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Enjoy the pump tomorrow. Make sure you exit your position

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cheap oil would be just fine for the airline industry, so im good

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Even without a deal there won't be a dump in anything other than oil itself. Oil only pumps.

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We still accumulating REFR?

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give me ONE reason MTNB will not 2x before july

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How long until airlines like jetblue and spirit moon?

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Should I fall for the Raytheon meme?

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It better dump like hell because they fucked the shit out of me with that absolute BULLSHIT MANIPULATED MARKET BULLSHIT today.

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the best was everyone buying IQIYI at 50

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I own stocks in close to 20 different REITs and I really ought to drop most of them tomorrow. Please name your favorite REIT and it will be spared.

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Haha wish I wasnt retarded and greedy haha

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Has anyone hear read Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb?

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My favorite meme

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3-5 years back to normalish.
Accumulate, there is almost certainly more downside with the airline industry.

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I have a put expiring tomorrow, 5 contracts. The strike price is $5 and the stock is at $5.10. If the stock price goes below $5, what happens then?

no bully

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I like uhhh
but I'm not in REITs that heavy, just a bit

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Reminder that tomorrow is battle of the machines

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Is it too late for me to go heavier long into Disney?

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I want my fucking cheapies tomorrow.

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Nice set of tits on this double top that’s forming

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you're allowed to sell 500 shares at $5

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nice I have AGNC and will keep it

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I already sold all my shares at $5.12

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Futures mean literally nothing right? Dow was down 1.5% at like 4am and we opened like 4% high

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Not at all I am gonna buy some cheeky puts on them tomorrow my loss is your gain

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ey mates i'm gonna tell you which direction the stocks are gonna go based on what i pop my cork off to

red day if i settle on frankie foster

green if it's lord dominator

i'll report back after im done

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what is the ideal time to exit? im mostly into oil

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This but you’re collecting the difference between the market price and the strike price plus the premium. Aka if the stock domps to $4.20 you collect $90 x 5 contracts. $450.

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that'd be pretty epic desu senpai

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Watch meeting of le picnic-blanket-hat mAn and le shirtless horseback man

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When the money line is most high

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Does sector investing work or is it inefficient against either single stock picking or indexing?

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Made all my money back after trying to guess the bottom as a novice. I'm up by $400 and started with $3500 lol. Regret not buying BA at $90 after seeing it sober

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thoughts on AAL???

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Oh I misread, idk what your premium is. Number was assuming you paid $0.10

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Imagine investing in Chinese companies, a country with an actual make-believe economy.

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You know what you have now and you have a profit, do you want to gamble or do you want to trade? If I were you I'd take.

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$0.14 was the price

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so what's the general consensus on investing in lumber companies. I feel like there'll always be trees and people to cut them, and paper never falls out of vogue

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Mostly into oil? You're lying.

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Priced in

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anyone buy individual bonds?

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Yea it will be slightly less but you get it. Good luck memer

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I went all in at $50 because that was a fucking bargin for such a huge defense contractor. I've scaled back my position considerably now, but I'm holding onto them until the next war kicks off at the bare minimum.

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Who /RTX/ here?

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you too

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more debt than assets going into this crisis. you do the math.

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I wish I got in that cheap, I'm at a $63 average :(

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Rtx gang

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this is fucking worrisome unless you're ok with not looking at your account for 5 years if things go south
but you have posted this multiple times today so I have a feeling you're antsy to make quick money.

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SMG, I had a dream, is it retarded? In my dream, Santa told me to create this water fall, and my grandma brought cookies.
Buy 100 of something big, sell call, collect premie
Buy 100 of something medium, with said premie, sell call, collect premie
Buy 100 of something small, with said premie, sell call, collect premie

Premies all the way down forever. In my dream it was beautiful.

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yeah but I'm up like $500 on them in the past few days. clown market, nothing makes any fucking sense. might sell all and put it in PLAY

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Remember, bad news = more QE in this market. The harder Coronachan hits, the louder the BBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRR

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hold for 20 years and earn your modest returns and dividends friend like a good boomer.. just sell before the next crash this time

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Where my CHadKs at???

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If only there were a single person in the country that could put three layers of fabric together, alas, only China can do this complex task

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yeah i been kind of hesitant but Im still financially secured with my job at XOM so can risk it

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Any insiders buying penny stocks, like what happened with Borr Drilling last week, lately?

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They've been crying this for weeks and yet they mysteriously still have supplies. Hmmmmm

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So, you panic sold at the bottom like a lil bitch? Now you are just going to wait for a retest of the lels to buy back in right?

