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>> No.18317307

Can't wait for food shortages so people will beg for bugs to eat. We will make so much money.

>> No.18317490

Nah. Oil so cheap now we raising the water another inch boys

>> No.18317514
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>Invest in a bug GF
Fixed that for you.

>> No.18317569

>Bugs are cheap to produce
>Good macros
>Can get turned into something more palatable like bug bars

Jokes on you OP I'm gonna make so many cheap gains with bugs

>> No.18317603
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I find it hard to imagine even the most normie of normies could be brainwashed to eat the fucking bugs.
I guess it might depend on culture but in mine you'd lose all of respect if you actually tried living this lifestyle. Vegans get shit all the time. Imagine being a lowly maggot muncher. Literally the lowest of lows.

>> No.18317723
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Take the fucking vaccine and tattoo

>> No.18317767
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buy my bugz

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