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God, I’m so excited for you guys.

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>yet another literally who crypto “partnership”

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Me sending emails to my mom has more significant than this

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So the biggest crypto lender has now confirmed Link as the Oracle?
Another step foward

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the snowball grows

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>Under the new arrangement, Chainlink will also place a portion of its bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) crypto holdings under Celsius' treasury management service.
that sounds so scammy holy shit, 'please use our oracle and we'll put our cayman islands funds on your shitty platform"

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Checked. We will make it.

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> literally who
Girls Do Porn E349

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$1K BTC, no, it's not a meme. Enjoy! Buy some CKB as a hedge or BTFO

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"Celsius offers above market interest rate returns for cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, and has some $600 million in assets under management. Under the new arrangement, Chainlink will also place a portion of its bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) crypto holdings under Celsius' treasury management service."
Wtf did sergay buy a shit ton of btc and eth with ico money and dump money and then safe guard it so it can exit scam at any moment?. holy shit niggers

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If it makes it to 100 dollars I am selling instantly and will also

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here you can see litecoin did the same shit "make our wallet the default wallet and we'll give you a big share of our treasury", that's so desperate

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Hidden risks

Critics say this loan system obfuscates risks because borrowers don’t know which companies are involved in rehypothecation, or the practice of financial institutions redistributing clients’ collateral for money-making purposes.

“I don’t want anything to do with Bitfinex because I think they are too risky to do business with,” one anonymous Celsius user told CoinDesk. “Here I am thinking Celsius is a safer solution. As a user, I’d like to see more transparency from them about the risks.”

Lawson Baker, general counsel at security token platform TokenSoft, told CoinDesk he sees this lack of transparency as a red flag.

“With normal banks, you have public audits and know exactly what the funds are invested in,” Baker said. “Your risk is not just counterparty risk, it’s also the other counterparty, whatever the loan arrangement is there.”

However, Mashinsky cited security and business risks as the reason Celsius can’t publish full details about loans to external parties. Regardless of where the money goes after it is deposited with Celsius, he says the average Celsius user deposit is worth more than $33,048, with 30 percent of customers choosing to receive interest in CEL tokens.

“Our mission is to take as much of the profits as we can and give it back to our users,” Mashinsky said, adding:

“If you read our white paper, you’ll see we’re doing exactly what we promised two years ago. We didn’t pivot.”

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forgot pic

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UPDATE (Oct. 24, 20:00 UTC): While Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky initially said his firm was working with Polychain and Binance, both companies denied this after publication, and passages mentioning them have been removed.


whole thing is shady as shit, massive red flag

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>sex id
exit scam eoy

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lmao holy shit

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Yes, 1K EOY but cant even recover back to where it was when BTC was at 6200.


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>massive red flag
welcome to chainlink

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I can't believe this isn't a joke hahahah


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Holy fucking shit hahahaha based anon, you literally can’t make this shit up
>this is the leadership team

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I guess we know how she got this job and what her duties were kek

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at least we can look back and laugh at this when the scam unravels for good. can hardly believe this shit

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Am going to jail for 5-6 years and I own 15k Link.
How much will my stack be worth in 2026 bros ?

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reminds me of the holochain chick

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wow it's real, this just keeps getting better. crypto is such a joke


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fuck I hate this I was bullish on chainlink.. my link bags are fighting against my misogyny and I don't know what to do

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sell chainlink her favourite position is doggy

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Yes it certainly seems like the marketing intern helped herself in the back office jfc

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good on her, literally kneedpad her way to success
the biz way

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Literally got fucked into a scam the biz way

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Have the memes gone too far this time?

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20 y.o. girl did a porn and you are all crying meanwhile half the top tier US politicians and billionaires are literal pedophiles.

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Does your mom have 31k twitter followers?

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Excellent work comrades, this is absolute gold. Already got a few of our guys working on pastas. Keep it up, the cayman scammers and frogs are losing ground rapidly.

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Kek you or the girl?

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I don't get everybody's problem. If anyone asks on /biz/ how to make X dollars in a month, the first reply is almost always "Suck X/10 dicks for $10 a pop". She has shown real initiative and savvy.

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Took a loan & bought Link What do?

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Ah yes my fav kind of porn, where I get to imagine the shame.

