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lmfao even the corporations are turning on landlord parasites.
reminder that landlords will NOT win this, you WILL be drawn and quartered if you continue to fight against your checkmate, and posting cope on 4chan isn't going to change anything.

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Rent rent rent rennnnnnt

We're not gonna pay rent

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if wagie employers dont have to pay rent neither should wagies


trend it

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damn must make so much money on rent from a business like mcdonalds

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How will landlordcels ever recover?

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uhh yes based department???

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Dont pay your landlord and wreck the fuck out of his shitty apartment before youre forced to leave by the courts after a lengthy and costly legal battle (for the landlord)

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Burger King isn't even closed right now though. Drive-thrus are open.

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i hope they get owed under.
i am against inflated, predatory real estate and rental prices just as much as the next poorfag apt. cuck.
but this grandstanding of such flagrant disregard for moral and ethical standards from a high profile business leader, it is shameful and disgusting. that is not the ethics of a professional business person. literally trump twitter posting tier.

if these companies can't survive even the first month or so of hard times. they literally do not deserve to be in business. disgusting

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I won't pay my rent, and when i finally will be kiked out i'll fullfil the entire house of my own shit.

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*mowed under

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think about what type of cretin would manage a burger king.

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When is this faggot communist invasion psyop going to end? There's a whole site for that and you really really need to go back.

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the whopper kills the big mac, deal with it

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Can they evict burger king? That would be holy based

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I'm not a communist you shit for brains literal fucking moron.
EVERY economic school of thought despises landlords. I will say it again:
Landlords will NOT win this, you WILL be drawn and quartered if you continue to fight against your checkmate, and posting cope on 4chan isn't going to change anything.

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Clown world

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it needs to end a week ago this commie faggotry is annoying AF and screams 14yr and his first commie thoughts

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Landlord here. If my tenant did this, I'd simply fucking evict them. Theft is theft whichever way you put it.

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OGN and ZANO will make sure you're being well off before BTC pumps

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You have to go back faggot

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Fuck off anyway.

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Imagine being the Burger King but not owning your own castle

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This is a 100% commercial argument now tbf. Its hardly 'communism' when the entire retail real estate market hits the shitter - thats also a LOT of pensions n sheeit

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The courts are closed they might as well hold on to rent money until they have to pay it.

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What people don't seem to realize that the rent is still due.

You will still have x amount of rents outstanding once this is over.

Pay rent or face the consequences.

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Kill yourself

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If not even corporations own their land why the duck should I buy my property

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>rents still due
and just wtf are the tenants s'posed to pay the rent FROM? Do you know how much money we are talking about here, just from Burger King alone? The Landlords need to take a haircut now, or face the guillotine. They've no other option.

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>muh free gibs
kys nigger

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Seethe more, landie

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you sound like marvel fags screaming "DC SHILL" at anyone who calls the MCU trash.

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if renter rent, fuck it employee shouldnt get wages either

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No bro. The real capitalists are here. Crony capitalists and landlord leeches get helicopter rides.

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Rent-seeking scum are antithetical to capitalism you ignorant stupid fucking morons.

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>he still doesn't know

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What the fuck, I love Burger King now.

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i daid i was a poorfag aptcuck. but i pay my way i dont need or want free gibs

i expect to be paid work and service i provide my employer. and in like kind, i pay for goods and services which are rendered to me by others

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No shock that a bunch of tranny communists loves Tranny King with their estrogen burgers

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they won't, the banks will take over their properties and all the landlording parasites are shitting their pants right now (and rightfully so)

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No. And there will be no consequences. You'll do nothing but accept the checkmate.

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>July comes around
>rent hasn't been paid
>evictions happens

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>landlords go broke and lose their property
Now what

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Honestly didn't know Burger King was even around anymore. If they can't afford to pay their contracts they will probably be out of business soon too. Anyone know the ticker symbol I want to short them on their way out

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Then they will cry for the government to save them and give them property.

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>implying the banks will let them stay there for free

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Literal KING

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>July comes around
>mortgage hasn't been paid
>bank takes over the property and offers units to tenants as condos for mortgage payments at half the cost of what the rent was
Look on the bright side landie, if your credit isn't too fucked after the repo you might be able to get a condo with the rest of us.

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they won't and that's where the live-at-home Chads step in with their pure hard cash

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>Landlords don't own properly, bank does
>Landlords do jack in terms of maintenance or repair

Whats the purpose of landlords again?

