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Will Monday be red, lads?

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>you have a cash call

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Currently at a point i just want to stick my last cents it into whatever and do nothing, dont even care about my losses anymore, these last two weeks were a big waste of time and money fueled by the rush of initial profits

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Glad to see that I'm not alone.

>> No.18281807

probably but nothing drastic. we're probably going to just slowly bleed down to 2014 levels by summer

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Why do you invest if you have no idea? I know I dont know whats going on right now because its my first crash. So I stay on the side lines and watch.

This time right now is not normal. Watch and learn like me and we will be wiser when the market is rational and not as unpredictable again.
We had the luck to be part of almost a decade long bullrun so we just need time to readjust

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because initial investments in the crash gave huge returns and one got greedy for more, gamblers fallacy basically

>> No.18281889

wow cute

every time that I see someone bragging about huge gains, I always know that they're going to end up like this

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>gamblers fallacy

>> No.18281936

that's what u get for trying to be smart trading regular shares fucko

>> No.18281959

i didnt though retard

>> No.18281966

then what the fuck did you do.

>> No.18281990

medium to high leveraged etfs and certs lol

>> No.18282020

Be literally sold the bottom
Can we all agree that buffet is a an old demented fag yet?

>> No.18282038

>Thinks this is the bottom

>> No.18282056

well I guess he knows more than you do

>> No.18282078

held high leveraged ctfs overnight while underlying futures dumped?

>> No.18282086

Lmao just be born a congressman's son.
Lmao just have $20 000 to invest when you're 20 (that's like having $200 000 now).
Lmao just buy okayish stocks and sit on them for 50 years, also occasionally invest in private okayish business. Also sit home, don't spend shit and don't really go out anywhere, because if you die before you're 80 this strategy fails.
Lmao you're a billionaire, everyone thinks you're a genius.

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So you gambled and lost money. What a shocker.

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If anything Trump is the best example that every retard can make money if they have money.

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>Implying trump is a bad business man
Stop seeing it so emotional..

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how do I get into buying stocks?

I've heard about "dividends" where certain stocks will pay you back for having them. Do you have to pay a lot for stocks like that or can I get into it for a little money and have checks for $1 come in the mail?

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open a brokerage account, connect a bank account, and start buying stocks

the dividends go directly to your brokerage account (your stocks account), not a check in the mail.
it's wonderful 2bhwu

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Well, all the media did sperg out at the notion that orange man stupid because he would've made a shit ton more if he had just invested in S&P 500 what he inherited. And that's almost exactly what Buffett has been doing last 70 years.
But Trump instead went into some businesses, not all of which have been successful. Trump also went out of his home, traveled, fucked a shit ton of models and porn starts. He spent a shit ton to entertain himself. While Buffett sat at his home, ate at McDonald's and chatted with his friend - another smart investor whose great grandfather fought in the Black Hawk war and had got a shit ton of cheap land.
Buffett just recently sold his fucking newspapers. NEWSPAPERS. I wonder when he's going to realise alkalike batteries need to be spun off because they're dying to lithium batteries. He has enough money to keep himself alive to that point, I think. If he's willing to spend it, of course.

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bro are you sure you're in the right thread?
autistically buying stocks for 70 years while eating McDonalds and hanging out with Charley Munger is the dream...
This is Buffett territory

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2 hours

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Same boat my fren

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>wake up desperate for the simplicity of an index fund
>go to sleep confident in my quality blue chip holdings
Repeat every day. Fucking kill me.

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All frogposters should be lined up and shot in their balls

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he is getting out before it inevitably goes bankrupt

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2 days and 2 hours

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Well, sure, if your dream lifestyle is being a NEET, then Buffett is a great role model. Buy KO, BAC, AT&T, XOM and some other high quality dividend yields at these low prices (which could get even lower) and enjoy a rather comfortable lifestyle in 10-15 years.
At the same time Trump is a typical Chad role model. Have a shit ton of money, get credits from banks to fund it and your luxurious lifestyle, don't really do anything exceptionally, travel, fuck models, eat expensive shit, become a President for fun. It takes a lot of energy to do and you would probably have to go outside to do most of those things. It is really just a matter of choice (and more importantly having a rich lineage, of course).

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remember, the true shitshow will only begin once people like this run out of money to "buy the dip" with. right now the entire market is still being propped up by bulltard cope.

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Trump went broke 30 years ago.
He was propped up..well BOUGHT by the ban Kim s. And well...
Look at where we are now

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1 days and 25 hours and 45 minutes

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Stop having ADD where you need to trade daily. You can monitor each day, but the options game can bite you in the ass of you try to make up a small loss. Pick an amount you don't mind being locked in and go long things. Have a few that you can swing trade that are decent companies, but still have some movement you can time. I have oil, defense, and a few tech/communications stocks. Not making any real profit now with this sinking crab, but I'm looking sit and buying a few things here and there to buy into blue chips as they sink even more. Are you doing this to make money or are you chasing the thrill? Good luck.

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If you want to talk about how growing wealth by extraordinary amounts using stocks is boring and how great Trump is for spending his inheritance, that's your choice. I'm just curious why you are even in /smg/ in the first place if that is your opinion. There are plenty of other places on the internet where you can suck Trump off and hate on stocks, but this is a thread for people who want to talk about stocks...

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>Stop having ADD where you need to trade daily.
Why are you talking to me when I do exactly the opposite of that, desu?

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Sorry, meant for

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Airline stocks might still go to zero despite bailouts. Take example from GM.

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Question about IV crush. I bought a SPY200 Put at the "bottom". It expires in August. Even if VIX goes to 30, I will still get some return if it ends up being like 5% in the money, right? RIGHT? IV crush can't be THAT big, right?

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can we have maybe a commodity general ? for oil / natural gas day traders ? would that be an idea that would find support ? oil anon was delivering quality stuff the other day , im currently holding puts on brent because i think OPEC meeting is a fake pump bullshit

>> No.18282639

There are oil threads once in awhile, but that's about it.

>> No.18282640

as the option goes further in the money, the IV becomes a smaller proportion of the options' total value
further out of the money = IV matters a lot more. This part of the reason why people can make such ridiculous gains with options; if you buy reasonably OTM puts on something really steady and it suddenly craters and the IV goes supermassive, the option value blows up in two different ways at once.

so for your option, you do really need SPY to go down. You probably won't achieve the same VIX levels as where you bought the option, but you can still make some money off it if that doesn't happen. Or not, if we just crab to the right.

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They already exist from time to time, but there's like 3 people interested in it so they come here instead

>> No.18282651

Fuck options. They seem like such a nice gamble but then you realize that IV and theta is a thing.

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I found this EXTREMELY rare German Pepe.
Please save only 1 copy, if you must

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If you learn more about options, you will understand why all the aspects of their price behavior are necessary.

