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When no one is talking about crypto, what did you buy? I bought 32 ETH, planning to buy another 32 next week. Is 64 enough to make it?

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its a decent stack

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300 eth

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how does 64000 sound?

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eth will bleed after btc halvening, just like all other shitcoins, the big question will be when will eth start to scale. and the answer is probably somewhere 2021

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Smartest choice anon. I'm currently stacking up on Eth. Trying to get to 32 as well

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Do you think its the right time to buy right now? i was thinking about buying at 100-110

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Welcome to the real talk thread where everyone here knows their shit and no one is shilling.

Here is a fun drop anon Bill Gates plans to pair his ID2020 biometrics blockchain identity with his moderna vaccine. ID2020 is linked to Ethereum Enterprise Alliance via DIF.

Buy Ethereum the corpos love it. See my pic for a small list

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Moderna vaccine being cure for COV-19 dropping this fall with Ethereum 0 scaling fix

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Will have lower inflation than the cone

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I got $30k worth at $98.78 during the drop.

Felling ultra comfy.

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what does eth scaling even mean

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Kind of.
I'm waiting on that dip too.

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it means itll be able to handle crypto kitties when the normies come back

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I got my 32 ETH. Also filling up on ALGO, why not? They power whole god damn nations currency.

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means that when you send a transaction it won't cost anywhere from 2 to 50 cents and it won't take more than a minute

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here is a bit of advice: if your investments are something you have to encourage other people to buy, you are involved in a scam, and the sucker is you!

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accumulating more and more. this hungry little whale is eating all of the cheap eth

up to 10k now ^_^

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>could have had 10k eth if I sold it all at the top of 2017 and bought back the bottom
feels bad man

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ETH was 3 cents during ICO.

People paid $192 USD in 2015 for your current "make it" stack lmao

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32 ETH will set you up for life

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