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Hi I saw these two threads about the mentioned announcement:
In neither thread was there posted a source to the referred to announcement. Both articles which mention this announcement fail to link a source. I poked around and swift.com for a bit and found no announcements, newsletters, press releases etc. for the 12th of March (the day that https://www.finextra.com/blogposting/18607/swifts-major-announcement-slips-under-the-radar mentions the announcement was made. Any attempt to search the text quoted in that article or this one https://www.fxcompared.com/magazine/news/swifts-ambitious-plan-account-account-connection just lead back to those articles. What is the online source, if there is one, of those two articles. Please help


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If there is no source, I am going to assume the announcement is fake and SWIFT will not be entering into the A2A instant payments (by leveraging API linkage) sector to compete with VISA and Mastercard, and that Andy Schmidt was playing an April Fool's joke.

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based salad

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Pee pee poo poo

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SWIFT is a magical illusion.
We bigger.
FWIW sibos19 proof of concept results video is a private. Everything else available.
Sooner or later they’ll unveil the master plan.

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has anyone tried to reach out to them for the video?

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I think we got a good idea today during POTUS briefing around the 1:14.48 time stamp.

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I did through standard channels
No dice no reply

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>FWIW sibos19 proof of concept results video is a private
It wasn't livestreamed? Also, are you suggesting that the instant A2A announcement was from a private briefing?

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If you look at the authors linkedin
Youll see he was/is on the feds faster payments group

Not saying this is nonpublic info but hes the exact kind of guy who would have that kind of access

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Today? Your timestamp has him talking about people going to the booths to vote in November.

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Brainlet here, how would this be connected to Chainlink? Is it hopium or a strong connection?

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I also shit on streets in Mumbai and would like to know.

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They want to do instant A2A payments across borders. The easiest/cheapest way to do cross border payment is with DLT (nostro reconciliation is trivialized). Such DLTS need middleware to interface with SWIFT gpi both ways. Anything that gets executed on the DLT which needs off chain data (exchange rates for example) also need an oracle. It's hopium but reasonable hopium.

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Combined with the fact that SWIFT is working with Chainlink, I can see the connection now, thank you for the post.

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Payments executing on predefined conditions up front.

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This seems to be the intro to said video.

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Here's the source: https://www.swift.com/standards/iso-20022-programme/timeline

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why are we sooooooooo early?

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>paper from 2016
>plan outlined in 2018
>adoption delayed from 2021 to 2022
>The end-date to enable full ISO 20022 for cross-border payments remains as originally planned, November 2025
wtf bros...

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Thank you for source btw.

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You assholes have no idea that 10,000 USD per link is FUD

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I literally cannot wait until 2025.

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FUD, like its gonna be wayy moar or wayyyy less than $10k USdolloors?

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I'll be 25 by then. hope my dick still works. t. coomer

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There is no source cause you fell for a shill campaign.

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Way more

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>wtf bros...
Why? Not thrilled about waiting 5 years?

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>Zero results

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we 80k by 2026

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I've already waited 2, 5 more seems insurmountable.

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Seems like a good deal considering that we never have to work again. We're all sitting on nice stacks bought under $0.25 - just remain calm and learn new skills to keep yourself busy in the meantime.

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binance and coinbase insiders are going to hunt us down if it's worth that much

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Also what are you doing in the ecosystem? At the very least you should be running a node.

Put your time and energy into upskilling in order to get a slice of the LINK that is being used to incubate the early network.

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I suppose you're right, I would like to run a node and a LINK subsidy would be nice. Thanks for the advice. The sluggish ignition is killing me though.

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It's not sluggish at all, if anything it's quicker than anticipated. These big guys work on 3 and 5 year timelines. In the meantime, Chainlink is taking over the DeFi space.

Join the Chainlink and Four Swords Discord and get learning about nodes.

This is a good tutorial using GCP (you get $300 of credit on signup which will last you some time).


If you get in deeper, the waiting anxiety will recede as you understand what is actually happening.

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Thank you

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> Big guys going deep
For you

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based, thank you

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The bitcoin halving news is making a positive impact on a lot of altcoins, especially those with very good use-cases like tachyon protocol their Cybersecurity and privacy protection is one of the best, this makes it one of the best crypto projects around.

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>Combined with the fact that SWIFT is working with Chainlink
Debunked like 4 months ago. No one even bothers trying to imply that anymore. What is wrong with linkies, do their brains just reset after being BTFO?

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Just dropped in to tell you to kill yourself.

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nice id

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You are an absolute retard. That has nothing to do with Chainlink.
Not even joking

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The world is literally ending in like 10 years, waiting 5 years is like this world 100% more broken than it already is

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I look at this picture and the first thing that pops into my head is Ronald McDonald sitting in the vacant chair toasting with them. The memes are getting out of hand

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All those dates you listed are bullish as fuck, are you kidding me?

Major changes in industry do not happen in a few weeks or months. I’ll gladly wait 5 more years before making it

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listen to what >>18280983 tells you

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Oh, a namefag.

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Check this.
t. eurofag

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> control + f

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Control + F "fat russian scammers"
> Zero results

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