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You're going to work, right? You're going to work tomorrow, right? You're helping the economy out, right?

Don't want to have to call your boss or anything... just saying...

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They didn’t kill him for not going to work anon. He probably pulled out a gun and threatened the police.

You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes? He was probably at the end of his rope

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There's a link to a news article in the replies to the tweet, although it doesn't seem to have any more relevant information.


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the very measured way in which the police spox talked makes me think they realize they fucked up.

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well actually yeah there was that guy in maryland a couple weeks ago. he was asleep when they killed him.

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They actually killed him for not going to work. He didnt own a gun.

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Wagies that go AWOL deserve to be shot, tbph...

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His boss said he was armed.

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What race?

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Here's another fun article about calling welfare checks on your neighbour.

>A neighbor had called a non-emergency police line minutes before saying that he wanted someone to make sure that Jefferson and her nephew were okay after seeing their open door so late in the evening. When police arrived, they walked around the outside of the home instead of announcing themselves at the front door, and one officer fired his weapon at a window shortly after entering the home’s backyard, striking and killing Jefferson in the process.

If you want somebody tell, just call the cops and tell them your neighbour might be sick. They'll go over there and make sure he isn't sick any more.

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>be american
>miss work day
>get shot

Such is the life in the land of the free.

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>unknown armed assailants bang on your door screaming "DIS IS DA POLICE"
>you know for a fact the police have no reason to bother you and that you've done nothing illegal
>bring a weapon just in case

Fuck cops

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>Somalian refugee neighbors playing their jungle beats at 3 am
>Call the police on them
>Police come and tell them to turn it down
>They do


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the is some bukowski shit

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Probably brown, so it's okay. Ignore white people who gets lit up by the police, those are just necessary casualties for non-whites getting shot as well.

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Ham on Rye is still one of the best books I have ever read. I’ve been recommending it for over nine years now

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Your neighbors are going to fuck with you so hard if they find out you called the cops on them

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maybe that'll teach those lazy bums not to wait for welfare checks

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Project zeyphr death squads. Did his neighbour post anti Semitic memes on a Mongolia Basket weaving forum by any chance?

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>You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?
Yes. People become cops because they want power over others. They're all psychopaths.

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>wagies get killed for not going to work during a pandemic

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>You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?

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>You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?
I'd imagine a decent amount of them probably do. Still unlikely tho.

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Yes. We gave some of the dumbest and most violent among us guns and suits. Then, as a sick practical joke, we told them to keep the peace. Hilarious.

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>alrighty then come inside can I see an ID btw?
>just kidding fool thx for opening your door
This is why you should have grated windows and a strong metal door with a good camera and speaker.

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This was some time ago and they ended up getting evicted

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we (cops) don't shoot whites
he probably did something niggery

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Some cops are very quick to pull the trigger. Any sudden sound or movement can be construed as a threat to their life. If you're lucky, you won't encounter those cops that have a very loose definition of what "threatening" means.

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In some parts it's downright absurd

>Every cop in one Alaska city has a domestic violence record — including the chief, a shocking new investigation into lax hiring standards at police departments throughout the state has revealed.
>Understaffed, low-paying departments across the state are so desperate for new recruits that dozens of convicted criminals are now serving as cops, the Anchorage Daily News reported.
>In the small city of Stebbins, which pays officers $14 an hour, all seven cops have pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges in the past decade, according to the report.

>“Am I a cop now?” a sex offender and convicted car thief and drunk driver named Nimeron Mike recalls thinking after the Stebbins police department hired him a day after he filled out his application. “It’s like, that easy?” he remembers wondering.
>Mike’s record included a conviction for choking a woman unconscious in an attempted sexual assault, the investigation found.

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I think this is the story if anyone is interested


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Oh it was already posted 1000x
I am a retard

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blue lives matter is a psyop

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I've got a reckless driving conviction for going 30 in a 25 with a .065BAC, but that's more of how politicians use force than anything I did. I always take convictions with a tablespoon of salt now because of it, they probably do that a lot - make shit up because they know 90+% of cases never go to trial and, if they do, they'll stack the jury with the usual crowd anyway. That's why I'm now the sole member of the 24/7 surveillance party. Applied uniformly the truth gets out. Either way, I always take great comfort in knowing God sees everything. Vengeance is always His.

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the killings are supposed to happen during the night in project zphyr, no?

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What's stopping you from calling the cops to do a welfare check on the neighbor that you hate? Or file a noise complaint against your neighbor and telling the cops he's armed? You have a 50% chance of getting rid of them for good.

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If it was just the DUI it wouldn't be an article. Dude's a car thief for fuck's sake.

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It's called SWATing

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I don't disagree that law enforcement is totally fucked. They use the 10-20% of actual crime they deal with to cover up the rest which is revenue generation for the state and corruption.