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shut up, never selling

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That won't affect Chainlink at all, nolinker fag

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>Even since I was about 13 years old, I've worked in my family business to later finding myself easily adapting into any job that came my way. With my entrepreneurial upbringing, I successfully put myself through college and learned a wide range of skills along the way. Whether its the more creative side or analytical side to a business, I'm determined to succeed.

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>>18179126 —> >>18179886
You just know she randomly thinks back to that moment and cringes/shudders, always wondering if her coworkers have seen it or if they even really take her that seriously. Though at a >>18179491 Scam company like that maybe being a roastie with some, uh-hum, back office skills helps

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Just kidding. $1000 EOY

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Congrats on slutshaming guys. I see that you really live up to your toxicity reputation. Reminder that this is her body and she can do whatever she wants with it. You should not be judging. Rant over

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I'm not judging her, her blowjob skills are absolutely excellent.
I'm judging the coomer who put her at a managing position for $300,000,000+ straight out of a porno shoot.
I actually kinda regret exposing her, srs. Some girls are born for this shit.

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>she bought the kneepads
So fucking based

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Best timeline in 2020

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Also dat ID, We should be buying the 18 market cap coin.
Which is a stablecoin, meaning that a crash is imminent.

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This is amazing

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Literally kneepads holy sht hahahahaha

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KEK, How did you manage to find it ?

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Don't remember, might have been /biz/ or some telegram channel. Unlikely to have been /biz/ because it would have been a meme by now.
It was a while ago and I had 150000 USDC on Celsius (srs). Withdrew immediately and sent straight into Blockfi.

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P.S. The original video seems deleted now, but when I watched her skills (4-5 months ago) I remember that the actual title of the video was "Jessica Khater gdp" so probably this is how the guy who originally found her did it.
Someone had already outed her and uploaded to pornhub.
Then some celsius user googled her name...

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Finally, just found this:


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Finally: >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/16456326

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Good on the girl for doing porn.
He's not crying about her.
He's crying that someone hired her to manage a 300M+ portfolio, and you know exactly why he did it.
Alex Machinsky is a fucking joke

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lmao imagine actually trying to work your way to the top and not just succin your way through the whole firm

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That CEO is a fucking joke. Time to STEP DOWN!

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>nolinkers projecting their seething onto third parties

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So Celsius is a scam too? Is there anywhere safe to put my stablecoins that pays a decent interest rate?

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I don't see anything wrong with this.

She 1) had sex and 2) got paid for it and 3) has a job that involves working with ChainLink. Unironically three things half the neets here wish they could do.

Good for her.

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porn chick aside, this is big, Centralized lending companies keeping control on their processes by proving on-chain it's done correctly is a middle ground that can make chainlink very valuable outside of fully decentralized defi

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She's actually pretty cute too.

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Nexo and BlockFi are alright.
Watch her interview in the GDP video.

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It literally says it's a money laundering scheme lmao

This is a really terrible idea

>> No.18180697

Someone please tell me it's a joke
Can't be real lmaooooooooooo

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Go back

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>Head of Institutional Lending

>> No.18180798

Why would it be a scam?

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Every time I start to believe in the space this shit comes along

>t shouldve done three trades differently in ‘17 and walked away forever

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I googled them and found this:
>Yesterday I made a post claiming that BlockFi is better than Celsius because of the compounding interest. I deleted it 10 minutes later because it is a Celsius subreddit after all. But after testing both I think I was wrong.
>So, 2 days ago I was testing withdrawals on both of them, to see how it works and so on. On BlockFi I entered an amount, a bitcoin address, then pressed a button and that's it. No 2FA code, email confirmation, sms, phone call, nothing. I just received an email that my withdrawal was initiated and to answer to it if I wanted to cancel it. Obviously I responded to a request cancellation because of the outrageous 0.0025 btc fee. Support confirmed shortly that my withdrawal will be canceled. And tonight, whoa, I get an email that my withdrawal went through. Thank god I still have access to that bitcoin wallet. Best support ever.
Doesn't sound like a well made platform. Nexo is looking better.

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>$1K EOY isn't a meme is it?

No, it's really possible (for Decred).

>> No.18180848

another one bends the knee

>> No.18180860

After reading it again I'm pretty sure this is a ticking timebomb, probably bitconnect levels of scam going on here. I cannot believe these scammers are so stupid to announce they made a token designed to facilitate money laundering

>> No.18180900

there there, lil buddy

>> No.18180946

i want my money back holy shit what a scam

>> No.18180960

How much did you invest in Celcius?

