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If we somehow don't keep moving town long-term during this shit truly this is a clown market

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If dubs all bobos die

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say hello to the new PM/Monarch of the UK

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People should be stocking up on gas at these prices and reselling haha

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>NY state daily death number reduced
Probably why the future is rising

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Hello, Jeremy!

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I love anime girls.

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Bearbros, did we get too cocky?

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I want to DCA VOO during this crisis, which means I need to buy fractional shares. Is M1 finance my best option?

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god i fucking love anime

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what earnings are coming out tomorrow

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Abdullah my friend, long time no see.

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Honestly you just gotta get profits when you can. I had a 7% profit on Wednesday but between the green day on Thursday and IV Crush on Friday I lost almost 25%. Yeah buying the dip is a meme but bagholding is just as bad.

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I want anime to be real

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there is more to fall, old boy. if monday spikes, that's just an opportunity to buy more puts.
and if somehow this isnt a bear market, that's a good thing. the few hundred ill make from puts isn't worth the collapse of the economy

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Do I go all in on SQQQ or is this already the bottom? Trump is fucking up everything and Boris is on a ventilator.

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Gas is like 95% tax and stuff in Europe
The oil price has almost no influence over it here

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>Invest in oil
Why? Any of these oil companies could get fucking. Buy the companies storing the excess for them. Those companies will have oil companies by the nose.

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that's what im going to buy with all the money i make from puts. real anime. i know a russian evolutionary biologist and a professor of east asian studies at harvard, and im going to put them to work

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Does it matter? it will go up anyway.

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Priti Patel becoming the next PM is very bullish.

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Just need someone who listens to everything cummings says

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Oil dumping has already been priced in. Oil stocks will tank again and will probably reach new lows when the meeting has nothing good happen and over the next few months as supply doesnt go down with near zero demand.

The rest of the market will move independently from oil.

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>global demand for shipping, driving, and flying is down
>cutting capacity by a few % points is gonna fix oil prices
t. brainlet

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Fuck no. The market will be red tomorrow, and I strictly said oil was going to bleed this evening, nothing more. I've done nothing but be proven right.

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>Just need someone who listens to everything cumming

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I'm buying USO calls tomorrow and selling on Thursday to these dumb boomers oilfags.

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why'd you quote me
did you somehow know I have USO and OXY shares ;_;

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Misaki a qt

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>Why is oil down? Didn't trump and putin agree to cut down production
>Falling for clickbait articles

They had another "phone call"

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>tfw loaded up on USO puts Friday

Here we go boys

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>Making me actually go to /pol/
May rona visit you anon.

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looks like you penny stock traders are more based than my crypto fag frens
maybe I should stick to you

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Surely SPY puts going into the weekend is a good idea

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then they push the meeting to next week just because of you

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welcome fag, enjoy your stay

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Anime is fucking terrible

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If you're going to go with x3 ETFs why the fuck would you go SQQQ. Nasdaq has been the best performing of the 4 indices. If anything you should go with SRTY

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Daily reminder, doomers.

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how would you divvy up percentage-wise this 5g / Oilfolio?
0% ratings are acceptable:

FB Facebook
SWKS Skyworks
QCOM Qualcomm
TNK Teekay Tankers - short term
FRO Frontline Ltd - short term
RDS.B Royal Dutch Shell - long
XOM Exxon Mobil - long
FIZZ National Beverage Corp
EOG EOG Resources

FIZZ isnt 5G or Oil but fuck it i threw them in there

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Dolly a qt too. RIP

Oil seems to be recovering, bros. It's only down 7,5 now.

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Why did they have to draw Tanya's lips so hot. She's literally 9.

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I quoted you because its clearly an anime edition of /smg/. I also looked over your shoulder and saw your portfolio and came here to warn you.

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Satania is literally designed for sex and breeding

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The market is recovering, why would anyone upset?

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Going to start scalping gamma tomorrow, I'm pretty jacked.

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i dont want bearbobos to die, give them the darn malaria drug if it gets really bad! that shit cures any sickness you can imagine !


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we enter the bull market inshallah

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We've had 2 weeks of bull or crab and you still play the bear? Here comes week 3.

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ok bumping with anime over 3d this time...

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All 3D Women are disgusting whores

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what are you talking about? the last good-looking day was 3/26, since then it's been going down again

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Do we dump again or should I cut my losses on SPXS?

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>Goes up 2%
>Goes down 2%
King crab reigns supreme


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New to this shit and interested in over time building up a portfolio that just gives me some good dividends. Is that retarded?

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There's no underwear in this picture.

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Why would anyone short against the FED?

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We're less than half a percent from breaking the daily wedge. After that only up.

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how many trades have you made in your life so far?
what is your P/L currently after subtracting all of your losses from all of your wins so far?

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Ohhh fug
I’ve never seen hib drawn since high quality

True... but so are 3D men. And I can’t fuck 2d so... gotta get a gross whore to cosplay as a qt.

Can’t breed through anal, so no

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the line will go down this week more than it goes up

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Anime is for pedos

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rate my porfolio please >>18303726

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>best girl not in the picture

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70% of my portfolio is airline stock, rest is tech. AMA

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This is going to be the biggest and longest bull market in the history of mankind.

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Watch Mob Psycho

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inverse your proportions and i'd say it's a good portfolio right now

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Why are you not balls deep into defense?

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which tech stocks?

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>World is fuck
>Stonks up

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>crazy old ceo, PEP and KO encroaching on their territory, still competing with San pelligrino and Perrier
>Topo Chico (also PEP or KO?) fever is just starting

No thanks. Also not fucking with those semis. Also not fucking with oil. Also not fucking with too much internet advertising based companies while ad spending should decrease during a depression.

Just buy shit with excellent balance sheets like MSFT and JNJ, and companies that sell popular staple foods like PEP KO CPB. Also like COST and CLX but clorox may be overvalued.

Buy Regeneron if it dips back to low 400’s

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Excellent taste and very based sir.

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Through day and night, through rain or snow

There is but one truth to show

From ships of steel and submarines below

Tomahawk demand will never slow


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it won't break it though. and after that only down.