I prefer stocks in almost all cases. Stocks are great.

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jesus christ
short airlines
airline puts

>> No.18282743

Download robinhood or degiro if you live in europe.
Look into ETFs and Stocks, deposit money on to your account and start buying.

>> No.18282750

do spreads to avoid IV crush
the cost of options are huge rn, which can be offset by spreads
as such, the break even point will be lower, and the impact of IV is less valuable
also potentially look at box spreads, which is an arbitrage strategy that can have very minimal margins and also next to 0 risk (unless you're a retard, but thats all of options imo)

>> No.18282756

>box spreads
Literally can't go tits up, eh?

>> No.18282766

how many boxes have you been spreading?

>> No.18282802

You've no idea what you're talking about. Buffett has outperformed the S&P almost every year since he acquired Berkshire. A very insignificant percentage of professional money managers have been able to do that reliably. Read about the Buffett alpha.

>> No.18282832

1ronyman sold naked calls and puts, of course it would go tits up

>> No.18282854

Wasn't the problem that he used american options instead of europeans, thus having assignment risk?

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Whats next for oil? Whens next meeting of interest? Which companies will make it?

>> No.18282887

Monday. Exxon. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Shell died.

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I scalp moving averages for a living using moving averages and i still have no idea why you would get into options instead of just going long or short on the underlying securities. I don't need to worry about premiums or theta decay or any other weird shit, i just know what the trend is and therefore where the areas of value to enter at are (you use 3 EMA's and you buy or sell the middle one depending on where the other 2 are).

i don't get what the benefit of doing options instead would be. but hey i guess as long as we're all making money it doesn't matter, right?

>> No.18282896

Oops, Wednesday or Thursday.

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Keep tabs on high-yielding stocks which have (or will) cut their dividends during this crisis, then dca into them until we reach the bottom. Make sure to pick stocks that are likely to survive the crisis, stay away from travel / transportation / infrastructure.

Let's say there's a company with a January 2020 stock value of 100$, a dividend of 5$ and a fair value of +-70$. They are currently under pressure and their stock has dropped to 80$ but they still pay their dividend. As pressure mounts in the coming 2-4 months, they eventually cut their dividend to near 0 and the stock dips below 60$. Now you start buying a bit every week. Eventually, when the crisis is over, you have a sizable pile of their stock with an average cost of 50$ or so. Within 3-5 years, they may get their dividend back to previous levels, which means you now have a solid stock position with a dividend yield of 10% and very low risk.

Aside from just buying ETFs this is probably the best approach for retail investors who have little experience. Don't get into puts and calls even though it's tempting, you'll get absolutely fucked as a beginner.

>> No.18282901

from what i understand
when he sold his call and put options as part of the box, someone exercised the options to get the 100(times the spreads he sold) shares that the options allowed them to
if the calls and puts were covered, he would have not lost money, but he would have needed much more capital to establish the position

>> No.18282944

Go back and stay back

>> No.18282955

i dont have the capital to invest any considerable money into stocks
with long calls/puts, the risk is the premium, and thats the maximum risk that I have
if the contract goes up in value, I can sell it; if the options contract gets ITM, I can execute it
otherwise, if it loses value, I can sell the contract early for a loss or let the contract expire
but really, it's because I'm too poor to buy enough stock to really make money with direct investments; derivatives allow me to benefit from the underlying for a fraction of the price
>having enough knowledge to know what is plebbit and what isnt
this implies that you, too, need to go back

>> No.18282957

lads, if i just set up daily iron condors or vertical options, with expiration of the same day, the probability of me making a steady income daily is higher than loosing right ?

>> No.18282961

I only lurk wsb. Don't even have a plebbit account. Also /smg/, WSB and the comment section of the SPX futures on investing.com are one and the same.

>> No.18282982

That's completely false. Yes it's easy to make more money when you have a lot of money IF you know what you're doing, but at the same time nobody can deny the fact that Trump has a certain charm to him as a businessman. If you were to give out $10m each to 100 americans as a test, I can promise you that a vast majority would just spend it religiously without even thinking twice about how they can build more wealth on-top of those millions to ensure a wealthier future. The best investment they would do is probably buy a house for a million or two because everyone wants a nice house if they had the money for it... but that's about it.

>> No.18282986

le pennies meme
it could work until it doesnt
dont sell naked calls/puts

>> No.18282990

Real recognize real

>> No.18282992

>I wouldn't be surprised if Shell died
Woah why? Ive got some rds.b as i thought it was one of the better ones.
Thanks. So more pain until Saudis and Russia stop fighting.

>> No.18282994

I hate the ETF landscape in my country. The only sensible option is S&P 500 which is good, don't get me wrong, but not diversified enough and a lackluster choice for me as an income oriented investor.

>> No.18283000

Why buy individual high div stock instead of a dividend etf?

>> No.18283001

10m is a bit much, how about $50,000? That'd determine a real situation. You can actually be an absolute retard and fail repeatedly with $1m.

>> No.18283011

how much do you risk on any given trade and what are your returns like? do you just buy calls or puts, or do you do any fancy stuff for most of the time?

>> No.18283017

shell died ? you must be kidding me, if anyone shell will survive

>> No.18283018

It will be a higher dividend yield. Vanguards dividend is only like 3% while shell for instance is 10%.

>> No.18283024

i wouldnt mind a steady 100 bucks every day to be honest

>> No.18283038


Lol, people are still butthurt little pussies about trump, There are millions of people born into rich families, how many become internationally famous and go on to be the US president

>> No.18283087

$10m is real wealth though, enough for you to retire with. The point is that even with enough money to retire, the majority would just spend it all rather than trying to build on-top of that wealth. Also, just to prove my point since I forgot to mention it.. according to "National Endowment for Financial Education", 70% of lottery winners (or people that wins money from other similar means) end up losing all their winnings in a couple of years. People are simply dumb and the vast majority even with enough wealth to retire, would just spend it all on bullshit

>> No.18283096

I visited once it was all cuck shit

>> No.18283104

It has really gone downhill.

>> No.18283124

what can i say except CHECKED

>> No.18283134

it got popular and to a certain extent is (or has been going) mainstream. look at 4chan same thing happened. compare early age 4chan to today. compare WSB before they got a bunch of subs to now.

>> No.18283140

Who else /cashgang/ until we see where we are going on Monday?

>> No.18283151

imagine gambling stonks with the usd brrrrrrrrr

stay safe on the sidelines with gold & btc/eth

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>> No.18283193

>>stay safe on the sidelines with gold & btc/eth
Buy high sell low. Good strategy.

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Monday will be green. Always bet against /biz/.