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A welfare check isn't swatting. You're not falsely reporting a crime.

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>Here's another fun article about calling welfare checks on your neighbour.
Is this posted from the future?
Or is this from Australia / New Zealand?
Do police in Australia go around murdering people?

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Why would they be cops if they don't want to shoot random people in their homes? That would be like a programmer who doesn't want to sit in front of a computer. It is literally what they do all day.

Nothing wrong with shooting random people. Stop shaming the police.

A little bit of car theft and shocking women during rape has never hurt anyone.

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lol imagine being american and getting shot for not going to work , MUH FREEDUMS

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Except this has happened to many people who got swatted thanks to "welfare checks" and because of Doxing

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I can't tell whether the neighbors or the cops are a bigger cancer.
Seriously, who cares if your neighbor has their door open?
Stupid busy bodies

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>Hello, police? Yes, I can't seem to get in touch with one of my tenants. I usually hear from him around the first of every month and I'm becoming very concerned for his welfare. Could someone stop by to check on them? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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Even if he did he would be justified. He has every right to have a gun in his own home, unless he opened fire on Police they have no reason to shoot him.

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lmao that's fucking hilarious

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more like a farewel check

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Every few months there's a story about how someone called the police for help calming down their autistic child. This is a common result.

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>be american
>don't go to work
>get shot

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>You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?

i don't know how it works where you're from, but in america the only people who become cops are those that are absolute failures in life

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Wow you commie shills are hitting this hard. This guy was probably about to go AWOL you know how busy corona virus has made some industries?

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>police terror

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They make 400k with overtime in major cities. Thisis failure to you?

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kek'd and jewpilled

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>called the cops
>instead of calling the employee
What the fuck

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Spotted the piggie

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only in murrica...
but after this everyone will think thrice to call in a welfare check. which was probably the point. the officers will be found innocent of course.

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Wagie are you ok? Are you ok wagie?

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>Hating our boys in blue who sacrifice their very lives to keep you and me safe...
What the fuck is wrong with you...they're everyday heroes...and with all the criminals and terrorists around these days it's their right to take precautions...

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Must be nice to be American

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i never heard about a man being shot for no reason by the police in my country. so based on that your cops are fucking insane because it's a daily occurrence. not to mention people shot to death by cops i don't even remember it ever happening.

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A lot of it is racial. White Americans are scared to death of black people.

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Haha must've confused with a "farewell check"
classic mistake honestly
they really should come up with a different name for police sanctioned assassinations

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>You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?

I'm friends with some cops. They heavily implied that they look forward to the opportunity to pull the trigger on "scumbags".

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They shot the boss for being worried about his employee? This sucks.

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>what 19 year olds actually believe

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Kys tranny

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Lmao imagine being a burger. At any point the jews can jew you, the niggers can nig you and the police can shoot you.

God bless America!

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i wish i could say no but these days cops actually do go around shooting people for no reason.

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starting new job tomorrow.

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How do you even write that? Maybe if we weren't overrun by niggers, spics and illegals I'd give them a round of applause, but they're worthless cocksuckers.

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With all this time off larping is up 1000%

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As they should be. They rape and murder in large numbers.

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>be american
>get shot

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Having a 10x higher chance of robbing or murdering you than other races can do that for people with pattern recognition

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>you think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?
I know for a fact that some cops want to, yes. That is the reason they became cops.

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>It's their right to shoot before a threat is detected and get paid to do so, even when they break the law and trespass without declaring themselves.
Should I call the cops on you and say "idk if he's armed or not" so you get to see what being innocent yet suspicious to police(avg iq <90 statistically, because they have incentive not to hire high iq people that question stuff)

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this. there's a 911 recording of an old man in texas who ventilates a couple of daytime burglars who were in his neighbor's house. either be a good neighbor and do something or mind your own fucking business.

also, if you call the cops first instead of your neighbor then you aren't really a neighbor, just the stranger who lives next door. again, mind your own fucking business

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what was his name?

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> “He was a talented, smart guy. Super nice. Didn’t deserve to get shot,” said Samuel Reid, whose Canadian software company employed Lemp as an independent contractor.
>Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj, 24, of Fairfax, Virginia, said he met Lemp in 2016 and bonded with him over their shared interest in cryptocurrency. They also talked about politics. He described Lemp as a libertarian who frequented the 4chan and Reddit message boards, sites popular with internet trolls.


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he was one of us guys one of us and the bastards shot him with no warning while asleep for posting a few pepes...


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>You think the cops want to go shooting random people in their homes?

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i can't post pics but fuck pigs seriously

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>buy extreme security measures
>to protect yourself from the cops
The absolute state of America lmfao

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>welfare check

bruh i'd call it a vibe check