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goog too

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I do not invest in oil long term and think 5G is kind of overhyped
Maybe Im wrong but I cant really help you. Not my sepcialties here.
Also included the end of WW1 and Europe recovering from it desu.
The people flooding towards the US and the industry advancing at that point was insane and only the end of WW2 was a bigger deal.

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This is a really stupid comparison because WW1 ended in 1918. You can literally see the war end on that chart.

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From The Israel Post

>Israel won't test people with COVID-19 symptoms unless they've traveled
>Even those exhibiting serious symptoms will only be tested if they have recently traveled either abroad or to the Palestinian territories.

>COVID-19: Israel cases top 7,000, death toll at 37

>Lemon Juice Tea Does Not Cure COVID-19 in Israel, or Anywhere Else

Is this bullish or bearish?

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Ask me how I know you watch Financial Education lol. Add BAM NEE and TDY

>> No.18303978

This will continue until the new bull run is confirmed. This kind of shit happens all the time with oil. Seemingly worse and worse news drives prices higher because of reasons that never completely make sense even after the fact. When investing.com Abus and Pajeets along with the cringe lords of Stocktwits are shouting “nooo this is so insane it makes no sense reeeee!!”, it means that it’s still safe to go long.

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Good night lads
See ya tomorrow

>70% of my portfolio is airline stock

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What is this even implying?

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Completely irrelevant unless you decide to invest in the Middle East, which I told you NOT to do in January.

Is that a good channel?

I like. I need a chance to buy back in to msft :(

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Did you do any research before hand?
You are going to be fucked

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Markets drop 35% in under a month. Rebound a bit. Bears: why stocks not go down?

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I can't tell if people are this stupid or just trolling anymore. Everything is so fucked its not even funny. You think the government is giving away trillions because "everything is fine"? No, its because shit is so fucked that normal people can't even understand how fucked it is.

>> No.18304042

He's decent, got fucking killed on CCL.
I think those companies with insane PE are going to get slaughtered. Not MSFT though.
I think KTOS is the better play, no exposure to airlines.

>> No.18304046

Lol market goes up 1% everyone loses their mind like weve just recovered the 20% weve lost. Come on guys

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gotta give prospective retards a chance to buy a dip before realizing production of anything won't start until June at the earliest

>> No.18304049

also the war bonds from WWI is what inspired bring stock trading to the public in the first place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlSxPouPCIM

also literally the same shit that caused it has happened over the past century over and over: bull run for like 10 years, people think stonks only go up, because of this THEY OVERLEVERAGE LIKE CRAZY (this part is key), then when stonks go down everyone panics and sells and crashes the market because they can't afford to lose with so much leverage.

look at 2008 financial crisis. look at 2020 financial crisis. sound familiar? the sad thing is that cheap debt is always going to come back, people are always going to forget the bad times, and people are always going to overleverage at some point thinking <insert asset class here> will "only go up". It keeps happening, it will happen again, and again, and again.

unfortunately i've only been doing this trading shit for a year but i've already been studying the capitalist boom and bust cycle of the US, and the coronavirus situation as it unfolds. i'll be ready for the next crisis, i think anyone can if they are educated enough and see the pattern and how to recognize both when things will start recovering after a crash, and when things will go from a massive bull run into a crash. i could have done The Big Short with coronachan but i literally didn't think what has occurred was possible, i blame my inexperience, but next time i will be ready to get rich.

>> No.18304051

This just looks like market delay desu.

>> No.18304053

any number that doesn't have a negative sign in front is absurd

>> No.18304057

permabulls are desperate and delusional. it's the same fucking thing as the bears during the decade long bull run, remember them? oh how the turn tables.

>> No.18304059 [DELETED] 

COVID-19 /Biz/ Discord
Exclusive interview & AMA with 10mil Portfolio Holder and how to mitigate damage done by COVID. Scheduled for 7th of April.
discord gg 8X6s8rp

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Now i've seen some dumb analysis posted here before but this might be my favorite. Thank you for your contribution.

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Great point by Marks on this.

>> No.18304062

1957 asian flu bear market was not so bad too

>> No.18304063

On what products?
I'm thinking futures options. cheap stocks and/or treasuries . Relative value volatility arbitrage.

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>You are going to be fucked
If I do, then that would have been my fate

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I like KTOS, they're 15% of my portfolio and I'd happily take it to 20%. But I think RTX is dramatically undervalued because people overestimate
>how fucked airlines actually are
>how long it will take them to recover
The way I see it right now you're buying RTN at a fair price and basically getting Pratt/Collins for free. RTX absolutely has enough cash and military backorders to keep the civilian section afloat until demand resumes.

>> No.18304073

The day the UK has a Patel for it's PM is the day the retard transition is complete

>> No.18304074

I told yov dvmb bearcvcks time and time again. We've been throvgh fovr (4) green Mondays. Why wovld this one not be different? I expect yovr brains deposited in a jar by the afternoon tomorrow. Sad, disgvsting bearcvcks.

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it's an alright channel. don't copy it, just get some ideas that make sense to you. i like the 5G plays from there. and yea he got killed on CCL and also HOME if he didnt sell before the crash.

pic rel was one of his accounts around June '19

>> No.18304085

that IS pretty solid evidence that every monday will be green for the rest of time TBQH

>> No.18304087

But the weeks keep ending red overall

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forgot pic

>> No.18304093


is crab market something in the outline of two crab claws separated by a curve or line?

or simply something that is deadline and moves horizontally like a crab walks?


>> No.18304096

Theta gang wins again

>> No.18304101

yeah the fact that you think these two diseases are remotely comparable is laughable.

also calling the asian flu a "pandemic" is wrong.

>> No.18304104

can you buy both RTN and RTX right now? i thought it was a merge

>> No.18304108

Alright let’s see if trump fucks it up right now.


See this is what you folks don’t get about pricing in. Put on the chart when those results were predicted and projections were announced, and you’ll see they coincide with the major drops. When events that have been predicted occur, why would the market react?

