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Every gym will die. We simply cannot have gyms in our Brave New World. The coronavirus... is extremely deadly. We will have to change our life as we know it, to avoid this very dangerous, deadly virus. It's the most dangerous and deadly virus ever.

No more gyms. No more restaurants. And most importantly, no more cash.

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kek i havent worked out at a gym for 8 years. do all my workouts at home. literally get better results from doing bodyweight HIIT and some weight workouts.

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kiss the old world goodbye, nothing is going to be as before and 99% os the stuff you took for granted is ever coming back

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Many sacrifices must be made to stop The Virus...

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Why are you shaving your chest and pubes? So you look like a little boy? Are you not man enough to wear your jungle with pride? I have an incredibly hairy bush and women will let me shit on their chest should I ask. I am proud of my manliness. Also I am out of shape. No amount of going to the gym can make you a man. Stop shaving your fucking pubes, little boy.

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help me give me a routine

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2 week stubble on body hair looks awesome

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literally fitnessblender

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Need vaccine
Give me the chip
Put me in the cage
Yes I will eat the bugs
Report neighbor for not distancing
Stay home
Green zones red zones
Test everyone in the country

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20 push ups
50 sit ups
10 pull ups.
Do that everyday
Just add more if it gets easy

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Honestly, we should have monthly (or weekly?) vaccines, and a Google app to tell us when we can leave our homes...social distancing needs to be increased to at least half a mile (The Virus can spread via wind currents)

Maybe we should put ankle bracelets on all citizens so we can make sure noone is breaking quarrantine and spreading The Virus.

Cash should DEFINITELY be outlawed as it can spread The Virus very easily

The government should deliver food to peoples homes so they don't have to go outside and risk being exposed to The Virus anymore.

In fact noone should go outside ever again until all forms of disease, bacteria, viruses etc are eliminated

We should have Bill Gates plan and build a bubble city for people to live in that is totally controlled by AI

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>haha you think the entire fiscal infrastructure of your country, including the livelihoods of millions of people, their future, and the continuation of your people is more important than the lives of some 90 year olds in nursing homes! Fucking cringe bro!

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>not even daily vaccinations
you've been reported to the local authorities, I hope you rot in hell you dirty super-spreader.

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Why even have people at all at this point? Why not just kill us

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I dont have a pull up bar, and everything is closed. I'm not even allowed outside without being stopped.

Do I do multiple sets? This doesn't seem like much. What do you do. A to Z
No squats?

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>social distancing needs to be increased to at least half a mile
now that really would be NEETopia

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>Why not just kill us

hisssss hissss the goyim know

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Dude I weigh 450 pounds, how am I suppose to do even one of any of that?

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Not being a fat worthless fuck is a good start

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at that point it's more about significant adjustments to your diet to get your weight down. go for walks and stuff. after you've lost 200lbs or so you can start the other exercises.

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Daily carbohydrate intake > 20 grams until you look like you want in the mirror.

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Eat less. Measure your caloric intake and reduce it.

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Carbs < 20 grams **

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This. weight loss is all about carb intake

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These. Just eat 4000kcal of meat every day and the weight will fly right off.

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You shouldn't. You shouldn't even be walking long distances because even that will fuck your body up. You probably have the muscle of an 180 pound non slimeball, just with the equivalent of weighted clothes on. Marines don't carry 270lbs of equipment all day because it's not physically possible or healthy. Intermittent fast, no complex carbs, no sugar, no alchohol, AT LEAST a 500 calorie deficit on your maintenance level (which is still probably way more than a normal person eats in a day). once you lose like 150lbs you can start even thinking about moving that fat sack of shit body and loose skin around

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no its not that a misconception. Try eating just good carbs(fruit, whole grains, starches) and low fat and tell me if you gain any weight.

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Oy vey this! Goys, I mean people, that don't wage slave should die!

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The boomers sacrificed the entire nation to the jews and the futures of their children for the promise of living the rest of their own lives comfortably and wealthy.

