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Landlord here. Currently renting out a room in a metropolitan area in my city to a 25 year old roastie who wants to live the "City life".. She pays me 1,100 a month. Cry harder bitches.

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Based department???

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All Women Are Whores

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that is not the right way to eat a banana woman

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Enjoy thousands of different men, niggers included, cumming all over your property
worth 1k per month I guess

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I could care less about that. Its a long term rental property for me. She can drink as much jizz there as she wants, as long as the whore pays me my fuckin money on the first day of every month. Or Ill kick her to the curb and replace her with another delusional roastie. Cheers!

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>Not increasing her rent and forcing her to pay in blowjobs.

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I dont want a blow job from her. She could "MeToo" me. This is purely a financial transaction, and it will stay that way. I am lawyered up and I plan to rent three rooms total netting about 3,300 a month. I only owe 150k on the property.

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Based on what?

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it's the only way to eat a banana

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>muh single detached family home
>muh mortgaged primary residence

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