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after the trump bucks goes through, we will dump from whales shorting.

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Long term advance notice.

We (I) plan to sell a large volume of BTC for USD. This will occur on a single exchange as a rolling iceberg order followed by significant orders of other exchanges. It is expected that the value will drop significantly and will be matched by a 10x leveraged short.

The network hash will be throttled at this time limiting all movements to and from exchanges. Only spending the unrecognised SegWit TXs to miners and our own Exchange TXs will be processed in blocks. All other transactions will be rejected from blocks and will lead to UTXO congestion.

A total of 51% of the BTC network prior to the price drop will be added.

The sale will allign to a reward halving.

Once the network adjusts to this new difficulty, the miners would be turned away from BTC. Mined blocks will actively reject and spend all so called SegWit blocks as these are a miner gift under the original rules.

There will be no further details at this point. Going forward, all this will be disclosed to ensure all securities and ForEx trading laws in the USA and UK are strickly abided by.

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Within 8 hours. Whale group here.

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It already happened. You missed it.

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Today I sold everything that made me profit since the dip. Opinions?

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take your

me d s

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only when you buy

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Fuck you and your cuck group

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Too hard to know, but you made profit, so cheers.

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it might not be a super obvious dump but a slow methodical decline.

It's gonna be a wild ride, regardless

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Soon brother

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the dump is not coming bobro, we are screwed

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i thought that was a giant mouth

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8k first then 6k but dont expect some monster drop like before wont happen.

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