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I'll tell you how to make money in this market. It's really simple.

Rule 1. Don't fucking short
Rule 2. Follow rule 1.

It's really simple. What you have to realize is this ponzi will crash down. However, you can't make money on it going down since market making bots (trust me, I run one) literally rely on hunting for shorts. Once those shorts are hunted (i.e. all of you bobos), then it dumps. Options won't save you either. The price pumps until options expire and then dumps. Always. Remember that.

This is exactly what will happen to BTC for the remainder of its history. It's because there's no real demand left. There will be pumps, all of which to rekt shorts, then it will go down.You guys don't fucking realize that the only time it goes up is to wreck you and use your money as fuel to make whatever pennies we can before this market crashes. Lower high after lower high after lower high.

How do you then make money? You sell bitcoin on spot and wait. That is for USD. On an established exchange like Coinbase. You can only save your money now. That's it. You never buy bitcoin on spot or on any exchange. You sell and get the fuck out of this market before everything crashes.

This is the first and last time I'll be giving this tip. Good luck.

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is there a rule 3?

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KYS larp anyone can inspect element

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I sold all my bitcoin for 3 Nazi kilo gold bars.

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>market maker
>literal pocket change position

Yeah ok faggot

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So buy the dips. Thanks faggot.

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You wish it was inspect element. Pretty sure you can't even use it for the bot I'm using to display profit in USD. But even if you can, I'm not using it. I don't give a fuck if you don't believe me.


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If you don't know anything about funeral arrangements the answer is definitely no

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No, don't buy. It's going to 2-3k eventually. The point is to not short, and park your USD and stay away. You will lose money otherwise.

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Why not ride these daily 4% swings for free money

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so going 1x short is too risky because i will get hunted

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You cannot ride any swing without someone wrecking you. You'll have a winning streak but once you get big enough of a position, it's just liquidity for us. You can only make money that is small amounts.

You'll be able to make money once a bull market starts (which I doubt since I can view OTC figures and have an entire dashboard of mining related stats, and all of them are pointing down to atleast 2-3K).

But again, none of this means we won't have many pumps. We will. And we will continue to have pumps until each and every single idiot who shorts this market providing liquidity for pumps gets rekt.

TL;DR. Never short. Sell your BTC for USD now that you still have a chance on exchanges like Coinbase.

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I'm talking about shorts for the purposes of making actual money of course. If you go 1x, you're safe of course, but that makes no mone.

Going 1x just means parking your USD and you're introducing counter party risk for parking your USD when you can just......fucking keep it in USD.

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I'm talking about shorts for the purposes of making actual money of course. If you go 1x, you're safe of course, but that makes no money.

Going 1x just means parking your USD and you're introducing counter party risk for parking your USD when you can just......fucking keep it in USD.

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Instructions unclear just took out 100x short

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66k isnt even that much. what are you a faggot? give me something juicy information

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so currently short are being hunted even tho most of the market is long
why ?

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It's my personal position, not my company one.

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Cognate: 42 hagiōsýnē (another feminine noun derived from 40 /hágios) – holiness (sanctification) which focuses on the Holy Spirit's influence of preparing the believer for eternity. (The suffix, -synē, expresses this transformation as a character-quality that comes by the grace of God.) See 40 (hagios).

42 /hagiōsýnē ("holiness/sanctification") is "the brand" of God's sanctification that brings His gift of holiness so the believer can fully enjoy eternal life now and in the hereafter. This specific "holiness results from (the process of) 38 /hagiasmós" (Abbott-Smith).

[42 (hagiōsýnē) shares the same essential meaning as its root 40 /hágios ("holy, see there).]

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thanks for the tip op, im x5 with a huge sum, liquidation is at like 10k or something, isnt that safe?

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I want proof that you're a market maker.

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imagine trusting a market maker.
Open a short, frens.

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What kind of proof do you want? I'm not going to reveal much. I am one of the first employees at Alameda Research. Google them. We're on the leaderboard for highest realized PNL. The screenshot posted is from my personal account. We have 8 figure positions running right now on Bitmex.

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Op is a larping fag and you’re a retard for even responding seriously or asking for advice
>only on an exchange Luke Coinbase
Kek and there are people actually responding to this when op is obviously just taking the piss

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When is bitcoin going to $2-3k?

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>market maker
anon i...

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Sigh. You are definitely someone who's going to either get rekt shorting this market or a BTC holder who'll be rekt once we go to 3K.

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Well my dad works for coinbase and he confirms you’re a fag

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I'm on leaderboard and id say OP is a feg desu

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Once SPX starts accelerating down. Many of our bots are currently following it but we'll stop once SPX volatility is low. Watch the VIX index.

