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Congratulations, goys. If you hold BSV or LINK you will be a millionaire soon.

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What is this. Is this the new digital dollar bill?

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The banks are going to make their own shitcoins.

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The US dollar is actually going to become a shitcoin, I called this back in 2016

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Lol no they won’t. Even if they do they still need link

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FIAT has no value.

Buy gold and silver.

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Damn. I keep seeing the term "Pass-through digital wallet", what exactly does pass-through mean?

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They pass through your wallet on their way to Israel.

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It's just gonna be libre 2.0
Another coin named based on liberty and freedom, proposed as usable by all, and heavily restricted and infinitely mintable.
It'd be NICE if they used link, but there's no reason for them to do so.

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It's going to be a boomertech centralized online banking account using ACH as the backend money mover you'll be sent a normal four digit pin debit card. There won't even be two factor auth, or if there is it will be the shitty text message code type.
Screencap this.

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>FIAT has no value.

Then how come you can exchange it for goods and services?

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Forgot a period after mover. Forgive me.

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Trump will probably move us to a gold standard but even if he doesn't, Digital Dollars will utilize the BitCoin blockchain. Also, "decentralized oracles" are mentioned by name in the Cryptocurrency Act of 2020

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This is not even related to blockchain, retard.

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It will be.

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No. Nobody cares about your erc20 token.

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I meant to say, they will create their own.

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>FIAT has no value.
Its debt, but you're too blind to see how or why you owe it.

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This piece of legislature is passed and finalised or is it just a proposal?

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They will create their own token, not their own blockchain. They'll use BSV as the platform to make it all happen. Does the government use their own internet to interact with the public?

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This is just some centralized shitcoin. The only thing that will give this coin value is the retardation of the general population.

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It will be passed this year

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LINK is done. How do you still not understand that BSV has smart contracts? In a couple of years BSV will pull data on chain instantaneously.

They can create Fed Coin and pay royalties to this man.

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My best guess is that the term "Pass-through digital wallet" refers to who has custody of the digital dollars. If you use the digital dollar wallet maintained by the federal reserve, you have custody. If you use a Pass-through digital wallet, the bank or entity who created the wallet has custody.

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Unironically my 2 largest holdings

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LMAO holy fuark the delusion on this board is surreal.. u really believe link and bsv are the chosen ones?? fuarking top kek brah this has to be a larp or a pajeet

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Wrong bill that was passed faggot. Stop spreading miss information. The bill that became law was HR 748. Anyone can search it up and do a ctrl + f to search words. Its not in there https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/hr748/BILLS-116hr748eas.pdf

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>No later than 1 January 2021
kek, the $1000 EOY meme is no longer a meme

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The coin or currency they make isnt what were concerned about. Its the architecture of which this central bank digital currency will be sitting on and how the entirety of it will be safe, secure, and trusted. Hint: the US is only now talking about a CBDC while Europe and Asia are already in the final stages of developments. Also the US is not using Chainlink as theyre hardly aware of it. Europe on the other hand is using Chainlink oracles for their CBDC indirectly.

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BSV doesn't have it's own oracle network and will need one. Even if smartcontract.com has to hand over the keys to nChain, Craig will not destroy the project. It's too important.

This bill was introduced in the Senate, not the House, and hasn't been passed yet

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The Fed is going to essentially become part of of the Treasury Dept and will have something very similar to Coinbase where they can distribute funds directly from the Fed to the average person's checking account

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This has literally nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

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sounds like they just want everyone to have a bank account?

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And post offices will be like the bak branches, even equipped with ATMs.

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>stanced lambo

nigger alert

absolutely disgusting

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Thank you. Got this mixed up with the CBDC paper that was posted last night.

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>LINK team can bribe governments for me with their 650m
>BSV users can only bribe governments with their own money

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What is this nonsense? Ayre is a billionaire. Wright is a billionaire. They have a billion dollar company that is going to have many billions of transactions on chain the near future. 650 million is fuck all.