>> No.18283212

>>imagine gambling stonks with the usd brrrrrrrrr
>usd brrrrrrr
This is exactly why you want to buy stonks when they're low. There is an infinite supply of fiat currencies.

>> No.18283233

>This is the type of nigger that posts here
Shell went through two world wars, they have enough assets to make wakanda a reality.

>> No.18283253

I wanted to accumulate some airline stock (specifically American airlines), while this corona stuff has badly impacted them I believe airline travel to resume once normalcy has been achieved.
What do you guys think?

>> No.18283283

you need to take all those unemployed into account

>> No.18283287


I am buying cheap stocks of companies that will not go bankrupt. People still eat (agriculture), people still spend money (finance), people still need to fix their houses (hardware stores), etc.

>> No.18283307

I just put my first €1000 in an ETF.

I really like Brazil and I thought about investing in a Brazilian ETF because of the recent crash.

Is there a minimum amount you need to put in? I wanted to do like 1000 a month for my All World and 1100 for Brazil.

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Ah, Stonks. Such gains

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oh by the way... the 10y yield has been dropping again and is about to make a new recent low. good luck bulls!

>> No.18283347

Can you hear it, permabulls? Can you hear the music, it’s slowing down... oh no, it’s about to... stop.

>> No.18283359
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>This time it's different.

>> No.18283360

Those who initially lose their jobs are those doing less essential jobs that in general don't pay much, the majority of those getting unemployed in the short term arent people who are finaicle capable of flying out much to different parts of the world and country.
I mean if this pandemic lasts for much longer than yes, you're right but at that point, id believe wed be in the worst recession ever experienced.
The government is currently planning a bailout for the airline companies so I don't think bankruptcy is a possibility just yes.

>> No.18283375

>The government is currently planning a bailout for the airline companies so I don't think bankruptcy is a possibility just yes.
I see. Good luck.

>> No.18283376

AAL won’t exist in 5 years. You shouldn’t be investing, have you even looked at their financials? Just a tip, DAL is hemorrhaging money daily.

>> No.18283378

Do not invest in a brazilian ETF, if you want brazil exposure, look into BAM, own a couple brazilian utilities, like a 2 billion dollar LNG pipeline.

>> No.18283379

>I really like Brazil
that's probably not the best reason for investing like that...
but investing your money as you said is fine, you just put yourself at risk if Brazil under-performs because you are investing so much money there.

>> No.18283384

Sell 5G stocks. 5G proven to cause coronavirus.

>> No.18283387

Don't even compare the two, that was the point right during and after WW1. More important things going on. Not to mention that they didn't have a huge bullrun. And the fact that trading was not nearly as widespread as today

>> No.18283403

How many bankruptcies again? Remind me

>> No.18283410

bro I can tell you a secret if you keep it to yourself
5G is actually a hoax, it isn't a real functioning technology.
'They' are going to use the coronavirus as an excuse to 'cancel' 5G, when the truth is that it was never real to begin with.

>> No.18283414


But if I only put in €50 a month my bank will take €10

Are there any good Latin American ETFs?

>> No.18283433

Please go back.

>> No.18283451

>Doesn't know that rich people declaring bankruptcy is just a financial reorganization
This brainlet.. just do some research on why rich people declaring bankruptcy is not the same thing as poorer people declaring bankruptcy. It's not that hard

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>Latin American ETF
well "good" is just an opinion, especially right now when no one knows what is going on.
there is ILF, there is nothing wrong with buying ILF here, but you have to consider if it is really the BEST thing that you want to buy, especially if you have to take fees into account.
You could do something like buying every 2-3 months instead of every month to limit the effect that fees has on you.
I wouldn't mind buying some ILF at these prices, but I personally wouldn't put so much of my money into it. Maybe 25% or so at the most.

Also you will have to consider if there is any special tax ramifications for you for overseas investments, that kind of thing

>> No.18283469

this bullcope jesus christ...back then the Dow was like 10 companies, all of them essential to 20th century life

>> No.18283474

I didn't understand this until an ATT tech came to fix my internet yesterday.
I asked if he was swamped with the increased demand from WFH and he said yea, but more so from the shortages of techs who couldn't work due to needing to provide daycare since daycares and schools were out of service.
Blew my retarded mind.

>> No.18283476

Thinking about longing JPmorgan, seems like a good buy.

>> No.18283494

guys are you realy going to start buying right before the big drop?

>> No.18283507

OK, DOW and S&P has junk that may go bankrupt. I'm not investing in an index fund. I'm guessing being a stock picker during a crash is NOT a bad strategy.

>> No.18283514

you mean "continue buying"
buying is a process, stocks is an adventure

>> No.18283520
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>He doesn't buy high

What are you even doing here?

>> No.18283522

Why not ?

>> No.18283523

Thanks, I'll do some more research on it.

>> No.18283528

Well, it's more like a slow death than a sudden drop. The fun is over for now.

>> No.18283537

>that was the point right during and after WW1
And? During a war you have millions of men of the most productive age getting paid the equivalent of NEET bucks to sit in a trench and try not to blow up.

>> No.18283546

After SARS it took 9 months for Asian air travel to to return normal. And SARS peaked at like 8k infections.

People will adjust to not traveling and doing business meetings online. Level of travel will ve significantly less than pre crisis.

>> No.18283549

lol OPEC meeting postponed to the 8th or 9th

Meanwhile oil piles up

>> No.18283557

GM was bailed out yet stock went to zero.

>> No.18283559

>Shut down some of the economy for 2 months
>$2,000,000,000,000 bailout
>Forgiveable loans
>No interest loans
>Things clear up
>Stores open
>Economy on fire since everyone sat at home
Things will get back to normal.

>> No.18283571

Okay, follow my reasoning:

The stock market is like a big water tank with two pipes, one in and one out. The 'in' is the flow of money being invested, and the out is the flow of money being withdrawn. If the amount going in is greater than the amount going out, the indexes will rise (on average; I know it's made up of many individual companies etc.). If the amount going out is greater, they will fall.

While we like to think about what retail traders are doing (because that's what we are, mostly), the main inflows are actually coming from institutions like big banks and pension funds. The main outflows are, again, big banks and pension funds. Specifically, inflows from retirement fund and pension contributions, outflows from pension payments and retirement fund withdrawals.

During this crisis, the inflows are likely to be greatly curtailed as people go without work, while the outflows will mostly remain. So no matter how much you want to "buy the dip," and no matter how sound that advice is, the scale of the effect is dwarfed by the gap in inflows.

Am I wrong? Am I stupid? I'm not basing this on anything I read, just kind of spitballing.

>> No.18283580

>economy on fire
hehe, hold on

>> No.18283582

Why not? that's ABSOLUTELY BULLISH news

>> No.18283606

Couldn't I just take out a $100,000 loan and buy Disney, Airbus and VISA and be rich in a year from now?

