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What happens if this $2 trillion stimulus bill doesn't help much at all?

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damn, them some fine ta tas

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You get trumpbux plus a 10K check if you did side hustles and get to relax as the world burns.

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isn't the 10k a loan

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According to the small business administration you don't have to repay it.

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holy fucking milk

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baby want milk milk

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haha yeah coffee

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She’s undergage

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she turned 18 a while ago retard

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Holy shit imagine plowing her from behind and seeing those huge milkers appearing under her lats as they bounce against eachother and separate. Cute face too

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Kappys dead man's switch: https://imgur.com/a/yMvkcmf

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This. I have hundreds of clips and pics of her with a lot of them never seeing the light of day until her OnlyFans is done. I'll bless this thread with 1. Good day.

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I posted 1 from her private Snap and deleted it.

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thats a man

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She’s working with my firm for a few projects. I work in social media and have TBs on TBs of content for free. I give this board the good stuff all the time.

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Anyone at your firm fucked her? Have you fucked any known thots? Either way, low-key based.

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Do you live under a rock, retard?

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she got fat

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Not that I know of, yet. She will fly down after the pandemic shit passes and she will probably get ran through. Funny enough, her mom was her manager and has bigger tits than she does and hasn’t hit the wall yet either. I hear she’s 1 of the more tame influencers and doesn’t put out, but I can’t say.

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Sweet Vishnu look at the udders on that bishe

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Her mum was her manager? Christ, that is sad. Got pictures of her mum? Which 'influencer' is the biggest slut you know of? Surely the bath water girl.

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She was wined and dined, getting gaslighted by that LA lifestyle, eating at the best restaurants and having all of her needs fulfilled, plus she’s Latina. Just a matter of time for her to get chubby. She’s losing weight though for her upcoming shoots. Her ass is hella nice from the weight gain too.

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>Surely the bath water girl
Belle Delphine will NOT fuck unless you’re a celebrity, athlete, high level exec, or a huge influencer. The firm I work for never worked with her or her team directly, but there’s a lot of credible stories and a lot of powerful people she ghosted or gave blue balls.

She makes like 200k a month. She ain’t fucking nobody because she doesn’t need to lol. As for who is the sluttiest I’ll post a few pics and stories in like 10 when I’m off mobile and at my pc.

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You're a legend mate. Love insider knowledge of all kinds.

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Just ask yourself: What's the worst that could happen? That's what happens.
I think we're going to be fine. Things will slow down, and then things will speed right back up.

We have the infrastructure, we have the workforce. It will be a little harder for people to get jobs vs. losing them but given some startup time we will be back in action.
Once we rip this shit into gear we're going to be on overdrive. People are going to get so fucking tired of the NEET lifestyle and being inside. They're going to be begging to get to work.

It's going to take quite some time to get there, we'll see how well the gap can be bridged when the time comes. But if you look at the all time DOW history, you know we are in for a blast off we just don't know exactly when.

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If you're a /biz/ regular, I thot post in BAT threads so you can find some good stuff there. I'm always giving out source and clips on thot posts around the board, so if you find me, ask whatever. I'll do a quick top 5 or something really fast in no particular order.

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its going to make it worse

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This lass right here is awesome. Has a great energy and even for an introvert like me, fun as fuck to be around, but she fucks anything with clout.

Numerous trips to Dubai to get shat on. Numerous trips to Greece to be involved in orgies. Is known for fucking a whole team of board members, only then to head out to a NBA after party and get passed around by several athletes.

Has a man who endorses it since he gets paid to share. Fun fact, shes rumored (pic and video rumored) to have fucked a few of her cousins (1 a hella popular influencer youll know if you do the homework) and is fucking her cousin's man without her knowledge atm. Craziest story heard from her is having a dozen dudes from Dubai take a shit on her and fuck her in the mess for several hours.

Not naming people so just find out who in the pics.

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How did he die?

