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literally just defaulting on debt, this is such a joke

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can I get debt relief for a year? If they can, I should.

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They're trying to kill capitalism right before our eyes. The new beast system is almost here

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Capitalism? Central banks are not capitalism. The beast system has been here and you’ve loved it.

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oh no. not capitalism

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So this is them admitting all the global financial aid was bullshit and Americans literally built the world with debt and crazy taxes over the past 70 years right?

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This just means no one will lend to them in the future.

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not the heckin capitalismerinoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not the free market boi nooooooooooo

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Nope. Central banking. You couldn't lend more than you earn in a pure capitalist system.