I anticipate a retest of the lows followed by a leg lower that could take place over many months. I remain open to the possibility of a bullish breadth thrust, in which case I revise that and think the prior lows will hold.

Still prefer LMT.

>> No.18304116


>> No.18304120

doesn't go significantly up or down, more or less you end up where you started

>> No.18304122

Trump speaking now

>> No.18304123

It matters not, any smart bvll will cover their shorts. It's so predictable that bearcvcks are still trying to gamble against daily-on-week trends is folly.

It will go vp, but any bvllchad worth their salt knows when to make money.

>> No.18304128

>trump would willingly sacrifice hundreds of thousands if not millions of the working class to keep the markets up

>> No.18304133



>> No.18304136

Sell me on LMT, I'm between them and NOC to round out my Iran War portfolio

>> No.18304139
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>Immigrants and poor people dying

>> No.18304140

He is saying you get Raytheon and the areospace parts of UTX. They merged and its RTX now.

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this chart makes perfect sense, if you understand human psychology.

neat, always love some good reading especially on financial crises. honestly i was already fascinated by the 2008 financial crisis (which fucked up my initial job prospects after college originally but i never knew why until literally this past year), and it shocked and terrified me what i learned about it. then all of a sudden boom, we get hit with "10x worse than 2008" coronachan crash, so now im both somewhat financially literate and im LIVING in a major part of history occurring in real time.

if you or anyone else has any interesting reading material or youtube vids on recessions/depressions, capitalist boom/bust cycle, panics, bank failures, or TA of charts during these sorts of crazy times, please post them. i collect that shit now. i still like to refer to this video from time to time, joe rogan honestly has some great guests on a lot of times: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0BHAD4tQwQ how do you watch this and not think "holy shit the whole world economy is just a scammers scamming scammers"? sorta reminds me of the phrase "behind every great fortune is a great crime" lol

>> No.18304161

you know "the dow" was like 12 companies back then, all of them operating only in the US right?

>> No.18304163

a lot of my friends and I are hoping he will address the plight of undocumented somalis today. why is everyone else getting a check? lets stay tuned and find out if he brings this issue to the forefront today.

>> No.18304165

Actually just boomers, but that's still a good thing as it solves the social security solvency problem

>> No.18304170


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>priced in
People selling at the top 2 months ago did not sell because they thought there would be
>50% unemployment
>Complete shutdown of the US for 2-3 months
>Hundreds of thousands dead
>Cascading defaults
They sold because they knew it was the top of the bubble which was already on the verge of popping due to companies being over leveraged.
We haven't even seen the real drop yet. Your little brain hasn't even began to understand that there are no more jobs to go back to. There is no more money. Companies are going to go bankrupt. War with China is inevitable.

>> No.18304186

Same in cucknada, and by recently they mean 'march 1 or later'. Also, even with symptoms people often get denied testing anyway, and you must take an appointment to be eligible for drive-through testing.

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Bool roon

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>> No.18304191

>how do we solve the social security solvency problem?
>how about we just kill all the old people so they can't collect?
>then why even have social security?

is this how republicans think?

>> No.18304198

Dont hold your breath no one cares unfortunately

>> No.18304204

retard doomposting

>> No.18304223

yeah, everything will be solved once their next of kin inherits their 1968 Camaro and golf club set along with the 35k corona bill and the 10k cremation bill

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>War with China is inevitable
actually bullish

>> No.18304233

>mash is not wearing any underwear

>> No.18304238

>Same in cucknada, and by recently they mean 'march 1 or later'.
I don't know where in Canada you are, but this is as far from true as it could possibly be in Ontario. Something like 90%+ of diagnosed cases are community origin.

>> No.18304243

Same. I live in Illinois still paying around $2 a gallon. I see my friends in other states paying closer to $1.

>> No.18304249

War with China is very much evitable, notice how Donnel Cuckmpf has already stopped agitating them with the "chinese virus" stuff

>> No.18304253
File: 11 KB, 318x313, redcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, so tell me. Where are the jobs? Who has money? Who the fuck is going to be buying clothes when they can't buy food? Companies have been over leveraged for years and now they can't even afford to exist while being closed because they can't pay the interest on their debt! Banks won't be able to pay people back because they lent out all the money! TEN MILLION PEOPLE already lost their jobs. THE JOBS ARENT COMING BACK!

>> No.18304255

thats a nice way to avoid having to have an argument

>> No.18304259

why not?

>> No.18304262

U.S. couldn't even defeat Vietnam or North Korea, keep your warhawk fantasies to yourself and pick on somebody you can beat.

>> No.18304267

I'm going to be financially ruined at this pace, should have sold my 7/14 250p last week. bobos hold my hands

>> No.18304268

It's crashed by over 50% here in Canada. Lowest price it's ever been since the very early 2000s.

>> No.18304272
File: 235 KB, 1363x2048, 1685803196614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based. I loved mob psycho.

Where were all these other supremely alpha bull posters over the past couple days?
I've been holding down the fort and spreading the word of the almighty SPXL on my own these past few days

>> No.18304276

why do retard doomposters always go around doomposting but never killing themselves to avoid such terrible fates as they predict? put your money where your mouth is.

>> No.18304277

you can't have an actual argument with happeners, there's no point in even trying
the best you can do is call them a retard and not waste any more time

>> No.18304279

post proportions, cost basis and P/L%

>> No.18304280

because the american middle class is dead and this virus will loom as a dampener for years. companies are going to go bankrupt in droves due to the massive amount of debt everyone has accumulated.

>> No.18304281

good taste in anime, but SPXL? spooky.

>> No.18304285

>muh jerbs muh jerbs
You said it yourself, war with China. Everyone will come back with a nice fat GI cheque and start small businesses. Post war economic miracle. San Francisco destroyed by nuclear fire. It's a beautiful, bullish future.

>> No.18304291

thats a nice way to rationalize why you don't have to have an argument

>> No.18304292


Here is another one, I really like your attitude anon, for geopolitics I watch the Caspian Report, really nice.