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Next up, Gina Savage. Scarlxrd's current thot. Any sponsor she has, shes fucked probably about 10 employees there AT LEAST. Was trying to be a jump off for rappers for years but failed. Has been ran train on by pretty much every kinda popular SoundCloud rapper out there. Will come into your building ready to fuck someone for a brand deal. She fucked just about every FashionNova (big social media clothing company/brand advertiser) employee there is from the janitor to the President.

Its hard to pick between so many of these influencers but I'll keep a few more coming.

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Why are these thots so degenerate?

Do you know anything about Emily Ratajowski or Demi Rose?

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This is great stuff. I absolutely cannot imagine being at a party with my bros when one comes up to me and says "hey bro, just got done with this bitch in the bedroom, all yours if you're keen"
I mean, I just don't get. I had 2 one night stands and both were awkward. Best sex I've had is with my current long-term partner. But I guess life and priorities are different for people at the top.

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Not naming her, I'll probably get a letter from her shit team that spends all day scanning the Internet for this putrid, toxic, cunt's shit pics. Ugly as sin irl.

A walking trash can of botched plastic surgery, insecurity, a god complex attitude, and is hated by everyone. Her car gets constantly vandalized in her complex. Rumored to have HSV2.

This chick seems to love old Jewish men. She can't be bothered by influencers and athletes, she wants old dudes on their death beds with millions. A total cunt and a half to work with. Even her own firm bitched non stop to us about her. She has a court case for attacking another influencer because she was getting more compliments than her on an IG live stream. Lies about her parents having COVID and other shit.

Another toxic cunt that fucks old rich guys day in and day out. Don't have much other dirt aside her boomer kill count is around 800+ (verified by a trusted source). She never has to work a day in her life.

If anyone wants to read some funny ass shit with social media thots and influencers, check

If anons want a few more, I'll do some but Ill wait and see before I post more.

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Because you're not a drug addict (sex addict). These people literally have no souls and try to fill their void with shit like that.

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Fantastic find
I wonder if emily fucked ben Affleck when she was in the movie with him....gone girl I think it was called?

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i'll take another if you're offering. also is this bubble poppable? what will it take?

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quit posting trannys

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Keep it coming it's hilarious.

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>is this bubble poppable?
Unemployment is going through the roof. Pic related is how influencers are being affected lol.

You’re going to need something sharp as fuck to pop it. I can go on about that for days honestly but it grows stronger than you can imagine by the day honestly.

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we get another $6 trillion stimulus bill

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Give it a rest, retard.

>Demi Rose?
I’ve heard a few things. Common one is she is harder than a bean bag full of dried Play-Doh. She’s legit more silicone than human but let me get a good story from a coworker and I’ll just screen shot the text. He’s worked with her in past projects but I don’t know much about her honestly. She has a lot of hype and is making a ton of money though. Another 6 figures a month influencer from silicone.

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Sodom & Gomorrah. End times are very near.

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state mandated gfs? artificial wombs/lifelike sexbots/androids? the free market+internet doesn't seems only to further inflate the bubble, the skewer will have to be from outside one of those systems

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seems only to further inflate*

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That’s what gets you followers, Anon. You have to understand the mindset. Age, health, safety, the future, repercussions, none of that means fuck all to them. Just what gets likes, what gets followers, and what gets your PayPal overflowing. What gives you bigger and better brand deals and what guy can buy you G-Wagon instead of the guy that can only afford a 75k Benz for you to just be seen in and trash.

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live a little

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>Posted thots and confirmed stories in BAT threads for nearly a year
>gave this board sources to the unsourceable
>helped several anons break into the field in threads
>have replied to Anon’s emails, posted data figures in threads, and have helped about a half dozen anons get their social media to turn a profit
No time to LARP, lad. Shit is pathetic but I’m known around here and I’m always around here. Stop by a BAT thread or ask around, I supply this board with thot posts and social media Info and have for months. I’m verified

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I knew a girl who had a body kind of like hers once, was the worst lay of my life. I feel like these influencers must all be shitty in bed and rock hard from all the surgery.

