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any anons here actually had or have Corona? I'm scared

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yeah i´m drinking one right now haha, get it? i mean the beer

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Corona is not real. It's a conspiracy to get Bernie 'Communist' Sanders into office by scaring people that they need universal health care. It's a scam worse than chainlink.

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Yeah I had corona last week and not surprisingly, it really was just the flu. As long as you’re not fat or have shit genetics, you’ll be fine.

Don’t believe the fearmongering by the media.

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I have emfysema. Eufag.
I don't have to work and receive neetbux. friends and family do my groceries. I literally don't ever go outside. I jack off 10 times a day , lurk on biz , play videogames and gamble with my neetbux on online casino's. this is the life

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Did you get legit tested? RN it's easier for illegal aliens to get tested than military personnel kek

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There was a guy on here who had it and was struggling to breathe and shit. He was like 22 and fit. Crazy

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What a nice business and finance thread.

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I am not scared of catching for my own health, but my little sister has weak lungs so I am deadly scared of catching it and giving it to her because there is a real possibility she will die.

I am extremely worried for her.

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No but I'm reading this guy's symptoms and it seems pretty fucking scary even when you don't get hospitalized. Don't want to imagine what miserable state gets you into ICU

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Yep I had it, as did everyone else living with me. We all had a fever/headache/cough at some point in the past 2 weeks. Now none of us can smell/taste anything. Really not that bad desu. I was only bed-ridden for a couple of hours one evening (fixed with some Lemsip and honey and painkillers). 90% functional all other times

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One of my relatives has it. She's sick, but it's not life threatening. Just needs to stay home for a couple weeks.

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>ate batsoup, now have respiratory infection

I had it. Now my dick can’t get hard and shrank to 1 inch. Also need a mammoplasty cuz man titties. Cv fucked me all up, brush.

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I have something far worse.

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Good joke, anon!
Told the bartender I'd have a corona, but hold the VIRUS!
Cause I wanted the beer, not the virus.


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Another one here. Spaniard (of course) I travelled to China back in January but probably got infected at the office later.
30yo, minor health issues because alcoholism, and it was just a flu. Tested positive, 2 weeks quarantine at home playing videogames.

If you are not a fat fuck or >60yo you will survive anons.

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>not that bad
You may never smell or taste anything ever again.

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I may have, but not tested. Slight fever slight cough last week.

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This. Most people that have it don't even have fucking symptoms. Gotta save all of those 80 year olds with emphysema though. Oh and don't forget the fat fuck 60 year olds with diabetes.

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>not muh grandma
>not muh sister

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They told me it was Corona. It feels more like the flu, and I bet their test is actually just an anticorpse test that registers EVERY corona virus, not just covid 19

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I have a sore throat and slight temperature but no cough or breathlessness.
Gonna self-isolate for a week and read up on options trading

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There are still so many retards who say corona is a hoax where I live in Germany. Holy shit. Sure, the NWO made up corona and conspired against everyone else lol. Whether corona is real or fake. Those fucking retards. And they still travel and party and visit their "friends" and behave very irresponsibly. Germany is fucked.

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Dude it is a bad cold. This is bullshit cooked up by the media. Fuck corona.

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Sounds exactly like whooping cough. It's not that bad. I had it as a kid. And of course the first reply is about Trump. Rent free much?

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my grandfather died and my mom cant get out of her bed

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>muh great replacement

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pretty sure its the opposite bud. people aren't going to go out and vote. Bernie has lost all momentum. when was the last time you sincerely thought about the primary

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>he’s scared

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seems 80% of people who died were fat

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>has anyone ever had a 2 day coof?!!? i'm scared

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I thought I did. Just incase I kept going shopping and coughing on my hands before I touched anything. Glad I did my part.

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Yes. Two sleepless nights, body aches, temperature, sinuses fucked, loss of taste. Felt like shit for a week. Had a cough for the last 3 weeks and but its getting better now.

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It's honestly pretty similar to whooping cough in that the worst of it lasts ~2 weeks and you don't feel normal until about a month later. So trust me, frens, you don't want it. Stay the fuck home.

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Yeh I've been knackered since I had it and after a couple of weeks I was honestly thinking I was never going to recover, the cough was pissing me off and chest felt fucked. Finally back in the gym after 3 weeks (home gym master race)

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B&R but this will be denied

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so for those who actually had it, did kick on suddenly or gradually?

i have had nasal drip and tiny cough for the last 4 days but nothing else

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can anyone who had it & lost taste / smell confirm if these have since come back during recovery?

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>any anons here actually had or have Corona?
Yes, I've seen many cases of Corona. Sometimes, I hear a chink & its someone with Corona. I've had it before, its wasn't as bad as some say. Over here you can get it at 18 though. Wouldn't recommend, if you do have it, make sure you have some fruit. The Acids help.

