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>$32 million

Seriously, wtf did they need $32 million for? Not to mention the multiple 700k dumps. And after almost 3 years what do they even have to show for it? A barebones medianizer that wouldn’t even take $10k to script? It’s a scandal. But I’ll humor you. Tell me - WHAT could they possibly have needed $32 million for? Not to mention 650 million free tokens which they dump willy nilly.

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Wait a minute there nolinker

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Nothing, and thats why everything in the crypto space is a scam and overvalued
Why is a 1 billion marketcap ERC20 token any more valuable than one I can make myself?

Most crypto coins have a higher market value that actual companies that provide real services

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No reason except get rich quick and easy

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going to do it better with a $0 budget

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Its very obvious OP. fuck your dumb.
>Random google developer. Ill give you 10 million dollars if you say your integrating chainlink
>random oracle technology department. 20 million. All on me if you name drop chainlink in your presentation

>Link moons 2000%
>cash in 700 k link tokens
" a win win"

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Should have just gone for 42 mill.

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The price is currently being manipulated in an accumulation phase, notice the price floor and the decreasing trade volume. That's not schizo talking either, this doesn't take a great deal of money to manipulate. At $2 a link the market cap is only $700 Million, there are plenty of whales and institutional investors that could pony up $20-50M to fuck with a bunch of crypto plebs and make a tidy profit doing so.

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Stinkies ignoring this thread.

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I can tell your favorite phrase is "not to mention". Your subconscious is oozing out of my screen. What are you hiding?

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