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Seriously though , how many to make it?

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we don't know yet but 500k seems about right.

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satsgang homo's fuck off

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kys satsgang shills

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>on the second

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I was just about to say the same thing to you

until the next time, fren

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Oh anon... Is Peter ~Thiel in the Sats Gang? What amount Sam Altman? I guess several of the investors that are also Paypal and Coinbase founders must have formed it to steal lunch money from anons. Thanks for helping us all see through the scam basedboi!!!

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just because some big name faggots have locked tokens doesn't mean you pajeets aren't pump and dumping this shitcoin

fuck off

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i have 2.6M. how likely am I to make it?

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are your hands made of adamantium? if yes the answer to your question is most likely

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hello wallet neighbor

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10m will be fuck u money

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Where can you get it though

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Its been two years and theres still no rsv
How long is this going to take?

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it will never get launched because there's no demand for it

satsgang is making a play on the naive idiots who buy into their pnd

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RSV is trading here: https://www.bidesk.com/exchange/715/RSR/RSV

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stealthex worked for me, simpleswap has it, avoid hotbit. I use Huobi Global in Opera browser with their built-in VPN showing Europe, have done many withdrawals with no issues. I signed up on my phone first but idk if that matters.

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>he doesn't know
at least get your facts right you pathetic low effort cunt: https://www.bidesk.com/exchange/715/RSR/RSV

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ooooo look it's the Sats Gang.. you caught them anon.. you are so fucking based bro

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is this the satsgang?

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the pajeets are working overtime spamming their stocked images

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>spends all of his time throwing shade on the best up and coming projects because he is too poor to get in and seeeeeeething...
Anon you seem very passionate about this project. You unironically stalk it and repeatedly post the same copypasta fud all day. I mean you are fucking obsessed. Tell me, what is it that gets you so horny about it and how much do you have?

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its on uniswap now?

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4 million big dick mega whale checking in, I’ll be 6 million by the end of the month. Feeling... comfy.

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is this you anon?

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The RSR team are linkies

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I truly hope so fren

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ya but they are smart enough not to use it yet, probably because it's not ready or doesn't work.

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i have 22m rsr. will i make it or will i be broke? unironically all in except for 3 btc

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humblebrag fucker

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we're all gonna make it fren. if this doesnt work for me i'll have a lifetime of waging.

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Nothing is certain, who knows ? All I know is I have a good feeling about rsr, even with my measly 4 million I’m feeling good and am patiently waiting until 2021 where I’m hoping we move closer to 1$ per coin. Imagine selling your 22 million for what it’s valued at currently (like $45000 or so right ?) and missing out on 1$ per token.. I’m basically hodling until 0$ or 1$ and not selling anything in between, unless we get to 50cents and then maybe I’ll sell half. After corona dies down in 2-3 months, normies worldwide will be looking to reinvest, and once they discover rsr and stops becoming a bit of a secret, shit could easily go on a XRP style megapump.

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yeah man, it's all or nothing. drns until i have 8 figures.

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why would the fist 5 billion RSR be worth anything when thee 95b more on the sidelines

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didn't mean it in a bad way really.. congratz


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>doesn't know about burning and arbitrage

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I'm expecting one more dip below .002 then going all in

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cope. theyve been fans of chainlink since 2017. Its evident theyre not gonna hold out for a better oracle solution like Vitalik is doing with ethereum. RSR is going to go down with the ship with link.

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That's why they aren't using it until it proves itsself. It almost certainly wont so web scraper coin can fade away like it already is.

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>it proves itsself
its already proven itself. the Reserve team has been fanboying over chainlink since its ico. I dont think you realize, its not like the chainlink team had to pay them or convince them to do it. They were fans of chainlink, its tech and whitepaper since the beginning. they think chainlink is the ultimate solution to the oracle problem. They do not want to live in crypto world that isnt intergrated through chainlink network

they are linkies

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you are delusional. are you a nulinker that bought over $3? They do not use it now. It is not used anywhere at all. Accepting it now will save you a lot of money.

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i own no link at all and think its the biggest piece of shit in crypto

why do you think i sold all my RSR upon hearing it uses Chainlink? Rsr are supposed to be geniuses programmers, yet they didnt see any problem endorsing that glorified web scraper from day 1
>b-b but they dont use it
the fact they endorsed the chainlink system at all shows they are morons

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>the fact they endorsed the chainlink system at all shows they are morons
Or they are smart and riding the Link hype train while it's useful. Link is a cheap whore. Use her for what she's good for and throw her away.

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That sweet sweet 1$ target.

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NOBODY wants this shit stop shilling it

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>Or they are smart and riding the Link hype train while it's useful.
then they are evil pump and dumpers.

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if link works they use it, if it doesn't work then they don't use it. it's not that complicated anon

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here's some nobodies that want this...

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Didn't Thiel come out on twitter saying his connection to RSR is a hoax?

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Thiel doesn't tweet you noob - don't fall for the obvious FUD.

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Damn I had a feeling it might have been fud.

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RSR will be a fucking top 10 coin

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