>> No.18283609

Thank you all, you gave me some new insights

>> No.18283611
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you have to remember that there has just been a large outflow over the past month or so

you have to remember that there are multiple different "tanks": different stock markets, different bond markets, real estate markets, etc.

also understand that price can move a lot on low volume or a small amount on high volume.

you aren't wrong or stupid, that is a good way to look at the market at first. But to get a real picture of things that you can utilize, you need to add about 8 layers of complexity. If you oversimplify things, it's only good for explaining them to normal people, not good for actually using the model.

>> No.18283620

what collateral are you putting up for this loan? what institution is going to give you the loan right now?
are you willing to lose your house, in a bad economy, if things go wrong?

>> No.18283633
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I'm actually hopeful that the coronavirus will push a lot of jobs to WFH at least part time, as well as cut down on a lot of bullshit travel for face to face meetings or conferences.

>> No.18283641

Finally a point no one is making.

Stock market is only about sentiment in the short term.

In the long term it is about overall available liquidity.

A crash is when a market resets to real valuation.

The worst point stocks will get down to is right when they start becoming level with fixed income, which for the US is still a loooong way down.

>> No.18283652
File: 585 KB, 960x640, 1584948132355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is EBJ any decent? Embraer hasn't killed anybody recently right?

>> No.18283656

>Shut down some of the economy for 2 months
>$2,000,000,000,000 bailout
>Forgiveable loans
>No interest loans
>Debt and credit bubble pops
>Companies filing for bankruptcy, domino effect starts now
>Powell with no power has to watch the economy fall in front of his eyes
>First big banks runs around the globe
>NEETs' gains from shorts will expire worthless IRL

>> No.18283660
File: 136 KB, 807x585, 8e61cf91fc219e238d589e5786ef24dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made an entire week's pay in two hours yesterday.

I'm starting to think I can quit my job soon at this rate. I love this fucking clown market, those crazy SPY swings are extremely lucrative.

>> No.18283661
File: 3.84 MB, 1399x1080, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck the Jews

>> No.18283662
File: 27 KB, 640x383, 9aadfe64-e522-4c80-a9ac-80ee95e74965..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18283663
File: 65 KB, 259x269, 1cedad4aa2cd67365e71a0e0f24b05e0c24de0720ba36dca650603627c5fd60b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw just bought every last 12 oz can of spam and spam flavors on amazon
everyone else can get fucked, im going to be eating like a king

>> No.18283681

just a reminder the feds will end up using their forbidden power and will start to buy literally shares to prevent shit from collapsing

>> No.18283687

Wait ten years and it will age like fine wine.

>> No.18283689

heh nothin personell daytrader-kun, but it's time for me to use... *that*

>> No.18283702

Disney isn't near the bottom.

>> No.18283711

why not just buy ITM leaps on all of those. it is basically giving you 10x leverage

>> No.18283728

Trying to delay any message about oil future. Keep the supply growing to strangle us shale.

>> No.18283749

A year from now we might have just bled down like '08, it's really hard to say right now just how long it will be before we hit the bottom.

If we're comparing this to other significant market corrections we might see ourselves down 50% from the ATH before we hit bottom, right now we're only about 25% down.

>> No.18283753

More cheap USO on Monday?

>> No.18283767

If ten companies in the S&P go bankrupt it drops by 2%, less is more likely because the ones going bankrupt are weighted way less. What stocks are you picking?

>> No.18283772

that's great news for the future of oil because it shows they're willing to work out a deal no matter how long it takes, and make sure they get it just right

>> No.18283775

wtf does that have to do with day trading? if anything this volatility is great for day traders. the trends have been pretty obvious too. just avoid the first and last half hour of the day and you're fine.

>> No.18283786

What's a good price? have rds.b, xom, cvx, cop, hal.

>> No.18283793

DO NOT TOUCH PLANES, we have no idea how long this virus shit will last and how affected airlines will be, chances are, no uptick in flights for a year.

>> No.18283809

Are you gonna go all in on oil or something? I would think you have enough exposure.

>> No.18283815

Are you keeping it delta neutral?

>> No.18283816

Buy some SSL. It's probably going to make a recovery.

>> No.18283822
File: 1.71 MB, 3667x2257, A-29_Over_Afghanistan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But the A29 looks based and they sold a bunch to the ANA. :(

>> No.18283854
File: 83 KB, 800x600, 1585967718214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was a good idea like in February but this is too far gone. I'd stay away from anything aerospace.

>> No.18283873

does it make you mad that before discovering the markets you have basically been taken advantage of as a wage slave? it really made me mad. i was making around $100 a day (after taxes, $17/hr) at my full time job, 8 hours. it was a weird feel when i discovered i could make $100 in literally 1-2 minutes in the market just buying and selling stocks at home in my underwear. makes you really feel how fucked up the world is when comparing how hard the work is or how important to society and helping other people the work is, vs. how much you actually get paid to do it.

>> No.18283884

when you reach it you will make 10k+ in just minutes but be prepared to also lose a lot before you get there.

>> No.18283887

I love Tucanos.

>> No.18283890
File: 916 KB, 1123x1171, junko unhappy2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanted to buy some oil puts on friday but thought the market is so clownish that oil might rise even further.
This delay confirms my suspcion but I would also not be surprised to see oil rise on monday because Trump did some weird shit again

>> No.18283899

Yeah, but you're also looking at the demographic of people that are playing the lottery. That's pretty myopic. You're also looking exclusively at the winners, which has an even shittier resolution. The reality is most people would spend exorbitant amounts and eventually stop, having come to a point where they lose the novelty of spending, and buying. This could even be said of 1m, or 500k.

10m is too much of a cushion, there's enough risk mitigation built into the scale of such wealth that it wouldn't pose a threat if you failed time and time again in your attempted ventures. 50k shows some real merit, you could immediately lose 10% in a bad bet over the span of a single day.

>> No.18283904

What has to happen for VIX to start rising again?

>> No.18283924

daily fluctuations >3%

>> No.18283925

FUD, breakers, bad news,

>> No.18283933

Im always mad when people around me have no idea how to invest. Im not talking about being a scalper high on coke, Im just talking about the long term investment. Most people go to their bank, the bank gives them some savings account with 0,01% and some retirement plan with maybe 0,1% a year.
"Its safe."

And every time I try to educate people on the matter they say Im a gambler.
>"Just invest in some good company or some ETF with high dividens and you can fund a vacation every year with 30k, rising in value."
>"Nono, stocks are based on luck and nothing else!"
I have up talking about it and refuse to tell people about it now.

>> No.18283940
File: 299 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200404-104914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you me?

>> No.18283954

Why fluctuations? It went sky high the last time the stonks just plummeted and halted.