Until every boomer dies the contract with Moloch must be honored.

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this but unironically

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/they/ are looking at putting tracking gps bracelets on plebs on quarantine here in kangaroo land

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walk and train by getting up off a chair, sitting back down and doing it again until you can graduate to getting yourself up off your back for sets you don’t need equipment you’re already heavy as fuck. Get your diet under control; you can drop 100lbs in a year and could be back to human size in 2, or wallow and die early and miserable

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This virus is even more based than we thought
>People will cut down on needless expenses
>Gym memberships will be the first expense people cut
>Gyms shut down due to record low memberships
>Gym equipment is unaffordable
>Exercise becomes a luxury of time
>Overeating becomes unaffordable
>Culture adapts to finally destroying the unrealistic ideal of muscular men
>Skellies like me finally get some respect
This is our time skellies

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Almost all sectors are affected in the real sense, but, amazingly, the financial tech market is fairly okay, I will assume its purely based on innovations springing up every now, there are noteworthy ones like DEFI e.g Finnexus trying to change the definition of joint investment

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Add squats and planks

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Consider water fasting for a year.

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Nah, wealthy gigachads who have home gyms and subscribe to fancy healthy elite meal delivery services will just become rarer and suck up even more pussy than ever before.

Sorry incel

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That's not how beauty standards work. We have infinite ready made delicious processed fat food so you show you are better than anyone else by eating these natural healthy foods and working out.

400 years ago people were dying from hunger so being fat showed you are le wealthy overclass man who can afford food apart from bread and the occasional potato.
Being skelly will never be the beauty ideal for men bro.

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you realize you could still do some bodyweight workouts do you

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you forgetting how hypochondriac most people are. If you lock em up for three months and tell em, they'll catch leprosy and the sky will fall on their heads if they breathe in unfiltered outdoors, they ain't going back to drinking out of the same coffee cups as everyone else anytime soon. Never mind being served beer via the barmaids arse

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>Implying gyms dont lock you into year long contracts.
>Implying that the majority of people pay for gym membership and continue going after the second time.

Gyms will be fine

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Muscular men are going to be unattractive because they suck up a lot of time and money on themselves in an age where that luxury doesn't exist. Nonresponders are going to be on a more even playing field. It's a lot easier to compete with 150 lb men than 180 lb men when you're stuck at 130 lb or lower.

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The elites wont make their own yachts, cook their own meals, grow their own food, build their own private jets, etc.
Elite consumerism and laziness is why they still need their cattle around. At least until AI becomes sophisticated enough you can have self sufficient manufacturing which construct everything

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What about fat men like me? Will I too be more attractive than muscle men in the future?

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>vegan whole food eater
>active, sports as hobbies, physical job
>20 lbs overweight
>cut carbs out completely
>lose 20 lbs in a month

I honestly subscribed to the eat healthy carbs and it will be ok, but its simply not. Your body cant go into ketosis regardless of what complexity of carbs its getting. It needs NO carbs

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Except strength is always inherently attractive to women whatever social associations are made to particular looks, and having the time to work out will be seen as a luxury of the rich in a world of everyone desperately trying to survive.
Skelly mode has always been the grossest appearance a man can have, it has never been attractive and never will

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>tfw all gyms in my area closed
>tfw no weight at home
>tfw doing bodyweight exercises with books and shit but still losing gains


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That is fuck all m8

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>Cash should DEFINITELY be outlawed as it can spread The Virus very easily
I stopped by the local computer store to get printer paper (it's only $2 there). They're not taking cash or checks; electronic money only.

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>The government should deliver food to peoples homes so they don't have to go outside and risk being exposed to The Virus anymore.
But the delivery people will still be at risk.

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>>Implying gyms dont lock you into year long contracts
Uhhhh, even scummy gyms that don't let you cancel memberships have stopped taking monthly payments since, you know, it's the law that you must provide service you're charged for.