Good TA style, haven't watched too many of his vids. But take notes, keep a journal of what it's like now, these are crazy times, I don't think these next couple decades are going to be easy.

>> No.18304293

You two aren't disagreeing with each other.

>> No.18304296
File: 83 KB, 1457x1080, faggotbat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking retarded.
Amazon needed to hire a shitload more warehouse workers, Domino's needed to hire more delivery drivers, and I'm imagining Uber eats & other delivery companies have scaled up similarly

>> No.18304301

He stopped calling it that because hes got to focus on the current problems. You think he stopped because its no longer the "Chinese virus"? Its just politicking. China still has a lot of critical manufacturing and until that is moved out, threatening China is just not a good idea. US companies will be moving out ASAP if they don't want the wrath of the federal government on them. Then US will blockade China. Anti-China sentiment is at all time highs. You think people are blaming their dead parents on Trump? No, its all on China.

>> No.18304306

cherrypicking isn't retarded?

>> No.18304307
File: 147 KB, 700x991, 40CAB3C6-3478-4D07-81CF-9C73CC1C04E0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah I‘m biased against NOC because it gets shilled as “value” by one of the terrible CNBC “traders”

I like LMT because they should benefit from Star Wars assuming blompf gets re-elected. I see it as likely but no longer a certainty, really depends on how many Americans die and how well Mnuchin and congress can keep Americans from having to resort to cannibalism.

Basically, space program. My concerns are:
1. Ceo just bailed out, just like Disney, MasterCard, Salesforce, and all the others who retired when they saw they had the chance to leave at the top and leave someone else to deal with the difficulty of corona-depression

2. During the global depression, it could be tough to get foreign countries to continue buying high tech choppers, jets, and ships.

3. If trump loses/Dies, his successor will be less likely to shill LMT products to foreign countries and boost US spending to the degree trump will.

4. SpaceX (and maybe blue origin, virgin galactic) are moving in on the space sector.

5. Their biggest moneymaker is the F-38 stealth fighter, and jets may be losing relevance in favor of drones. Don’t know how much they have going on for drones.

LMT isn’t exactly risk free, but it’s not like the US govt is going to stop funding defense contractors.

>People selling at the top 2 months ago did not sell because they thought there would be
>a complete economic shutdown due to coronavirus, an unprepared administration, irreversible economic damage, massive deaths and an overwhelmed healthcare system
That’s exactly why they sold. Anything you anticipated can be and was also discussed by people who make a lot of money to pay attention to these things. They’re good at what they do. Maybe you’re even better and will one day be hired by a major firm, it’s absolutely possible that you’re better than the professionals.

Absolutely based.

>> No.18304308

Those all pay less than $20/hour moron

>> No.18304310
File: 783 KB, 1536x2048, EUh-jP1XkAM4z-P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LMT bro I asked you to sell me on them and you disappeared :(

I wish I could invest in SpaceX

>> No.18304319
File: 21 KB, 400x400, 1586061715305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy moly are you retarded. Do you actually think the markets are still connected to the real world economy in any way?
After all what happened the last few weeks?

>> No.18304324
File: 39 KB, 927x960, 6B0677D3-4DC4-48B9-BD13-22AB37126BF5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's actually almost optimized for long-term holding of S&P. For QQQ, the optimized choice is QLD.

>> No.18304327

I uhhhh might have focused more on my doubts than than reasons to invest. But I thought they sell themselves? They make excellent whoosh pew pew pew kaboom machines.

>> No.18304330
File: 182 KB, 1200x676, XCCVIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meow I didnt want the small specs to crowd the trade meow

>> No.18304333

lol 50 seconds thanks senpai sozzles

Space is spooky for me right now because the company I think will absolutely dominate the industry isn't publically traded (SpaceX).

>> No.18304334

they are obviously connected. surely you don't actually take what happens in a few short weeks as gospel? that would be actually retarded.

>> No.18304336
File: 130 KB, 1080x1350, 1505859152706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18304343

China is not Afghanistan, you don't just invade it because people are "blaming them" and you could use the bump in ratings

>> No.18304345

Consider it was over $1.60 per litre this time last year in Vancouver, I never thought I'd see it go under a dollar here again in my life.

>> No.18304351

nice to see nasdaq leading recovery instead of the dow

>> No.18304354

>See this is what you folks don’t get about pricing in. Put on the chart when those results were predicted and projections were announced, and you’ll see they coincide with the major drops. When events that have been predicted occur, why would the market react?

Lol, pricing in is a meme based on the fallacy that market average is rational. Market average gave zero fuck about corona until the shit started to spread in the states even though it was inevitable if you looked at any reports of the spread rate. Market also showed zero fuck about unemployment numbers going past all estimates because investors are tired of selling for now

>> No.18304355

The increased labor demand in some areas is massively outweighed by the loss in others. Even at hospitals, where you'd think they were all hands on deck, many have let go a third of their staff because suddenly nobody is going in for routine work and surgeries, and most healthcare workers can't pivot on a dime towards critical care.

>> No.18304358

>they are obviously connected
in what way?

>> No.18304364
File: 380 KB, 420x420, 645bbc1b8f8d860e9b9c3b36bcebb4a7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


*opens up economy*
*infection rate explodes*
brainlet bulls. welcome to between a rock and a hard place.

>> No.18304372
File: 20 KB, 292x302, 1304702877506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>futures +1.5%


>> No.18304374
File: 39 KB, 550x472, flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cherrypicking isn't retarded?
Those were the data points that I'm aware of.
On the other hand, I only have 1 data point for mass lay-offs: Bird, which is some cucked west coast start-up

>Those all pay less than $20/hour moron
Most of the jobs in our economy pay less than $20/hour
I don't know of any lay-offs occurring over corona that impacted real, big-boy jobs

>> No.18304375

We are now above it. Another gap up is waiting if this holds until close.

>> No.18304376

"Are community origin" != "testing is allowed". Moreover,
Quebec =
Translation: you must have traveled in the past 14 days or been in direct contact with a confirmed covid19 case (confirmed means tested, direct means being family - coworkers don't count and nobody in the person's path will count such as employees and customers at supermarkets and such. Determination of 'direct contact' is done by the health"""care""" system, not by you) AND have basically all the symptoms, not missing even one.