>> No.18283958

Yeah work is a fucking scam, I can't believe how low the pay is for the vast majority of jobs. You can watch tens of millions of dollars flow back and forth in minutes on the market, my entire net worth times a thousand flowing by like nothing, there is no way to even mentally comprehend how much wealth changes hands in a single hour in just the US market let alone global markets.

There is an incredible amount of money everywhere, and it never enters the hands of the vast majority of the working population, they work for fractions of pennies, less than table scraps.

>> No.18283966

I gave other defense, tech, and com stocks. I don't own to many shares of oil, more a thin spread.

>> No.18283979

I hate to be that guy but I love my job, id be bored without it. A lot of people know they can make more money from home, they work for the social aspect and dynamics.

>> No.18283989

The people I try to talk about stocks with IRL are totally oblivious, I have like one coworker who has their savings in a mutual fund, the rest seem to basically keep their money in a sock under their mattress or have a literal negative net worth.

And then they'll go buy a 4K television and a brand new car instead, with debt, and will spend 20 years it off, instead of trying to make what little money they have work for them. It's kind of mind blowing.

>> No.18283993

That's the crazy thing about this whole game, we talk about trillions in stimulus like no big deal, must be incredible to work for the fed, where billions disappear like nothing and then you come home and try to figure how to save an extra 1,000 a month.
Ah, ok

>> No.18283998

Yes, along with. RTX, LMT, GD, KTOS, GOOG, AAPL, AMD, MSFT. I should get into a free commodity things to diversify, like a good/goods stock like JNJ or like COL, unilever or something.

>> No.18284007

Same, I also enjoy my job. I don’t get paid a lot to do it, but it’s a great life.

>> No.18284015

>"Just invest in some good company or some ETF with high dividens and you can fund a vacation every year with 30k, rising in value."
Whats wrong with this? For passive investers this is great

>> No.18284016

you can have social shit outside of work, anon. i go to friday night magic, i play racket sports recreationally, i travel to go to tekken tournaments, im in a band with my best friend and do gigs/open mic nights. at least, i used to do these things before coronachan. still, my point is that you can still have friends and do social activities outside of work, in fact it's better because i go do things *I* like because *I* choose to. A man chooses, a slave obeys.

>> No.18284019

I bought alcohol stocks. This worldwide lockdown has sent a lot of alcoholics into a drinking frenzy they need to maintain (guy I sadly know drinks over 1l of pure alcohol a day if you calculate the ABV) and normies will go out and party, drink, etc. to make up for lost time. Any timeslot is good enough to cram an event, concert or party in. Q3-Q4 of this year is going to be wild if corona subsides by then.

>> No.18284021

it went sky high when they were dropping then started to sink when they halted.

>> No.18284032
File: 264 KB, 600x504, junko 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My point is that people will answer me with:
>"Nono, stocks are based on luck and nothing else!"
>"My bank offered me this fund with a return of 1% each year." (And a TER of 2%)

Most people would be better off just putting it all in SPY and wait. Instead they bunker it under their pillow or some account/fund with 0 return.

>> No.18284035

Any anon have the latest graph of the current S&P500 superimposed over the 2008/1929 graphs?

>> No.18284036

>vast majority of the working population, they work for fractions of pennies, less than table scraps.
There are actually a lot of jobs out there that pay well. Oil and gas for instance is typically starting 85k for most jobs and dont need college degrees. Directional drillers and company man can earn 200-300k salaries without ever going to school. Of course oil is in the tank now so most of them are getting pay cuts or are entirely unemployed.

>> No.18284040

who is also shorting not yet oversold retail market?

>> No.18284044

it's honestly not surprising, all of us should be well aware of how psychologically demanding investing is. it's near impossible for most people to get over the mental hurdle of "risk" and that you can lose money. i forget what the technical term in psychology is for this, but basically people would rather be given $50 instead of given $100 and have $50 taken away. even though both people end up with $50 it feels really bad to lose that $50 from the $100 even though it's still profit. it's legitimately a really hard thing to overcome, took me a whole year when i started. doing a lot of backtesting and paper trading helps a ton in building confidence.

>> No.18284047

Breweries have already been deemed non-essential in many countries. I have my eyes on BUD, but I'm waiting until late this month to buy.

>> No.18284048

Which one is the better one to prioritize getting? I want some aerospace/military stuff. RTX does a dividend as well right?

>> No.18284049

But I chose this job specifically because I liked what the company was doing since it lined up perfectly with my interests.
Having a job is a choice.

>> No.18284053
File: 193 KB, 1018x1280, 1582652403517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah sorry i must have missread!

>> No.18284054

trading the plan is the best way to take the emotion out of it. at some point it just becomes an autistic game

>> No.18284058

I think that's what he's trying to say, but instead his co-workers but crap on credit and stay in that circle
Rock on. I've got ktos. Had my eye on RTX, but I don't have a bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr machine

>> No.18284061

LMT right now, almost exclusively defense. Plus a 2.74% divvy. RTX is too exposed to airlines right now, further down to go imo

>> No.18284064

No worries.
This desu

>> No.18284071

That's what I've seen. When I tell a good friend I can consistently make at least $5k in a month his eyes open up and he want to do it. Then I show him I can lose $10k on a bad day and he completely loses all interest.

>> No.18284072
File: 17 KB, 360x360, COPE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I'm 54 years old and [FAVORITE STOCK] cuts its dividend and then goes bankrupt next year, what story window will I jump out of?

No but seriously, how to cope with loss? I'd feel like shit believing and investing in a company for decades only to see it go up in flames.

>> No.18284082

that's fine then, most people aren't that lucky though. the key is that you're doing it because YOU want to do it, not because you HAVE to do it. most people HAVE to go work some job to pay their bills. most people live paycheck to paycheck (hell most companies even boeing live paycheck to paycheck lmao)

it's all just probability and statistics and risk management. TA and FA are only there to improve your odds but even the most high probability setup can still fail. but it's not about 1 trade it's about 1000 trades or 10000000 trades.

>> No.18284083

That's why you diversify.

>> No.18284084

You should have seen it coming months in advance, probably even years. Only yourself to blame.

>> No.18284090

Diversify and only invest in bluechip stock and/or etfs to minimise chance of the company failing.

>> No.18284091

KTOS does look interesting... them and LMT look like my defense plays.

>> No.18284099

how are you coping with lost profits? like when you look at the chart and say to yourself: fuck I should have done that

>> No.18284104

Same way I cope with not knowing the winning lottery numbers. I can't tell the future.

>> No.18284105

that's priced in, unless u have some worse news, we're still bullish

>> No.18284107

You’re paying for valuable lessons in trading

>> No.18284108

Make a strategy based on that and backtest it. If that backtest fails there is no reason to think about it ever again.