Gyms are hoping to only lose 1 or 2 months of payments otherwise they are FUCKED

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do you shave your balls?

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Based, fuck overpriced shitty gyms

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Idgaf I’m a food delivery driver and I would literally rather die than be forced to stay stuck inside 24/7

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>Except strength is always inherently attractive to women
Lolno. Go look at the wives of the strongest men in the world. Other than hafthor and MAYBE Larry they are all hideous.

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dude if you're going to stoop to taking fitness advice from 4chan, at least go to /fit/, they're retarded too but at least a nugget of good advice will slip through, as opposed to nonsense like this here>>18298436

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Day 1
>pullups 5x10
>chinups 3x10
>neutral grip pullups 3x10
Doing this with good form and 90 second rest in between should be a good challenge. Once achieved, add 1 rep to each set for each consecutive session.

Day 2
>20 minute abs
Pick 20 ab and core exercises and do as many reps as you can for 1 minute each. No rest in between.

Day 3
>pushups 5x40
>diamond pushups 3x20
>incline pushups 3x20
120 second rest. Increase reps when achieved.

Day 4
>30 mins steady state cardio

Day 5
>lateral raise 5x10.
>front delt raise 3x10
>rear delt raise 3x10
>overhead press your couch 3x6
Use milk jugs or sandbags or anything heavy for the raises.

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That's kinda what I do but I'm only up to like 6 pull ups. They're fucken hard

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Show cock

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literal haes fantasizing

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fact of the matter is, all else equal, a physically stronger man will be more attractive to women than a weak skelly, outside of weird art hoes and heroin chic types.

>> No.18299298

I would take issue with this just let the old folks die! stance, if not for the Boomers
>Remove Boomer

That said, my grandpa is from the silent generation so fuck off pls

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Delivery robots/cars

>> No.18299736

That’s a long way off

>> No.18299753

well they are pretty dumb desu famalam. just get a set of weights and a cardio machine, and you're all set

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Doesn't have to be full AI. Literally just a car going max 50km/h pre programmed with paths and can detect surroundings through sensors to not crash into another car or a human. This is for the full lock down quarantine scenario where no one can go out.

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Based retards

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If someone has 30% body fat they should not be doing abs. You get abs by losing fat. Nobody understands this.

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going running is the final fitnesspill anyway. gyms are a waste of money if you actually understand fitness but dont care about impressing stacey.

>> No.18300542

Buy weights you dumbasses

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But you can get bigger/more pronounced abs from doing ab workouts.

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or you could just get shredded you sad cunt

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absolute unit
start powerlifting asap

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>https://youtu.be/s3KF8HGCvqg [Embed]


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>Training 5 days a week
Opinion discarded.

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Le manly man beard le mememememe

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>based cucked redpilled onions onions seethe cope kek

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They're sold out everywhere man

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Good. About time retards figured out you can buy a barbell and do a great workout at home.

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Unironically replace at least one of the ab workouts with p90x plyometrics though.

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try the keto diet. while you do it, DO NOT consume any fucking alcohol. i know at least three different morbidly obese women who occasionally say that they're "committing to keto this time" to lose weight and then, so far as i can tell, proceed to follow the diet reasonably well until they drink a fucking box of cheap wine every night (a fact which they proclaim, saying that they're "never giving up their wine") and wonder why they're getting fatter and their health is declining. they then proceed to proclaim that keto "doesn't work for them", or doesn't work at all—meanwhile i ate keto for a few months last year just for the hell of it (being sure to eat <20g of complex carbs every day), and my goddamned abdomen was so barren in fat by the end of it that you could make a clipboard out of the damn thing and hire vektor engineers to draw the blueprints to various heavy aircraft machine gun designs on it, provided my compliance

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You larpers are so irritating

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Stop eating you fat fuck

>> No.18301520

>my goddamned abdomen was so barren in fat by the end of it that you could make a clipboard out of the damn thing and hire vektor engineers to draw the blueprints to various heavy aircraft machine gun designs on it, provided my compliance
exquisite verbiage