Sorry faggot, straight up thanks for all the cheap shit 2 weeks ago though

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Doesn't really work, just choose your 2 favorite stocks in a sector.

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Someone tell me what they think about MRO.

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Priced in

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tomorrow's gonna be green, lord dominator's too hot lads

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Thanks for all the great info fren, last question: current thoughts on NVAX? They seem like a good put. I think they're bullshitting with the efficacy of their possible vaccine they're trying to develop (it's just a hunch with no basis in facts and research yet, so don't miff me)

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My upstairs neighbor just called ambulance and was brought out on a gurney.

Priced in?

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>Raytheon to reduce dividend

>Raytheon to reduce dividend

>Raytheon to reduce dividend

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>that chart
I'm good

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I doubled down and bought more puts today. I know that I'm fucking retarded but I don't even care at this point. What's a few more dollars lost anyway?

>> No.18364735

Aww baby scared of some OTC stocks?

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So did I.
At least if we lose our money, we can remember the friends we made along the way!

>> No.18364757

If this is real... lol

>> No.18364758

I wish I wasn't a brainlet and understood how options work other than writing puts and calls

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Reminder that the virus is a myth and the media has you programmed to be in a constant state of fear and anxiety because it makes you easier to control.

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People die all the time, so definitely priced in. People have to be dying outside hospitals or dying because ambulances have nowhere to take you for it to not be priced in at this point.

Literally just keep buying (unless you're all in on oil, in which case you're gambling right now). I expect a deal since US companies are cutting production in good faith also, even though they aren't officially committed in the agreement.

Priced in, more people are dying per day but the rate of deaths per day is lowering.

>> No.18364768

Soon to be priced out

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Their entire balance sheet is oil and gas assets. Their business centers around US shale, which has been going downhill since 2015. It could be a good short term swing trade. But I would never buy and hold a company like MRO.

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Yes; I remember back in the day. Back in those days anything you put your money into turned green. It was a sea of green. A wonderful time. I still remember those days and that awesome feeling. It was sublime.

>> No.18364778

FUCK I just bought in, I don't want it to dip now.

>> No.18364780

kek, it's not that, they haven't grown their share price during THE LARGEST BULL RUN in history. They won't do it now. Thinking otherwise is delusion

>> No.18364781

I ain't worried bout shit

>> No.18364789

I've heard all kinds of things about the virus. It's a hoax, it's a bioweapon that leaked out of a government lab in Wuhan and the Chinese developed a safe strain to cure it... I don't know who to believe.

>> No.18364796

yup lol youre basically betting on the shape of clouds

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Do you realize that we don’t give a single fuck about how many boomers/niggers die everyday? It’s actually good for economy.

If you’re healthy young White ppl you have worst mild symptoms, i.e. just a flu. It’s doesn’t hurt economy at all. We should open across country already

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the Oracle has spoken.

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But Trump is trying to save the US fracking industry. What if he is able to get Russia and KSA to strike a deal?

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So based!!

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PRICED IN AND BULLISH AS FUCK. Tesla up 20% tomorrow. BTC value will be 0. SPY will be 900 and come with a 3 robos waifu per stock dividend.

>> No.18364828

Market closed Friday.

What will I do with my time?

>> No.18364829

excuse me reuters we're in the "light at the end of the tunnel" phase. chill out and keep your stories to yourself.

>> No.18364834

Trump also said he would save the coal industry. I'd rather him be president than Clinton, but let's not fool ourselves. Shale has been in a bear market since 2015. Buy it, let it double in price when Trump tweets, then sell it.

>> No.18364836

>the more boomers die the bigger the stock gains
We won't need Elon Musk soon on our mission to mars with our pilot Jerome

>> No.18364840

Tomorrow, dji is getting +14%.

>> No.18364841

Give me one good reason I shouldn't empty my entire bank account into SPY except for 6 months of being unemployed.

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I feel green... dubs and we stay green until new years

>> No.18364854

There's a meme I remember being profitable! Checked the charts, already back to its penny stock roots

>> No.18364858

The FED is more interested in keeping rich people rich because rich people create jobs for poor people, just go long

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With this dubs this becomes year of the bear. In August it gets handed to his bro, snib snab

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My banana bread came out fucking perfect this time. Priced in?

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>> No.18364867

It's not like coal at all. The US is now the biggest oil and natural gas producer in the world because of its fracking industry. It's more a geopolitical issue than an employment one. We are no longer dependent upon foreign nations for our energy. We can not afford to give that up.