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BAT threads do by far have the best brappers, can you post a pic of the best natty bod you can think of off the top of your head?

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Are you OK?

>> No.18240065

What’s your type? Like thicc natural, petite natural? I can’t promise I’ll post the best because I’d be picking for hours but I can post a few for you and other Anons if wanted.

I respect your take. You do know that PornHub and a lot of other sites are giving out free premium access and dudes are still simping up on Instagram and OnlyFans?

Agreed with them not being as pretty in person. Angie Varona is beautiful though and I can name a few. You will be disappointed 90% of the time though. I try to point out photoshop and other stuff to anons on the board, but you can’t teach coomers lol.

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i was gonna go off your taste but i like petite, more on the fit side, flat stomach and fat ass, tits can be anywhere on the spectrum

>> No.18240099

My condolences lol. Been there before myself. A big fake ass is 1 of the most uncomfortable and unpleasant things to experience sexually. I don’t care for fake tits, but at least they can be somewhat fun.

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You know the fake ass was actually interesting to be because there was enough natural cellulite in it to make it ripple in an unbelievable manner lol. Those kinds of women just don't even try in bed though because they always have dudes simping who will do the work for them.

Are any of these female influencers decent/normal human beings?

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Is this too thicc for you?

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God damn bro
What's your petite look like

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This is just some coomer making up fiction for the onlyfans he pays for

>> No.18240195

Post some good big natural tits on a skinny chick. I'm a man of simple tastes

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Also you got any gossip on Louisa Khovanski?

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See >>18239970
I don't make enough to post all of the pics and vids I've dropped for anons on /biz/. Like I said, I'm verified around here. My time is too valuable for me to play fanfic on 4channel.

Fitter than this? Going to play a bit of vidya but ill be responding and bumping in between. If you have a specific preference let me know and ill post a few more. I have some webms I can dig through as well.

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no that is excellent, thanks m8

>> No.18240295

Will get you on my next post.

>> No.18240307

Thanks. Also, >>18240156 is her ass real?

>> No.18240313

I’ll get a few more for you as well. Gotta show love to the BAT lads.

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Like this?

She's real. I can post a few more I have.

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KEK. I have the clip, its windy so cut her some slack. Ill have to compress it since 4chan has some shit webm limits.

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forgot sauce


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How does one get into this business?

>> No.18240696

Yea that's great

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She's a thicc ass latina. 90% chance they're natural. Still not as ridiculous as my favorite e girl. Pic related

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IIRC the nude ones aren't her

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What kind of experience do you have? I'm in Data & Analytics. If you have some coding experience you can get into that branch. It's pretty fun, all normie shit aside. Any Marketing experience goes a long way.
>Comp Sci
>Business Administration
just a few degrees that can get you started in the field if you have any.

For you, lad.

What's your pref? I'll take requests. Heading to bed soon so make it quick.

Her and her girlfriend Bunny Ayumi both aren't that hot. Average AT best and HEAVY with the Photoshop like you said. SSS just retired from modeling, her gf Bunny is a Twitch Streamer and still does shoots, but not nearly as many as she used to. Bunny Ayumi is Thicc, and not in a good way. She's pretty fat and dumpy looking.

>> No.18240855

Correct. The nudes aren't her, and thats a pretty bad match honestly. Looks nothing like her.

>> No.18240880

This one best one

>> No.18240932

>Hell, open an instagram, fuck some local hobby photographer in exchange for a photoshoot every week.

This is a wise Anon and is the norm. A shit ton of influencers fuck photographers and date them. Angie Varona is dating a photographer of hers and dumped the sugar daddy dude she had out of nowhere.

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Sorry OP for fucking up your thread lol.

If you want to see more thots, I post them in every BAT thread, legit every thread almost. Stop by and drop your requests or fill your folders. If you have any social media related questions, I'll answer those too. Back to phone posting so no braps/thots unless I dig up something on there.