For ontario:
Which strongly suggests they're also not testing, under 'shortage', unless in extreme cases. Many articles corroborate this interpretation:
having landed just hours ago, or

>> No.18304377
File: 131 KB, 709x1024, 1583710060191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, so why did they need to be fired? You think its because the government said so? No. Its because you can't pay people if you don't have money. If nobody is buying anything, you can't afford to pay people, let alone pay for rent, resources, or interest on debt. These businesses people used to work out are GONE. The job DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE.

I have a job in healthcare so I'm not the one in danger.

>everyone will just be a warehouse worker for $6/hour
WOW WE ARE SAVED! Fucking so stupid its not even funny.

They are connected, just because the market is manipulated doesn't mean it can't go down.

>invade because ratings
Everyone knows this is Chinas fault. Everyone hates China. Fuck off Chang.

>> No.18304379

really? you want me to explain? i have to explain? i have to explain that stock's price is strongly tied to its company's profits in the vast majority of cases?

>> No.18304383

Did you lump sum into it recently? Hope you can stomach it getting closer 10 before it eventually makes another ATH. Personally, I think it's still too early to buy into it

>> No.18304384

Unironically tesla is the best way to get in on spaceX hype, you can bet that the normies will flood into tesla once elon gets SS/SH running with tesla batteries and tesla infrastructure helping. After all I fully expect tesla and elons other things to be integrated into any space adventures. SolarCity for solar tech, boring company for ISRU, tesla for batteries and vehicles and SpaceX for the uhh rockets.

>> No.18304389

>On the other hand, I only have 1 data point for mass lay-offs
what about the 10 million current jobless claims?

>> No.18304393

and you think that's because the demand for routine work and surgeries was an artificial bubble? they'll get back to their jobs and move on when the quarantine is lifted. the only jobs that will be permanently affected by this are jobs that shouldn't have existed in the first place

>> No.18304395

The recession is inevitable, the Market signaled that but other than that people are free to gamble again. We are no longer tethered to the economy.

>> No.18304396

>Which strongly suggests they're also not testing, under 'shortage', unless in extreme cases.
You are illiterate.

>> No.18304397

Unironically is what it's going to happen.

>> No.18304400

What’s everyone buying with their trumpbux tomorrow?

>> No.18304405

but it will resume existing in 3 months

>> No.18304407

I only DCA into VTI.

>> No.18304409

all joking aside: this economic shit is literally just because people are forced to stay home for awhile due to coronavirus. okay so a bunch of businesses go bankrupt that can't afford their debt, so what? the infrastructure is still there, it just changes ownership. when all this is over, you honestly believe people aren't going to be looking to open up restaurants and whatnot again, when there is no coronavirus threat anymore (or at least, a heavily managed one)? whatever happened to the belief in human innovation and opportunity seekers? what sucks for some old guy is going to be an amazing opportunity for some young guy to buy a property or business for pennies on the dollar. if anything, it's a wealth transfer.

it's like these doomers think that businesses close and will never open again, we just won't have restaurants or planes ever again forever. no one will see any opportunity there, nope. the problem is LITERALLY just the virus. i think the government has already proved that it can print its way out of any financial problem, so what's the issue? would you really be surprised if jerome printed a ton of money to help people start or re-open businesses once coronavirus was over? you're out of your mind.

>> No.18304413
File: 2.90 MB, 2158x2000, 941CAD6A-BB61-454D-BC86-EBE4D18C59FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No retard no one thinks that the market is perfectly rational, especially in the short term, it’s just a framework to understand it. And again, no retard the reaction wasn’t when Americans started getting infected it was when nba was cancelled and Italy exploded. Italy confirmed one of the worst case scenarios the big boys had sketched out for the possible ways this would pay out.


>vulva is on the front of the pelvis and not between the legs
This is very unsettling. Has this artist never seen a vagina? This doesn’t look odd to you?

>> No.18304414

I posted proof, you posted memes and lies aka cucknadian's real fiat currency.

>> No.18304415
File: 22 KB, 251x231, 1395982173292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bulltards pls post things to convert me and change my thinking, i am tired of losing money

>> No.18304416

Since 2008 stock prices have been tied mostly to the manipulation tactics the company used to prop up their debt ridden husk.

>> No.18304417

>next time

>> No.18304418

we gave china their power and we can take it away

>> No.18304419

Whoops. Meant to be a reply to the tripfag

>> No.18304422

Dude, just buy as many shares of SOXL as you can and hold it for a year. Easy money at these levels, no effort.

>> No.18304425
File: 142 KB, 1024x753, c062eb83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kelly / lywi.gr

I'm here to educate the intellectually challenged.

The original argument was doomposting that the jobs aren't coming back, which is retarded on face value.

>> No.18304432

the 35% drop was the market adjusting for WORST CASE scenarios. for every event that occurs which is not the WORST CASE, the market will go up. that's how this works

>> No.18304433

I don't get the V shaped recovery team, how is the economy gonna get to ATHs in the next couple months after a literal quarter long global shutdown at the least, combined with massively inflated equity valuations and a rapidly deteriorating consumer

>> No.18304442

Explain why? Where do they get the money for hiring this person? And will they hire the same number? Haven you thought about how much it costs to hire someone? And then still pay rent and inventory and debt? They do not have money, these places will close, a few lucky ones might hire reduced staff at a lower rate.

>> No.18304445

>The original argument was doomposting that the jobs aren't coming back, which is retarded on face value.
I mean, I'm sure they will in the long long run. I'm sure the original post was not talking about the long long run, but more of a 5 year horizon. Jobs require employers. Employers require companies. This is a small business mass extinction event. It is not hard to understand why those jobs aren't coming back any time soon.

>> No.18304453

Boris Johnson (UK prime minister) now in hospital, is him dying priced in?

>> No.18304460

Yo, when did you open up your position in SPXL and will you add more if it shits the bed harder?