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Love seeing my OC stand on its own.

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Stop trying to mislead newfags into buying your shitcoins.

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Why BSV?

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Because it's the real bitcoin and it can already scale. It's been in the works for awhile. Go down the BSV rabbit hole. It's unbelievably deep. The problem most people have is that they think about bitcoin as an alternative currency. It's not really. It's a platform that allows all the benefits of crypto (speed, security, etc.) to be realized in fiat currencies. It upgrades them. It also greatly empowers huge sections of the economy with micropayments.

The bitcoin blockchain does way more than that though. It's going to be the backbone of the new internet. The military technically created the first version of the internet. They're also behind the second. Go listen to Craig talk. Verify what he's been arguing for years for yourself. Literally every leader in "crypto" who attacks him is a criminal and is going to jail.

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Space Force

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This, if you think chainlink is involved you are an absolute retard. Are you idiots seriously thinking government will use an erc token sitting on an illegal and broken platform to make their money work? This is been planned a long time, craig has been working with the governments for decades and link is trying to act like relevant.

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>image related to image related

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What did they mean by this?

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I disagree about chainlink. see >>18137565
LINK doesn't need ETH or Hyperledger to survive. It doesn't even need "crypto" or "blockchain" to survive. They've figured out a way to monetize the dissemination of data while securing said data.


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time's almost up kike

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Basically this, it will hold a negative interest rate. I can't believe they actually think this is going to work and not just total their fucking shitcoin currency. We only use it today because we're made to, when negative interest rates kick in who's going to give a fuck.

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Link has to move to bsv if it wants to survive, there is no other option.

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Not American, is the length or a bill normally that short? It can't be real.

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Actual utility vs market perception.

If there was an uninflatable currency that would compete with the USD, we'd see the dollar get flushed out of the system real quick by bankers and the like.

The USD is an absolutely terrible commodity.

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All they have to do is build an adapter for the BSV blockchain

It's just the first draft. Some Congressman from Arizona is sponsoring it

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As countries begin to implement negative interest rates 1 by 1, I reckon a killing could be made on FOREX, jumping around the deflation to inflation rubberbanding.


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Common wealth law fag here. Bills come in all shapes and sizes. Shortest one I ever saw was a 3 pager.

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You understand link has to use ethereum to move tokens and write data? It's never gonna work on ethereum, hard cold truth.

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Shit I wanted to say it's going to be XRP not BSV or Link but I fucked up

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Immediately disregarded; thanks for making it so obvious

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This was part of Pelosi's draft that died before it even got finished being written, you dumbass. And, if you read what they were proposing, it had fuck all to do with any existing cryptocurrency.
Jesus, you coinfags are dumb.

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People believing Creg or BSV is somehow involved in this are way fucking delussional.

The banks and the fed are going to create a new protocol and maybe a new coin with 1:1 parity to the dollar. And nothing, absolutely nothing will have to do with BSV, BTC or any other pajeetcoin.

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BSV smart contracts need external data

not anymore

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There's some hardcore hopium huffing going on here. I'd bet none of the coinfags fapping in this thread have even read the draft, or know that the bill it was attached to didn't even get a House number, it never even got submitted.

But good show OP, good (you) farm. Fresh, tasty bait.

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Its not BSV or LINK. Do you know which HTTP Protocol port has been reserved?



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>BSV smart contracts need external data

10:10 forward

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This is a Senate bill, not the House Coronavirus bill that didn't pass. It's pretty straightforward. The creation of a US dollar token. As for what that token works on and with, if you know, you know

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If you're smart enough to hold BSV you shouldn't dismiss LINK

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He's not handing over his keys. If you don't understand, he doesn't have time for you

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Everyone ITT who think this is even remotely related to blockchain or cryptocurrency is pic related

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I hope you understand bsv already solves the oracle problem

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LOL, coping this hard. It's not in the current CARE act, stupid. It's fake news, it's tasty bait, and you swallowed it whole.