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Water fasting + postassium/salt/magensium in your water (you need this shit for your heart, everything else you need is provided by your fat stores, natural water contains this shit because it moves through the ground).
This was one of the best things I've ever done, I've seen it work with other people in my life. Fasting is not dangerous if you don't already have minimal body fat stores, body fat stores literally exist in the case of no access to food why else do we store fat? I felt extremely alive, energetic, and alert while fasting.
An extremely obese friend of mine water fasted for about 60 days and lost about that amount of weight. You are so fucking fat that exercise isn't safe until you just lose the weight. Do it, your life will be infinitely better.

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Testosterone itself and the rightwing views it promotes cannot be allowed. HRT pills will be the currency of the future.

>> No.18301689

I tried but unfortunately I'm a nonresponder. I'm forced on Team Skelly now. Time to embrace it and smash the resistance training meme and toxic masculine culture of muscular men as the "ideal" male form.

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retard copes with conspiracy theories, the post.

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can't tell if you're being serious, you weren't eating enough protein and calories and/or your exercise routine was shit, sounds like you did piss for research, there is no such thing as a "nonrespondder" , literally anyone can get shredded but it's harder for skeletons to gain muscle because of higher metabolism

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>I don't have a pullup bar

Stop making excuses son. Do you have two chairs and a sturdy broom handle? Great. Sounds like you can do pullups. If you can't be creative you don't deserve gains.

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Massive cope

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Listen fat cunt if youre not larping, start from here. Even you can do these level 1 workouts fatty. Do one every day until youre ready for the next level.

>> No.18302019

>you could make a clipboard out of the damn thing and hire vektor engineers to draw the blueprints to various heavy aircraft machine gun designs on it, provided my compliance
that was great anon

>> No.18302059

Did you not just hear him? When most people are starving, fat people are attractive. When luxury "doesnt exist" (exists in small pockets), it becomes more valuable.

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Read this.

If you want to lose weight eat less calories than your daily minimum maintenance level.

That's all.

>> No.18302085

>sounds like you did piss for research

A large percentage of people do not respond to weight training. Where is your research? But anyway this leads to the question, why is the muscular man still upheld as some ideal when a large portion of the population will never be able to achieve it naturally. This is a unrealistic standard which has harmful psychological consequences for men which is why it must be confronted and dismantled. We will have a healthier society once we get past this deeply damaging social construct.

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You can lose pounds by not bending your elbow so much.

>> No.18302115

Decent push/pull split. I'd say do cardio for 20 mins every work out day instead of just one day a week and keep it to 3 days/week total

>> No.18302147

but you have to make it way more complicated than that otherwise i cant sell all my products!

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>The government should deliver food to peoples homes so they don't have to go outside and risk being exposed to The Virus anymore.
Yes please. Fuck an outside.

>> No.18302218

stop drinking soda

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>tfw already lost all gainz and turned skinnyfat

>> No.18302444

We need your organs and children, goyim

>> No.18302509

>he says pretending that anyone cares about this "toxic stereotype," when in reality literally everyone in the west is unfit and the majority overweight and obese, because the rejection of this stereotype is already deeply engrained in society, having become a "social construct" in itself (people talking about "social constructs" mostly being retards aside)
in reality, all the fatties flocking into threads like this here could have profited of being pushed towards trying to achieve at least some semblance of it. assuming that this isn't bait and i'm not just retarded.

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what do you think of this site: http://www.simplefit.org/workout.html
the routine is just pull ups, push ups and squats

this is some guy from their forums, seens he got really fit doing just that

>> No.18302529

you're a coping faggot, if if you eat protein and calories and lift heavy weights with good form you will build muscle and strength, i don't care if your an ecto (like me) who struggles to add mass or a fatass who can add muscle and fat just by breathing, stop talking about what you can't do and start talking about how you can push your body to it's natural limit; and no, your body's natural limit isn't a fucking skeleton or a fatass

>> No.18302545

Nice. What's the routine?

