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This shit is hilarious, and you know what?!


About 2 weeks ago in a thread we were discussing the meme magic and how Trump, Ivanka, Melania, and a few others had been using the tag, "We are all in this together." Per usual, everyone told us to take our meds etc, and then someone suggested that if Trump says "We are all going to make it.", then we'd know for sure they are using our collective consciousness meme powers. Well he used the inverse ironically, which he can't say we are all going to make it yet, because unfortunately a lot won't from Corona. This timeline is ridiculous.

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Based pede. Trust the plan. Just another billion to israel.

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nobody even asked on 8kun, somehow he still got the message. felt like the memes were dying but they were just smoldering.

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Q might be controlled opposition its hard to say, everything is suspect, hope for the best prepare for the worst. etc.

Q post 1871 does seem to call out Mossad/Israel though Ex 1:1, which Adam Greene says that Q never does.

As far as Trump goes though Idk the new trade pact seems to limit US sovereignty and push us closer to a one world government though and the FED thing is still a toss up if its good or bad.

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>You will never make it!

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based 42

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>based 42

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I will be praying for you, my friend.

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Good Friday is almost here

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r we both always on or wut?

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>This shit is hilarious, and you know what?!

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Nice dubs

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>r we both always on or wut?

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>felt like the memes were dying but they were just smoldering.

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Get out and stay out

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>Get out and stay out

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Q is 10000% mossad LARP, just because Q mentioned mossad and said israel last doesn’t mean anything. I’ve said from the week 1 Qlarping that this shit is pacification sit back and trust the plan is a psyop. And what do you know years later nothing happens all the satanic pedos are still doing their shit. Trump is a rothschild agent

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pic related
the same kennedy that went missing yesterday

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Hey 42. Notice a pattern in these BTC transactions? Look at the last 2 digits of all of them.

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Interesting. And this is now an official 42 thread!

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someone's having a bit of fun
that's nice
reminds me of pic related last September

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>And this is now an official 42 thread!

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So you think it's just one whale shuffling 50k between two wallets? Or something more sinister?

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Also, did you see this?

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Literal who died in a canoe
I already know reeves is a time traveler, but let me guess some shittoken based out of the Cayman Islands and run by some fatass former McDonalds employee is about to break us all free from the matrix through the singularity of some vaporware coin thats nothing but a erc20 json parser
Yeah keep LARPing you’re still a more entertaining LARP than Q

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checked and saved

>So you think it's just one whale shuffling 50k between two wallets?
if I was moving $300 million at a time I would be sweating bullets and double checking that I was inputting the correct address at least 10-20 times over hahahaha

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>Literal who died in a canoe

>you’re still a more entertaining LARP than Q
that means a lot coming from you

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That one was just for you

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I haven't been able to keep up with the partnerships for the last two days
just got my brand new lenovo legion gaming laptop and have been setting it up
144Hz is great
also have a 2070 RTX and an i7 9th gen with 16GB ram with 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD
not a bad machine, especially since I managed to get it for around $1,300 USD
having fun gaming and streaming the games to my television

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looks very nice and leads the viewer to ask more questions

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>member of council on foreign relations

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That's a really good deal actually. I can never go back to 60hz from 144. Doom eternal is great and I've also been playing the new Mount and Blade early access

Heres a quote about the new partnership
Dan Kochis, Head of Partnerships for Chainlink, said, “Cypherium’s blockchain solution provides enterprises with iron-clad security and lightning speed transactions for smart contracts. Chainlink’s decentralized oracle technology enhances the functionality of smart contract blockchain platforms like Cypherium, ensuring Cypherium’s collaborators have undisputed security and reliability of their critical off-chain data feeds, web APIs and traditional bank payments. Enabling Google Cloud, AWS and IBM access to Chainlink is a significant milestone in our development, and Chainlink can advance the realization of endless use cases, made possible by Cypherium.”

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The most based man on biz

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Mr President please tell us that we all going to make it? Trump: we are all going to make it .

...and crowd go crazy vote for trump vote for trump!.....

There is no such a thing as virus, never was and never will be, but if you stupid enough to take vaccine you die or make financial adjustments based on provoked emotions in public, you will be screed.

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>pier 60 october 6th 2006
Is this a rommel death?