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And has..

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Why are bsv fags absolute retards?

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patented it

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Nice argument, you think getting data from multiple sources and being incentivized to being honest is a new thing? kek

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Please source or list all these patents you are talking about.

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seriously wtf is this. absolutely 0 taste

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they're going to blow our brains out if we don't use the mark of the beast currency
how to profit off brains on floor?

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Yes, I already said link could move to bsv or cease to be.
>craig wright

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>buy guns and ammo


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>Trump will probably move us to a gold standard
christ the delusion

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why is no one talking about this

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OP got lots of LINK

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How does this relate to FedNow?

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you know how many ports are assigned? you know Gopher? port 70. instead we use HTTP on port 80 because gopher never took off. yes, ripple might take off for usage but its not alone in this arena.

>> No.18140815

Already did

>> No.18140838

So your point was? Ripple has a port? so does bitcoin and litecoin and even fucking dash.

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nobody needs link

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nobody needs bsv for anything either

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Uh huh...the US dollar is going to be transacted on a blockchain that is owned by an arrogant faggot and an online gambling mogul.

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Yes just LINK and BSV. Nothing else has a real use case

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What the fuck is all you faggots problem

>american made company
>Ripple has building in washington DC
>ripple team has interacted with trump administration, the treasury and congress on multiple occasions
>members of the treasury have some ex Ripple employees
>schwartz is ex NSA
>Ripple tech been in development since the 1980s

>Craig, the lying scumbag that had to pay million dollar lawyers to keep him out of prison for fraud
>ex Russian citizen

literally, look at this fucking article

you think any other coin has this type of connection? pure kek

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This, were gonna be billionaires anon

>> No.18141005

do you retards seriously think chainlink has some monopoly and trademark on the word decentralized oracle? a decentralized oracle is an idea and a concept (that link fails at)

that would be like saying
>us congress plans on using computers

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>craig wright is australian
i dont think you europoors understand, but americans DONT LIKE FOREIGNERS IN GOVERNMENT. sure, liberals have an agenda to get brown women into congress and schwartzeneggar was cool and shit. but in general, america still has a American 1st motto over everything. We do not want foreign citizens controlling our treasury. Its forbidden for someone not born on american soil to run for president

get fucked foreigners.

thank you. absolute delusion in this thread

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Look at this retard

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>i dont think you europoors understand, but americans DONT LIKE FOREIGNERS IN GOVERNMENT.
>but in general, america still has a American 1st motto over everything


STFU you anti-semitic piece of shit, Israel 1st is our motto

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Anon not to rain on your parade, but this is a from a democrat house bill introduced by Maxine Water and Nancy pelosi.

It's never getting passed, and it's not part of the Plan.

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>you retards

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USD is confirmed going to become a BSV20 token hosted exclusively on original BitCoin SV metanet.

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No it was taken out of the final version.

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The same demographic as qoomers/MIGApedes. Messianic cult members.

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kek, this

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>We do not want foreign citizens controlling our treasury
funny, considering your treasury is 100% controlled by jews

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They're just trying to make the mark of the beast
Brazil already started it with Pix, the rest of the world will follow
Virtual currency, easy to track and create more of when the central banks wants to

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This. So easy to tell when you're dealing with a cuckservative because they'll always complain about China or Saudi interference in our country, but never mention the christ-killers.

>> No.18142241

You really stretched your ass while pulling those rabbits out of it didn't you?

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They will literally have no answer that isn't schizo incoherent dribble

>> No.18142320

Do you know why the Rothschilds created Israel and what it's supposed to bring about?

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Well why..

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What do you know of British Israelites and their views on Zionism?

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municipal marmalade?

