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>he thinks they hired her for non-porno related skills

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>do porn
>fuck yourself into a good job position
>publicly comes out you did porn
>back to doing porn

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All women are whores

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who? quick summarty?

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Jessica Khater
Pornostar and Head of Institutional Lending at Celsius Network

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thats a men

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>there are people on /biz/ right now who dumped their life savings into LINK

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They're the ones managing millions for Chainlink.

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She's on forbes for top 30 under 30. She also has literally 2 years of experience and was hired straight from undergrad with a bachelors and now manages 300m+ in assets.

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Women live life on tutorial mode

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New Fud for Chainlink, this will die down in a week

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The fact that she is on forbes 30 under 30 shows she has learnt that dick sucking pays off

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what's chainlink?

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To be fair, a desire for money and subversion is in her genes.

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A sexual position involving cucked individuals

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fuck this gay earth. i was only good for an entry position with 2 years of experience + undergrad.

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she showed her true talents at the job interview

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so does she have a porn name or what, cant find her with her real one

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this is bullish for erc-20

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why did you post a frog?

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what did ((they)) mean by this ?

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She absolutely fucked her way into her job and probably doesn't even do the work herself.

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link is literally pumping right now

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So do you guys think she sucked Sergey's cock during interview?

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shes based honestly. And now the feminist mainstream will cheer her aswell, she can't lose at this point.

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finally thank you

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calling bullshit. You're trying to save face for stinky linky.

Someone post proof that she was fired or it didn't happen.

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for sure

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more like 30 dicks under 30 amirite

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pornstar name?

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Sergey Nazarov

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>Patriarchy, oppression

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serious question: are women not allowed to have sex for money and still acquire other jobs they are qualified for? You claim to be capitolists but seem to want to keep women to only certain jobs and certain incomes even though people believe she is qualified enough to pay her a salary for her job. why would they do that and they know about her passed so its not like they are being tricked. Why do YOU have a problem. honest question

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"what's your major"
"uummm like business, marketing or finance, i don't know anymore i forget tee hee"

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Do you need to ask? 80% of this board and website are bitter and seething virgin incels

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Well, for one this reflects a deep problem with critical thinking skills and foresight, and gives rise to the belief that she didn't earn her position on the basis of merit. No self respecting career woman is out doing porn with a couple of scammers.

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git fucked on camera for millions to watch, just to make a quick buck, was a shitty idea
>are women not allowed to have sex for money and still acquire other jobs they are qualified for
they are, but others are also allowed to look down on you for it and mock you for choosing to show something that is private between two people, publicly

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But the argument has been that it wasnt a scam and that the women knew what they were getting into. Can no one who has done porn be considered a trustworthy, successful person? why do you think that is not possible, and only for not possible for women? explain the logic because i do can not grasp the understanding

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>P-please sir, just an ounce of chainy

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Why do bosses give jobs to roasties?
A high end hooker is surely cheaper?

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>qualified for
How exactly was she qualified? She earned a bachelor's for a field she forgot the names of. Now she's the head of institutional lending at Celsius. Makes you wonder how she earned her degree. It's not a perfect goody-two-shoes world faggot. A lot of corruption going around that is sometimes solely centered on sex

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>Porn busines

Choose one faggot

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it is not public you have to go specific pronographic websites. what does it matter if men behind frogs look down, do not they only see the floor of the basement when they do

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>Can no one who has done porn be considered a trustworthy, successful person?

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how can you take part it something everyday as the coomer and yet not consider the people on the other end valid. They are profiting. money intheir pocketbook. you only have coomer fluid on your stomach. i trust you less when it comes to business

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>On the internet
>Not public

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fucking wew lad
Does this mean she'll go back to doing porn? I hope she does.

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Projecting coomer?

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>specific pronographic websites
like a famous well known production company that has produced hundreds if not thousands of videos ?
you have sacrificed your privacy and exposed something that most people keep in their own home to the public.
displaying your sexuality for a few bucks is considered indecent, but you didnt really care, did you ?
your choice, your consequence, jessica.

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This latest scandal has done it for me. I’ve endured 2 years of sybil fud, toilet fud, JSON parser memes, fake google pnd, 700k dumps, literal dump to zero, fake partnerships (looking at you MOAB), the same slides over and over, stiff competition arriving (BAND, Tellor, UMAprotocol). I’ve endured it all, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The Link dream is dead friends. We will go down in history as one of the most epic meme campaigns, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all, I wish you all good luck.

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Peter North, Alex Daddarrio, Vigo Mortenson, Ron Jeremy, Rooney Mara, Tom Hardy? These are not people you think are successful? They have let themselves be filmed nude for entertainment. I could list many more you have probably been the coomer to them all

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>Can no one who has done porn be considered a trustworthy, successful person
oh yes, its just that trustworthy and successful people never have to resort to porn
people who willingly do porn are either stupid and ignorant or are forced into it

but the take of an actual pornstar on that is much more worth than the opinion of some random stranger
doing porn fucked up her life beyond belief, even if she is one of the few who managed to make some significant bucks out of it

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trustworthy to give a good head and successful in milking my cum

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>They have let themselves be filmed nude for entertainment.
nude isn't porn, you fucking mongol

>I could list many more you have probably been the coomer to them all
stop projecting, coomer

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>Search for a word
>Learn to pronounce
>of or concerning the people as a whole.
>"public concern"
>done, perceived, or existing in open view.
>"he wanted a public apology in the Wall Street Journal"
>widely known
>in circulation
>ordinary people in general; the community.
>"the library is open to the public"

I have not emailed your mom sex videos. She can not even go to public library to find it unless use computer to get in trouble be searching bad area of internet. People have to seek it out. These women make profit you all do not make profit, i think they are better at business. I would hire them Yes i would trust them. they seem to know dollars versus dudes and their desires. Everyone who is reacting negatively most be really scared that they're wallets can be emptied by their desires. Sad.