>> No.18364869

How do dividends pay out? Do I need to have a stock for the entire quarter, or what?

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Who here /hate myself and want to die/?

that's a man

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Here you dropped these digits. Also this is now a bear market

>> No.18364898

You need to own the stock before the ex-dividend date. In the dividend capture strategy, you just buy stocks before the ex-dividend and sell.
Note that stocks typically register a reduction in value consistent with the dividend payout on the date it pay, and companies recover at different rates from this.
The frequency of payment is set by the company, some do monthlies and some do quarterlies.

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virus this, stock market that, but what really hurts the most is my inability to form meaningful lasting human connections brehs

it hurts the most

>> No.18364909

You can be in it the day before the ex-dividend date, but if you just do that sell soon after the tax jew can come back at the end of the year and get you. Almost not worth it. If you go for something with a good dividend, best to just hold

>> No.18364910


>> No.18364915

Are you saying you can buy pre-ex date and sell the day after at get the divvy?

>> No.18364916

Oof, does that mean there's still a chance of -50% in 7 days?

>> No.18364919

Duane takes fashion tips from tv shows and magazines. He's a cool kid. But probably gay.

>> No.18364922

Doesn't that mean we are about to reach day 50?

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>> No.18364930

I have been cut off from my family, gf and friends. But people are calling me who haven't it years so that is nice.

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>> No.18364935

Not sure what you're trying to say. 80% of shale industry is simply not profitable. The government will subsidize just enough so that we can survive an oil embargo like what the arabs did in 1973. They're going to cherry pick the corporations that donate the most to their party. It won't be a blanket bailout/subsidy.

>> No.18364941

Get a doge.

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Stop watching porn.

>> No.18364943

Jesus, chinks creep me the fuck out with that dead eye shit

>> No.18364947

thoughts on MFA?

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How does the stocks work bros? Why does the green arrow go up and to the right?

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Any of you folks holding oil positions overnight today are wild men and brave. Too scary for me. Too much chance of either Russia or Saudis saying no dealio, we're gonna ride this out a bit longer.

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>people fighting the market instead of profiting from the swings
It's like you people hate making money

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the eternal question. followed shortly thereafter by why arrow go different way than I want?

>> No.18364981

So to really profit from this you have to basically time it perfectly and know when exactly you'll get the divvy? Why do they make it sound hard? Dont companies disclose when they pay?

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If you open your eyes to all kinds of dips you would be still earning instead of waiting 'FOR THE BIG ONE'

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It's probably some kind of mental illness, honestly. So many failed men have become some sort of prison gay.

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Shenton Way, Singapore, 7 April 2020, 15:00.

>> No.18364993

it only depends on us

>> No.18364996

Should I buy more WTI tomorrow?

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People get friends by faking interest in each others shit. By being honest you hurt feelings. Are these fake connections worth it?

>> No.18365002

The government can slap tariffs on foreign oil to revitalize our industry. Simple as. You can expect him to do that if they don't strike a deal, which they won't.

>> No.18365005

>No bottom, just endless crab down
Crabbing time

>> No.18365011

It depends on all three big boys at the table. One refuses to budge and it can delay the whole works.

>> No.18365015

Because you're not the only one planning to do that. Price difference between pre-ex date and payment date might lead to more loss than the actual dividend you earned.

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>If you open your eyes to all kinds of dips
You mean like forex dips and commodities dips?

I just like those updates and find them very interesting. It may or may not have any bearing on future market behavior. And it has suddenly changed from resembling 1929 very closely, to not really at all.

Also it's updated by a /biz/ poster so that's cool.

>> No.18365020

Not with options, short term it can dump. Mid term it's a good buy

>> No.18365022


Finance minister in home state of Germany's financial centre commits suicide

Do you think he regrets committing suicide now?

>> No.18365030

I wish this was the case but the sad truth is we will be back to all time highs in <3 months.

>> No.18365035

Ex-dividend date, pay date and pay amount are publicly announced by the company, this isn't the issue. It's >>18365015

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nice feature reuters has to include that on the top
that way you know if you're just posting old news.

>> No.18365042

>this is now a bear market

>> No.18365048

I bet he learned all those European loans denominated in USD are unpayable

>> No.18365050

Which stocks are you buying with your Trumpbux, ladies?

>> No.18365052 [DELETED] 
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Corona-chan had an evolution today!

>> No.18365053
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very pretty!

>> No.18365056


This guy reminds me of boz: My wife left me... I lost so many tax benefits and coupons.