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Yes mine lasted a few days and came back. Wife lost her taste for over a week

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well at least that's something are you both 100% back to normal now?

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Black cock will do that to you

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>I've been knackered
british english is so cringe

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You can bet on how many people will die from Coronavirus with coronacoin $nCoV...

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Same except for my brother that has MRSA.

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I tried to watch Monty Python & The Holy Grail for the first time last night. I was already pissed because they tried to give me a seizure during the opening credits, but then the terrible humor sealed the deal and I turned it off.

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knackered just means "being de-knickered and de-shodded"

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Oh you mean actual English?

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I had the worst cold/flu of my life in late December. I never get chest congestion. I did this time. I didn't get the shortness of breath but kept coughing up nasty shit. I couldn't sleep. Fever, fatigue, muscle aches, lines up perfectly with the symptoms of COVID-19. It put me on my ass for a few days. After that it still took three weeks to go back to normal. However Influenza A has many of the same symptoms so maybe it was that? But even then I've had the flu more than a few times and it's never entered my chest.

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I'd say 90 percent normal now but the best thing is I haven't got to worry about getting it.

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Brainlet confirmed, leave this board and never come back

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Wtf are you talking about silly man

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My cousin and her bf have it, lost taste etc hopefully alive. My friends mom has it and she has fevers and stuff but is doing ok

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I like you guys, so ima help you out here.

Buy a nebulizer and some colloidal silver. When you get sick, or know someone that does, use that shit on them.

It’ll heal your lungs right up

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I was more looking for medieval themed movies to watch anyway, not 45 year old Britbong memes. You can't expect me to sit through that crap after experiencing true medieval kino like Andrei Rublev the night before.

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Filthy Frank?

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No, had some symptoms but got tested and I'm fine

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kek, Dodged a bullet there, you're free to continue about your day

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I had it(back in December-January before hospitals were really even testing for it, but from the accounts that people are giving I'm certain it was the real deal) and I have asthma. 26 and otherwise is good health though so there's that. My mother, a sister, and my one of my buddies had it around the same time. It really is just like a very aggressive flu. Buy stocks now. Coronavirus is honestly baby shit.

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gonna steal your pepe thx OP. buy zano btw it's coronafree

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what is the 10% that's yet to get back to normal? how long is it since you got symptoms? thanks anon it's helpful to hear all this I'm glad you're better

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there's no stealing here fren, only sharing

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First of all it's not like a cold and not like the flu. It's SARS.
Feels like you are standing on a mountain with no gear, as in shortness of breath. You are overall really tired. Once the fever dries off you get the dry coughs. Imagine something deep in your lungs that your body wants out. You cough so hard that you think your head is about to explode but it doesn't help. You cough until you want to vomit, the headaches kick in, overall it sucks.
It's gasping for air and dry coughs for a couple of days. You have no appetite, no thirst. Just constantly focused for your next breath. Get an oximeter just in case!

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>colloidal silver.

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Literally nobody has it and the ones who claim they do are lying. This is a hoax. Its a common cold that the elite are trying to scare you with. Get out and get shopping.

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>t. hasn't had it
i had it bro. it was just a bad cough and a fever. pussy shit. i'm dead serious.
it was "bad" for maybe like, 3 days. i had a fever of 101 and was very tired and achy....but that's it. it's not that fucking bad.
t. 38 year old 220lb man who smoked a pack a day for 15 years.
from Asheville NC by the way.

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>3 weeks


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It’s actually real. Everyone except for little kids seem to be effected. If you get it, you will feel like you are going to die but only the elderly will be the ones to not make it.

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Just don't feel 100 percent fit right now, still run down a bit but a lot better than I was. Enough to start some light gym work

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corona is obiviously a decoy pandemic meant to shake economy.
if corona can kill you, normal flu would kill you 10 times over

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Go back to watching two and a half men

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Don't worry you will not miss your own death.
By the time will be no tax money left to sign a check to solve "National Crisis", it all will be over.
"Virus" coincidentally happens before every election is old American tradition grabbing money from the tax payers pockets. Profits private and loses social

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I had it as well as my uncle. He died but I only lost a arm.

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same here; also interested to know

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Probably bait - but it’s novel coronavirus, shit for brains. In other words, a strain nobody had previously had immunity to. SARS also fit this category, and the overwhelming amount of empirical evidence showing the global impact just goes to show what kind of knuckledragging mouthbreather you are. Get rekt, fuckwit

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You seem pretty confident, try licking some door knobs and get back to us in 14 days

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Everyone is panicking over a literal common cold. This is a hoax to scare you you moron and kill the economy and all you idiots are eating it up.

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this is /biz/, not everything has to be jannie approved on topic

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checked but not keked

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