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No transparency, audited by a literally who, CEO hiring pornstars. Nexo has been around for 10 years and they are audited by deloitte.

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my life savings

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Just wait until you read it for a third time, pajeet, that's when it really gets interdesting.

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2 scams vying for legitimacy. Lmao

>> No.18181032

>muh Nexo

Surely an organic grassroots post.

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>ctrl+f "scam"
>13 results

Discord trannies smell a payday.

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the absolute state of women in blockchain
i'd be surprised if she hasn't been blackchained

>> No.18181077


What is this timeline

>> No.18181116

Well, is there anything else? Crypto.com looks good but I always distrust domain names that are too relevant. Maybe instead of sperging at us you should explain why we should celisus? You seem very invested on the platform.

>> No.18181161

>Well, is there anything else?
Celsius is fine.

The CEO is a tech powerhouse.

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My money is in nexo but I didn't want to sound like a shill so I gave options. The withdrawal fee is the exact reason why I'm not using blockfi, but at least they're also insured.
A ton of us are using it. Nothing beats keeping your own keys, but if you're gonna risk not doing so for 8%/year, might as well pick a company that does not hire pornstars to manage 300m portfolios.
Also, Binance also has 8.2% yearly on BUSD, if you have your suspicions about blockfi and nexo. Just don't use Celsius, lmao.

>> No.18181196

Binance Lending
>kind of scammy imo

>> No.18181227

>Just don't use Celsius, p-pls ;____;

Here's Celsius' CEO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Mashinsky

I think I'm good.

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head of institutional lending during her porn shoot interview:
>I'm studying somethiing with money I think. Economics, something like that
>not good

>> No.18181303

>what is acting
Also, I'm pretty sure Mashinsky is the CEO, and I kinda get the impression he knows how to run a tech company lol.

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this is really pathetic at this point

>> No.18181345

At least the memes coming out of this will be fire, lads

>> No.18181378

This is the second teenaged daddy issue girl to find herself in a position of power in this industry. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

>> No.18181394

this is a larp, they have 2FA to log into an account.

>> No.18181398

Which one was the first?

>> No.18181414


After relocating to New York City, Mashinsky ran a business trading contracts for delivery of chemicals such as urea, gold, and sodium cyanide.

>urea, sodium cyanide

Actually sold dried cowpiss.

>> No.18181416

not to mention they are also underwritten by Llyod's, who have been around for hundreds of years.

>> No.18181646

wow anon what a find

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>> No.18181781

they've been saying 1k eoy every year since 2017.... of course its a meme since its never happened and claiming it will each year just looks bad. a lying soulless loser making up lies to lure more into the scamstink cult

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The absolute state of this link scam

>> No.18181840


Like a broken record.

>> No.18182915

The truth told an infinite amount of times is still the truth

>> No.18183065

>if I keep repeating it someone might believe me

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>> No.18183120

>not selling

duh, you can't sell it once it's shut down

>> No.18183180

I didn't even know there was a previous thread. Holy shit.
Link for those who aren't in the other so you can laugh more.

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Absolute cope. Price feeds. What a pile of dogshit. But you already know this.

>> No.18183292

White/Asian happa chick. I'll have to dig it up.

>> No.18183300

>she quickly proved herself by helping build the lending firms back office

Yeah, she did. Bet she gave out plenty of 'loans' from her back office.

>> No.18183321

lel download and save, including screenshots before it is pulled.

>> No.18183418

Fucker, I lol'd

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File: 771 KB, 608x739, 88FED831-6417-48E0-B608-7290E439F299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep telling people that large companies are nothing more than modern day harems for the men at the top.
It’s why I left the fortune-500 racket (aka whorehouse casino with cooked books and funny money) and work in my own consulting firm.

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File: 131 KB, 487x750, B773FBDA-1622-416B-A675-855C18B31007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hint: fucks for favours
Beta simps are promoting these women in exchange for some quality time spent cave diving in their flesh pockets.
This is how they got the vote
This is how western civilization was destroyed from within.

>you have the women
>you then have the children
>and the men will simply follow

>> No.18183935

More like
>If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it , people will eventually come to believe it

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>> No.18184498

Almost a gravelcoin level kek. Not quite though

>> No.18184514


>15 posts by this user

Lmao shill, your project is shit and no one gives a fuck about your nobody CEO. The only thing people on this board will associate your shit coin is sucking cock on cam.