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half price jigaboos for the finest chaga and cordycep extracts

>> No.18142524

>makes mustafa mad

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Link will moon

Xeper.org (do not click or Google Michael Aquino Temple Set)


Save that website download everything to at least 7 different places. I recommend remote locations the chan is compromised THEY keep taking this information down THEY dont you to know the devil is part of the Burger Military and they are grooming children to their liking . God bless you all keep doing Gods work. Link will moon



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Dude why the fuck does every thread with this info get 404'd? Starting to scare the shit out of me

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CBDCs are coming. But what will CBDCs need to function? If you know, you know.

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and guess which crypto has a prominent Jew CTO you fucking moron?
America loves jews, but hates russians. Anyone whose studied the cold war knows this. Just a year ago, we had another fucking Russian spy cuaght infiltrating american businesses thrown in jail. You think we would trust any fucking Russian like Sergey at all with the central bank?

XRP with Ripple is the absolute most #1 primed coin to have any sort of government adoption

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>do you retards seriously think chainlink has some monopoly and trademark on the word decentralized oracle?
Not on the word. They have a monopoly on the market for decentralized oracles. In the future, whenever a decentralized oracle is needed, it will be the chainlink network providing it. There are no serious competitors and the chainlink team is tier 1

>> No.18142678

What does any of that have to do with link

>> No.18142681

lmao im crying because im actually trying to envision how usd as a white paper would fair on this board and compared to other shit coins on the market

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Don't like it? STINK

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You guys seem to think an oracle needs to go through the shitlink network to function. No, businesses arnt going to pay a fee to provide data that would be free. Vitalik said data can never be fully decentralized and the Link token is just a pseudo decentralization.
because smart contract technology is stil many many years away and business dont give a fuck about feeding data through the ethereum network
do you linkies even think? a business can either eternally pay for chainlink network fees and get wrong data from whales who can sybil attack or they can feed their own data.
A decentralized oracle is called the God Protocol for a reason; its impossible to reach. ChainLink is just a costly band aid for a theoretical problem Vitalik said would be handled without oracle tokens at all.
>COPE COPE COPE *shits up thread with link partnerships*

US government is never going to use any data on a russian based network ever where the hq is the cayman islands. Not once. Not in eternity.

>> No.18142912

love how everyone ignores my post and fomo's in on link and bsv

get fucked. if government adoption does happened, just know you were warned

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>> No.18143269

Nope. BSV is a joke.

>> No.18143315

my stinkies stay extra stiffie
care to take a whiffie

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Here is Jeffrey Epstein interview. He is alive

>> No.18143341

Because internal oracles are known to fail.

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404 incoming everyone save a copy. It will get taken down just like anon mentioned

>> No.18143379

what is link used for?

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>> No.18143390

>because smart contract technology is stil many many years away

Banks were test running with it last year, silly billy.

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404 incoming

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Can someone paraphrase this thread and tell me why I made it and when

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>> No.18143456

we the fed now

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are you faggots retarded? they are most likely creating their own blockchain/coin right now like facebook did with libra
do you seriously believe the globalist elite would let some neets who post on a taiwanese knitting forum become rich?

>> No.18143627


>> No.18143637

>digital dollar eill replace xrp

XRP is the most primed coin for being adopted by the feds becayse the 70% of all the circulation supply is ready owned by multi million dollar wallets. Like average 20 million

if XRP ere to moon right now to $10, very few people woud become rich

>> No.18143666

Be honest, when did you first look into Chainlink?

>> No.18143668

Why are you scared

>> No.18143701

>linker gets insulted
>"y you secretly like link dont you"

its the same tactic lgbt use against homophobes

>> No.18143704

I sold 50% of my 240K LINK at $4.50 and aim to re-buy under 75 cents. Am I delusional?

I put it into Suterusu and am gaining about $450 / day in SUTER. Hoping for a 8x top.

>> No.18143725

You had $1m dollars and didn't just liquidate to cash? What the fuck is wrong with you anon? What are you aiming for?

>> No.18143741

pretty sure its a SUTER shill

>> No.18143748

Why did I spend 20 minutes quick reading through this?
Its so insane, I wouldn’t doubt any of it.

