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I just wanted to test things out a little bit. I have $10,000 ready to trade with, but I don’t want to jump in quite yet.
I’m not investing in electronic meme currencies. American companies only.
How’d I do?

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Good for you but one day is meaningless and doesn’t extrapolate how you will do in the future.

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>1.55% in a day
Crypto really has ruined my sense of what volatility is. If you would've put that in a shitcoin it would be at either $300 or $400 by the end of the day

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It's my first week. Feeling pretty good even though it's not big gains. Did my DD and had a good feeling about ARNC and it paid off.

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you missed the boat by two weeks, honestly you need to wait for red days to buy back in. buying in right now is asking for the house of pain.

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First rule is to not let your emotions get the better of you. You're scared to dip your toes in the water which means you're scared of losing that money. You're going into this whole thing all wrong way too emotional. Only going to make it if you can see that money disappear instantly and not care.

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I suppose. I invested in KOS energy & Exxon Mobile mostly. A few other small companies
Any other fuel stocks that tanked which are currently making their way back up that I should consider?

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What about high yield montly div stocks? I was about to diversify and turn those into my new savings account.

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I could put it in meme coin if I wanted to, but that shit is just a Ponzi scheme & no one actually uses virtual currency. One day the meme will die, and I won’t be on the other end of it when it does

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This. Learned that lesson the first two days hence the dip. Lost 10 then made 40.

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posting mine. exactly 2 years. don't mind that it's only $1600, I cashed out a few grand in February. not like i'm some oracle but it was just luck that I pulled out when I did.



there's a few other monthly divvy etf's that i can't think of right off hand but that should get you started.

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Pussy. This is how i tested the waters, and that’s 90% of the money i had in the bank. No time for hesitation now, blood shedding on the streets = great financial opportunity arises. No amount of cope from muh investors and “experts” will change that fact.

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Down 50k last two weeks. My last 3k of play money will be vanquished tomorrow

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I'm looking at these after I looked up some good names. Gamestop is the only meme stock I saw out of the list.

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Crypto now moves 1-2% daily and ~10% on a good day. Stocks move 5%-30% daily.

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>using brave
Good man

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PSEC has been pretty good to me so far, made a whole 26 cents.

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>he thinks buying stocks is investing in companies

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Congratulations on having a completely normal IQ. You won't make it but you'll be able to retire by 65 instead of 30 well done.

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You will be OK to risk more OP especially after market just crashed. My advice is never market buy, always hit limit buy and type in even the current price if you are OK w it. If you hit market buy, there might not be orders ready and yours jumps up a ton and costs way more.

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Good advice, thanks.

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The dividends are all in your head

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Did i do good dad?

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Damn he cute

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No matter how you look at it, +30% is poor risk management. If you gain that much you can lose even more in day

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I started refreshing my limit stop sales on my trades giving a .30 flexibility, just so I can keep some of my earnings if things go tits up.

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Sorry. I just started too. Ive speculated and done some paper trading but this is the first time ive had skin in the game.

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Have any specific tips on quality risk assessment?

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Check out REFR - Gonna be yuge

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Why in gods name do people use robin hood? I'd rather walk to the NYSE to buy stocks than to buy them there

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Go all in on SPY call options whenever crypto goes up significantly overnight, sell at 60-150% gains
thank me later

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B-b-but what about bitcoing and shorts and going long? Im not supposed to put most of my portfolio in 3x leveraged etfs? Its a bull market though! I cant go lower. We already hot the bottom.

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really just went yolo this past 2 weeks. had 30k saved up for the year for a house down payment but decided to live with parents for another year, going long but have a limit stop to barely lose 1k overall

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dont use leverage, dont go all in. +30% in a day is obviously awesome but you cant achieve that without risking everything
Just deleverage to 1x etfs and youve already locked in better returns than most funds this year

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>crpto is ponzi scheme
>meanwhile stocks do not get you assets, do not guarantee you dividends, can be printed endlessly, will get you nothing in a bankruptcy, come in second place to bond holders, and the company can re-issue a new stock to do away with an old one (see GM)

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turned $585 into $730

I guess thats neat

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What's wrong with Robinhood?

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>Put in 90 bucks in ETH
>goes up a point
>drops 3
>stalls for 3 days
>sell off for a loss of 2 dollars to double up on ARNC
>learned my lesson about crypto

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Sell now when im on a roll only to go down to 1x? Fuckk no. I need to buy a house while the markets are low so i can become a landlord and can focus on trading all day. To be fair my work is pretty easy and i already watch the ticker most of the day...

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Two weeks progress. Some days are better than other. My big gains are from GIII and Gush

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This. These faggots keep talking shit about robinhood but never ever explain what’s wrong with it.


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yeh but even if you 10x your account to 80k that wont buy you a house

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I put 1 dollar in bitcoin for the memes. I think crypto is just the new tulip.

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You're right about the first sentence, but not the second

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First time home buyer loan.

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Stfu dude. You're just jealous of him

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It crashed during important trading days, people lost thousands if not millions from not being able to exit positions. There is a class action lawsuit. How new are you guys lol. I still use it because it's easiest.

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t. Charles Schwab boomer

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>talks shit
>still uses it
You are a special kind of retard

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your reply doesn't even make sense. kys mongoloid

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No, Bulls making money makes me very happy. Im just giving basic veteran advice

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Paper trading is for fags

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I've been putting some money in for the last year or so.

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Drops represent the trade war with China and Coronavirus

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Did the reverse split already happen?

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If we're comparing dick size then here's mine

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I started a week ago

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pls help

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Options not even once

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This. If you'd put that 10k into so called meme coins last week this week you'd probably have 30k instead of 10.

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God damn I almost had a heart attack just looking at your graph

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>overall increase
Well somethings going right I guess..

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Fuck off meme coin counter. There’s literally no way you can accurately predict meme coins. NO. WAY.
It’s easy to sit back & laugh at people throughout history when you had nothing to lose in the process

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Buy RTX, the raytheon united technologies merger that just became available. , its as close to a sure thing as it gets.

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Now THIS is good advice. Thank you fren
I’m going to start my own currency where I give fren hugs

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>tether go brrr

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This is so misleading. Just because bots and humans bid up assets in short amounts of time doesn't mean that the assets don't generate yields.

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Nothing to lose? Motherfucker, do you realize the metric tons of shit us link marines just had to crawl through to get to this mini moon? The last couple months have been fucking brutal.

If you listen to nothing else I tell you, hear this. Take about $2500 of your money and set a limit purchase for 1k link at 2.50. I wouldn't advise doing it now, because this pump feels like it's not gonna last. But set aside $2500. Wait for link to drop back to $2.50, if it ever even does. If/when it does, buy you a 1k stack and forget about it for 5-10 years. You'll now when its time to check it again, because you literally won't be able to escape from the name Chainlink.

When that time comes, congratulations, you fucking made it. Enjoy your lambo, you ungrateful faggot.

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I've been sitting out of investing/crypto for a while, the recent corona market crash has dragged me back

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yes it happened march 24th i believe.

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Yeah everything I’ve invested in is only because it dipped down by 40-60% 3 months ago
All of them are bouncing back fairly easily so I just feel like a leech on a whale right now with my chump change piling up