>> No.18184683

I read that as "Head of Institutional Longing"
I'm down so much bros.

>> No.18184719

Did they partner with a porn actress?

>> No.18184743

>doesn't even have a picture on his wikipedia page
lol literal nobody

>> No.18184765

this, wish my ass was worth more than nothing, what the fuck do I need it for, thumbs up to that cunt

>> No.18184775

Her Linkedin account doesn't have her head-shot any more. Was it there before this thread came out?

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File: 1.74 MB, 177x150, 1583465451937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine not opening a 75x leverage short on link after seeing this LMAO. We're living in a good timeline

Shes got an amazing bod though, bit of a butter face

>> No.18184875

will celcius provide chainlink saving though? would be nice to get some % in our wait for staking

>> No.18184912

what a joke this project is..

>> No.18184956

This needs to be her new linkedin profile picture.
What a filthy whore.

>> No.18185143

I’m so fixing glad I sold half my stack at 4.05 seriously thinking of selling the last of my stack

>> No.18185157

What does this have to do with chainlink?

>> No.18185434

Lmao, yep

>> No.18185516

You guys do realize less companies would be willing to jump in bed with CL since anons will uncover every dirty detail of the person.
Survival of the fittest unironically

>> No.18185547

shes an actual whore
has taken loads to the face from strangers on camera
think about that
she is an actual whore

>> No.18185606

porn actresses get fucked on camera. Whores exchange money for sex. There are some based whores out there. porn actresses are just dumb
t. whoresfucker

>> No.18185642

She did pretty good in the video though.

>> No.18185676

How can we get this information to her employer? Email HR? i would love to see this whore seethe

>> No.18185691

That's awesome. Means they are watching these threads or someone tipped them off. I hope the whole company burns down like Holochain.

>> No.18185729

did chainlink tweet about this yet?

>> No.18185751

She was hired to do what she did on GDP, but now she has access to 300 million of other people funds. One thing about roaches there's never just one. That whole kiked company is full of whores and other degenerates. Pull your money now if you have anything in Celsius.

>> No.18185759

Kek /biz/ unironically surprised by women. But then I realized neets browse here. Anyone not being autist actually involved in school, work, military etc will realize women start being whores at teen age is the norm.
ITT just shows the non adjustment

>> No.18185799

Why do you wish such an ill fate desu?

>> No.18185803

How many miles of dicks did she suck to get here do you think?

>> No.18185883

>Wishing that a Jewish company that is scamming people and is full of degenerate filth fails?
Real puzzler there anon.

>> No.18185909

fuck this stupid fucking timeline

>> No.18185929
File: 6 KB, 227x222, 34896396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>less centralized
oh, so still centralized then

>> No.18185970

This is the absolute end for chainlink btw. LINK has just aided a multi billion dollar money laundering scheme. They have blood on their hands. Expect SEC crack down within 2 years

>> No.18186025

1. when is the news breaking on these crypto blogs?
2. how much are ya shortin boys?

>> No.18186080


>> No.18186105

still on coinbases margin waitlist, i would probably short max leverage, i think that's 5x, with 20% of my stack

>> No.18186109

>Under the new arrangement, Chainlink will also place a portion of its bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) crypto holdings under Celsius' treasury management service

Did Sergey really gave money to those guys?

>> No.18186154

No one will publish it... they know they’ll be subject to defamation laws if she claim porn is false

>> No.18186171

this is why faggot nerds shouldnt be the ceo. they do dumb shit like put whores in power just so they can fuck them. you're just supposed to fuck the secretary on the side you fucking retard.


>> No.18186183

so far there is no confirmation of this partnership on any official chainlink channels and there haven't been links in any of the threads to such posts, but coindesk was quoting sergey directly so im inclined to believe them since they probably wouldn't just publish straight lies

>> No.18186197

whore thing is not even too big of a deal. Im more concerned how its obvious money laundering going on. Its as blantant as possible.

>> No.18186203

>they know they’ll be subject to defamation laws if she claim porn is false
but it's obviously the same person...

>> No.18186215


Oh yea?

>> No.18186216

however celcius twitter posted the story
how do you know they are laundering money, how is it obvious? because it's managed by a whore? because it's cyrpto?

