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Own 2m LINK and 100 rental units as a based landlord.

Photo is proof. AMA

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post your armpit hair you disgusting jew

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how man foreskins have you bitten off?

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How fat are you? How much do your parents hate you for constantly fucking the couch cushions?

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Unironically I shave it.
Armpit hair is for subhuman street shitters.

Today or this week?

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My parents live in one of my rental units I charge them rent of course.

And the only thing that is fat is my wallet.

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Why do you still have link, Antichrist?

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hmmm on /pol we would say fuck off satan pol is a christian board.
but on /biz i would assume most of you would sell your souls to make it

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Sounds like a jew for charing parents rent. What did you eat yesterday will determine what type of jew.

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Every year at the Rabbi High Table we discuss how to increase our influence and wealth. Mnuchin is there representing the banking industry, Rothschild controls the real estate. I am overseeing the emerging technology space and thus will exert Jewish control over the Link network. We Jews you never lose.

Israel has every right to exist

You are not too bright huh. If I don't charge them rent how I will I accumulate more Jew Gold huh Goyim?

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>Every year at the Rabbi High Table we discuss how to increase our influence and wealth. Mnuchin is there representing the banking industry, Rothschild controls the real estate. I am overseeing the emerging technology space and thus will exert Jewish control over the Link network. We Jews you never lose.
So if I hold link will I become a jew?

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No but let me put it this way. All the Link whales are Jews. I know them all. The shrimp are the non-Jews. Jews don't decide what will usher in the 4th industrial revolution, we just make sure we are the whales in whatever it is so we can keep the goyim in check.
Israel has every right to exist.

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Larp detected, Jews are tribalist by nature and help out their own. Forcing a close family member to pay rent would be social suicide for a Jew, I would know I am one.

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Why are you trying to make Jews look bad? We arent the satanists /pol/ makes us out to be. Sure we have bad apples but so does every other race.

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How's it feel to know that your inbred parents had you gang molested for the tribe and took a major gamble with your life that the rabbi mutilating you didn't have herpes and killed you? I mean, you inbreds can't even keep your cocks clean, what's a little herpes to an 8 day old! Also, how many bottles of skin creme do you think they made of out your foreskin so your disgusting goblinas can fuck their cousins and brothers and repeat the cycle for another 6 gorillian years?

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If my parents let a rabbi mutilate my peepee I'd charge them rent too.

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Please send me LINK tokens sir, i got only 1.5k chainlink tokens. Please i want my suicide stack.


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Because they have consolidated power in a foreign govt, actively sell our military secrets to vodka and yellow people, and despite being such a small minority have a lot of power in the private sector as well.

My beef is not with random Jews, it's with THOSE specific Jews. If a mafia is Italian we call it the Italian mafia, if there's corruption in the Vatican then it's a religious power structure, so why would semites be any different?

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Shut the fuck up you lying sack of shit. If I don't charge rent how the fuck will I get more shekles you fucking dumbass. This is basic Jew 101. I bet you weren't even bar mitzvah'd fucking reform Jew subhuman. Fuck off back to schlotzky's deli and let the real Jews do their work. Fucking peasant.

I don't know what the fuck you are talking about I creampie your mom every night so you soon call me Daddy. Bitch.

Damn the amount of disgusting europoor subhuman pieces of shit on here is abhorrent. Uncircumcised street shitters will get Jew'd so hard the next 20 years. I'll be sure of it. Screen cap this.

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What's the matter, Moshe? Fresh baby cock delivery being delayed?

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Sharpe in poopie with timestamp and I'll see what can be done. Goyim

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Please call me Mr. Sheklestein

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how old are u and why should i invest my money in real estate if i can just put my money in stocks and low risk funds

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send me chainlink tokens right now you fuckin kike

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I'm a linkwhale and an ethnic Yemeni Jew ,Akenazim are Turks playing Jew while following sabbatean scripture who exist only to bring the end of days by having the world glass them. Distasteful and greedy by design the Ashkenazim is the synagogue of Saturn.

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hello shekel lord, why is XRP (a trustful centralized incentiveless shitcoin) pumping while the rest of the market is just tracking BTC
a concerned goy

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You sound. like this single mother of 5 who works two jobs and is one of my tenants. She just lost both jobs and doesn't want to pay rent. I'll tell you the same thing I told her. Sorry but nothing is free goyim. Sharpie in poopie with timestamp.

Shut the fuck up you subhuman goyim. You are probably reform let alone not even a Jew. Did you not see my ethnicitiy sheet, it was directly from the High Jewish Citadel. It is 100% accurate, they take membership very seriously. A link whale is 1m minimum, so keep cucking and save your shekles Ahmed.

Very good question Goyim glad you asked. Actually just had a meeting in the High Rabbi Council. They are very displease with Garlinghouse, we do our Jewery much more subtle and deceptive but he is very flamboyant and obvious with his scam. It will dump tomorrow as part of his Jew scam.

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Post hand with timestamp

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Good thing i have 1.6m then .
I'am of the line of Peretz you donkey! you are an askenazi sabbatean heretic vampire according to your own post thats lower then even an atheist.