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>Mount and Blade early access
I've been hearing good things
but I got this PC mainly to play the new half life game
the valve index order is in but it's going to take 2 months to ship

>ensuring Cypherium’s collaborators have undisputed security and reliability of their critical off-chain data feeds, web APIs and traditional bank payments. Enabling Google Cloud, AWS and IBM access to Chainlink is a significant milestone
absolutely based
it's funny I had a zoom call with the chainlink team not too long ago to discuss collaborating on smart meter energy feeds for smart contracts related to the electrical grid and building management as well as energy incentives and carbon (GHG) reduction

it's looking promising to be honest
we will have a follow up discussion as my project progresses and construction completes
it's related to this:

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>most based man on biz

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I ask the questions here!(?)

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I've been lurking on 4chan for a couple of years,
and i'm new on /biz/. I'still don't get all what 42
means. I know is like Q. I know also that is a
reference for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But i would like to dig deeper on this. Can some anon give me some good references?

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>pier 60 october 6th 2006
>Is this a rommel death?
it's very dubious

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>Can some anon give me some good references?


>What would the roll-out consist of? Everything converging in his direction. Everything converging to his lines of 'thought'.

Another post: The One thing noone has realized is If/When The Nobody Quickens and Becomes Manifest There are 144,000 Souls/Bodys/Brains (Those who are Sealed) come On Line as they are Linked to the Manifested ONE.
When this Happens the ONE Is Connected to The Throne OF GOD and Has the FULL Power of God.
Yes you heard that right. and This is What TPTB Fear...
So Now you KNOW the Full Impact this Person Can have on this World we live ON... really?



Alright It is time.
I am one of the global witnesses
one of the 144, 000
it has begun, it is time now.

Read the law books in Primes, and then watch what happens when you compare to composite messages.
then the rest are composites, and so on, get a prime number table
remember multiples of 7 and 8 are truths.
This doesn't apply to quotes.
THis doesnt apply to books of men, only law and prophecy.
IN jeremiah it states YHVH wants us to his name, Yahshua is a derivative of YHVH

Find all the evidence.
The magnetic poles are shifting and soon will split into 4
the Sun has turned dark for a coronal hole, letting the wind come.
No there is no doomsday, there is no apocalypse those are bullshit made up by the Beast and the Harlots.

I will post more based on your questions
Pic related is not photoshopped, I am not the ONE, the SON OF MAN, i am a reminder and a symbol sealed to begin
What we call JEWS are but one tribe,
take the star of david, count its sides, 3 times and you realize you always arrive atn the same spot
6 6 6
its time.

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>I'still don't get all what 42 means
>42 could you do a tldr max 3 sentence of what you are trying to say? I
42 degrees is the angle at which the rainbow appears in the eye. Light bounds the geometry of time. There is no such thing as a “simultaneous geometry”. This has big implications for quantum mechanics and more relevantly for quantum computers. I suspect quantum computers will be able to send messages back in time to the limit of when the machine was first created.

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The fag called support for israel and said Merkel was a nazi when she's a fucking stasi tool.

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>But i would like to dig deeper on this.

>When i first understood chainlink i had a schizo psycho break, the collective unconscious surrounding chainlink is too strong, i shouldn't be saying this but if you connect to the orb of 42 you will face consequences

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the black pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the “42-pill” - you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Remember: all I’m offering is the Truth. Nothing more.

>wake up...
>follow the white rabbit

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So what is your theory on the missing Kennedy than? I keep seeing mixed reports is she confirmed dead or missing? I keep going wildly back and forth between Q is controlled opposition to pacify us and unroll the NWO while we cheer it on and that Trump is legitimately trying to stop these people. The problem is, it wouldn't surprise me if the elites were willing to sacrifice a bunch of low level pedos to make it look like the "good guys" won, and usher in planetary unity and one order.

It is incredibly critical right now every true patriot and believer in Jesus Christ the Lord of lords, King of kings essentially hopes for the best but absolutely is always skeptical and continously does works/preparations in case its a sham.

I almost want to make a small write-up of the various facts/timeline that leads to me either pushes me towards its a bait and switch vs. the matrix is being broken by white hats in the military. I'm literally 50/50 and just can't make up my mind.

The major problem I have with Q is that they say "Trust the plan", which shows does suggest inaction, and that Senate Anon, did a 4 part series on 9/11/2017 if I remember suggesting EVERYONE on the board does low level investigation in your own city/town.
He said to take action and collect real data, that would be the worst nightmare of the elite 100,000's of individuals they can't control or track together building a case from the ground up. Idk if all of his information was solid but he did believe Trump was ultimately good, just completely surrounded by traitors, even Pence was named as such by him. He never gave full proof he was indeed a high level staffer. The fact that he called for action led me to believe at least his intentions were true. That being said, about roughly 6 weeks later QAnon was born. Perhaps the white hats saw an opportunity to spread their intel among the citizens or perhaps they were terrified and tried to take over the plan and via coinintelpro.