>> No.18186228

if you put an early 20s porn whore into a position of power you're probably also guilty of doing illegal things as well desu. i think the whore gives more credence to the money laundering speculation

>> No.18186237

It’s a very close call. Kek

But honestly I’m surprised Link doesn’t have a detectiveautist to avoid shit like this

>> No.18186240

Can we get evidence of the real names / signed contracts? probably a step too far

>> No.18186242

fresh post, thanks

>> No.18186253

read the fucking picture here >>18179491
obviously theyre not going to flat out say it, but the situation is very much money laundering. This is the type of "bullish" reports enron would do about their companies accounting.

Link has blood on their hands

>> No.18186281

Damn she’s fine tho. I watch that whole thing

>> No.18186283

i kinda get the impression that crypto autists like sir gay are so focused on the tech that they fail to do due diligence with researching potential partners

>> No.18186295

ok where can i short instantly as a burger, kraken?

>> No.18186297

This is another major partnership for Link: one of the biggest crypto lending companies led by a tech GIANT.

Time to start coping.

>> No.18186326

enron was one of the biggest corporations on the stock market at one point.
Anyone whose sensible has gotten out of chainlink now. The money laundering can seen spotted from miles away

>> No.18186350

>Celsius will provide treasury service to Chainlink, managing “several million dollars” worth of cryptocurrency
not as big of a deal as i thought, better this than market dumping more tokens

>> No.18186407

hey dumbfuck, did you read the image? Theyre hiding their accounting records with the use of chainlink and twisting the words to make it sound bullish.
Its such an obvious scam, the only thing more blantant would be sergey wearing a giant scam sign for a shirt.

And this isnt counting all the other bullshit link has done.

>> No.18186441

>enron was one of the biggest corporations on the stock market at one point.
By that logic all of the "biggest corporations on the stock market" are scams. Good brain, anon.

>Theyre hiding their accounting records with the use of chainlink
haha what?

>> No.18186471

Just be honest with us. What's your buyback target? How low do you think your sad money laundering narrative can drive the price? $1.90? $1.50?

>> No.18186484
File: 708 KB, 3200x2133, 35D95B0C-2FF1-449E-B588-5B56A5CDECEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is just Satan’s latest master attempt to get me to watch porn again. Not today, Satan. Thanks for playing though. Later.

>> No.18186493

>hey dumbfuck, did you read the image? Theyre hiding their accounting records with the use of chainlink
you mean chainlink is obfuscating their own records, or celcius will be using chainlink to offer a new layer of obfuscation? chainlink could obfuscate their own crypto assets with mixers or XMR then sell OTC, why would they use celcius, obviously even that is a very bearish thought but why choose celcius now when they have plenty of other valid options if that were there goal? and how does decentralizing price feeds which are posted on chain allow celcius to further obfuscate their accounting records?

>> No.18186500

What kind of bullshit has link done?

>> No.18186508

they are you fucking wagecuc brainlet

holy fuck is this HOW BAD it really is?

These cucks REALLY drank the ''muh economy'' koolaid. fuck...

>> No.18186512

Hurt his butt.

>> No.18186514

>strawman the argument
epic. your argument for why celcius isnt a scam is literally
>its from a tech giant!!! too big to fail
i counter saying
>no, theres nothing too big to fail
then you strawman by saying
its literal strawmanning.

>not seeing how theyre clearly hiding accounting records
the damage control is unreal

>> No.18186522

the real IQ poster.

May your monkmode flourish and much health upon you.

>> No.18186539

everyone learns at his own pace anon go easy on the retards

>> No.18186561

>your argument for why celcius isnt a scam is literally its from a tech giant!!! too big to fail
Anon, I never once made an argument either way regarding Celsius being a scam or not.
Try to pay attention.

What I said is that this is a major player, and thus another big partnership for Chainlink.

>not seeing how theyre clearly hiding accounting records
>the damage control is unreal
What are you even talking about?

>> No.18186562
File: 2.08 MB, 4032x3024, 419BF010-BF85-4445-B429-74CFB3158008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and brother pulled. Same to you senpai.

>> No.18186584

You will be shilling chainlink until you are dead and nobody will care.

>> No.18186595

>they are
They are what?

