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Almost 116k holders now. This has been going up by 500-1000 per day. We’re looking at 250-300k holders by EOY if we continue at this current pace.

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$1k eoy is not a meme

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i have 189k link in 15 diff wallets. i know many people with much more in 20+ wallets.

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Wow now I'm only down 70%! Thanks retards!

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>calls other people retards when he bought at the top

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All my Linkies are in Binance...

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>more accounts = more bagholders
>more bagholders good

This is your brain on chainlink

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>buys the top like a retard
>thanks retards

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>whore becomes manager of a few million $ of chainlinks war chest
>pump 2600 sats the following day after 2 weeks of LINKBTC crabbing

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bots, anon. people said the same thing about AION when it was $1. now it's $0.05. enjoy your year of bleed.

Just Buy Kleros (c)

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I really hope you're joking

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there will be no humans left to be jurors at the rate of this virus, anon

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Well if retards weren't spamming about "Its going to 1000" I wouldn't have boughy

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not coping, just commenting on how nothing makes sense, but i'll take it

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It’s as if that whore has nothing to do with chainlink, you know, since she works at a different fucking company

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she manages 300M in BTC for celcius, chainlink depostied millions of $ in BTC and ETH with celcius for returns, if her title reflects her actual duties, then she will at least partly be responsible for originating loans with those funds, that is something to do with chainlink

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You’re just a retard that fell for the fud

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jessica clearly pumped link out spite you moron. Her insta got raided, her families got emailed her porn and ahe spent all day aruging as jane doe on twitter

shes pumping LINK to fuck with us

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She is trying to prove us wrong.
Is she, dare I say it /ourgirl/ ?

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her account size, chainlinks deposit, and her title/presumed duties are all easily verifiable information, the only speculation is that she will be in control of those funds, i do not think she will be because it seems pretty likely that she sold her holes for an empty title considering she went from designing shoes to managing $300M in BTC only 2 years out of college, and she shot a porno with her real name, im still all in but this is ridiculous

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dyor retard

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As usual, tech illiterate Chainstink toddlers don't know what's going on. Sergey shards tokens through literally hundreds of fresh accounts to mask his dumping trail, most of these have residuals as low as decimal places of a single token. Do you actually think that at least 500 people are buying your token for the first time, every day? 95% of all network activity is just Sirgay moving tokens to disposable shard wallets. Then retards like you come along thinking its people accumulating. He's been doing it even more since being exposed, and then more once I told him I had info on him. Instead of letting up he's actually making things worse because he's a dumb pseud.

>she works at a different fucking company
>she works
Do you actually believe she even does anything? Celsius is probably just another scam company with fake activity. How else do you explain them hiring a 24 year old shoe designer former prostitute to manage their funds?

>You’re just a retard that fell for the fud

Having your company's 300 million dollars in funds managed by a 24 year old prostitute that did a GDP porno who didn't know what she was studying at university isn't FUD. You really seem to hate reality. You are in an indefensible position. There is a point where trying to argue your stance will just make you look dumb. You don't have to. The winning move for you is to not play.

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That’s why you don’t fall for the gaslighting and shilling.

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Blasphemous kike using Jesus to shill his Jewish scam coin

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This latest scandal has done it for me. I’ve endured 2 years of sybil fud, toilet fud, JSON parser memes, fake google pnd, 700k dumps, literal dump to zero, fake partnerships (looking at you MOAB), the same slides over and over, stiff competition arriving (BAND, Tellor, UMAprotocol). I’ve endured it all, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The Link dream is dead friends. We will go down in history as one of the most epic meme campaigns, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all, I wish you all good luck.

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>expecting me to read all that garbage
Can I fucking help you?

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All of my linkies are on jewbase

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meme coin

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$1K link = loaf of bread

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But you kept spamming 24/7 that people should buy LINK. Now you're making fun of him? It's as if you're a bunch of shilling street shitters.

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>only buy 11 LINK
>don't have to worry about losing 25 bucks
>if it hits bitcoin levels I make 60 grand
>if it hits $100 I still make $1,100
>mfw people invest their life savings in this which leads them to constantly stressing out everyday while i sit back and take virtually no risk

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Fuck that stupid whore that cant decide if she wants everyone to watch her getting fucked by a stranger or not!

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Based detective anon BTFO’s ponzimarines for the 1000th time and the retards can’t even think of anything to say other than the omegaCOPE of drns
Best trip on all of 4chan no joke

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If you're not legit and are a fudder, you would hope that everyone takes your claims for face value and don't investigate them any further. If you're legit, then you'd gladly show us the transaction evidence of this "sharding". Well, go on.