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Are you serious? They are actors by trade? Hell even some actors won't do nude scenes. Are you genuinely comparing successful actors to an under qualified wealth manager in charge of multimillions of crypto assets?

That shows very VERY poor judgement and critical thinking and decision making. In what world do successful women make porn like that when they don't want a career in it.

What you did was hard porn for cash. No one made you. It has consequences. Deal with it.

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No the argument is that most of these girls were idiots who willingly signed up with a couple of obvious scammers. Their front company had the most obvious "THIS IS A SCAM" name and model and they actually bought a verbal promise that it would only be shown to a mysterious Australian billionaire. She didn't even make money off of this, she's a cock gobbler for the world to see and they kicked like $1k her way. It bears terribly on her decision making.

I consider most of these girls poor idiots for thinking this was a good idea, their lack of morals aside. You don't want a poor idiot in any leadership position... anywhere.

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>Can no one who has done porn be considered a trustworthy, successful person?

nah lol

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She went 3-0 in MMA

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>you have to go specific pronographic websites
Like /biz/? lmao

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Ok so either you agree that she was duped and made a mistake and now has proven to her employers her qualifications and respectability because they hired her. Are you saying people can't learn from there mistakes?


If you claim she was not duped then you realzie she is a good business women and knows how to make money. Either way she is respected by people in their community. You probably havent left your house to see people you would consider friends in weeks. Embarassing, no?

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Not fired, btw ;)

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Sergey had nice moves back then in 2004


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>Yes, goy, the chans are just the dregs of society. Ignore everything said there and consoom our media

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How is this what you gathered from what I said? People can learn from their mistakes, but your mistakes are still taken into account on your resume. This wasn't that long ago. And I'm clearly saying she's a terrible business woman, she put her butthole on the internet for millions to see for all time for a couple grand at max. That's a terrible ROI.

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>then you realzie she is a good business women and knows how to make money

Looks here rosbif, nobody is arguing that whores don't make way more per hour than men. But if you're waiting for any MAN here to give a WHORE anything other than WHORE treatment, you'll be waiting a long time motherfucker

Thinslice yourself and get the fuck out, take your stupid tits with you

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Are you her boyfriend or something?

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He's pretty fucking fast, I'm glad he's CEO

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Her Linkedin is hilarious

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lets approach your bullshit step by step
>Everyone who is reacting negatively most be really scared that they're wallets can be emptied by their desires
broad generalization and projection
>u must be scared
no im having a laugh jessicas stupidity. im not scared at all, promise :^)
>I have not emailed your mom sex videos
but there are no sex videos of my mom because shes not a filthy degenerate and has common decency.
>People have to seek it out
majority of the websites on the internet are porn websites. her video can be found on the biggest porn platforms, wouldnt call that "hidden" by any stretch of the imagination.
>These women make profit
by selling something that should be in private by common decency ?
is 700 $ really worth it ? i dont think so.
>you all do not make profit
how would you know ? and how does that matter ? how is this relevant for the discussion ? i dont think it is.
>i think they are better at business
females that do porn make a absolutely terrible business choice.
>I would hire them
great, you should do so then. many others wont. dont try to force your opinions on others, how about that ?
>i would trust them
someone that likely is not even trusting themselves ? someone that cant even take a sensible approach to their own sexuality ? who are you trying to convince here ? yourself ?

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Oh yes so she did it in secret, nobody knows about it at all, top secret stuff

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>the chans are just the dregs of society.
Objectively true lmao

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Is Breaking Bad the show public or not? I have to seek it out on Netflix

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when you are 20 and studying economics and finance, why are you making amateur porn movies of the worst kind?
for what reason?
maybe you don't even know what you're studying for...

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Hahahahahaahahaha whore btfo

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nice dubs
lurking on le chonz is not going to do well for your sanity, jessica
you wont be able to defend yourself in every thread created and you also will hardly be able to convince people to not have a laugh at your expense
my advice : dont stay here, you are not doing your sanity a favour

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>80% of this board and website are bitter and seething
true when speaking about society aswell
>virgin incels
sucking dick doesn't mean you got laid bro.

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Like, the worrying thing is, apart from your history, is that you're responding to all this. You're making poor decisions currently based off an emotional response to your previous poor decision making. You're verifying that lack of your merit is evident.

For those who weren't judging you on your past, they are suddenly judging you now. You sound 17 years old.

Being a whore is the world's oldest profession, and has always been shameful. You can put whatever label on it, or whatever excuse you want on it, but you performed sexual acts for money. You're a whore.

Also people haven't left their houses in weeks because the world is on lockdown? Are you seriously asking such stupid questions. Also don't underestimate coming here; its not anons with no impact in the world. Since 2017, there has been a huge influx of normies etc. who will share this info that will absolutely end up in your circle.

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