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All it takes is one decent exchange and a little bugfix...

So when does this fucker tenfold? Asking for a friend...

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According to an insider, it will tenfold the next two weeks. Someone made pic related post literally fucking 30 minutes prior to the EEA membership announcement yesterday. I don't think he was larping after all. UBT mooned hard on the same news back in Jan.

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Easily. People wrote off UBT and watched it rocket. Lit has better partnerships, connections, and the marketcap is stupid low for what it is. Easy 10x, possible 20x

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>no decent exchanges
>blockchain doesn't even work
>buy my bags

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it's a legit german company right now.
the CTO of SAP is an advisor
it's the only project he gives his name for.
Microsoft was real. they hang out with German officials...
i mean... how can ppl say its a scam?
Lition will be a top 100 coin for sure... which means x20 at least...

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UBT mooned because of the baseline protocol along with LINK, not because of the EAA partnership though that did help. UBT peaked right before the baseline protocol was announced then started dumping right afterwards. I expect a large run from LIT but don’t know if quite on the same level of UBT, though I certainly hope

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>the CTO of SAP is an advisor
He doesn't know what advisor means.

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Where do I purchaseeeee

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Looks like we're about to moon again.

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Yup. It isn't one giant green dildo, it's spikes then sell offs as people take profit over a few days/weeks. Big resistance at 3500 vits with some mini-whale and his bags but if that manages to clear then jesus it is going parabolic

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Usually big orders like that get pulled as the price is closing in. All the 200k orders are most likely fake. But even if they aren't, it's still not that much money in the big picture.

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Fuck, im not done buying yet.
Stop it you morons

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German bro here, its legit, i use Lition as a power provider for 18 months now, average cost is around 23% less than with Vattenfall, all green and renewable energy sources only. Get with the time faggots, green eco communism is at the solar in the West, my Lit stark will help me buy land in the country side where my dogs will kill any commie or hippie at sight when tresspassing, good times ahead, based Lit.

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Gut gut. Ganz genau.

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OK given that Lition is a great company, what's the token use?

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I want to fomo in; but don't get my orders filled, fck this shit, Im gonna buy some Matic on Binance....

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Best coin

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Sorry if you were under the Impression im here to spoonfeed newfags, my bad.
Tokenomics-> https://www.lition.io/

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-gas/running smart contracts
-(soon) paying electrical and gas bills with Lit
-(soon) payment for installations of solar panels on your roof to produce, use and trade with your produced energy.

Future is bright for this one.

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just buy thing that are already on binance, much better

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Shut the fuck up shitskin.

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Idiot. Won't be long before Lition is listed there. Besides that, there are lots of very low cap coins on Binance, so that's not an indicator of success. However, Lition will be successful, have no doubt.

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>>>18328798 #
>>the CTO of SAP is an advisor
>He doesn't know what advisor means


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Gonna be yuuuuuge.

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WRX is a much better buy, much better toconomics, than lition.... LIT team is AFK for a year now, have fun getting dumped upon

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Kek. No one is buying your pajeet scam.

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Say Rasheed, don't you think you've spammed enough unrelated threads with your "Indian gold"?

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Circ supply: 186,821,429
Total supply: 1,000,000,000


Circ supply: 60,299,210
Total supply: ~100,000,000

Okay you filthy disgusting currynigger. :)

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Some serious buys checking in. Someone just bought for 14 ETH worth of LIT. Long time such buys happened. If this continues, the 2 mil LIT wall @ 35 vits won't take long to get munched. Couple of days max. If they aren't pulled, that is.

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I've also noticed that although the Hotbit volume is 90-95% fake, it still largely controls the market, cause stupid fucks who don't realize that it is, just check the LIT price on CMC, and when they see that it's much higher on CMC/Hotbit (since Hotbit's price with all the fake volume largely determines the price on CMC) than on IDEX, they go to IDEX and buy up all the shit there.

Wouldn't surprise me if the 2m LIT whale pulls the orders when the price is closing in.

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that's some pnd, check the team wallets, they are dumping on hotbit and idex.... WRX, OGN, BAND is all we need to make it

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Hotbit is such a turd. It's a shame the relatively obscure but honest IDEX does get only so little volume.

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>pls sirs buy my coins sirs

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Moronic pajeet.

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>Bags full of shit that don't move
>"Do the needful, Sirs!"

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check the pathetic volume....

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>Implying binance isnt washtrading or your shitty pajeet scam exchange

Do the needful, seething shitskin.

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Yeah, I agree. But we just gotta accept the fact that LIT currently isn't as popular as we want it to be. It's been fun accumulating though. But now it's time for a moon mission.

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Fake volume on Binance. Binance is fucking shady. All they do is to stack, stake and manipulate.