>> No.18365057

Hello fellow shill. I cant imagine the obscene gains of someone who got in at sub .50. From what I understand they were nearly margin called since all their real estate assets "lost" their value during corona-chan, and were/are taking it up with their lender.

>> No.18365058


>> No.18365059

holy fucking autism

>> No.18365062

>Grew a cock

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Think smaller then again you might be a boomer investor and not a trader. So whatever.

>> No.18365073

Imagine being the gay nerd weeb version of a bugchaser

>> No.18365074

I'm a longer term guy. Was planning on holding WTI too prices return to regular prices

>> No.18365092

Honestly with WTI, sell an option, take the premmie and buy however much of WTI you can with it. Then forget about it for 5 years. It's a fucking 2 dollars.

>> No.18365095

Something very risky that only works out if we have a v-shape recovery

>> No.18365096
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little of both, slowly jealous of the trader "no holding over night" guys.

so what, you mean trading minute candles on the ES or something like that?

you don't like Bonbi?

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Russia says they're ready to talk cuts


>> No.18365105


>> No.18365108

I don't do options Anon, far too risky imo

>> No.18365113
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does this get interesting at some point??

Goddamn someone want to post some helpful youtube shit? I think it's time I get serious about stoplosses, TA, and overnight risk.

>> No.18365114

How and why?

>> No.18365121
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Yes. I even showed /smg/ how fucking easy it was this morning.

Smart man.

>> No.18365122

Once they get a new CEO and other new leadership it'll go back to around 10-12 a share (conservatively)

>> No.18365124

This guy obviously knows something we don't.

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>>>18364910 >>18364916 >>18364922 >>18364984 >>18365005

>> No.18365133

When this morning? What'd you show us, a youtube or something? Or "just use two different SMA's and buy and sell when they cross" ?

>> No.18365138
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ahhhh you made me look

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How do I turn this into a million dollars? All in SOXL leaps?

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>> No.18365157

Oil stocks can only go up. If a deal is struck, there will be a rally. If there is no deal, Trump will impose tariffs, and then there will be a rally.

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I can't be arsed to find my posts. I showed how I shorted TSLA on a downswing and went long on the upswing.

>> No.18365173

Has the trump admin said anything about tariffs? I thought the tariff threat was coming from senators in states with big shale industries?

>> No.18365187

Yeah, faggot. Watch his press conferences. It will put you ahead of the news cycle and make gains in the markets.

>> No.18365188

give me a big gamble I can waste my trumpbux in

>> No.18365189

A deal can be struck that's judged insufficient, and this doesn't answer the question about oil storage. Those can play into this in many ways. Trump says he wants to impose a tariff but how long, if ever, will it take to enact? You know how the house is. Oil can go down long enough to kill US shale before going back up (which is not to say your assessment: that oil can only go back up, is wrong, merely that you are probably overoptimistic about the short term prospects).

>> No.18365192

Market opens down, rockets up to 280.

>> No.18365200


>> No.18365208

Tariffs won't do anything by itself. If no deal, Trump will pull out US military from Saudi Arabia, encouraging Iran to attack them and simultaneously start military operations in Venezuela. 3 oil producing countries knocked out. Boom.

>> No.18365209

>logarithmic growth

I don't think you've factored in enough unlimited QE into you model there

>> No.18365212

I'm up $30 in MFA after being -$50 last week, should've bought more shares when it was in the low range

>> No.18365216

I've performed my brainlet analysis on the airline industry and come to the conclusion that spirit airlines has the most upside potential at this time along with a decent balance sheet. I'm going all in on margin.

>> No.18365217

holy shit.
now I kind of miss trig. that's before something happened and my brain broke and I went retarded. All that shit came so naturally to me and was so easy to remember.

Once I had to start learning about sin/cos/tan in terms of radians... I couldn't grasp it conceptually and my mathematical abilities never really recovered.

Also I never learned my times tables... so I need paper to do what should be mental math.

>> No.18365232

clever boy...

oh no

>> No.18365239

Holy shit I didn’t even think about taking out Venezuela to deal with this oil attack thing holy shit hahaha get fucked third worlders aaahahaha

>> No.18365260

Should rapists kill themselves?

>> No.18365262

uncanny. it looks just like a sped up version of 1929.

>> No.18365264
File: 175 KB, 1051x1450, Screenshot_20200408-213610_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same here, but I do have a limit stop if it goes more than .30 off its course. Didnt hold it for 3 days just to lose it.