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Good fucking taste

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>>Comp Sci
>>Business Administration
Which one is the best path to getting sucked off by insta thots?

>> No.18241489

Scroll through the thread for 5 seconds.

>> No.18241508

I highly doubt you could beat up yourself, let alone a woman, kid.

>> No.18241536

See >>18239277
Nudes are fake btw but here’s a drop another anon provided.

Anything that’s not data related. 90% of the time I’m with an influencer, it’s in a meeting. Any degree that’s business related can get you in and move you up the ladder to have the pull and position to get them. I’d recommend Marketing or Business Administration. I always thought Communication degrees were useless, but you can get some comfy jobs with that. PR being one

>> No.18241588

I’d recommend it but you need to put in a lot more work than you realize. You need a lot of clout too. You need to be damn good at pictures and you need big connections meaning you need to be an influencer yourself in a lot of ways. You know how many fledgling noob photographers are out there trying to take pics of influencers?

If you’re dreaming about snapping pics and fucking every influencer your shoot, you need a lot more than a good camera and some good angles. A lot of photographers in the game are nobodies taking pics of nobodies.

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Forgot to add your editing needs to be on point if you’re planning to do it yourself. Virtually every pic is edited and needs to be done well. You need to be a better editor than a photographer honestly.

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Her real insta is matiimarronii

>> No.18241713

I was for years and it was some of the happiest and most calm moments of my life. Shit is poison and will rot you to the very core of your soul.

>> No.18241721

Best gang

>> No.18241755

>I think these insta thots are to blame lolll
Pretty much. You can be the best photographer in the world, but no decent sized influencer is going to give you the time of the day to take their pic if you have 5k followers and don’t know anyone. There’s a lot of literal shit photographers at the top too. It’s fucking amateur hour but they’re in every big party and on top of their networking.

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kek at pic rel

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omg I want a titcow gf NOW!!!!

>> No.18242480

Why is your shirt still on? Why wouldn’t you want to feel those giant sweater dicks on your bare skin? Hit the gym if self conscious

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and this


basically global capitalist crisis

>> No.18242537

What kind of firm works on "projects" with simple cam whores, photography firm?

>> No.18242621

point me in the right direction for these type of influencers or thots that are 9/10 or 10/10's that do scat play. money is not an issue

>> No.18242622


>> No.18242626

cuddling skin on skin gets kinda clammy, last night I was the one with a shirt and she had the pants

>> No.18242730

based thread

LINK holders will become the new Dubai sheikhs inshallah

>> No.18242912

well, we go zimbabwe very quickly. also this thread is pretty gold.

>> No.18243433

10/10 side boob, I know I'm 3 hrs late but if you're still here, you got any more?

>> No.18243478

All you're showing is how fast the bubble is inflating. I use one app that I see thots on all the time, and I will say they seem desperate as fuck lately posting shit like "$50 for lifetime membership to my snap!" when it used to be bucks every month. Every bubble pops, and with every bubble there's a shitload of people like yourselves screaming about why this bubble is different and never going to pop. More and more thots become unemployed, more and more thots coming online, more and more thots losing market share to support themselves, more and more thots hit the streets.

>> No.18243588

please buy at least some bitcoin so you don't neck yourself. just $5 will do for the love of God don't be retarded

>> No.18243612

what is BAT thread?

>> No.18243775

Wow is that you Trump? The Donald shitting on my biz? Wow very cool! Just bought more stocks thanks for the tip!

There are record levels of debt that people and corporations are now falling behind on. Businesses will be going bankrupt left and right, consumers will have no cash to spend to get the economy going.

>> No.18243898


Just print 20 trillion, who cares

>> No.18245224

Fat fucking disgusting cow. Her minge must be stinking. Jesus you yanks are horrendous

>> No.18245392

print more money until to economy goes up again for another 10 years

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Please ignore this pillock. He probably has Irish heritage, hence his hate of buttocks.

>> No.18246049

it really won't but let's pretend it does to make you feel better.

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