>> No.18302547

doing this, i really like it and the only reason i've lost weight or gains is because my nutrition regime has been turned on its head due to changes in store hours

>> No.18302558

Yeah but that's paid access. Can you provide a free version?

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>bubble city
reminds me of the third post in pic related

>> No.18302600

That's cool and all but did you read the study. And also there is a huge obsession with muscles right now. Look at instagram. Everyone wants to look like Hercules. Take this example >>18302525 which not everyone can achieve. It's psychologically damaging for many of our young men.

>> No.18302614

No thanks, I'd rather go outside and not only kill myself but kill others as well, because that's what FREEDOM means

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you're just a pussy looking for excuses.
maintaining 0.7g protein + other macros every day & consistently working hard 3x a week at the gym is very difficult. there's no such thing as a muscle that doesn't respond to nutrition and stimulation

>> No.18302672

not sure desu, i had a quick look at that site and couldnt make much sense of that routine, but it seems there's a more advanced workout on the next page with a lot more exercises which work more muscles. I'd go for that one.
Almost all of my routine is fitnessblender. I usually workout on average 6 times a week, doing one of the level 4/5 30min bodyweight HIIT workouts. Plus maybe a 10 min ab workout. I will go for an occasional 2-5 mile run. I was doing ji juitsu for several months which helped, usually took the place of one of my HIIT workouts. Altho sometimes id do both.
Its free, all their stuff is on jewtube

>> No.18302692

Where's your peer-reviewed research to support your claims champ. Here's another one:
Read the article. If that doesn't blackpill you on the exercise meme I don't know what will.

>> No.18302722

66% of studies are p-hacked false positives and can't be replicated
peer reviewed just means someone else read it, they didn't try to replicate the results
today's research environment is a sham, there's nothing scientific about it.

>> No.18302737

Yes. We must all be ready to sacrifice our own life in order to stop The Virus. It is extremely important.

>> No.18302739

> don’t believe in virus
> too smart, too cool
> breaks community quarantine
> fucking npcs, bootlickers!
> infects whole neighborhood
> fucks everyone’s shit up
> I’m still smart and cool and everyone else is a bootlicking npc.
> fucking assholes, pretending to die from a hoax virus just to spite me
> they’re probably dying out of pure desire to be enslaved

>> No.18302764

>Maybe we should put ankle bracelets on all citizens so we can make sure noone is breaking quarrantine and spreading The Virus.
Why ankle bracelets anon? I have a better idea: RFID chips. I thought about it this morning, and it is the best way.

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>> No.18302826

>he doesn't want to go full /lionmode/

It's like you don't even want to be a tiger king.

>> No.18302847

See a doc about a possible hormonal issue
You should be able to gain muscle working out and consuming enough protein, if you can't something probably isn't right, hence why skelly mode is unattractive, it means something is wrong

>> No.18302864

>Need vaccine
I really love the feeling of aluminum flowing throught my veins.

>> No.18302868


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>we want you fat, stupid and plump
>accept my new world- still a ponzi scheme- global currency goy

>> No.18302897

stop eating lmao

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File: 3.93 MB, 3348x1000, progress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not interested in your walls of cope faggot, i can guarantee you have barely fucking tried, you probably lifted light and ate air and then got confused when you didn't see any gains, im a high metabolism ecto who started as a 130 pound skelly and i've made it to 175lb while staying pretty lean, pic related is 10 months progress, is it perfect no, have i made it no, and i haven't been nearly as disciplined as i should have been regarding nutrition, but im proud of my journey from skeleton mode and the only way is up, i would bet 1/3 of my LINK stack you haven't put in 10% of the work that i have

>> No.18303258

oh GGAWWWDDD the fitness blender chick, I coom to her right after a workout. defs recommend

>> No.18303419

this is a meme.

