just use common sense.

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Midwit detected

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Yes without a filter you end up buying Chainlink instead of BTC, ETH or Zcash

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No this is a great place to get info anon. You can come here to get advice on what not to buy if you are good at spotting sockpuppets and shills.

you can also get great drops before anyone else does if you can filter 90% of 4Chan's Schizo's out and focus on the 10% who are actual high IQ think tank dudes shit posting in their spare time.

IMHO its not that hard to filter if ur smart. If you are not smart Darwin has some Chainlink for you to buy

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This explain exactly how this board works.
You must either be extremely dumb or extremely smart to make money on this board, no middle ground.

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I find your comment to be a little offensive since i akshully am diagnosed schitzofrenic, i am on the mend without ever taking medication (if you even care)
I still dont know how to trade stocks yet, i came here from the pol raids biz performed a few weeks back. My bank want $10 each time i buy a stock which is bullshit. I just come here to learn the psychology and terminology. I concentrate my energy on a topic or person for a few weeks, months or years before not caring anymore.

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when you've been around here long enough, you see some shit that totally evaporates all preconceived notions of how someone becomes rich

I can recall evidence of people "investing" (gambling) less than $5,000 and ending up closer to $1 million than you'd believe. Not saying you should trust 4chan for financial advice, but I've never seen ANYTHING remotely close to the wealth generation I've seen from people buying early and selling high. There's nothing like it.

The beauty of it is that Redditors will never believe it's true. Ever. They'll forever be doubting Thomases because their arrogance overwhelms them and keeps them poor. There's a strange fanaticism and insanity that a 4channer needs to stick around this board, heed the useful advice, and patiently wait for riches. It's rare, but I've seen it happen with my own eyes to know it's fact.

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No, I go to 4channel for financial advice

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Fuck off

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This isn't aging well.

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I'm just here for the memes and shitposting

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I made more from the LINK pump this last year than I did from my salary.

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me too brother

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That's just life in general

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I learned more about finance in here than I did anywhere else.

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I'm pretty sure you are shitzofrenic.

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Nah, fuck you

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For you

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so uh....buy PNK?

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You look at 4chan and see neets, mental illness, virgins... I look at 4chan and I see billionaires, CEOs, harem owners...

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