That being said, LIT is a giant in the making. Volume is ramping up. But just stick to your pajeet scam coin then. We don't care.

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even the Quant scam is a better buy right now

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moon mission? enjoy the dump, screencap this!

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Seething shitskin lmao

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There will be no dump. It's never going lower than 25 vits again. Let's talk in a week when it's gone 5-6x.

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No, It's knowium. Wait and see.

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What is the big news?

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Same shit that got UBT mooning hard. Get in while you still can. LIT is about to explode.

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Dude, its like paying 3000$ to get in that club... UBT has a partnership with LINK ... you missed the boat

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If it was so easy, many other project would've done the same, but they haven't. There might be a 3k dollar member fee, but that doesn't mean you have to meet certain requirements.

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*doesn't mean you don't have to meet certain requirements

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JNT also got in, look where they are

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No need to tell them; leave them in their pnd telegram scam

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You can't compare the two.

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i am retard and i don't see LIT anywhere on idex
how buy?

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Use the search function at the top left side of the page and type in LIT.

You need a wallet and an account there first, though. It's pretty simple. You just gotta have for instance a MEW, and then you open the MEW inside your account, and then you go to balances and deposit from your wallet to IDEX. Just remember to leave around 0.012 ETH in your MEW, cause else you can't pay the trading fees.

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>Just remember to leave around 0.012 ETH in your MEW, cause else you can't pay the trading fees.
already found that out kek
i've got a coinbase wallet hooked up to idex w/ funds but LIT doesn't show in the search. when i put in "L" only LINK LOOM and SENT show up

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LOL, can’t even find it on IDEX, way to go

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Try to type LIT then, and not only L.. No problem finding it here. Else go with the direct link. idex dot market/eth/lit

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redirects back to eth/idex w/ a message about US markets. guess burgers can't get it.

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Weird. Then your next option is Hotbit I guess. It's just a bit shady with all the washtrading.

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You could of course also use a VPN.

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finding all ways to make people buy your bags

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Use bidesk.com, which also has a USDT pair for LIT

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I'm not selling my bags until at least 8x from here. And then I'll buy back in when it's cooled off. Keep seething, poorfag.

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8x times in the year 2030, when everything already mooned, youre better of selling your bags for bitconnect

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Sure thing, Mandeep.

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Imagine not buying WRX or BAND, and falling for some crap that has its highest volume on HOTBIT

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lol that's a member of the team who's trying to dump their bags on you, or someone who saw the EEA updated their members list the weekend before. Biz is gonna get rekt

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haha, yes how can you even take these pajeets serious....

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Kek. You're a bagholding self-fudder. I know it.

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Looks like they are close to a fix. Expect them leaving beta (again) in near future.

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>sirs pls no buy Lition sirs. Angrey white mens work for them haha
>Better buys WRX and BAND sirs. WRX good Indien mens srys and BAND trustworthy chinkchonks sirs. We very honests.

The pajeetery on this board is sometimes astonishing to witness.

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Hotbit might be shady and use wash trading but I’ve bought some LIT from there before, it’s legit enough

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Yes, I get payed for it by the team

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Lition earns probably 95+% of their moniez by selling Energy to customers who pay with Euros. I guess that's why Richard doesn´t care much about the token price (and better exchanges) at this point.

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So many "1 post by this ID" insiders here...damn we are blessed kek.

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checked, yeah fuck hotbit but ive made money twice on this coin, once from dumping it at ico and again during the summer 2019 idex pumps

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Pajeet confirmed.

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pajeets are getting worst over time

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Honestly you wonder how many newfags are on here that they don't remember we pumped and dumped LIT last year and its now a dead project.
> No innovative tech, run of the mill, shit layer 2 blockchain project
> No public acknowledgement by the SAP, everything related to it is media posted by LIT, it's obvious the SAP gives no fuck about it
> Tons of the circulating supply still unreleased, millions of LIT still needs to enter the market.
> Token is not needed, even weiss outright said it had no utility.
> Literally has a mainnet that doesn't even work and they haven't fixed for months.

They're only shilling point now is "look at what UBT did, that's what we're gonna do because EEA"
Refute this.

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>weiss crypto ratings is an all-knowing oracle that can't be wrong

>"Literally has a mainnet that doesn't even work and they haven't fixed for months."
See >>18335641

All the rest of your "points" are beyond retarded.

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>> No public acknowledgement by the SAP, everything related to it is media posted by LIT, it's obvious the SAP gives no fuck about it
>His grammar is still shitty as hell.

I could refute ALL you points, but the fact that you are too stupid to express yourself tells me it would be a waste of time to do so. Stay poor.

Here btw an announcement from a couple hours ago that will refute ur last point without writing an essay, vodkanigger ;)

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