Every single diet out there, or weight loss trick, or "finally THIS is how to lose weight, not all that other BS" gimmick out there boils down to calorie intake.

if you carefully count your calories, and eat under your TDEE, youll lose weight, guaranteed. Cutting carbs is just an easy way to eat a tiny amount of calories as 80% of the american diet is carbs (both complex and simple).

it boils down to feeling full, people eat till they feel full, till their stomach stops hurting. some people need their stomach to stretch to feel full, some just need salt to hit their tongue, but it all is a conditioned response based on genetics and upbringing. Thats why some people get massive and others are tiny, they have some weird relationship with the full feeling that they either need to constantly feel full or completely avoid feeling full or somewhere in between.

>> No.18303466


the one posting the progress picture is right.

theres no such thing as mesotypes, its a meme, if you think you are one of the people who have a fast metabolism, you 100% just arent eating enough.

drink a gallon of milk a day with your normal foods youll gain weight.

I bet you only eat 1-2 meals a day right now, because thats how most "fast metabolism" people end up skinny, whereas fat people always eat 3 meals a day, with snacks inbetween.

>> No.18303740

Been doing this for a couple weeks. You could get ripped just doing pull-ups desu.

>> No.18303886

Fuck you and your new ponzi digital currency idf, cia fag

>> No.18304080

brotip less than 10% of the world population can digest milk at any worthwhile quantity at adult ages
there's a lot of biochem involved and if your genetics were shit to start no amount of exercise can help you
you are the same tier of people who say try real hard and you can grow

also am i on fit or biz
oh nevermind still not enough barely hidden homosexuality for fit

>> No.18304701

Fucking lel, /biz/ really thinks this lanklet is ripped. Try checking out /fit/ to see what real men look like.

>> No.18304736
File: 364 KB, 1242x1625, 2DE29253-11C2-405D-8594-4F23EA527361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

U r a faggot

>> No.18304979

>My personal anecdote invalidates all your science mumbo-jumbo
>>18303466 And I don't buy into that body type nonsense either. Keep in mind the fitness industry is very profitable playing into the social construct of muscularity as some sort of ideal. As it stands there is a wide variability in response to weight training, with a large portion of nonresponders. Pulling from the study
>More than one-fourth of our cohort (26%) did not experience measurable hypertrophy. The complete lack of growth was associated with no domain expansion (i.e., protein accretion) and no detectable satellite cell activation.
So it seems that one theory about whether you are able to build muscle is dependent on satellite cell activation. In other words, it's not determined by effort but by luck. Factors outside of anyone's control. Which explains why some people who invest so much effort don't see any progress while others who invest much less effort are overwhelmed by muscle gains. Nonresponders just have to weather the storm and wait for this fad to pass.

>> No.18305027

>Try checking out /fit/ to see what real men look like.
No thanks I prefer the brappers on biz

>> No.18305074

Holy shit just fucking end it, definitely ngmi

>> No.18305154

Ask me how I know you girls have low self esteem and are ashamed of your bodies. Why not just shave your dick off while you're at it?

>> No.18305164

how tall are you? 6 foot, 134 pound skelly here

>> No.18305168
File: 941 KB, 1200x999, 1511873435942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the gym becomes a place for only those with the strongest of bodies and immune systems
Literal ubermensch shit

>> No.18305193

yea it's an anecdote, but you're still a faggot who barely tried and because it's too hard so he looks for excuses by invoking the ramblings of people 10x smarter than him to satisfy his confirmation bias, dood literally just eat 0.8g protein per pound of bodyweight and look up your TDEE and consume that, lift heavy fucking weight and you will see gains, idgaf if you're a "low" or "nonresponder", your body has to adapt and you are giving it the fuel to do so, if by some freak chance you don't have functional muscles then i am sorry, i pity you, but that type of malfunction in reality is truly rare

>> No.18305212

im a manlet king (5'11")

>> No.18305239

Pretty based

>> No.18306577


>> No.18306625

I fight professionally and I really got fucked over by this virus, I don't know what the fuck is going to happen in the future but all fights and events got shut down and all the martial arts gyms are closed for the foreseeable future :<

>> No.18306637

soz mate, i unironically proposed that idea to the nsw gov

>> No.18306792

I can tell from you're post you're a 140 pound "man". 3-5 hour a week working out is still a lot less time than you spend jerking off to anime tiddies.

