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Do you reckon the S&P 500 is going to go down again or is it just going to keep rebound? Unfortunately I had trouble getting the necessary information to open a Vanguard account when it nose dived. Now that I have it, do I go in now to get a 20 percent profit when it eventually rebounds or should I wait for another dive? I'm going to stick 5000 to 8000 dollars in when I invest, would have been nice to get that 50 percent profit.

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its gonna go down. when all the REITs and mortgage lenders get margin calls because people aren't paying rent, renting AirBnBs its gonna get nasty.

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Thanks anon, God I hope you're right.

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Put in $3k to start your account and then DCA your way the rest of the way in for the rest of the year. We are in week 15 of 52. If you put that initial $3k and have $2-5k to spend you can divide it by the remaining 37 weeks so about $55-135 per week for the rest of the year.

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The last hope for bears, above 3000 it’s all ogre

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Fundamentals, bond yields, weekly and monthly technicals say down. So up.

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yeah sound bullish to me, up we go.

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It REALLY depends on whether coronavirus cases actually peaked or if it the new infections reemerge with force. Which I think it will.

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Thanks anon, sound advice.

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I know its kind of bad of me, but I'm hoping it gets worse just so I can make a bigger profiterino.

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No one knows the future we can predict how day will ends today after half day is gone.

By every single day when stocks go down in increasing sequence so when suddenly direction change your last buy will be largest one and as you go up you sell in increasing sequence too so your last sell before it turn dune will be largest too . This is how you fishing bottom and tops.
If you buy every (-) day same amount and sell every + day exact same amount you can count that there is more + days per year then (-) days and you will sell always with profit. if you buy and sell in increasing sequence, then you buy and sell closer to the bottom and top.
lets say you by 1k next day 3k then 9k if it turns up you sell 1k next day 3k turns down buy again. because sum of all sells are always larger, then all buy, you buy more aggressive then sell according situation right now it is good to be invested already more then ½ .

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corona virus does not exist it is a swindle by people who clam are gov. mass media , large connected gang with mutual int rest to grab tax money in order solve nothing happen problem.
So it is up to gang, that carry on a swindle. From medical perspective nothing happen at all. Be afraid of people that fallow orders .

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Additional recommendation is that if you go put in $8k put in the $135 when the YTD/52 wk return is still significantly low. If it stays low then keep putting in $135 every week. If the market recovers start ramping down how much you put in.

I'll lay it out for you. It's easier to just show the math.
> Market is down -30% -> Invest $135
> Market is back to normal -> Invest $55
> Market return range of 30% :: Investment range of $80
Therefore for every -1% YTD/52wk down you invest $55 + [80*(1/30)] of the money or $55 + $2.67 per -1%. If it returns to normal then you keep investing $55. If it dips below -30% then keep adding that constant value of $2.67 per -1%.

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вы pyccкий?

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Thanks. I really do appreciate the advice.

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All to glad to give what I can out. We're all here to make it so the closer we act like a brain trust the better. Good luck, but you picked a Vanguard index fund already so luck will hardly have anything to do with it.

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