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My fiancee taught herself to code and now pulls six figures as a web developer.

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Hope she never worked in an office for that job. Woman. No degree. 6 figures. She suckn dick Anon.

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luck makes you rich. coding gives you a chance.

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we once hired one of these chicks from a code bootcamp where i work. she couldnt do shit but would suck your dick if you gave her a good review at the end of her trial period. your f is about to do the same

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Stopped reading.

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Your fiancee's a man.

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dumb. that's an expensive blow job. whoever she's blowing deserves to get ripped off

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A lot of the time, they hire women as eye candy for the office, not so much for the skills.

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kill yourself you absolute piece of degenerate shit

honestly your mum should be ashamed to have given birth to a fetus as retarded as you lmao


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yes, 10 years ago

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You wouldn’t happen to be from Texas would you?

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yep, studied computer engineering with plenty of women who didn't have a first idea about what they were doing, many of them got hired as eye candy
a few of them were great web designers though

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true. Most dev hires fit into
a) diversity hire
b) burn cash, so you keep your budget next quarter
c)maintenance, offload work from core devs
d) please lead devs

when you actually need somebody with a specific skillset corporate won't give you the money to hire them, because muh salary budget and rather spend double the time and trice the money for online courses

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>thinks it's just one guy.

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I got a job out of college making 70k by having some SQL and Python skills, so maybe.

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But it can make you dumb too

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Look at this post and weep. Just weep.
And I guarantee you there are people on sites like hacker news and reddit who claim they deserve the six figures they pull in because what they do is "hard" and "skilled", even though every stacy is jumping on the bandwagon. Fuck, I even saw some idiots on Quora who were saying they deserved more than that.
Honestly, what more do you need to realise that this is a fucking bubble?

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Coding is just implementing an idea so no it won't make you rich unless it's your idea.

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this, or working for a person with a great idea. wouldn't mind being a code monkey. upward mobility is usually laid out and obvious. and starting salary is 50k min

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Yep, as an oilfag you see this constantly. I’ve had to stop comparing my career to womens since it’s too depressing.

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lol they initially offered her high five figures but she negotiated an extra 15% base salary

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<sucked dicks

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yes if you are extremely lucky and
- get a job at some FANNG comp
- join some startup early and get offered stock options
- travel back in time into 2010 and create some apps
- travel back in time into 2017 and create some shit coin/token ico
- create your own startup
but chances are great that you instead catch autism or in case you get to be a webdev, that you develop tranny traits

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that's a man bro

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e) blow up the number of FTEs you manage so you can say you're managing a lot of people and negotiate a higher salary for you

Corporates are a big joke

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You spelled it wrong but yes cocaine can make you rich

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I'm still working through corona. So it is better than being laid off.

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I earned $1,000 - $2,000 per month aged 14-19 from coding (outside of any employment)
It took more than just coding though; marketing, PR, customer service, product design, UI/UX design, database design, a little bit of legal stuff, etc.
Coding can make you a lot of money if you learn the skills to get a job - if you get lucky you could pull six figures from tranny web design (e.g. >>18132496), if you get unlucky you'll get a commoner salary, it depends a lot on location and industry, but the real money from coding involves being an entrepreneur (cringe) or using experience/skills learnt from being an entrepreneur to easily get yourself a bankrolling job.

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