>> No.18284120

I don't even pay attention to it really. I was all-in Suncor and Exxon a week ago and sold at a small profit, could have waited until now and made way more, but whatever. I couldn't have foreseen the Saudis suddenly agreeing to a meeting, it's just blind luck at that point.

>> No.18284122

this, learned a lot when I bought SCO on thursday like a fucking retard

>> No.18284126

Europe didn't close down the breweries but the market dried up because well, everything's closed. They're just producing medical alcohol right now because they don't have anything else to do. I bought ABI. Basically the same, only easier and cheaper because it's a "local" stock market.

>> No.18284137

it helps more if you use smaller amounts and explain risk ratios to people. like scalping $20 bets with 1:1 risk:reward ratios, it's just like yeah if im right i get $20 if im wrong i lose $20 and then you just explain that you just need a >50% win rate to be profitable. 60% works well because you explain in 10 trades you win 6 and lose 4 so you come out with 2 trades worth of profit. then you multiply that by 1000 times to see how much you'd make over time. stuff like that can be easier to understand in my experience because it's all about the risk vs. reward. you can also explain how casinos work and how they make money because it's basically the same thing except we can have way better than say a 1-2% "edge" (so like 52/48).

>> No.18284138

Yes, they had their merger yesterday and I think the merge with UTX shaked traders a little as it's trading lower. RTN sank to $116 the day before when it was ~145 a day or two before. Both are large defense based, but UTX owned Pratt & Wittney so this merge made them grow into a top players for aerospace along with BA (which shit the bed recently), and Honeywell. Both have divvy. Annoyed at the current sink in price with Raytheon and wish I waited, but hey can't be perfect and just have to hodl until aerospace demand rises. LMT owns sikorsky and many other sectors. There's also teledyne for IT related or aerojet for rocketry. Just diversify or look into what deals they are contracting for. If you have TDA you can sort stocks by category and they have defense with a big list.

>> No.18284148

ive learned to take my profits when I see them especially if the market is unpredictable.

t. guy who didn't cash out on 500% gains out of greed

>> No.18284161

Thinking of building an oil part into my portfolio, any comments on the selections:
Shell A
Exxon (XOM)
USL (in case contango rapes USO)

>> No.18284167

>fuck I should have done that
terrible mindset for this, just learn instead from it and try to apply in the future

>> No.18284168

KTOS is working with the JewSF fighter program for drone systems to integrate with the F35 among other things. Wonder it drones will get an even bigger push as they don't give a shit about chem/bio threats while operating.

>> No.18284171

Learn from it and keep going. Don't get emotional, it will fuck you over

>> No.18284180

Absolute brainlet take here, but what the fuck is the difference between Shell A & Shell B?

>> No.18284185
File: 148 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats the difference between Shell A and B?

>> No.18284190

I've tried that, typical response is "that's just gambling haha". And I know one that does those binary scalp trades, he basically buys 0-day lottery ticket options on S&P 500 and thinks he's a genius when he wins more than once in a row. I just think the average human mind can't emotionally overcome a strategy based on probability that uses money. That's why casinos and lotteries are such a massive industry.

>> No.18284194


>> No.18284198

Price and taxing

>> No.18284204

some dutch witholding tax fuckery

>> No.18284238

Red monday confirmed. A lot of investors got bullish when there was "plateau-ing" cases in the states, but this was only due to lack of testing. Testing has now been increased a little bit and that is seen in the numbers during the past 3-5 days. Now the rate is accelerating again.

New York yesterday: +10,423 cases
New York today: +10,228 but there is still about 8-10 hours of time to report cases for this day.

I made some math based on all state partial data today and compared it to history and my estimate is that today we will reach approximately 40450 new cases in one day in the states. Death data has too much of variation to make much predictions, but say we will reach about 1700 deaths.

>> No.18284241

Why Shell over BP?
Why Exxon over Chevron?
Why not Total over both?

Is it just preference when it comes to oil supermajors? They are identical from my perspective.

>> No.18284244

Taxes. Go for B unless you like paying Dutch taxes too.

>> No.18284267

Good question to which to currently do not have an answer, I will consider those companies.

Other question:

I am still playing with chump change, it is worth it to diversify hard and just buy a handful of slides of each? Or is it better to go more heavily into one or two?

>> No.18284275


>> No.18284278

You pay the dutch tax foreigner limit + the dif to fill your native quota iirc.

>> No.18284285

Not only this number will surprise many, but it will turn the log-scale case curve back to the same linear direction it has been making before testing bottleneck became serious ~a week ago.

What this means to investors is: Whether current restriction measures have an effect or no, this is not yet statistically significant in the overall case development. Thus, plateauing time is completely undefined and thus is lockdown time. Conclusion: Sell

>> No.18284299


>> No.18284302

The curve so far has been largely based on NY state. California and Texas and other states are a few weeks behind NY. Pretty simple to be honest

>> No.18284341

>not yet oversold
I don't know, I'm seeing shit like SPG currently almost as low as it was in '09. Tempting buy honestly.

>> No.18284384

Okay so how red will monday be, especially with the OPEC meeting delay?

>> No.18284386

Empirically the added benefit of diversification quickly approaches zero past 20 individual holdings, so ask yourself how much total stocks you eventually want to own. I don't see how an amateur investor can realistically manage a portfolio of more than 30 positions.

>> No.18284397

It was rescheduled top later in the week, right?

>> No.18284398

Bailouts in exchange for equity, i.e. dilution

>> No.18284402

I don't think a delay will have that big of an effect, it's only a few days.

>> No.18284422

Doesn't it depend of you are using them for divvy as well? You could set GTC limits on them in case and let them sit.

>> No.18284433

so question about leveraged etfs, particularly SPXL. I'm not thinking about investing now in one, and in general most of my investing has been in non-leveraged etfs (boring passive investment), I only recently set aside a small amount of money for picking individual stocks during this dip (and I'm sure a bigger dip is coming).

But in the grand scheme of things, even with the amplified erosion effect of leveraged etfs and daily leverage resets, it seems that leveraged bull ETFs are a net win. If, on average, the s&p is guaranteed to go up - why NOT use a leveraged etf based on it?

I backtested the average rate of return from 2010-2017 (I think we can all say this was a solid bull run). SPY had an annual average return of 11% for this period, meanwhile SPXL returned 32%. Now of course there's more risk on the downside too, and if you need the money soon you'd be fucked if the S&P dips, but if you're young and just accumulating wealth for retirement it seems like it's a solid choice. It seems like the bull runs are getting longer.

Maybe I'm completely wrong about this and need to backtest for longer ranges.

>> No.18284438

Anyone look through the leaked zoom meetings for financial info on companies?

