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>March 2021
>8 months post corona societal collapse
Some gentlemen pulled up to my neighborhood looking for food and supplies

My, my I am glad I went all in Kleros in 2020, right before the fall of the world as we then knew it. I head to the newly formed citadel that Lord Pepe made us PNK holders, to keep us safe. We were now the guardians of a new kind of stewardship. When the courts and cities fell, it was all too easy for Kleros to pick up the pieces. Quarantines in 2020 were often thought to be lifted after a few months, and then they just....weren't.

3 months turned into 6 months, and when the winter got cold, and Donald Trump was re-elected, we knew we were all fucked. After the millionth death, it was only a matter of time until the chip implants came into play. We rang in the new year in style, with Japan sending regular harems of a few dozen women to the compound.

It felt bad, looking out on the normies, who could only go out once per day, for 90 minutes at time, to the nu-government regulated food banks.

>the guards see me, but they also see my PNK pin. Shining purple, letting everyone know i'm part of the imperial new order.

>I flip the guard 10 Kleros to let me thru the gates. This was about about $75 now, but we all know it'd be gaining in value every month, as it has the last year.,

>"SIR, good to see you SIR"

I laugh. He was grateful. It really was that easy.

Things were getting better, for us. Everyone else, it's too early to tell. They're our slaves now. Those who do not show up to Kleros court, there's rules now. You have 12 hours to comply, and make up your missed appearance, or that chip in your arm, it explodes. So many one armed people wandering around in the city. Like a weird zombie movie but full of bewildered non-believers.

They should have listened.

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Today, the 5th of March, 2021, is going to be a great day. Craig S. Wright is finally being summoned to the high Kleros court for his crimes. He pulls up in his black Koenigsegg Trevita, and flips the court valet 50 BSV, laughing as he does it, as it's only worth about one dollar these days. His hair has turned a deeper gray lately, as I think he knows the court is finally going to give him the ultimate justice. The Kleros top judge, Sir Honkington, of Clownsmonero, was preciding. The Bobo security team had their hands full, for Craig had truly gone off the rails. Kleros Court charges varied from top level fraud, perjury, money laundering, all the way down to a few dozen low level crimes like public nuisance and peeing on homeless people. I laugh as I enter, and send each of my security Bobo's 10 $PNK, for a net tip of $250. Back in late 2020, when Kleros finally hit its tyrannous peak, Blockchain President Xi Jinping deemed all Chinese courts to switch the Yuan to PNK, causing the now 7 billion residents of China to quickly burn their RMB for Pinakion via the new atomic swap Kleros DEX / TCR v7, which added the ability for any fiat money to immediately be burned for PNK. The volume was unsustainable, and with Bitcoin now stuck in permanent “museum” status, Ethereum's network clogged, causing a 7,000% spike in the Kleros token value.

Xi laughed as his net worth crossed $500B. His laughter rattled around the world, since the Great Dumbening Downward of Mainland China put forth the new slogan : “Kleros – It's What Plants Crave”, causing all trees and vegetation to die from the worst draught the world had ever seen. A tear fell down the cheek of the head janitor of Kleros Court, SatoshiFlipper, after he'd gone all in on BSV before the crash. Craig flipped him one single token and said, “Kek, nothing personal kid.” Today, in Kleros Court, it's truly going to be a great day.

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based. you should write a kleros book. if it's consistently this funny i'd throw in a few ETH.

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Kleros literally attracts the best and brightest shills desu

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chkchkchkckhchk combo bbbbreakerrr

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10/10 based

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Based pajeet

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fuk ye

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that beautiful mane

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Kleros is literally my "make it or rope" scenario. If it doesn't work out, it's over for me.

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this but in the form of a kleros court pepe youtube vids where the shitcoins get judged

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Same. Unironically close to all in at this point. Comfy.

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I have 40k and I'm too scared to get to 250k. But will hodl for time being.

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holy bag

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I bought at .025 and I want to die

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Just chill, you'll make it
Hold tight and shill with the rest of us stinky pinkys

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Went all in on this shit immediately after sale. After having actually been a juror for three cases now I can confidently say it's a piece of shit.
Infact every case I got was from someone actually targeting kleros itself for its faulty system fucking them out of money. Their excuse for having a terrible, buggy interface is that you can interact with the smart contract independent of kleros so the actual kleros experience doesn't matter.
I want to have faith in kek and back this fully but they keep fucking it up

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Same. They decided to roll out a product too early. It actually got them traction I guess, but still kinda shitty

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Do you think it's salvageable though?

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Yes, absolutely. The team is professional and responsible enough. They actually update and upgrade everything, so we will see at least one other full version iteration

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To the moon on the pink rocket plz

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Medium-ly well written FUD, but hey, don't be so short-sighted lad.

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What's buggy about it? I've had zero issues. To say it's terrible is to say it doesn't do it's job, which is patently false information.

Try harder, or lower your expectations for a very early $4M market-cap project.

If it was fully shined and running on all gears it would be, what, 50x this price?

All you newfags have the same complaints, but clearly haven't been around long enough to know a true 250x+ when you see it. I can tell. I can smell the nu-car.

Be grateful. Be humble once you make it.

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800k chad reporting for juror duty.