>> No.18143751

Kek, go buy some more xrp

>> No.18143762

Are you retarded? Imagine having 240k link and then selling it all for a million dollars and after paying taxes having as much as some biztards currently have in their blockfolio. I mean if I had 240k... I easily sell 90k at 5$ and let the other 150k rise.

But if you liquaidate it all for a million dollars that’s nuts. It goes to 50$ and you’d fucking kill yourself

>> No.18143791

dont dorry, LINKs never touching $3 again

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>> No.18143838

yes im pretty sure hes gonna be sad that he managed to sell a local top, use the money to buy a house and a car, get passive income and be risk free in a bear market like that, instead of muhh hodling and gambling all away
i swear linktards are amongst the dumbest specimen on earth

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>> No.18143865
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>i dont think you europoors understand, but americans DONT LIKE FOREIGNERS IN GOVERNMENT. sure, liberals have an agenda to get brown women into congress and schwartzeneggar was cool and shit. but in general, america still has a American 1st motto over everything. We do not want foreign citizens controlling our treasury. Its forbidden for someone not born on american soil to run for president

I took your posts seriously until this part. What the fuck are you talking about? Are you living in early 1800s? Because only then would this statement make sense. The fact that you show no recognition of the fact US has essentially been functioning as a proxy state for Rothschilds/Israel and think that the topmost layers of US administration isn't zog who get off on planning the second 9/11 to shitcan Iran, but actual America Firsters make me lol and completely disregard what you've said. Go to /pol/ and swallow some redpills, faggot.

>> No.18143884

9/10 fucking kek

>> No.18143927

>Feds sees link code can be easily copied
>make 2.0 version of it with improved tech using their manpower and intelligence
>link marines seething and on suicide watch
Tell me why they wouldn’t do this? And that is on slim chance that they would even find a use case for your shitcoin. I swear to god the amount of dilusion you guys have is laughable

>> No.18144004

I was being too broad. let me rephrase

America hates everyone in a hierarchical order, except the jews. See, Ripples CTO is a jew >>18142619
Something like ex Russian citizens is an extreme no no, especially in the trump administration. Just last year, the US had to arrest a Russian spy who was working as a business lobber and of course theres the notorious Snowden. We've had to arrest chinese spies working in the government too. And in general, white house has an emphasis on american only products only than a business does. in the 1980s, it was a controversy for the white house to install japanese made security cameras ffs. US and Russia just dont want to share tech. We were at a cold war for 40 years and 90% of the White House administration lived through the cold war, so there will be a biased against the russianware

>> No.18144215

LINK's value is the network/reputation it is building, not the code. The usecase for LINK for a new FedCoin/chain would be bringing outside value into their system. For example every current USD that does not exist in that system, and any other value in the entire world that the FED would obviously love to get into the system to potentially gain control of. If you don't get it I can't help you.

>> No.18144339

I would 100% unironically trust Sergey over some glow in the dark run shit.

>> No.18144366

what document is this? i missed it

>> No.18144540

The fed will never want to deal with the bullshit of the LINK payment system.
The chainlink network has no advantage. The fed will go with american centralized oracles networks

even if LINK was ever considered by the fed, the whitepaper requires LINK to be a stable coin, so they would order sergey to release the 65% uncirculating supply to stable the coin at below $5


>> No.18144685

LINK doesn't have to be considered by anyone brainlet. An adaptor can be made to connect the Chainlink network to any chain or system. But you already knew that and you're posting retarded fud.

>> No.18144699

Then the fed is not adopting the LINK token. There is no point to look at the LINK network over any other

>> No.18144707

That I agree with, yeah. US government hates Russia and won't let anything made by a Russian be used in their organization.

That does, cryptos have been gaining so far without US governments approval.

>> No.18144718

There is in fact the most important reason of all: connections.

>> No.18144754

thats my point. And other technologies have been developing oracles to connect to the blockchain that are american made

they dont get any attention though because you cant buy and sell them like a token.