>> No.18186617

>created a fundraiser token out of mid air and raised 32 million dollars by claiming token is very important to the system at the last minute
>located in the cayman islands
>claimed to be endorsed by swift before project was even built
>the CEO has no coding background at all inb4 MUH STEVE JOBS
>devoloper caught lying about an R3 corda integration
>the 32 million dollar ico became a 100 million quickly. Yet with a 100 million, they built the most basic webscraper in existence but still somehow gets many partnerships
>Claimed their oracles were better than CoCo and cords because theyre supposedly decentral when in actuality they use KYC and take the average of central sources
Geee, how is this a scam at all :DDD I dont see it!!

>> No.18186620

t. kept fudding Chainlink while it beat the entire market for two years straight

>> No.18186637

this is the biggest redflag of them all
i tought there are in the fucking blockchain middle ware software developing business, since when are they wealth manager or VC or hedgefund. why the fuck are they holding btc/eth? is sergay market making or gambling with company funds, millions of ICO money on mex or bitfinex? unprofessional behavior they should have market sold their positions at ICO.
I cant believe anyone who is not marketselling anything after this

>> No.18186638

if you dont know if Celcius is a scam or not, then how can you say its a major player KEK
>this damage control

>> No.18186668

Why are you so incredibly interested in chainlink?

> how can you say its a major player
Because they're one of the biggest crypto lenders.

>> No.18186683

>I cant believe anyone who is not marketselling anything after this
I'll bet you can't.

>> No.18186739
File: 499 KB, 633x724, 1584348057876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They see me blowin'
They Khatin.
I'm unloading'
Mashinsky's cock until im thirty

>> No.18186752

>ask how its a scam
>*explains how its a scam*

also, heres another one
>3 whole years and the whitepaper still has a literal computer science paradox thats impossible to do in a decentralized manner
>still no technical updated whitepaper explaining how its done to this day

>> No.18186770

>>*explains how its a scam*
Where did you explain how it's a scam?

>> No.18186814

see >>18186617

anyway, youre obviously one of the 10 pajeets from the link shill discord. youre going to shitpost your way out of any argument. so im out. Have fun damage controlling with your tranny friends on/biz/ for the rest of the day.
i love how 3 threads asking how to buy link or how much link you hold pops up immediately after this devestating news leaks


>> No.18186889

3 whole years to pump the token price to astronomical heights and exit scam, yet here we are

>> No.18186899

I didn't ask how Chainlink was a scam, I asked how Celsius is "hiding their accounting records with the use of Chainlink".

Again, please try to follow your own discussions.

Also, amazing how you know so much about Chainlink, you must spend a lot of time obsessing over Link.

>> No.18186999

>this devestating news
Yeah, Chainlink just partnered with one of the biggest crypto lending platforms in the world, led by a tech giant who (among others) pioneered VoIP.
Utterly devastating.
How will Chainlink ever recover.

>> No.18187256

Everyone knows that 2020 is opposite year. Good news is bearish and bad news is bullish. Under this rule, your post is actually 18189666. If Satan is backing LINK then we truly are $1,000 EOY, but only because that'll be the price of a Big Mac once the dollar is done inflating.

>> No.18187321

he already dumped on you every time the token went over $3 lmao. He just never expected it would happen more than once

>> No.18187610

Imagine still seething over this.
Chainlink climbed higher than ever after those "dumps"; so I hope he does it more often.

>> No.18187984

Ok but she's still a whore anon
I guess it only matters if a girl I can date is a whore or not tho

>> No.18188068


>> No.18188644


The previous 21 fell through but this one will work for sure

>> No.18188671
File: 8 KB, 227x222, meh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its all so tiresome

>> No.18188673

>The previous 21 fell through

>> No.18188677


Well yeah she's jewish

>> No.18188811

the coomer is the one getting the blowjobs daily now.

>> No.18188855

I don't give a fuck about chainlink. But I've been telling people about celcius for over a year.

>> No.18188902

You sound like the kind of lady who knows how to turn a blow job into a blow career. What's your secret?

>> No.18188981

So what.
You think it doesn't become dull real fast? Have sex incel, it's nothing special, especially when it's with a whore who has had thousands of cocks before you.

>> No.18188989

Sirgay confirmed for being a fucking scam artist. chainlink will go straight down to 0 after holders start be aware about this whole clownery.

>> No.18189031

>6 million posts by this ID
What did the kikes mean by this?

>> No.18189042
File: 587 KB, 720x628, B971588B81AF4B17ABC007B754B6754C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of girl uses her real name in porn lmao.

