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have fun gossiping about porn stars retards

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i won't do that either!

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Feeling comfy with my 10k stack frens. Though I wish I would have bought more when I could

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What about that time machine you have that runs on Doritos?

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how high do you think it will go?

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It’s down the 4% today retards

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I actual hold both ubt and link and believe ubt will be worth more. Linkies were right about link being a necessary part of the blockchain system they just weren’t right about the value it generates. Ubt provides much more value with fewer tokens

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Lol I called this yesterday. With the death of link the only other low market cap coin to pump is UBT

UBT should be easier to pump because it's an actual project with an actual product and progresses.

Microsoft and ID2020 teams with unibright welcome to the rabbit hole 4chan

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You know, I love that! EAT SHIT BIZ!!! Made me laugh! Thanks m8. Now go crawl back under some rock before I annihilate u ;)

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"the fewer tokens are available on the market."

hell yea brothers Unibroght 10kEOY2021

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I bought $60k of this trash during the ICO and sold it on day 1 during the pump. Never looked back. Surprised that pajeets with bags are still shilling this

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Are you that new? This is not about paneers with bags this is not about anything really... other than facts. And the facts are that *oh* look around* it is HAPPENNG. I did not do it. Whoever did. They have a goal in mind check it you faggot! Do you even understand what awaits us all soon? Dumb faggot?

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Ok, everything will happen XD

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