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The chart looks like it needs one more big Wick and months of crabbing

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ichi is such a dishonest indicator imho
shit can be tweaked to show whatever you want

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Where are we on the "Spanish" flu graph?

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what's this severely lagging indicator telling you?

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Huge dump imminent

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I don't into cloud. What is this saying?

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>someone likes cherry picking
Look down on the left, just above "jun", same exact triangle, but this time going upwards

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love how these two charts are comparing drastically different lengths of time

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are you anxious bro? heavy bags arent they lol

cycles are getting longer

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>btfo of your argument
>cycles are getting longer bro!


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1st cycle we bottomed on weeky MA100
2nd cycle we bottomed on weekly MA200
3rd cycle we will bottom on weekly MA400

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got my popcorn ready

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The rescission just happened to triggered by the bug.

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4th cycle MA600?

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fucking nuke china already

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...b-but our valued Trade Partner!

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it's only the beginning

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no, you're just cherry picking

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t. bagholder

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-50% on a daily candle and you keep dreaming about 100K

can't even stay above 10K more than 2 weeks

you are all so deluded it's unbelievable

really the dumbest money out there

the greatest fools

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I don't hold shit, you just cherry pick for proving your lame opinions.
If it's not you should be shorting like hell all your life savings with x200 leverage.
But you're not, because your a cuck with no balls, and because you know you're cherry picking to prove your useless opinions.

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You just know it's going to dump.

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The difference is Chinese AIDS is what caused the crash this time.

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bull run to 9.5k~ too look like a recovery then dump

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muh mtgox
muh chinese aids

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no way 9.5k would be way too bullish to stop there

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We went from 10,500 to 3,800 in few days

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then right back into the +6k range, this market is stupidly bullish

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just a technical bounce, if you think we are bullish off yourself retard

people are losing their jobs they don't care about your virtual token who was expensive 3 years ago

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Who is losing their jobs? Not people that were buying bitcoin or any other crypo before. Paycheck to paycheck wagies losing their jobs will not affect shit.

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market sentiment being extremely bullish doesn't mean it's not gona get crashed
there's clearly money ready to buy sub 6k, if the price goes above 8k they will capitulate buy

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economy is stopped
3 billion of people are staying at home
you think you fucking poorfag neets pumped cryptos?
[email protected] cracka

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Priced in.

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Yes we can go to 8K but just to dump on the few remaining suckers still trading cryptos after 3 years of losses

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you underestimate this market's stupidity

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tether printer doesn't cares + priced in

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Noticed you cut the time scale off the top chart....

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lmao its because they pumped their injection in all at once, unlike the trickle the US is doing and has been doing since September

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>yea look at it man it's going up see the trend???
>just buy it dude trust me
>you gotta buy it man
>do it before it's too late bro
not today you whale motherfuckers you

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You think I care bro. I got 21 bitcoin and I’m 100% sure they’ll be worth $21 dollars or 21 million. I could give a fuck about the in between. This is a binary bet not a fucking hedge. Tell people price go down lmfao no shit moron but what what happens when the government monetary stimulus does everything they can to stop a deflationary spiral? We are in a liquidity trap + credit crunch and you think government is just gonna sit there with there hands tied lol no. Dollar milkshake theory too mother fucking uneducated piece of trash. United States is heading right for a lost decade just like japan. Expect there’s more on the fucking line bc the dollar is the world reserve currency and there’s only 2 paths out and they both lead to hell.

You sir, are fucking retarded.

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