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Did you miss out on the dip?

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You mean the bull trap?

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No, I loaded up on boomerstoxxx at tremendous discount. I told you faggots to do the same but you bought SQQQ and SPY puts like r*ddit.

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No because there's a bigger dip coming

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Depends on how corona goes in the next few days I think

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You're right, coronachan will probably shut down the economy for the rest of time. It's not like the jewish media has completely blown it out of proportion so that jewish financiers can liquidate plebs and buy their assets for pennies on the dollar...

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this virus hasnt even peaked yet?
seriously the problem hasnt even been adressed
buying now is dumb.

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Nope sold my m3 and motorcycle and got ready

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most obvious dead cat bounce ive seen in years. people that buy that are literally braindead

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It's because of the way investors think and the media portrays the issue.
They say "364000 confirmed cases have caught the virus in the US" and your average investor thinks "well hey, that must be all of New York, it must be peaking"
They have no appreciation for the fact that if people start going out again because of the nice weather or because we've """"peaked"""" that people are just going to get sick and die again and people will jump back in doors.

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until a vaccine is in place shits gonna be shut down. its not some jewish plot. if anything they are mad their big line went down.

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The Jews got taken off guard by this and they lost money. Can't have that, so they pumped the market with fake money. Now that retards like you are buying, they can dump at a higher price. Later they'll push the market down and buy your bags at a steal. This is a classic scam. How the fuck are you falling for it?

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By inventing something called a stop order

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>Stop orders protect you when the market opens down 6%
Thanks for the cheapies!

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so wait for reality to catch up?

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so much cope.
take out now.

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Yes you missed the dip, I have never seen been this bullish. The numbers we are getting are pic related

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>they are mad their big line went down
Capital is only a constraint for plebs. The ((people)) who sit at the top of the capital stack are only interested in liquidity; they CONTROL the line. They want to own everything, but they need to trick boomers into selling, so they artificially freeze the economy which forces a cascade of liquidations to cover margins, similar to what we saw on Bitmex recently. ((they)) are able to buy up those liquidated assets for very cheap, corona is just a cover for this consolidation of power
>The Jews got taken off guard by this and they lost money
Anon, they effectively have infinite money(credit). Again, the biggest fish decides whether the number goes up or down. If you have infinite capital you can push that line in whichever direction you want. This is about consolidation of power, nothing else

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where did this line come from? reddit is and was peak just a flu bro faggotry

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>This is about consolidation of power, nothing else
Yes. Consolidation from the retards who think this is the bottom to the pockets of Israel.

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Um, no, sweetie.

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>market sheds 1/3 of it's value in fastest dump ever due to a temporary virus that killed a few grandpas
>what a horrible time to buy

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Priced in....right?

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>just buy the fucking dip bro

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>giving a shit about 6% when your calls make you 70% a day

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>oh no the sky is falling
>sell the jews all your stonks
>definitely don't buy the dip
>brrrr never even actually works

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>Yellen said if we had accurate numbers today unemployment would be close to 15% and he thinks the dip already happened

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curves improving. stocks restoring.

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/biz/ says not to buy, time to load up

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You can still buy the stonks anon, we're down 40-70% across the board

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>A balloon market operating on little more than hot air since 2012 only drops 40% when the entire economy is halted for a fucking quarter and oil goes to $15 because two powers are trying to kill US shale. The market then jumps back up 20% within days while everything is still shut down. A cruise company which is bleeding a billion a month and is heavy with debt jumps up 25% in a day on the news of being forced to sell a large fraction of itself to predatory foreign investors. But this is a bull market and you missed the bottom. Hahaha line go up.
I bought the bottom, and sold, and bought and sold. I'm swinging intraday because the volatility is perfect for it and I'm only full longing companies which weathered the first drop well and have good balance sheets. Hodling shitstocks or etfs with shitstocks in them will get you a falling knife.

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that was two weeks ago

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I screwed up and bought puts that will expire before the next leg down.

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Well it's complicated because the speculators are looking for ANY good news but ultimately they determine stock price.
Even if people are dying and the population is shedding thousands extra by the day, if the bottom line is good, then the green line stays up

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Yes, I did in fact miss the dip. Fuck this gay economy.

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When? June 100p BA here.

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nah ive made 3k in the last 5 weeks, just day trading stocks the old fashioned way. Not sure if ready to long any divvie oils yet

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>Yellen said
>balloon market operating on little more than hot air
seething lolbertarian
>oil goes to $15
Almost like everyone suddenly needs dollars. Almost like the deflation was intentionally contrived
>forced to sell a large fraction of itself to predatory foreign investors
Like I said, forced liquidations to buy cheap assets. I agree, it probably goes lower; maybe timing tops and bottoms is your game, but I'm a bit more cautious. Not even a stockfag, I believe there is a much better asset to own. Don't count the US out, we have a monetary ace up our sleeve which eliminates the need for petro-faggotry altogether. Have you noticed how internet companies are now more profitable than oil companies? Never doubt American ingenuity; we have the brains and we will prevail

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>bull trap
>futures are already up another 7%

Yea. It’s done in America. Overseas might be getting crazy, but since when did American markets give a fuck about foreigners other than oil...

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So whos profiting from this ?

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I bought so much fucking Nervos I'm not even Nervous about it I'm actually comfy

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>did you miss out on the bull trap?

Uhhhh no...

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Every time I see this card, I can't help but think how broken it is.

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>I believe there is a much better asset to own
Pray tell, what is it anon?

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>up 7%
Ask me how I know you have no money in the market.

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We already peaked.
The US will back to full strength in a couple weeks.

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The dip - yes, the bottom - no.


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>Tons of people lost their jobs, many of their businesses or franchises went under
>Even those who do go back to work will have no savings and thus be discouraged from excessive spending and tend towards saving
>the businesses that were already teetering and depending on a resurgence of spending will go under as a result
Do you not know how recessions work?

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You have it upside down.

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Absolutely broken card.
Assuming "Culmative" is Cumulative, that's at least 3 guaranteed three turns in a non-combo deck.
In any kind of combo, it's (3)(B)(B) : Win the game.

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cute thread.

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Do you have the link of this graph?

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You are wrong. I don't care enough to type out why.

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Unironically it is

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>I don't care enough to type out why.
you mean "priced in?"

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It also included the end of the bloodiest war the world had seen so far.

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You're comparing serious buying pressure after like 8 years of WW1 bear market and this crisis, which has basically popped the bubble in the overbought as hell cupcake market we've been riding in

SPY was up 40% the past year before the dump. That's atrociously overbought.

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Care to explain?

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Stock market will be fine.
All the indices are made up of billionaire companies. Only small businesses got wrecked this month, and are essentially eliminated as competition for the S&P500 companies.

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