>> No.18189053

You could have sold for $4 loser

>> No.18189067
File: 54 KB, 908x666, 005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The difference is our pedo politicians aren't dumb enough to put their cum bags into position of power you tardo. They leave the kids in the cages. Why tf a fucking dumb prostitute clueless about crypto or finance end up managing our bags?

>> No.18189086
File: 131 KB, 717x763, 1577940d401423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18189125

dumbest shit i've read all week

>> No.18189162

I'm talking for real though.
I couldn't get shit done when I had easy booty calls.
If it wasn't for Mantak Chia's books I'd still be a fucking cumbrain. Doing it in whores is really not different.
Maybe if you're Chad and the girls are 10/10s it's fun for a week. But I even doubt that.

>> No.18189181

you're literally WK for a Jessica, what did kek mean by this

>> No.18189213

Based mantak chia poster

Shits wild and crazy but if 10% of it works its real. These whores want your essence, they want to drain you.

>> No.18189222

Lol yeah wtf. I wonder if the company knew. If not, are they going to fire her or what

>> No.18189276
File: 437 KB, 1200x603, 1558497645052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a bunch of kikes and a whore kikess
>based in tel aviv, where they can freely operate their scam without any repercussion nor fear of extradition
>it's totally fine goyim!
kys shlomo

>> No.18189305

real talk anon, are you mentally challenged?

>> No.18189307

>the absolute state of women in blockchain
>i'd be surprised if she hasn't been shadowforked

>> No.18189311

>you hate the Jews too, right goyi... I mean my fellow white people?

>> No.18189358

This is unironically the most bullish thing I have read about LINK during the last 3 months. It means we are still loved by the chaos and that $1000 EOY is confirmed.
An ICO ran from the basement of a Thai nail salon, Sergey almost choking on a big mac, the toilet flushing at SIBOS, Assblasster breadcrumbs and his doxxing, Gravelcoin integration and all the other thing, it's what makes LINK truly special.

If LINK ever gets serious and corporate I'm dumping my stack.

>> No.18189436
File: 230 KB, 500x913, 1544219542537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>29 posts by this kike
>still shilling when everyone is laughing at this whole scam
good luck trying to save the day moshe! lmao

>> No.18189462

Take a shower and take your meds stinky

>> No.18189466

well, that was a good video actually. she does know how fuck

>> No.18189469


>> No.18189486

Craig said he would shitpost so hard that he would give nightmares. He’s talking about the chainlink jews

>> No.18189515

Every time

>> No.18189521

>haha my echo chamber agrees with me

>> No.18189533

Death to Israel kike

>> No.18189547


>> No.18189624

Fucking kys low IQ

>> No.18189652

You kikes are pure evil

>> No.18189669

Link literally could've been pumped to two digit prices and dumped to oblivion in late 2017 / early 2018 if they really wanted to exit scam, they would've easily gotten away with it then.

>> No.18189675

If you can’t watch porn without getting arroused you are blue pilled and a slave to your dick like niggers are

>> No.18189703

Kys kike!

>> No.18189721

Why does 42 push Saturn worship and Jewish gematria ? Eh?

>> No.18189788

shadowforked is too esoteric

>> No.18189809

>$1K EOY isn't a meme is it
No, because if it were a meme it'd actually have a chance of coming true.

>> No.18189823

fucking based

>> No.18189895

Porn taints the mind and soul, whether you get aroused or not.

>> No.18189948

Jewish porn hustlers are going to make us billionaires anon

>> No.18190048

Will this involve oracles that need hefty stakes to compensate customers if the oracle fails?
If not I don’t see how this would impact link price.

>> No.18190210

You jest but ODN was $2.00 and climbing until one of the devs made a poop joke. And the rest is history.

>> No.18191385

>If it makes it to 100 dollars
why 100 dollars?

>> No.18191817

she has a nice pusy

>> No.18191869


>> No.18192022

How about that was the most boring porn I've seen in a long time. Sure she has an incredible body but it was literally 30 minutes of just a few different positions doggy, cowgirl, and oral sex. She didn't seem to enjoy it all that much, clearly just a job for some easy money I guess. The guy also wore a condom, shit production values. Lol She probably just blew her way to the top. Some girls really like fucking and get immersed and actually get out of their heads for once, you could tell she was thinking the entire time. Lol

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