>> No.18306863

I cant imagine how sad of a life you live if this is how you view self improvement.

>> No.18306910

What's worse, alleged psychological damage, or actual physical damage to the body due to obesity and a shitty diet?

>> No.18307086

Great progress, you went from zero to hero

>> No.18307168 [DELETED] 

You can't change who you are. You have to learn to accept yourself. It will bring you inner peace.

>> No.18307190

>8 years bodyweight and calisthenics
>has the same body I did as a 16 year old just from playing soccer and swimming and not doing any actual workout programming
Thank you for reaffirming that bodyweight exercise is only for emergency purposes

>> No.18307209

eat the bugs bigot

>> No.18307221

should I stop shaving my back and shoulder hair? its thick

>> No.18307234

Yup. No need to consume quick energy when you have your own stores to burn on.

>> No.18307262
File: 113 KB, 2048x1024, 1567468861329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i appreciate that fren

>> No.18307290

Go back faggot >>>/fit/

>> No.18307295

i cant gain muscle because my brain uses too mny calories. anything i eat iws instantly burned away by my brain

>> No.18307544
File: 245 KB, 465x957, the incredible soý.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh yeah, real men.
>pic related

>> No.18307550
File: 290 KB, 1280x960, 1361695022544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18307631
File: 42 KB, 480x640, 1508916385379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18307652

I guess my new business idea is opening up an underground gym and following my great-grandfathers legacy of opening up a couple of speakeasies.

>> No.18307670

Glow niggers like you are getting the rope.

>> No.18307684
File: 223 KB, 640x418, mfw I bought bitcoin at $100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/biz/ is a less funny /pol/ sprinkled with redditors from /r/cryptocurrency and wallstreetbets

what a fucking cesspool this place has become. fucking bugmen and pajeets everywhere, coupled with disgusting white "men" who watch tranny porn and obsess over asian stickfigure "women". Barf. Fuck this shithole

>> No.18307699

i'm a trainer at golds and according to them we are opening april 20th. no other word from them so far. we are all on temp furlough.

>> No.18307712

>just doing pull-ups

I mean, you could have nice lats/biceps/forearms but your delts/chest/triceps/core and legs would look like shit

>> No.18307731
File: 65 KB, 705x602, tapestry,940x-bg,f8f8f8-c,110,110,705,602.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw some 21 year old chad took out a loan to open a gym in my town this past year

>> No.18307771

No joke im actually really impressed since the left pic you look like shit lol. Keep at it bro and don't let the gyms closing stop you from achieving your next goal

>> No.18307841

That's a woman

>> No.18308298

>everyone must adjust their preferences downward so the shitty low tier people don't feel as bad.

>> No.18309476

Post body

>> No.18309517

>building home gym

fuck paying a membership

>> No.18309525

I fucking HATE this faggot. What a larper. He will eventually lose it all. He's literally a newfag. I bet he doesn't even hold any CKB.

>> No.18309540

Literally could not imagine being this much of a fucking loser

>> No.18309592

god i love this pic
post dick

>> No.18309609

save your life

>> No.18309635

>Not doing 20 minutes of stretching, 100 push ups, 100 ab crunches, 100 squats, 100 burpees, followed by another 20 minutes of stretching every single day for the past 3 years

Small time

>> No.18309638

try this

>> No.18309702
File: 7 KB, 230x219, 1584832694679s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no more staying inside playing video games all day and shit posting on 4chan?

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