>> No.18365267

No, I like being alive and I like underage pussy

>> No.18365273

one way traffic? wtf

>> No.18365279

See you at $20

>> No.18365281

I think he's already spoken to his advisors about this. I mean, if I were in his shoes this is exactly what I would do. Pull out of SA, tell them to go fuck themselves. What can SA do? Nothing, they have already fucked us. Then Iran attacks their oil infrastructure with drones and missiles or whatever. US says "I told you so" - Comes to the rescue and retaliates by destroying Iran's oil infrastructure. In the meantime we get some expose on how Maduro has been supplying 90% of the cocaine in the US and all those subs the Coast Guard have been catching are actually his. Boom. Executive actions to debilitate Venezuela's oil infrastructure.

>> No.18365282

I knew you were still alive jeff

>> No.18365298
File: 163 KB, 780x818, 1540930352779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where did all the bears go

>> No.18365309
File: 381 KB, 700x993, 3684765452316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Russia says they're ready to talk cuts
That's good but I've heard that story from Russia before. In the past, they have mostly waited to the very last second to acquiesce to OPEC proposal, then they go ahead and actually comply with that by maybe half. Not that it matters for short term oil trading, if some kind of deal is made oil will pump nicely for a little while.

>> No.18365313
File: 584 KB, 1024x647, gentlemen_we_got_him.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're broke and dead. They weren't really bears anyway just retarded doomers scared by the common cold.

>> No.18365317


>> No.18365318
File: 135 KB, 800x603, 1B65A5EA-8E0A-4A19-BB28-85657A5AA5DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They died

>> No.18365338

you better sleep with one eye open because the bears are only hibernating

>> No.18365340

where were you on monday??

>> No.18365342

im still here anon, been holding my entire portfolio in spxu average 35. not selling until 100 this market is fake and gay and ill hold this till 0 and start it all over if I must.

>> No.18365343

When’s the dump? Red Monday?

>> No.18365345

sitting. waiting.

>not being in cash since summer 2018 announcement that the FED was unwinding its sheets

>> No.18365350
File: 368 KB, 466x595, Bear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made for BBC.

>> No.18365352

still here. Have no shorts but only limited stock positions.

>> No.18365353

>he doesn’t switch from bullish to bearish and ride the wave

>> No.18365358

options in SOXL?? you need a 10x

>> No.18365370
File: 167 KB, 892x535, tfw financial meltup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They don't want to admit it but they got BTFO and will stay BTFO.

>> No.18365384
File: 185 KB, 626x574, AFDC344B-B295-451B-89C1-C7F86D05B248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he bought the top today at 3:59????

>> No.18365387
File: 72 KB, 820x491, DF2503B9-7C78-4F33-9270-69A3FF6BB5EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're being irrational. There was a study of successful traders and what set them apart. One of the biggest differences was cutting losses. I know it sucks and you feel like it's personal cuz letting go means you were wrong but trading isn't about being right. It's about making money

>> No.18365398
File: 357 KB, 650x1294, 8M1cj3Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are here in great numbers, much greater than the bulls. While the bulls are content to stampede off their cliff, we are hibernating. Gathering our strength for the inevitable. That's what bears do

>> No.18365400


Big natural gas plays. Have almost doubled my money on these motherfuckers

>> No.18365410

bears just come around here on trash day, so they can eat the garbage we put out at the road

they hate cayenne pepper

>> No.18365411

Crab Chads [email protected]?

>> No.18365415

I see SOXL being 500 within a year and that's 5x from here just holding the shares. If I go in with leaps the return should be at least double so 10x

>> No.18365433

I think most bears here are crypto migrants that saw people 10x puts they bought early February. Those people lost everything to IV crush and think the market was manipulated just to destroy their $1000 account.

>> No.18365435

We are here biding our time

>> No.18365439

What is the best strategy for crab down market?

>> No.18365459
File: 42 KB, 569x398, download (43).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the correct model.
They confuse asset bubbles with the common cold.

>> No.18365463
File: 12 KB, 688x142, ss (2020-04-08 at 10.28.08).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dump your stock in American

>> No.18365467

TSLA up 20% tomorrow or nah

>> No.18365469

Sell calls, sell puts. Theta gang.

>> No.18365478

less employees on payroll=better cash flows. bullish

>> No.18365494

God I'm so fucking lonely bros.

>> No.18365503

cool. i've never heard of leaps i'll look that up.

>> No.18365509

that's a man faggot

>> No.18365519
File: 36 KB, 655x527, 02f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happens if I short sell a chinese ADR and it gets delisted?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.18365520

this is old news. im long AAL since monday and this news piece hasn't effected me yet.