>> No.18304464

Two things.

No trading nothing, if your tired of losing money just buy some ETFs that track the S&P500 and hold it.
Add some dividend paying blue chip stock for the dividend gains and tech stock for gains and you're set for the next 30 years.
remember buy and hold

>> No.18304465

He is not dyin nigga

>> No.18304467

According to the FTSE, yes

>> No.18304471

everything is priced, from the Ayyyyyys making first contact to the big stinky shit I'm going to make tomorrow morning

>> No.18304474

that's a man.

>> No.18304477

Just a reminder that this trip is down 25K on an SPXL investment that he bought in 2016 or something. Do not listen to him. Ignore.

>> No.18304479

terrible advice for getting rich quick. that only works if you are fine wageslaving for 30 years before retirement

>> No.18304480
File: 2.24 MB, 1536x1917, yugi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how is the economy gonna get to ATHs in the next couple months after a literal quarter long global shutdown at the least, combined with massively inflated equity valuations and a rapidly deteriorating consumer

>> No.18304484
File: 204 KB, 1600x900, gme-stock-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought 2000 shares of GameStop!

>> No.18304488

Well it's not, people are just delusional and do not realize billions of dollars is actually lost from the economy, export is completely fucked, mortgages will be fucked and demand of 1st world useless shit is skydiving.

>> No.18304489

What makes you so bullish?

>> No.18304490

TSLA is still a hundred bucks higher than the pre-bubble plateau, and there's been a huge amount of insider selling according to finviz. What would you buy in at?

>> No.18304495

yeah, it's cyclic, it will happen again, what's the problem? the crash has already occurred, the obvious one at least. if the market is going to crash another 20% the question would be what the leading indicator of that would be so you could put in your short position on time.

best i've got is that the EMA(50) on the 30m time frame is really nice. there were 3-4 opportunities to short at or near it during the initial crash for like a week or so, starting from a Thursday. i guess i'd look at that again. otherwise i'll be looking for the time to buy at the bottom whenever coronachan is defeated.

>> No.18304498

I think I would enjoy sex

>> No.18304499

didn't (((they))) make it happen in 08 just because?

>> No.18304501

You know in bankruptcy shareholders get nothing

>> No.18304502

people who bought and held at the peak of the 2001 recession would not have seen gains for 12 years.

>> No.18304505

I don't think you understand that these hospitals are losing money even though some kinds of demand are high. They likely won't hire back all staff because they simply can't afford to come back at 100%. Anyone who ends up jobless for longer than unemployment is going to default.

>> No.18304507

how's your getting rich quick strategy working out so far?

>> No.18304508


how can you read that and NOT be bullish? :^)

>> No.18304509

yea and hardly anyone is taking advantage of it because of the lockdown. When its over its going back up 30+%

>> No.18304511

kek. I at least stayed even on the shit I bought last year thanks to selling TMF at 90% a bit ago. I do believe in leveraged etfs, but holding it on a downtrend is fucking stupid imo

>> No.18304513
File: 169 KB, 850x1133, drbep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Where were all these other supremely alpha bull posters over the past couple days?
I've been here the whole time. Arguing with bears is tiresome.

>> No.18304518

>the crash has already occurred
all the indicators are saying the crash has only just begun. we will be crashing again by mid april.

>> No.18304519
File: 87 KB, 1920x1080, megumin-entranced.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dude, just buy as many shares of SOXL as you can and hold it for a year. Easy money at these levels, no effort.
I don't know if 3X leverage is optimized for long-term holding in the semiconductor industry

On the other hand, SPXL actually is optimized for long-term holding of S&P.
If you're truly a pussy, then SSO is redeemable.
Here are some facts:
>If you shorted at the bottom of the 2008 recession, you'd never make your money back
>If you went long at the peak prior to 2008, there'd eventually be a greater peak, so you'd make your money back
>Your timing skills are shit. You're not going to be able to call the absolute bottom. "Time in the market beats timing the market"
>Those shares are on fucking sale right now. If you bought, it might go lower... But you didn't buy at the fucking peak.
>If you short right now, we don't know if it'll go lower. You might fuck up your short because it can't stay low forever!
Take advantage of this fire sale!
It's always a good time to bull-fag because you always win in the long run!
It's always a good time to go long, and you should go long now!

>> No.18304521

news flash: we're not at the peak

>> No.18304522

my entire position is casino puts right now. faggot dow can green all it wants but please fucking tell me how casinos dont crash after a macau shutdown and 90% customer decline amd a vegas shutdown until may or longer. surely its not possible for these piece of shit casinos to hold here after april earnings show them running a deficit all year is it?

>> No.18304523

So do you have any non-anecdotal evidence that proves companies are actually going out of business for good and are not just reducing costs for a period when it's not worth to pay their employees? Because you're posting about it like it's a fact.

>> No.18304530

Great dd, fren.
That's exactly why I expected when I came back to check the reply.

>> No.18304537

we're also far from the bottom. buying and holding from here is terrible advice. by every measure the stock market is still significantly overvalued.

>> No.18304550

scoops as a canadian I have a choice between SPXL on the NYSE in Ameridollars at 3×, or HSU, which is 2× S&P500 in leafbux on the TSX. Which is gooder?

>> No.18304553

Coronachan is merely the catalyst. The market will continue to fall simply because most of the growth since 2008 was fake and gay. Tech is especially fucked. The amount of money going to anyone but the biggest players has been completely absurd. Startups getting millions to pour down the drain. We've got a mini dotcom on our hands with that. Then there's real estate. If you don't think a huge contraction is on the horizon I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.18304554

Gonna DCA once it hits 300s again. 200s would be nice, 100s I do not think it should hit unless some really bad shit is happening. But it's a good company with the best engineers working for it, in a great spot to grab market share, especially if they get some cheaper cars out. Look up Solving the Money problem, he's a little too bullish but he presents a really good case for it. Once the picture on consumer spending shows the severity of the drop in consumer confidence, tesla will tank, but that will be a great buying opportunity.

