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I kind of believe in RSR, don't know of any other shitcoins that seem plausible besides it. However, I don't believe in Chainlink, but Reserve seems to because they partnered with them. How do I reconcile these two religious beliefs biz???

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>ERC20 tokens

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Imagine thinking agnostic middleware needs it’s own blockchain.

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Reserve is using chainlink for what it's good for.. gay pump shit to gain awareness. They have not committed to using and said in an AMA last week that they will see where it goes. So for RSR it's purely short term cosmetic with no commitments.. for Link it's probably the only thing stopping it from getting de-listed.

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That makes a lot of sense. So should I go all in on RSR right now then or keep my BTC for a while?

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I'm gonna do it ahhhhh

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they both have good outlooks.. put up to half in RSR and see which pumps first? I'm mostly RSR

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Just sold my RSR for VRA

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how many rsr to make it?

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300k atleast

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