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A make it stack will never be this cheap ever again. Imagine letting sticker shock fuck you out of a once in a lifetime opportunity for financial independence.

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10k link is unobtainable for 99% of the world's population

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Feels comfy desu

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I have 1k link. Will I starve anons? I have wife. I have children. I just want to feed them, anon.

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i know right. and even of the 1% who can afford it, 99% of them won't buy it, because it sounds too scary

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I rather imagine not living Mumbai.

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Say I had 50,000 link
How smart would I be

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How does having 50 trillion dollars eoy sound?

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OP is samefagging to cope with his retarded decision

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Unironically link will crab for 5 years
You will watch other crypto moon while links remains sideways
Congrats on this, seriously

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I wouldn't be able to return to the same ID then, moron.

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I’m so excited for you guys

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Obviously fake even if it weren't who cares about 1% per annum.

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do not make posts like this, it is not funny

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listen up, im only going to post this once. If you hold Link and unironically think it isn't a scam it means you fell for the link fud is a meme reverse psyop. this was literally a 4chan joke/pump and dump. the token has basic utility and it's mainnet is literally being used right now. you're seeing it in action. and it's worth $2. congrats on this. it'll forever be tied to bitcoin besides some random outlier pumps and dumps.

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I'm ready bros

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>it's mainnet is literally being used right now
by who?
no one is using that shit

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Wow, we got a real life Nostradamus here

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LINK is a scam

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LINK won't be worth very much. I rather just put it in ETH instead at this point.

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Ok, retard

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imagine holding a confirmed scam and not selling at $5

Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

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Feed them your cum, from your mouth, like a mother bird

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Incredibly comfy knowing I have 45k LINK chilling in cold storage. I know in the grand scheme I am still a minnow compared to some anons but fuck it feels nice seeing $120k in my portfolio after only starting with $8k last year. Thank you Sergey, Ari and Steve. Excited to see what this does in a bull market now.

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Fake. No one has that much LINK

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fucking kek at the addition of E&Y to this pasta

even the fud is a testament to the growing partnerships with link

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Check the explorer friend. There are actually roughly 700 wallets with even more LINK than I have. It’s not that hard to believe when you think about it

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Are (((they))) really going to let Chainlink mint thousands of new millionaires?

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Either 50IQ or 500IQ.

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Also, I know, but it hurts my feelings because im a 13k stacklet :(

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I hope you've started applying to your local Freemason Lodges.

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Yes, truly a drop in the bucket.

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Truth is many of us 40k+ stacks will not make it. Many will start unloading their bags at $10, maybe $20. Yeah, making a half a million or a million off a 10 grand investment feels good, but many won’t experience the true gains when we are $100+ This is the beauty of a network undergoing the decentralization process naturally.

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You’re still going to make it with that much friend. Just be patient and don’t be greedy

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dr;ns wtf were never fucking selling. It's not a difficult concept. Just accept it and move on already

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Look at the explorer my friend, you and I are not selling but other weak handed anons are. I started the year as a top 850 wallet. I haven’t purchased a single LINK and I am now rank ~790. Anons are selling or moving LINK. Every project has weak handed bagholders anon

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Can confirm, moved from 670 to 615 for my 56k stack. I'm not selling until 350$ usd

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>350$ usd

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Of you understood the protocol and the potential markets it would upend you would realize this really isn’t far fetched.

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Brainlet detected.

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