>> No.18304555

You're far better of trying building a comapny than getting rich quick with stocks.
Stock should be one part of your broader finacial portofolio.

>> No.18304560
File: 186 KB, 640x655, 1558387865272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if SpaceX went public there is no fucking way that Elon would be allowed to do crazy shit like launch cars into space and fund a mars mission. Shareholders would buy up share, put typical money fucks on the board and maximize profits by focusing on making satellite launches as cheap as possible and that's as far as SpaceX would go. It would be the satellite company.

>> No.18304561

but what will the news story be that triggers it? for the first one i believe it was the virus spreading to other countries, especially the first US case but i think it might have been EU/UK cases first. that was roughly when shit hit the fan, and i read that, but i, like most people, desperately tried to delude myself into thinking it would be a nothingburger, and thinking what eventually happened could never happen irl. but then it did.

i'll say this at least: if BOJO dies that's probably gonna be a very red day. anyone want to spitball some ideas for market crash catalysts that could happen in the future, to look out for?

>> No.18304571

The second VIX spikes you should drop 3x etfs like a fucking hot potato. Great way to get your ass handed to you.

>> No.18304578

>reducing costs
>hiring more people
Ok dude. You still haven't explained where the money is coming from to hire more people. Go read up on starting a business, managing accounts, getting loans from a bank, paying interest on debt, leveraging assets, hiring the right people, acquiring resources and goods, finding customers, creating bonds to sell debt. But I know you are just dumb and think jobs just appear out of no where. People lose jobs because the job is GONE. Theres no pause button on jobs idiot, no matter how many media heads and politicians say so.

>> No.18304579

>Which is gooder?
If you want the extra leverage and have USD in your account, go for the NYSE etf. If not, do HSU. Now is not a good time to take a currency exchange hit on leaf bux against the burger dollar.

>> No.18304583

>casino puts
Big kek. I though you were saying your puts were a gamble, but your puts are actually on gambling. With how irrational the market is, I still think your puts on gambling are a gamble though.

>> No.18304584

>really? you want me to explain? i have to explain? i have to explain that stock's price is strongly tied to its company's profits in the vast majority of cases?
show me. show me strong indicators or if you can even evidence, meaning strong correlation, between the development of profit and stock price.
show me for the vast majority of cases.

>> No.18304588
File: 41 KB, 941x765, 1304124289095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based doomposters singlehandedly saving the market by constantly covering their failed shorts

>> No.18304594
File: 72 KB, 794x845, 1578022946592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What companies can I invest in to make anime real, bros?

>> No.18304595

SpaceX should go public like this
>1 (one) class A share, with voting rights, that Elon holds, worth 51% of the company's equity
>publically traded class B non-voting shares

>> No.18304596

2x, less leverage decay and no exchange fees. >>18304560
Yup, but starlink is going public in the next couple of years. SpaceX is gonna be the railroad monopoly of the 21st century

>> No.18304605

Investors are evil and stocks are evil as well
companies should sell stocks solely to other companies, no financial sector shenanigan

>> No.18304610

the elliott wave cycle will attach itself to any bit of insignificant news when it's ready to start crashing again. you should not confuse the news as the catalyst when it's really the ebbs and flows of market psychology. news without a market ready to move means nothing.

>> No.18304611

think longer term. however long it takes, this crash too will eventually bottom out, enter a recovery, then go into another "fake and gay" bull run, just like it has over and over again. which will cause people to become manic and overleverage with cheap debt, and then something else will come along and push the first domino over and cause everyone to panic sell again.

it's about timing, idk if it's as easy as saying short something memey like AMD and walk away for 6 months and you'll be rich.

>> No.18304616

look into Norbits gambit if you needs to convert CAD to USD

>> No.18304618
File: 17 KB, 320x334, 1571593527267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18304619


>> No.18304621

the fact that stock prices go up when earnings beat expectations, for example? holy shit this is about as basic of common sense as you can get. you're too simple for me to be replying to anymore good luck anon.

>> No.18304630

Stock price is tied to the expectation of future earnings. Current profits are backwards looking while future profits is why tesla 4xed. People want to be invested in future winners, not current winners. Cause current winning is already ____ in

>> No.18304632


>> No.18304635
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Why are leftists questioning/against the medicine trump recommends?

>> No.18304639

yes, but the bull run will take longer to start up this time because this time will be different. interest rates cannot go lower to ease the fall. we are entering the deleveraging cycle and it's going to result in another depression that will result in a lost decade.

>> No.18304641

"duh market is manipulated" is a sure sign of a complete idiot who has lost most of his money on the stock market

>> No.18304644

i don't believe in elliot waves. i only believe in objectively quantifiable TA like moving averages, momentum, and squeezes (volatility).

>> No.18304647

because they'd rather people die than trump win

>> No.18304648

No see you are looking at it like this isn't a clown market. Company has no product and is dumping billions into R&D? Bullish signal, price goes up. Company is a leading market force with record breaking profits? Bearish signal, price goes down.

>> No.18304650

Agreed but you can not deny that the markets have decoupled from reality somewhat

>> No.18304659

The markets don't reflect current reality. It speculates on the future. You're just a different flavor of flaming idiot

>> No.18304661

i have 1$ Jan 2020 / 2021 puts on this.
currently up 130%

>> No.18304667

Don't agree. It's not perfect advice, but for someone who doesn't know what they're doing and wants to invest, it's a good entrypoint. Within 5 years, market will go back to where it was virtually guaranteed, it's a lot of profit for a novice who wants to couch potato, with virtually no effort. 100% worth it.
But of course if you want more bang for your bucks, that's not going to cut it.