>> No.18284443

You should try to drive down your average before diversifying during a downturn.

>> No.18284445
File: 1.37 MB, 207x207, 1585934761825.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol none of you know what you're doing

>> No.18284446

Thanks, appreciate it

>> No.18284463

>DOW futures frozen amid lack of weekend trading hours.

>> No.18284472

That conclusion was based on true diversification of assets. Holding stocks from different sectors is not diversification unless their beta values have shown over history that their correlation to the broader stock market is loose.

>> No.18284485
File: 334 KB, 640x480, 1361936703266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even Buffet is selling his bags
>Retail investors are buying in this market

>> No.18284504

maybe buffet is just an over hyped demented boomer at this point.

>> No.18284512
File: 50 KB, 870x456, Benefits-of-Diversification.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure about that? First time I've heard of this. Are there even 30 different types of assets?

>> No.18284514

Normies think Buffet is a nice uncle archetype.

>> No.18284567
File: 864 KB, 720x909, 7sob3vbn6so41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in the same boat, plenty of cash to drop into the market but hadn't considered using leverage.

Can anybody explain why it is/isn't a retarded idea?

>> No.18284574

An irrelevant boomer that made his money when there were like 100 publicly traded companies and you had to literally scream out your orders across the NYSE floor.

>> No.18284585

If you define risk as financial insolvency of a company and their equity, yes. You could apply that to only investing in stocks. But if your definition of risk is maximum drawdown, then the only way to diversify is assets with negative or low correlation to each other. Banks use 10:1 leverage at the minimum, if they were more than a certain % exposed to the stock market they would become insolvent to event such as this one. DB was using as high as 30:1 leverage last I heard.

>> No.18284591

Chances are you get fucked by decay, most moves during that time were .3%, now they are +/- 5% you invest in those during a solid bull run with a real plan to get out. They also have no underlying asset value so to speak, they aren't like spy where it will go back to 320 eventually, they only use percent. So decay will destroy you in volatile times. Do not HODL them because we have no idea what the future holds, we could have a year or two long bear market where you get fucked. If you do not time the bottom perfectly with these, you can lose money. Look for growth stocks instead if you want fast growth. But always keep a large percentage of your portfolio in nice safe bluechips and divvys so if you fuck up with your stock picks you are never ruined. And you'll be better able to remove emotion if you are playing with "play money"

>> No.18284602
File: 394 KB, 871x568, 1586014918811.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

prices in?

>> No.18284609

The suit was filed March 12 in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The class action has been initiated by investor Patrick McDermid of Manitoba, Canada, who purchased stock when the price was high and suffered a loss when the stock fell.

>> No.18284611
File: 365 KB, 750x725, 1584109885809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bu id be bored without 't!
Surest sign of a smooth brain. I could spend a hundred lifetimes reading, and a hundred more enjoying my hobbies

>> No.18284619


Here is an explanation. It's based on mathematics, so to apply it to just stocks is definitely a good thing, but the risk mitigated is not as great as one would perceive, because most stocks have a strong correlation to each other outside of binary events like earnings or acquisitions/bankruptcies.

>> No.18284621

maby I'll see my korean fellows on the rooftop again

>> No.18284622

no that not how it were

there were more like 500 companies
and bucket houses littered the states

>> No.18284630

i really hope monday is the day we just plummet.

>> No.18284641

>define risk as financial insolvency
That is a harsh metric to use. Risk is typically defined as volatility.

>> No.18284652

I am out of the market with my options so idc anymore

>> No.18284671

Financial insolvency is a binary event. Volatility is not and all stocks have some correlation to the volatility index. Diversifying across stocks does not eliminate the exposure to this volatility at all. Again, nothing wrong with being all in on stocks, but it does not significantly reduce the maximum draw-down.

>> No.18284672

Have 100 shares so you can start selling covered calls.

>> No.18284675
File: 118 KB, 775x720, 1584948349002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wish, but it's likely that there's going to be a small dip before we reach 22000. So many people are missing out this gold rush on stocks.

>> No.18284679

News today is all about Opec + non-OPEC ppl discussing oil cuts, so I think market will take that as a sign that the 10+million bbl cut is likely to happen.

>> No.18284687

You need to add TMF or EDV to hedge.

>> No.18284694

gold rush? how and why the fuck should this be a gold rush - lmao

>> No.18284701

>I've tried that, typical response is "that's just gambling haha".

it IS gambling. the key is that if you know what you're doing, you can put the odds INSANELY in your favor. ask him if he would want to own a casino, not be a player but actually be the house. "the house always wins", as it were. and casinos only get like a 1-2% edge usually. you can have a way way better edge than that. successful traders are usually in the 60-80% ballpark, and even people with a 40% winrate can be successfully profitable if the odds are 1:2 or better.

the reason you trade instead of going to las vegas is the odds and win rate you can achieve. also if you play in las vegas and you're successful they'll literally ban you from playing, but the markets can't do that. it pisses me off how illiterate most people are in regards to the field of probability & statistics.

>> No.18284704
File: 30 KB, 311x362, Apu is tired of this shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw when I made my first daily wage in 5 minutes being comfy at my PC instead of fucking working like a wagie
This shit is fucking unfair.

>> No.18284720

Birdposter is just retarded permabull. If DOW shits itself 30% again he'll keep going b-bull run! Cheapies! Buy!

>> No.18284752

He sells, take initial loss, people freak out, and he bus even cheaper.

>> No.18284755

it's not about 1 trade it's about like 10 or 50 trades and where you wind up when you subtract the losses from the wins. this concept is lost on most people unfortunately. if you had a trading method where when you lost you lost 1, but when you won you won 10, you could literally lose 9 trades in a row but you get that 1 win and wallah you're profitable. you get 2 wins in a row and now all of a sudden you have to lose 20 times to get back to break even. you only need better than a 10% win rate in this case to be profitable. it's why there is the saying in trading "you don't have to be right, you just have to be profitable". you also need enough capital to keep yourself solvent during losing streaks, but all of this ultimately falls under risk management which is the only thing that matters once you decide where you're going to enter.

>> No.18284761
File: 229 KB, 1222x1080, 1581886470950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

COPE. You missed the bottom, I know, but stocks are still very cheap.

>> No.18284774

at a certain point you'll just be glad that you can take advantage of this instead of being a normie wage slave. if you can consistently do that then congrats you escaped the rat race successfully, be glad you have the potential to be one of the chosen few.

>> No.18284778

bullish for online retail

>> No.18284786

>missed the bottom

coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere.

>> No.18284787

This. R*dditors fell for the kungflu meme and missed out. Me? I loaded up on highly discounted boomerstox. See you on mars lmao

>> No.18284805
File: 101 KB, 1200x676, Fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been consistently gaining more or less daily wage but it's not enough to be livable here. Baby steps I guess, wealth snowballs. As long as I don't lose, I gain.

