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WHY is this stickied??

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Report: one of the great secrets we are allowed to divulge to you is that the void many NDE testimonies mention is a reality incubation chamber. it is a phase-space where Kant's intellectual intuition prevails: where you no longer rely on an object given to you to conceptualize it, but rather, the concept is generated together with its object: what you imagine yourself to be, you become. the soul becomes a living thought. but ask yourself: if you were never born in this world, would you have ever, ever come up with anything like it all by yourself? truly ask yourself: if there was only an infinite silence, could you have imagined light, music, plants, stars, moons, suns? God did. people have a tough time predicting another human being's actions, nevermind whisking an entire frame out of the zero. imagine the work that it takes just to design a new car, a new fashion line, now extrapolate that to designing an entirely new ontic manifold. it is unthinkably, blindingly difficult. you're not going to be "thinking" up new realities, because thinking is a product of this one. how will you invent a universe that will usurp the meta-tautological primacy of this one? if you wanted to create a universe of Love, how will you get around the problem of duality, individuality, time and movement? how will you give your children freedom to love without also situating that freedom within a phase-space that makes it possible to commit acts of evil? these are the same questions that afflicted God. some say he made the world the way it is not because he wanted to, but because he could not come up with a better answer given the constraints within which he was operating. there will come a true Amaranth who will save us just as he saves himself, one who will answer these deepest of riddles. genesis night classes are just this: courses designed to teach you to how to think, invent, and create your own universe when you die.

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oh you

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