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Just imagine. There are people who browse this board, right now, who still haven't managed to scrape together 10K LINK, despite umpteenth dips below $2... I'm sorry, but if you haven't secured your ticket by now, you're never gonna make it. See you at $5+, fags.

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Yeah I really have no excuse. Better than being a boomer tho, a fraction of making it is still plenty good if Nazarov delivers

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I still havent and i know im going to kms within 3 years

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credit has never been easier to get, you got no excuse

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I have 50

At least I tried

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no you didn't

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I got 100. Pretty comfy with my $1,000,000 when LINK hits $10,000 in 2023

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Lol. Stacklet cope.
You'll have $100,000 at most . This cycle will top out at $1000/LINK, approximately.

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Better get your 10k premined tokens fast people. After the pump and dump, LInk’s price movement hasn’t been directly correlated with BTC, rather Link has a heart beat of it’s own in this economic turmoil because people see the value in no use case speculation. Prosperous times call for prosperous measures. Strap in boys.

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How does it feel to have a double digit IQ? I'm sincerely asking.

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fuck off retards. Useless ERC shitcoin for years. No use. No value. Whore manages money. Really sick and tired of you low iq retards. Die. Literally luring newfags to buy 50 links, and they fall for it, so you can try to keep your shitcoin running.

If i ever see a linkfag in real life i'd punch him in the face. Fuck you

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Why there is no LINK - BTC pair on coinbase pro? Really makes you think.

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>Rent free

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Rent free? You keep fucking spamming the board for 3 fucking years. It's not like i think 1 second about you mongols when i'm not browsing /biz/

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Agreed. that kike hired that whore, to scare away 4channers.

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No one cares dipshit. Stop spamming this shit

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Only got to 6k...

Anyone with 4k want to play Russian Roulette?

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That would be based

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Obvious psy op. Worked like a charm. I'm glad. I want as few of these midwits on the yacht as possible. More for the far-sighted who deserve it .

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Imagine selling link because some literal who third party company has a questionable hiring practices

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exactly. i don't want to share the wealth with a bunch of toxic incels.

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What if I only own 3000 LINK because I am a retarded poorfag?

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if 10k is enough, my stack is enough too

1K is FUD

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>literal mossad company partners with LINK
>this is somehow bearish


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Ding ding ding

Her company is a CUSTOMER that uses sergeys PRODUCT (the network)

As long as the demand comes thru its gravy. Hopefully shes out sucking fin bigwigs to get more clients - only a good thing for the network demand (read - price)

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Is it enough frens?

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Its a decent of enough stack but never stop buying!

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Only 1600 here, I think you're good fren

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>imagine not owning a sexy sergey shirt

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i have 52, get fucked stacklet

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So is this some kind of money printer coin scam? Or another ripple scam?

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You had 3 years

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Feels bad men, how was we supposed to know that link was the real deal, people spam shitcoins on here all day every day

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I never come here and i am not interessted in investing into some money printer scam or nodes or whatever the fuck this is on the off chance of coming out with winnings from a pyriamid sheme why the fuck what

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/biz was full of threads about LINK from before the ICO. Everyone who could read could have known.

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Imagine not owning 50,000 PNK right now. Just imagine

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Biz has been link board for three years. Are you new?

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Pnk is that one loser kid in school who just repeated the same joke the cool kid said to everyone

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PNK is the nerdy kid who got made fun of but graduated and then got rich and became a Chad

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Is that why you are hobbling around in a link thread instead of making your own, you coward dipshit?

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I'll be close I just need these fucking puts to pay off already

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why wait?

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PNK is the kid who has cerebral palsy

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Linkfag is mad. Keep your porncoin bags no one wants them

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Make your own thread

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I have 23 not great not terrible

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See you shills in prison

Sirgay prison 2020

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LIDF shills paid posting. Global report. Screenshot and report to FBI

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>Linkfags want an echo chamber thread
You'll have to find your way over to Reddit for that thotcoin bro

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Make your own thread
Btw thanks for proving my point retard

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>make your own thread
No :)

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Make your own thread

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Never sell, you'll be richer than OP.

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All set with a money laundering operation thanx tho

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Yeah except shes in control of almost all of links money

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yeah me too, link already pumped into the top 20. very little room to grow, better get into something new and pumpable.

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Only 5k, will i make it?

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I started coming here in January and have been buying $50 worth every week. Got 137 linkies. Should I increase how much I buy? Broke college student here.

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How does 5 gorillion sound?

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So how is this money printer scam going to actually increase in value - which also makes the possiblity of adoption as an actual currency zero.

Please tell me how

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spend time here, notice what is shit and not.

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>spend time here
That is the opposite of what you should be doing if you want to make sensible investments

Not even joking. Even taking a random facebook post is statistically more likely to give you better advice by a magnitude

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Just hold for two more years, bro.
Did that Microsoft event in Bruxelles also get cancelled because of hoax virus?

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200 link whale checking in.
As quoted in previous post I'm awaiting my 200 million in 2025

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It’s digital money I cannot pull out if it booms in the next 5 years. Given the boomer hold on the Economy. I wish corona would really reset the world

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buy RSR. its your last chance.

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>please spoon feed me I’m retarded
>lol don’t listen to any advice here
The absolute state of nolinkers

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Seriously why not though?