It might take even a month or two before SPX starts going down (possibly another large move up before it does). It's hard to time but it'll eventually happen.

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Yup guess he wasn’t lying >>18239710

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Atleast make a believable inspect element you larp. You can't use inspect element for the USD gain bot I have on Bitmex afaik.

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>never short
>its going to zero
>only long
>its going to zero

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You do neither and you sell your BTC for USD.

Anyways, take the advice or watch your savings go down the drain in a few months. I can't even offer help without snarky people like you.

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If I dont own any BTC how can I even sell?

All I am waiting is for the next big dump buy a few then wait for it to pump and sell.

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>It might take even a month or two before SPX starts going down (possibly another large move up before it does). It's hard to time but it'll eventually happen.
so why would you warn us now ?

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So you saying crypto is dead? Forever?

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>heres how to make money in this market
>liquidate every holding you have
are you trying to say just get out of crypto?

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So what do you recommend for someone who has 2k in USD Capital besides just longing? How much leverage and position sizes would you recommend for this? (To gain as much as possible before the ponzi like you said falls apart)

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>only 10% of my $ is in crypto
okay satan, i dont care though. so my money will do whatever it does :)

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join @ChadLounge on telegram

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>Many of our bots are currently following it
What do they do when the market is closed? What do the other bots follow?

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It’s just one of many parameters in our machine learning models

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I shall construct a great temple to our Lord and Savior Terry Davis who died for our stacks.

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OP you are so poor. Go larp somewhere else.

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>its going to 2-3k
>but dont short it

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op so poor he has to steal screenshots to make himself feel better.

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That’s probably OP’s Twitter LAMOP

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Too big

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April fools!

That's not my screenshot but I'm unironically a market maker. After all the rekt shorts and when BTC is at 3k in a few months, you'll see that I'm right.

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I'm sorry but you don't have enough money to be a market maker. You'd have been better off not showing that pic.

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U literally lost any and all credibility u may have had. Kys

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>Don't short because short squeeze boohoo
Nice shill bull show employment proof, we can still short those pumps anyway

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We’re on the way down bullfriend. There’s nothing wrong with DCA (I’m doing it myself), but we are going down.

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Saying there will be a depression or even a recession again is like saying small pox or polio will ever be a major issue again. We know more about economies and how to manage them than we ever have in history. Trillions have gone into the research. Simulations have been run around the clock for decades. We have conquered the very concept of a downturn. We have slaughtered your black swan and made foie gras out of it. This is hard to accept, because it requires you to both accept that 1. there are people out there FAR more intelligent than you and 2. they have things under control. As a result, your life is not and will likely never be that interesting. You're a component of a controlled system. A recession or depression will not rescue you from the high quality life, the best quality of life currently available quite frankly that can still allow stability to be maintained, that you have been given. You might be feel trapped, but that's a good thing. It means the system is working and it also means NO recessions or depressions. We have "beaten" economics

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I just opened a short. Let's see if you're right.

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>"Guys I am a market maker"
>Proceeds to post a picture of a margin trade on Bitmex
Here's a tip for you retard.Before making LARP threads and using complex terms like market maker you should have a basic idea of what a market maker does.

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OP is most likely a LARPing faggot who is definitely wrong about the future of Bitcoin/crypto, but these rules are absolutely spot on. Shorting Bitcoin is suicidal and you cannot make money from it. You can at best get lucky a few times but sooner or later your luck runs and your profit will all be returned to the market.

Your best bet as a retail trader is to buy the dips/sell the pumps and use leverage as rarely and as sparingly as possible (such as the dump to under 4k from a week ago), and only if you have enough money to maintain a ridiculously low liquidation price.


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What I don't get is why do retards invest in things that has no intrinsic or physical value? Why make Bitcoin? What's the point of Bitcoin even??

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OP is currently all in long from 6900 and is a faggot

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Bitcoin has a point, to transact money outside the current system.

Does it do it better than visa? 99.99% of the time no. Will it in future? Probably not, but if it does price moons.

Current most obvious use... Darknet markets- Makes it incredibly easy for the average person to order weed. Take the volume of these markets and you have the 'intrinsic value' of bitcoin. Probably about $10 a coin.

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>claiming to be a bitmex market maker when you've made a measly 69k profit

No one cares faggot. I made 200k in the last 2 weeks. Also no one is getting liquidated unless they go x75 or x100 on margin like a degenerate, in which case they deserve it

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lol kys faggot

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I belieb you op.

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cool larp

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>please believe
If you were a real alameda research employee you wouldn't have to post Flood's screenshot and pretend to be him. Very sad!

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>11 btc
HAHAHAHAHAHA, in your dreams poorfag

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