>> No.18284806

>10+million bbl cut

Lol fuck no. Trump calling for 10M-15M barrel cut from Saudis and russians together is absolutely retarded. They'd need to half their production. Good luck with that.

>> No.18284810
File: 10 KB, 300x202, Argyria_2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buy silver

>> No.18284823
File: 36 KB, 800x450, 928d8a9a57515320068a2c339e88fd28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>discounted boomerstox
Based F, GE and KHC, am I right fellas? *sip*

>> No.18284827

GE is unironically a great stock to buy if you're willing to sit on it for a bit.

>> No.18284830
File: 299 KB, 1000x1000, acb0d9c0-c96f-44a9-91ce-f638daa3802b..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18284843


>> No.18284847
File: 387 KB, 1320x743, meidri rape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but it's not the end of the global economy. This virus is priced in and we've hit the bottom of it. The crude oil price war is the only issue left that's keeping the growth of stock market. After that, it's rocket launch baby!

>> No.18284862

the thing about trading is that there is no upper limit, it's scalable. if it works with 10 shares it probably works with 100 shares or 1,000 shares or potentially even 10,000 shares depending on how much daily volume a stock has. the more money you have the more money you can make as long as the odds and win rate remain consistent. so a trade that at one point makes you only $10 can make you $100 or $1000 doing the same exact thing with larger position sizes. of course you can also lose more but that's why risk ratios are so important.

>> No.18284871

>This virus is priced in and we've hit the bottom of it
Dear god. Please stop already.

>> No.18284872

you know nothing's wrong with the market when the only people still investing are anime avatarfagging NEETs running on bullcope fumes

>> No.18284875

don't know how the economy works do you?
the next few months are going to be brutal for you lmao

>> No.18284885
File: 105 KB, 1456x909, 1515617252377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except in the entire world except the US because why take it serious when the rest of the world got fucked in the ass by it, right? USA #1! (in getting fucked by the virus better than anyone else)

Rest of the world will turn back to normal in less than a month.

>> No.18284887

You can be slowly pricing in over time to average the fall down. A bullcuck calling everything the bottom is kind of a signature of the start of a bear market.

>> No.18284893

if anything we'll likely crab for months in a general downtrend. just look at the chart for any other financial crisis that has happened in the past, it's easy to see the patterns the repeat themselves.

if you're willing to hold for literally years than yeah you'll probably break even but you will likely suffer a lot of drawdown before you get back to break even and then start to make profit. seems like the smarter move would be to wait until we get a vaccine or powerful antiviral and that's when you start DCA'ing in if you're of the boomer buy and hold long term mindset.

>> No.18284896

Fuck back off to r*ddit, Warren.

>> No.18284908

Did anyone see that fine mama on ABC news?

>> No.18284910

>Rest of the world will turn back to normal in less than a month.
Maybe Italy and Spain. UK, France, and Germany may be near a peak. India, South America, and Africa will be just getting really started.

>> No.18284912

it's funny thinking back to my daily wage was around $100. now that shit is lost or gained in seconds and i don't even react

>> No.18284914

I honestly think q1 and q2 earnings are our last big hurdle. I don't see any 30% drop in a short period of time. Just a slow bleed. Just stay away from entertainment/leisure/travel sectors.

>> No.18284920

I don't consume globalist propaganda.

>> No.18284924
File: 203 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200404-111214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why am I not rich right now REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.18284937

currently reading Bioshock and Philosophy, anon. one of my favorite quotes.

>> No.18284942

Being able to live off stocks is my goal. Consistent 100 bux gains would be great.

>> No.18284959

>believing... in a company
Flat out dumb shit right here.

Invest with logic not emotions.

>> No.18284965

you could that pretty easily with 20k to swing on 0.5% movements

>> No.18284969

Lazy Saturday ramblings:
I'm a younger investor excited to 'buy the dip' and hopefully enjoy a better than average retirement.
It's tough to say for certainty what is next. The effects of slowing the economy are brutal. This year's vacation and wedding season, along with many other industries, has disappeared, destroying those who depend on the money.
Those with children must forgo their jobs in order to care for their kids. The lower and middle class are crushed.
For those with the ability to work from home, and the upper-middle class, I see a lot of potential and possibility.
It's always darkest before the light. Predictions say covid may peak in 2-4 weeks. We're social creatures set in our ways. Come August, people will start forward again to build back what was set aside.
Things will get better.
Couple that with cheap oil, resilient restaurants delivering, the ability to order online with cheap/free shipping - the economy is not dead.
$2,000,000,000,000 has been allocated to help business. The Fed is playing unbelievable games.
One half of me says we saw the bottom. Smart businesses and individuals who were dumb enough to not have cash on hand as an emergency loan, could float the next few months with a small, cheap loan.
The other half reminds we we're less than halfway through this ordeal.

>> No.18284971
File: 47 KB, 640x397, f69b8bb4-2a43-4bcc-b736-3aebed48f771..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Success breeds envy.

>> No.18284972
File: 53 KB, 576x512, 1584729981196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>seems like the smarter move would be to wait until we get a vaccine or powerful antiviral
Israel said they're already in the works of creating a powerful antiviral against the coronavirus and could be finished by September.

>that's when you start DCA'ing in if you're of the boomer buy and hold long term mindset.
It's not a boomer thing, it's the normal thing to do on this crab market, especially when we're not going on a general downtrend. We're crabbing but nobody seems to be selling their positions, it looks like.

>> No.18284988

New thread

>> No.18284990

Zoom out buddy. GE aviation is fucked.

>> No.18285022
File: 312 KB, 1474x963, Duterte.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Philippines has recorded 96 coronavirus deaths and 2,311 confirmed cases, all but three in the past three weeks, with infections now being reported in the hundreds every day.
>“It is getting worse. So once again I’m telling you the seriousness of the problem and that you must listen,” Duterte said late on Wednesday.
>“My orders to the police and military ... if there is trouble and there’s an occasion that they fight back and your lives are in danger, shoot them dead.”
>“Is that understood? Dead. Instead of causing trouble, I will bury you.”

>> No.18285034

it's fucking April, September is not May, retard.

>> No.18285183
File: 7 KB, 250x202, 1549497087009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and blood moneypilled

>> No.18285225


You are probably better off buying and selling options on SPY than playing with leveraged etfs

>> No.18285374

Is the book any good ? Seems interesting.

>> No.18285572
File: 93 KB, 796x1024, 187542ce-dc79-4e28-91e7-9e3c41b6c746..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would go into more, but only want the largest at the moment.

>> No.18285796

>we're less than halfway through this ordeal
this is the important part imo. we're going to have a credit freeze

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