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a dude in a black hat and long coat watching you?

I think he was angry about me not selling my satoshis, i woke up and that son of a bitch was watching me when i saw him , he attacked me and fell back to sleep and woke up scared as fuck.

Worse i google that shit and a lot of people dreamed of the same dude.

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Congratulations you are classic paranoid psychotic

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>paranoid psychotic

Not paranoid i was comfy as fuck, first lucid dream i had in years and as i woked up searched about it and tons of people had the same guy in dreams.
Very weird that lot's of people had the same dream.

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2spooky4me. am too scared to sleep now. what do?

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Too much time on the internet desu. I suggest you all in Suterusu and focus your dreams on the Japanese harems to come in 2022.

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guys I'm scared. the black hat man is gonna get me

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I'm here too. You cant hide from me

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> posts on biz
> doesn't sell satoshis
sweet dreams

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close the curtains

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Ooooooh aaaaanoooooonnnnn n n

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oh fug that was the dude yes, also never selling.

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hey man, stress can trigger symptoms of schizo effective disorders. Maybe take an online test, and if it raises questions consider talking to a doc about your mental health.

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Im under 0 stress , no noise due to the quarantine , total free time.

I was just shocked that so many people dreamed of the man with the black hat & coat.

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I cant. under the covers now. if I move he'll see me

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