>> No.18365532

You've been programmed by the trannies to think every girl is a man.

>> No.18365540

go to places where you are forced to talk to people. Get a retail job or go to a community college. I believe in you man. Also when gyms open up, join. From being skinnyfat to mildly built, like night and day, the confidence you feel is through the roof.

>> No.18365566

perhaps, although I have high and bearish hopes for earnings and this oil deal failing

>> No.18365591

I've been holding 1200 shares of BORR the past few days. Tweaking pretty hard about tomorrow because I'll either make a shit ton or lose most of my money.

>> No.18365608
File: 1.33 MB, 269x164, 1567422806576.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bro i was actually making decent progress in the gym, i was like 2 months into my routine and losing fat. then that fucking corona whore shut it down and now im losing all my gains

>> No.18365615

I cant shake the feeling this week is blisteringly green to lure normies into the market with 3 day weekend of news proclaiming return to normal.

>> No.18365616

When I was back there in seminary school
There was a person there
Who put forth the proposition
That you can petition the Lord with prayer
Petition the lord with prayer
Petition the lord with prayer
You cannot petition the lord with prayer!

Can you give me sanctuary
I must find a place to hide
A place for me to hide

Can you find me soft asylum
I can't make it anymore
The Man is at the door

Peppermint, miniskirts, chocolate candy
Champion sax and a girl named Sandy
There's only four ways to get unraveled
One is to sleep and the other is travel, da da
One is a bandit up in the hills
One is to love your neighbor 'till
His wife gets home

Nursery bones
Winter women
Growing stones
Carrying babies
To the river

Streets and shoes
Leather riders
Selling news
The monk bought lunch

Ha ha, he bought a little
Yes, he did
This is the best part of the trip
This is the trip, the best part
I really like
What'd he say?
Yeah, right!
Pretty good, huh
Yeah, I'm proud to be a part of this number

Successful hills are here to stay
Everything must be this way
Gentle streets where people play
Welcome to the Soft Parade

All our lives we sweat and save
Building for a shallow grave
Must be something else we say
Somehow to defend this place
Everything must be this way
Everything must be this way, yeah

The Soft Parade has now begun
Listen to the engines hum
People out to have some fun
A cobra on my left
Leopard on my right, yeah

The deer woman in a silk dress
Girls with beads around their necks
Kiss the hunter of the green vest
Who has wrestled before
With lions in the night

Out of sight!
The lights are getting brighter
The radio is moaning
Calling to the dogs
There are still a few animals
Left out in the yard
But it's getting harder
To describe sailors
To the underfed

Tropic corridor
Tropic treasure
What got us this far
To this mild equator?

We need someone or something new
Something else to get us through, yeah, c'mon

>> No.18365624

Been all in on LMT, BA, TXT, KTOS since the market crashed and now I have a shit ton of RTX. I'm going to make it, right guys?

>> No.18365625

I've been doing calisthenics until gyms open back up

>> No.18365629

I break out so bad when I lift. I can and do run for miles everyday but no issue but lifting makes my face look like fucking pepperoni pizza. Dylel for life I guess

>> No.18365633

I can't believe there are still bears

>> No.18365651

>didnt buy the HEXO dip
n g m i

>> No.18365659

There isn't anyone. It's you, me, and the other guy actually buying anything

>> No.18365669

Get some TDG shares too. Extremely based company

>> No.18365674


>> No.18365682

>pot stocks
the legal system is a completely useless shitshow why would you buy into it

>> No.18365683

I used to be in shape but fell into a spiraling hell of depression and got fat. I'm also ugly and boring.

>> No.18365699

Looks comfy

>> No.18365729
File: 104 KB, 1000x1430, 1511130490112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unfortunately anon you bought a put so you will lose the full amount you paid for it
I'm sorry anon I really am

>> No.18365731

bro do you really not know how to do math

>> No.18365735

What do you use to profit from the swings specific ETFs or stocks?

>> No.18365737

>Get a retail job
this is good advice. i worked at a small wagie yogurt shop and some regulars know me by name and are very friendly

>> No.18365748

I've found this to be pretty good.


>> No.18365752

>futures bright red


>> No.18365759
File: 27 KB, 880x333, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Steel hands.

>> No.18365763


>> No.18365768

already 5% up AH and 60k vol 2k oi on a $1 2022 call... fat stacks tmrw

>> No.18365771

lol it's like 0.3% down

>> No.18365785

as close as i got to having friends in college
adios mio...

