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RSR big dick checking in.

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How much to make it?

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CertiK is probably working on the audit as we speak. This means that version 2.0 of the App is closer than we're being told (probably with good reason). My advice is to stock up on as much RSR as you can. Do it however you want, accumulate slowly, quickly, DCA it doesn't matter just buy RSR.

This virus is going to expose a lot of corruption in these third world shitholes that will barely make it through. Even with all the brrrr memes the Dollar will continue to become stronger since most of the money is being used to buy up real world assets while other countries are just printing money and giving it away for free the U.S is actually investing and "buying the dip". Not saying there aren't risks with this strategy but the dollar will become stronger.

Here's what I think will happen in the near future with RSV (1-2 year timeline). Reserve is targeting countries that are already having inflation and as the USD becomes stronger and other fiat currencies becomes weaker these countries will make it illegal for their citizens to buy Dollars directly (look at Argentina) out of fear that it will crash their economies, because it will. This means that people will be stuck dealing with inflation without any way to legally on-ramp into something else. In comes Reserve, they can offer people a safe way to swap out of their local currencies in two ways, the first way is to on-ramp directly with the App, and the second way is to accept direct deposits from employers or from family in the form of remittances and then hold the payment(s) in the App and convert it into local currencies as needed. As more people realize that they can semi-legally move into a more stable currency (with the same value as the dollar) as a way to combat inflation/hyperinflation they will opt to do this and begin to find ways to pay directly with the App instead of having to constantly move funds between different currencies.

Buy tons of RSR anon, you'll thank me later.

- Big Brain Anon

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schizo post

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fuck off satsgang pajeets
fuck off with your pump and dump scams

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This pump and dump group was established early in the crypto days and is still fully operating now. Their main goal is to identify low market cap cryptocurrencies that they’re able to shill on social media with the goal of driving up the price at a fast pace after accumulating the bottom theirselves. How do they do that?

1) They identify low liquidity cryptocurrencies with criterias for shilling potential and use bots to accumulate at the lowest possible price. The low liquidity is necessary for exponential pumps.
2) Create numerous copy-pastas and image files that they will use relentlessy to spam for months
3) They figure out the roadmap for the next months to try to identify possible announcements (signal to go all in with the spam). The fundamental value of the announcements are typically blown out of proportion to seem like huge deals, even though most of the times they’re not. For that, they will create extra 20-30 accounts to seem like it’s organic excitement by early adopters.
4) When coordinated spam efforts start to gain heights, they will go on TG and discord groups begging people to keep holding and market buying. If they realize there are no more announcements in the horizon, they will start planning the dump. For that, they’ll go to TG and discord groups telling people to keep holding, even though the price is dropping fast. A typical way to do that is telling things like „weak hands are getting shaken out“, „sellers deserve to stay poor“ etc.

Currently they are actively working on: DAG, RSR, COTI, OCEAN, CHR

Most well known satsGang members and their alt accounts are: Bitcoin Brown, Lucky, Headroom, _RN03xx_, Denny Da Rocket, /tiktok47, Bazerka, FauxPho, Adouble212, Steven Toast, Johny Zcash, Rufys, Tyler Durden, vito, Braggo, Jonny Reid, Bread Bongo, Johnny etc., but there are hundreds more.

Nowadays they hang out in public TG groups like

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Small brain copypasta.

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Why didn’t you list Peter Thiel, the head of satsgang??

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Good post. Thank you

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First they ignore you.
Then they FUD.
Then they buy at 1$
Then you become rich.

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