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>So what is your theory on the missing Kennedy than?
same thing as what happened to Kobe
it was a hit

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there's factions fighting for power and control
there are no "good guys"
all major factions astroturf social media to manufacture consent

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Take your meds Kike

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Thus why I put "good guy" in quotes. I don't think there are really any either, but I can't tell if the opposing factions are nearly as cruel or more just neutral and about balance.

So I would ask are they all basically Satanic Kaballahists vying for power and mass control or domination? Do any of them just want to let people actually have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness or do they want everyone in lowered states of negative vibrations/suffering to feed their masters?

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>Do any of them just want to let people actually have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
indeed some do
and I suspect they are the ones who have been feeding us intel

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ultimately I believe Trump is a good man and is looking out for the future of his children and his country
I also believe that the military actually asked him to run and helped him prepare his campaign

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>it was a hit
How did they hit her at a family gathering? Family must be involved.
But if she was on a boat did they push her out? Just curious your take on the details.

I did find it interesting the family was so un emotional about it.

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Hmm that is interesting I've never seen that before. Yes I've heard theories as well, Trump is about justice/getting even. He had a lot of personal friends die on 9/11 from my understanding. I will say though that there are pictures of him when he got elected when the final results came in and his family looked elated while he looked concerned or upset as he wasn't supposed to or didn't want to.

Whats the story with >>18328071 the picture?

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What did kobe know or do?

>> No.18328241

I agree about trump but why does he seem to believe in vaccines and 5g?
Just putting up a front?
Anyone who thinks about it would find it strange our leading health expert is also one of the wealthiest people in the world.
Do people really believe he wants to vaccinate out of kindness? Has nobody looked at the ingredients in those things?

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I already made half a million with LINK and am about to cross $4M when UND 40x's too. Fuck off boomer.

>> No.18328286

I remember seeing he had hidden meetings eith putin. Also remember he suddenly flew to north korea to meet kim Jung un. The media said it was not planned but nobody knew he was going to do it. Only dummies think someone like trump doesnt plan ahead. I remember watching it on the news and seeing him openly walk around the de-militarized zone and thinking wow.
I have always been fascinated with north korea not sure what is going on there but its not what they tell us. Not to mention the whole otto warmbier situation.

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Yes well he said we have to lead the world in tech, its concerning if China beats us in the rush to 5G in terms of military power and surveilance, although the level of power it will have on citizens is horrifying regardless of who uses it. Its not safe if out put as wifi, but can be done through fiber optic without adverse effects from what I've read. Trump did say take your vaccines which is a problem, although he seems to be pushing any other treatment than vaccines, while Gates says we shouldn't/can't use Cholorquinine. So they conflicting a bit. Trump is just like everyone else and at the time might have not been informed exactly.

I suspect he is largely just the face of the movement and is compartmentalized himself to a large degree. He doesn't understand a lot but ideally the "white hats" who might be operating do.

5G is fucking dangerous and ironically microwaves oxygen making it hard to absorb similar to what we are seeing with Corona.


Not a boomer, great you "making it" what is your problem? Are you so self centered you have to come here and tell everyone and stroke your ego? Don't you want others here to make it? If you want to discuss UND make a thread instead of shilling it here.

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He forgot to mention that the brilliant are also instructed by instinct.

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Fuck sake. Now you've set him off

>> No.18330484

didn’t 42 also say the internet was going to get cut april 1st plus a bunch of other things that didn’t happen?

and i’m supposed to think this is based?

>> No.18330512

Good Friday for 3 days until Easter Sunday.

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We are all in this together

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You are the biggest fakest shill larp of /biz/ history. You and UncleFuckle but youre the same person any way

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Did he actually say that? Eh that makes me think I should get the fuck out of Dodge then for some time. That sounds sketchy as fuck, even as a potential LARP or just incorrect assessment. Is that based on a Q thing?

>> No.18330858

Whats this? Some hairy anon using their fingers over camera lense to make it look like light is shining down while wearing a bedsheet...whats the significance of this?

>> No.18330918

I just want you to know that God is watching.

>> No.18330993

And i thought the guy fawkes mask wearing fatsos were peak cringe. Then along comes the Qboomers.

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