>> No.18365786

I'm not sure if it would be more pathetic if you were just pasting someone else's position here or if this actually is you

>> No.18365789


anon, did you buy LK?

>> No.18365800

Where were you when all the coronavirus models were extremely off the mark and were just used to fearmonger people?

>> No.18365802

>mfa is already 20% up in the futures

>> No.18365806
File: 66 KB, 960x600, dDDG3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we're gonna beat the shit out of animeposters

>> No.18365811

buy dumbbells dummy. better than nothing

>> No.18365822

Looks like a steal at that price.

>> No.18365830

Should I go balls deep onto HSU, BAM, and Air Canada tomorrow? Or something else?

>> No.18365833
File: 230 KB, 1000x1000, noescapeface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lost so much in this crash thats gone for good. All I feel is a sunk heart.

>> No.18365836

I mean I got through university calc for science majors, but that was many years ago. Now I can't do an integral/derivative to save my life. I know most of the multiplication tables, but there's always gaps. I have to think to figure something out like 9x12 (in my head I have to take 20 seconds to think 18 + ... 90 = ... 108). And if I have a single drink or haven't slept 4+ hours I can't even do that much.

>> No.18365844

If there are still bears they must be more fucked than original bulls who missed the drop at this point.

>> No.18365855
File: 408 KB, 450x201, 1546732491028.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy fuck

>> No.18365858

Why not HXU?

>> No.18365859

you've got courage trading the dude weed now

>> No.18365863

Get into yoga. Shit is a great muscle builder. It puts serious stress on you when holding various positions.

>> No.18365869

No idea
Depends how much exposure BAM has to retailers
AC is a long-term hold which I think is relatively safe although it may drop later this year if it's under threat of bankruptcy. Certainty that it gets bailed out by the government, they employ too many French Liberal voters

>> No.18365872

ktf bruh.
based Jeff... maybe this is a good starting point. fucking stationary bike isn't helping me worth a damn, and I have a hard time convincing myself "hey do some pushups" otherwise.
Yoga With Adriene just got crazy popular during the shutdown

>> No.18365879

if i bought the dip on the 18th and sold on the 27th id be up 200%. its a shitcoin is what it is, and im gonna make cash over the coming days. check hexo tomorrow

>> No.18365880

How long does everyone think it will everything take to get back to normal? The curve is flattening and it seems like this will be over by june. It could have been a lot worse

>> No.18365883

Latest update on Trump bucks situation?

>> No.18365892

I feel you, home gym masterrace though, It's criminal the setup I have, power rack at home takes care of all strength needs and soccer field at my building plus water access for swimming and kayaking means cardio and tan on lockdown. Fucking 6 months of free gains if this shit lasts.

It might be because of protein powder, or because of increased test. Went on some prescription shit and I'm ok, get sun and sweat with showering right after.

You overstate your own inadequacy. You think you're some fat disgusting ugly slob but to other people you are most likely just that chubby guy they see at the grocer. The whitepill is that most people don't give a fuck about judging you and you are your harshest critic. Get some fucking sun, THE best thing you can do for mental well being, literally just take walks in a nature area if they are open. Maybe join a sports team if you can, but get in shape first. Just fast. Buy only veggies and some rice and meat. And game/read/do something to occupy the time while you aren't eating. Walk around your town. Get home and eat a hearty meal. Never snack. Fuck why am I writing so much

>> No.18365893

august maybe. but we'll never see circuit breakers again. slow burn.

>> No.18365904
File: 258 KB, 989x1292, psychedelic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what stonk opp shins should i buy to make it

>> No.18365910


We may have the worst seats but at least we arent sick!

>> No.18365912

yeah, got a temp job at a science museum and it was so fucking comfy teaching kids about space and flight. It gives you purpose in the smallest stuff, plus you can talk with coworkers on down time.

>> No.18365916

>Yoga With Adriene just got crazy popular during the shutdown
Its funny because that's the same one I subbed to. She has good routines that even beginners like me can manage (though I fuck up some of them, or have to take a breather). By the end of a session I've got a decent sweat going on though.
I'm in the same position as that other anon though. I have a home gym, but my work shifted our hours to the afternoon so the other half of the team comes in during the mornings so we reduce the chance the entire team gets taken out if someone comes in with the beer virus. That fucked my workouts up majorly. I am not a morning workout person.

>> No.18365919

why would I bet long on Canada our country is a cold garbage can

>> No.18365933

USO 6c. Jan 2021 is what I've got going. Its pretty much a sure thing that USO will be above 6 by then, and if it keeps going back to normal it'll print like crazy.

