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I'm an recruiter at an IT service company and they laid off half of our international team today (not including me). I'm scared bros. The impacts are getting closer.

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So what dude I've already had well over 20 jobs and only 26 learn to stop being such a fag

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Why would an IT company cut staff in these times? Does your company sell computers to waitresses or something?

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they sell computers to nobody right now

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>our international team
pajets and chinks btfo

and daddy fuhrer trump has made it harder to hire those shitskins back. this was his plan all along

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Only our back office is concerned as far as I know, the technicians are safe.
We're an outsourcing company for on-site client/hardware/network support. We also signed quite a few deals recently so we will need recruiters once all this garbage blows over. Never been in management though, it seems like a purely short term cost saving move.

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Actually yeah. The least affected countries are the US, South Africa and Germany. India, the UK and Eastern Europe got hit badly though.

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Just lost my job.

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Sorry to hear. What's your field, and how are your prospects?

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Where is the 40$ scab work

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be giant multinational:
>play international finance arbitrage. outsource jobs to remote areas for cheap wagies
>global pandemic hits, central banks only paying for local employees
>suddenly ranesh = total dead weight
>rapidly unwind globalism and become centered again on nationstate

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Service company freelance job

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