>> No.18253333

For RSR to succeed. Link must succeed. And Ethereum network must be number 1 for that.

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I get it. This place is like advanced politics discussion. But why dedicate so much time to it? I mean I get using automation to make it all the more profitable -

I trade you this for an answer https://vocaroo.com/9xTCYGEahsu

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More like 60$. 100$+ is only possible in a golden bull run.

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How do you sell this as something positive

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$100 is FUD
We're going to $1000 EZ

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I think this bull run we will see 200-500 but 1000 is definitely possible.

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imagine buying this scam coin instead of BTC and XMR

>> No.18254587

imagine having these threads shoved in your face for 3 years and you still haven't done your research

how does it feel being a literal normie retard? Probably came here from /b/

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6k is more than enough

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I started browsing biz last year and even I bought it. Some people are just never meant to make it

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>look at this scam i'm invested in! You're so dumb for not buying it before it went up!


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It’s more than enough desu. If link is going where we think it is you’ll be golden with 3k.

>> No.18254697

>when LINK hits $10,000 in 2023
anon, I...

>> No.18254701

I only have 1000, I will play Russian Roulette for even 1000 of your linkies. Okay fine I'll do it for 500

>> No.18254703

yeah, because since april 2017 there are about 700 other projects who actually had a better ROI

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Guys I done the research and accumulated 1,000 LINK. I'm not going to sell. My question: what in the actual fuck is up with the FUD on this coin? I've never ever seen anything like it.

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Are you actually fucking retarded?>>18254655
>nolinker screamed in pain for the hundredth time
Most are just bored linkers. A small percentage are trannies that missed out. The rest are actual retards that fell for the fud

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I haven't been on /biz/ in a year, what the hell happened? Chain link was a joke

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for most ppl on here, 1k Link is their life savings.

how are you able to afford 10k?

>> No.18254834

Get 500 at the absolute least. 1K is the minimum to not kys

>> No.18254882

>how are you able to afford 10k?
Not everyone is poor like you.

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All you faggots are retarded. I was saying in threads 1-2 years ago that “making it” with link isn’t going to be like making it when people with bitcoin and ethereum make it. And I said that owning link is going to be for protection and survival and not lambos. The world is fucking collapsing people are going to be destitute. We have something that is VERY valuable, that will offer us protection for our loved ones and family.

You fucking morons thinking you need 10 million........ it’s a different world now and never going back. You aren’t going to be going to Las Vegas fucking thots. Link is important to have but you won’t need 50k or 30k. Even 2k will be enough.

Anyone if you assholes out there with 50k 30k or 100k link should be fucking selling at least 35% into gold and silver.

You guys remember me? 12-18 months ago I was the gold anon spamming link threads. I wasn’t derailing but telling you fucks you need to have some. And I was right as fuck.

You only need 1-10k link delusions of having 25 million dollars when in a year 25 million dollars might not be 25 million dollars is retarded especially since a mega depression is coming.

Link is literally for survival. You have access to something that will make the world run.

I’m imagining something like the canal comes to get me and kill me.... and I say hold on tho.... I own chainlink. Then they stand me up from the execution position they had me in.... and then I make a deal with whoever that I’ll give you 5 link a month to let me stay alive. While spending the rest on thots for blowjobs

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What if Sergey gets Corona? With current numbers looking like they are it's probable that he or one of his team will be infected.

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switch to RSR

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i only have 1k and ive been here since spring '17 it kills me but im happy for the anons who will make it

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>imagine being this retarded
Back to plebit faggot

>> No.18255512

we are running on faith and memes. we havent shilled with logic since 2018

>> No.18255652

Repeat weekly buys is what I've done for years, I'm sure in a couple of years you'll look back and thank yourself too.
Get a job or a side hustle and buy more

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NULINK solves the oracle problem. Shitlink is a scam

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please go, you're just an airdrop loser shilling for free money. no one is going to buy it, just like all the other actual shitcoins created to scam people. lets hope you haven't put any real money into it

>> No.18256148

You were right, man.

>> No.18256158

just like chainlink

>> No.18256174


I hope for your sakes you're fudding

>> No.18256201

hes been vaccinated most likely already

>> No.18256265

Hey man, im the newfag your talking about. I was litterally trying to find out how to start buying shares and do research on the whole crypto currency thing. Who can i trust in this game? Where can i learn, im sick of being called a retard because i dont know how to start

>> No.18256344

Link is the beginning stages of the mark of the beast. Everyone will have a chip inserted. You dont know what you are talking about.

>> No.18256377

Zoom conferencing + Sergey body doubles

>> No.18257012

But will we for owning link?

>> No.18257126

If you, or anyone posts about chainlink on my page again I will tweet every day about what a piece of shit Chainlink is and the price will go to zero. Are we clear?

>> No.18257256

augur isn't a usable oracle, joey

>> No.18258406

I have a 580 credit score

>> No.18259021

I have 53.78, fuck you poor niga
>Binance can't into rounded values

>> No.18259025

Yeah dude, no one will give a shit if you have invested in link. The chainlink pattern says it all. They will pump and dump it. Link wont actually be the company to invest in. Some new bullshit will spawn after it dies.

>> No.18259144

I think the Jews will give us reprieve for owning

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based corona-chan gave all non-linkers one last chance. this truly was divine intervention to free neets and create a new financial elite.

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