>> No.18365934

Thank you anon, I appreciate the inspiration.

>> No.18365937

I don't like this place either. It's about making money.

>> No.18365947

Heard they have an ageing fleet that will need to be repaired/replaced soon. Big risk factor DELTACHADS need to look into. More debt on a company that will likely be underwater is not a good look.

>> No.18365962

alright oilbros

should I just take profits tomorrow or hold? What are we thinking will happen with the deal?

>> No.18365964


>> No.18365974

500 RTX long term hold

>> No.18365983

very jelly, I miss muh powerlifting but nothing in the gym weighs as much as these spy put bags

>> No.18365984

No problem, forgot one thing. Get a bike. The way I lost the weight. Get music on while you're biking somewhere and you won't even feel like you're working. Just don't skimp out. You will make it bro

>> No.18365986

>Heard they have an ageing fleet
I know they do as ive flown them. There are some that are nice but a lot near a full makeover particularly for lifestyle changes.

>> No.18365995

I feel like GE is ready for a breakout move soon.

>> No.18366000

there's regulations

>> No.18366019
File: 113 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200408-231607.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going all in

>> No.18366038

When is the deal? I would sell half and hold half at the very least, you could see a fucking huge drop in prices.
I will say this about powerlifting, the girls love the ass, holy shit I've had girls slap mine more than I can count. Black ones are more forward about it though, but the whites love it too.

>> No.18366049

I heard the discussion is at 10:30am? Someone correct me if I'm wrong

>> No.18366062

Take just enough profit to cover your buy in. Then let the rest ride.

>> No.18366063
File: 177 KB, 1200x750, C94I1eqXgAAW-8j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

futures about to turn green.

>> No.18366067

I’m going to sell off for profit tomorrow and buy something else. Maybe more KO.

>> No.18366086

As in a pilot? Cool, I just feel way too much risk for returns I can get with things that don't rely on the nothingburger letting up.
people have been saying that for a while... I think they're gonna get hurt bad by this thing


>> No.18366092

i dont like it when girls slap my butt

>> No.18366113

is this a major concern for you? stop squatting when you hit 2plate then I guess

>> No.18366115

You are mistaken sir.
Want to know the time?

Two sources reported the time.

Reuters: reported 10am EST
Al Jaazeera: reported 9am EST

>> No.18366128
File: 1.37 MB, 1738x906, Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 9.25.41 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Feeling bogged:
bro... I was JUST thinking about watching his Asiatic Clam harvesting video... I AM feeling TURBOBOGGED... but I can tell myself gambatte...


>> No.18366139

what about when a man slapps your butt?

the better quality version of the OP video:
you have to click to turn on subs

>> No.18366147

I'm not against it. The funny stuff is when girls show me snaps of their flat ass friends telling them they wish they had my ass.

>> No.18366149

i dont want anyone touching my butt

>> No.18366155

USO has a bunch of contango loss going on from rolling contracts that might cuck your gains.

>> No.18366168

yeah this guy is right, it underperforms oil.

>> No.18366186

meet lmao

>> No.18366189

Are these stocks or options? How many?

>> No.18366201

In that case I'll probably sell on the news tomorrow.

>> No.18366206
File: 9 KB, 480x360, KUYASHII.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think 10% trailing stoplosses might be the move for me in the future. My grandfather invested with a simple method and did damn well back in the day.

If it goes up 10%, buy more. If it goes down 10%, sell it all. i don't think they even had stoplosses back then, had to call your broker and say "Bill, I want out!"

>> No.18366225








lol xd

>> No.18366246
File: 93 KB, 768x768, 1505147395834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys! Will my 4/17 SPY $272 puts print?!?!

>> No.18366247

>fucked up subject

>> No.18366258

oops lol

>> No.18366303

Wait till he dies, then buy the dip

>> No.18366410

Lots of cities do this in the US, there is another one way running parallel a street down

>> No.18366411

Thoughts on NNN?

>> No.18366597

theta gang

>> No.18366881

Calls on SLV strike 36 expire 2021
But you only need to put $10k screen cap this

>> No.18367142

Switched out of SQQQ and into SPXL. Held SQQQ for too long, down $8.5k net. I don’t understand this clown market but I’m riding the wave.

>> No.18367196

Fuck Delta. How’s your paycut?

t. nk chad

>> No.18367327
File: 31 KB, 720x547, CB5FD674-5131-498A-B26C-489EF73CDF20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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