>> No.18304668

>Sex toys, video games, and dolls: Amazon workers claim the company is still sending out whatever customers order despite pledges to prioritize essential goods

how do I invest in dildos

>> No.18304674

incoming japan shutdown
any major political deaths
the inevitable second wave in america after get back to work
deadlier strain mutation

this is how i see it-coronachan is now like the flu, that means yearly reinfections and outbreaks or even constant rolling infections. its also much fucking deadlier for the young then admitted, the ”mild symptom” meme is the ever evolving goal post of nothingburgers and just a flu bros of the past. a 1/5 hospitalisation rate across the board for something as ultra viral as chink flu is devastating even if it doesnt kill you. i dont think we will do these shutdowns again but what japoens to your factory when Yang Zhou comes back from his lunar new year vacation with a coof and exposes everyone to corona? how many people get taken out of action again and again and again? how big will the quarantines be? i dont see a good resolution to this in the 1 year time frame

>> No.18304675

>i only believe in objectively quantifiable TA like moving averages, momentum, and squeezes (volatility).
then why are you looking for a specific news event to cause the crash?

>> No.18304677

lmao, this is what I through when I opened a put for SPY at 220 weeks ago when the bull trap started. Timed the bottom perfectly.
But I'm not so retarded as to not switch positions when the trend changes. I started going long with the understanding that the floor will fall out at any time. This already started with entertainment, travel and construction companies. The indexes are being held up by energy, big tech, hospitality and food. They're important during the crisis, but won't continue to get pumped when we "return to normal".

>> No.18304682
File: 1022 KB, 633x731, 1525998404472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>vulva is on the front of the pelvis and not between the legs
>This is very unsettling. Has this artist never seen a vagina? This doesn’t look odd to you?
Puffy vulva? But yeah, their art skills had some room for improvement

>Yo, when did you open up your position in SPXL and will you add more if it shits the bed harder?
I've just been continuously transferring more cash in for throwing into the money pit over the past month.
Yes, I do intend to continue adding more fuel to the fire.

>Just a reminder that this trip is down 25K on an SPXL investment
>that he bought in 2016 or something. Do not listen to him. Ignore.
There's no way that I've ever had the self control before to be able to file long-term gains on my tax returns.

>>Where were all these other supremely alpha bull posters over the past couple days?
>I've been here the whole time. Arguing with bears is tiresome.
"A man will never understand that which is in his paycheck to not understand." There's a really good quote that goes roughly like that somewhere.
I love how all the zoomers think being a bear-fag makes them cool and edgy.

For legitimate advice, I'd recommend the 2X.
I have balls of steel and am partially doing what I am just to stick it to the bearfags.
Removing the forex exposure probably makes it a comfier hold too.

>> No.18304686

Any pipeline plays?

>> No.18304688

>Within 5 years, market will go back to where it was virtually guaranteed
but it's not guaranteed. this is why it's bad advice.

>> No.18304692

there is a zero percent chance that spacex will ever go public. elon fucking hates the short sellers and all the regulation. better chance that elon takes tesla private once spacex accumulates cash.


>> No.18304693


>> No.18304705

im nibbling on AMJ in my long term account

>> No.18304707
File: 876 KB, 2100x1900, Shimakaze arrested by Military Police 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>let's go and test
>with the test tubes, and the laboratories
>but we don't have time people are dying
oh christ...
"with the test tubes and the laboratories"

Shut up, it's the wrong medicine. They need Kaletra™ by Regeneron, and then monoclonal antibodies also by Regeneron, stop asking.

and also this.


No, not puffy vulva, that doesn't shift the vulva to be at the front of the pelvis.

>> No.18304710

i guess we'll just have to wait and see. personally im very bullish on the future assuming we can get coronachan under control, the sooner the better. we have technology and the best minds around the world working hard on solving it. it makes me think a lot about Ozymandias in The Watchmen, where he created a monster meant to pose as an alien attack and more or less psychically nuked NYC, with the intention of giving humanity a common enemy to unite them, and it actually worked. Check it out sometime if you haven't: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLdqKIj3-A0&list=PLLDZTCYsR1yx4-so2cXWs_fqwBkE_u1a7

Coronachan could very well potentially unite the world as the "common enemy". "We're all in this together" is a good leading indicator of that.

>> No.18304714

>Why are leftists questioning/against the medicine trump recommends?

Because the entire basis of the recommendation of this medication is from a French doctor who falsified data and didn't include all patients who passed away while taking this medication for his research on it. There is zero proof that it actually is useful at managing symptoms and him suggestion people should just try it out is dangerous and bad for people who might actually need the medication for its usual uses who can't get it as easily now because everyone's stockpiling it

>> No.18304731

I'd go all-in on a 10x 5-years nasdaq or s&p500.

>> No.18304745

>just made 3 puts against Dillards on Friday
I'm going to lose everything aren't I...

>> No.18304767

profits of real world economy companies have to be the reason, why the derivative markets are what times the size of the stock markets?

>> No.18304858

Just wait for the Starlink IPO

>> No.18304882

>Assume that all people who do something opposing Trumps statements are leftists

You do realize you do have a retard leading the country... right?

>> No.18304971


>> No.18305037

lol i love when Trump puts these wiseguy libshit faggot propagandists in their place

>> No.18305039

>thinks trump isn’t suffering from dementia and has an anti intellectual bias against scientists
Lmao at you boy

>> No.18305147

It looks like pseudoscience to me, but I don't do this shit.

>> No.18305258

>5G is kind of overhyped
Yeah, it's just phone oems and networks desperate to get people to buy new phones and pay higher subscriptions. There won't be any real benefit from it and you won't normally even get a 5g connection because the penetration is so bad.
Qualcomm also proceeded to make their modems worse with separate 4g and 5g chips squashed together. Why, you might ask? Because they aren't very good at keeping chip area small, and they rely on samsung (who isn't the best and also is a competitor, lmao) to fabricate their shit, so what a surprise they get awful yields when make anything sort of big. It's the same reason their server project failed. Sketchy chip architecture and bad production yields.

>> No.18305269

>Because the entire basis of the recommendation of this medication is from a French doctor who falsified data and didn't include all patients who passed away while taking this medication for his research on it.

>> No.18305432

It's used in China, Korea, Italy, Spain, much earlier than that person's report..

It was the other drug aside from remdesivir that worked in vitro

>> No.18305582
File: 346 KB, 750x1334, 07DB1557-CE1A-4AF5-A17B-EBD86E961507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18306022

up all the way

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