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Outsider here. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy Lition! It's worthless crap. I mean.. SAP partnership? Meh.. Microsoft partnership? Also meh.. It's nothing short of pathetic and ridiculous. Why would anyone buy this shit? Its market cap is also extremely high already, sitting at 1.7 million dollars. It can't possibly go much higher with these shitty partnerships. It's incredibly overvalued already.

The funniest part is that they only got 4 PhD's on their team, kek. I lack words for how pathetic this is. And to top it off.. It's German, haha. We all know how unindustrious and unorganized Germans are. They never finish off projects they start. It's not worth your time, trust me. Shittiest investment ever.

And now they've also become a member of EEA.. LOOOL. This just keeps getting worse and worse. Only pumped 50% yesterday. It's nothing. Don't even spare this shitcoin a second thought. You have been warned. This is a turd in a sea of diamonds. DO NOT BUY!

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why not just bring lotion to penis?

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Why bring lotion to penis when you can bring penis to lotion?

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So fucking based

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Only Lition team brags about their “partnerships” nobody else mentions them. SAP partnership is fake and microsoft partnership is also fake, just some lines of code they pushed on the azure marketplace, anyone can do that.

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Hello vodkanigger Jowdy. Still salty you sold the bottom??? HAHAHAHA. Team is not bragging about it. Its just mouthbreathers like you who is pushing things up so they can FUD by saying "hurr durr false advertising". Filthy vodkanigger.

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>imagine buying that 2nd top

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Yep, definitely the top. Can't ever go higher.

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This imagine throwing money at this hype coin while everybody else is.
Yesterday my neighbour told me he got some sweet lition.
The day before I overheard some staceys in the bus talking that they started investing and bought some lition.
This shit is overhyped and there are sell signals flashing everywhere.
Bubble is about to burst.

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