>> No.18144755
File: 8 KB, 200x200, glownigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We literally have glowniggers making their own projects that use link

>> No.18144766


You never leave the (((CIA)))

>> No.18144816

Surely USA will tokenize the $ on a shitcoin. Kek

>> No.18144832

Why bsv tanking then? Im going long on jnug. High demand for gold and cheap oil. Gold mining where it's at.

>> No.18144998

say what you will about link but squatters are the best shit you’ll ever take

unloaded many a turd in China

>> No.18145148

how do you avoid shitting into your own pants?

>> No.18145421

FROM israel , can confirm

>> No.18145915


>> No.18145929


>> No.18145943

>Both shitcoins
XRP is the standard
Check 'em

>> No.18146064

you know its really obvious that you dont have anything to say. bsv(a failed fork of bitcoin) is a scam. it has miniscule mining power behind it compared to its competitors and an egomaniac alcoholist who gets his ass beaten in court as we speak. just sell...

>> No.18146076


>> No.18146090

Whats the point of a digital wallet other than complete surveillance over subjects?

>> No.18146095

haha again, its painfully obvious that you have nothing to say.

>> No.18146129

you have a point

if you hold the shitfork that is bsv you are probably also "smart" enough to hold some premined shittoken that is link

>> No.18146146
File: 65 KB, 1136x757, clinton-ghislaine-closeup-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18146325

why would they want connections if the fed wants to be as centralized as possible

>> No.18146357
File: 167 KB, 1136x755, epstein-island-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Do not watch this

>> No.18146371

>Looks like we made it


>> No.18146386

So what if its bank controlled and something bad happens they can roll it back.

>> No.18146410

You think you're allowed to have savings, goy?

>> No.18146422

>If you hold BSV you will be a millionaire
sorry fren but no stinkers allowed in the citadel

>> No.18146448
File: 1.79 MB, 480x270, oh2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18146466

This is bullish as all hell for quant network

>> No.18146546

>LINK's value is the network/reputation it is building
kek link doesnt have reputation, it has Sergey manualy KYCing 25 nodes. That's the only network/consensus/reputation available. It's worth literally $0, just like the link token.

Are you really low IQ enough to believe Sergey's lies that his KYC oracles are decentralized?

>> No.18146547

that imf blogpost really pissed me off. so this is their latest scheme to take our money, eh?

>> No.18146667

>he doesn't know

>> No.18146713

From the way the team talks, it sounds like they would jump at the opportunity to put their token on and give their support to any blockchain that is getting usage, including bsv.

>> No.18146731

Link doesn't need ethereum to move tokens

That's just the first blockchain it was made on

It can be put onto any blockchain but it would be a pain in the ass (but doable) to put it onto any blockchain that doesn't support the EVM.

If bsv really takes over and people move off eth and to bsv, though, I imagine there will be developer tools to ease the migration.

>> No.18146786

BSV is of no interest whatsoever any longer. As are most other coins. They are history already. Most just don't know it yet.

>> No.18147473

Ari Jules

>> No.18147824
File: 332 KB, 600x450, FE3F817E-7BDD-43B6-B528-4C685034E1B9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18147908
File: 10 KB, 286x176, yourealreadyinfected.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you hold $nCoV CoronaCoin you can profit from every coronavirus death.

>> No.18148247
File: 266 KB, 1200x2278, 94843AE9-D86B-4E6B-BCB3-4CFCD0449CB4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God wins you lose

>> No.18148271

>Trump will probably move us to a gold standard
Orange nigger is insanely printing money just like his predecessor, Black nigger.

Just admit we were victim of electoral fraud instead of fueling delusions.

>> No.18148520

Holy shit, why is this allowed? The bank is going to steal my money if I don't blow it all on consooming useless bullshit? Revolution fucking when?

>> No.18148785

so basically all banks have to have their own version of apple pay?

>> No.18149522

>digital DOLLAR wallets