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>commies suddenly loves banks
>think they will act in their interest
There is such a thing as supply and demand retard

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>real estate bubble pops
>everyone now pays 1/5th of the former infalted price for rent

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economic and societal parasites

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Landlords offer people, who don't want to or can't buy one, a home.

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The banks also wouldnt let the property go unused if they can try to recoup money on it. Just like they tried to resell foreclosed homes, they'll offer rental units to renters by either becoming the landlords themselves or transitioning from rental units to condos so they can wash their hands of maintainence.
The landlord truly is not needed in the equation.

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and take all the risks. including there cometh a time when their tenants stop paying rent and they get foreclosed.

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Yeah but the price for houses themselves will go down since people will be defaulting on their mortgages. Basically 2008 again

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>landlords arent needed
>but this landlord is fine
You are mentally challenged.

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And the bank can't do this? They sound like middlemen who have no purpose other than to just shave a bit off the rent fee.

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Commie tranny cope

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Indeed. This is another thing that all these economic illiterate commies don't seem to understand.

God I fucking hate commies, they are all so fucking retarded.

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Yeah, there's going to be a huge supply of condos after landies get rekt. The banks will try to recoup by meeting housing demand and cutting the overleveraged middle men that played their part and brought all these brand new customers right to their front doors. Thanks for playing, now exit left.

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Anyone "can do it", banks to not deal in such things. Banks care about the cashflow from a home, not the home itself. The mortgage is an asset, the home a liability.

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no smart players didn't buy real estate in the past years because they risk-assesed and realized they're waaay overpriced. they just lended money to retards, who bought and kept pumping the bubble, knowing well when it pops they get the foreclosed properties anyways, plus exorbital mortages until then. win-win.

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Banks will merely resell it to someone else. And tenants will be known as former tenants, since you lose your home if you don't pay rent. Jog on.

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And now the banks know who the people are, can offer them condos directly at prices cheaper than rent, and tell the landlords to piss off.

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a lord evicting a king

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>if these companies can't survive even the first month or so of hard times. they literally do not deserve to be in business. disgusting

Businesses are being "forced" to shut down due to a hoax. Why would you expect anyone to honor any prior oblications? This is why just about all contracts have a 'force majeure' clause, and even if they don't, such an event is easily grounds for relieving any contractual obligations.

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>And influence zoning so much that there cant be competitive supply in the area or put it on Airbnb.

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what is reposession

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Seethe more, landie.

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Based on what?

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And the irony is that you call people bootlickers.

Communists truly mentally retarded.

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>Renterinos press BK for rent anyway
>BK says fuck you our cash flow cant handle that come back in about 4 months
>Renterinos keep pressing
>Lose a massive client such as BK and have to look for an alternative one
>This leads to a bigger money loss than if they had just give BK time to pay the rent later

Why are the (larping) landlords on /biz/ such morons?

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>you have to go back

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Why so obsessed with commies anyway?

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>transitioning from rental units to condos so they can wash their hands of maintainence.
>The landlord truly is not needed in the equation.

>Implying appartments can be regarded as condos
Wherever there are college students there will be landlords

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>implying disdain for landlords makes a person a communist
Seethe more, landie. You might also want to actually read up on just about ANY school economic theory before you end up on the streets.

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Banks never lose you absolute fucking retard. Do you even know what a foreclosure is? They'll just cut their losses and sell to the highest bidder. Business as usual and you faggot commies will keep crying about it like the little cocksucking niggers you are

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>live-at-home neets will be the next landlord class
How will they dodge the Second Landypurge?

>> No.18131259

they won't be landlords, they will live there and start families which is basicly impossible for young people with all the landlording parasites currently, uness you think it's a good idea to start a family in some rented shack

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I still won't buy a fucking impossible whopper from burger queen.

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So you’re saying there’s one live-at-home neet for EVERY suddenly available property, that said neet has attracted a woman who also wants to start a family with him, and to cap it all this neet has the wherewithal to buy that property with pure hard cash?

Anon have you been smoking shrooms again?

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also working class families might stand a chance at actually owning their home again

>> No.18131406

I'm talking in general terms, if you don't see how destructive this loan-based landlording is then I'm not gonna waste time, I'll gladly buy or build a house when prices go down and so will many other people my age that I know

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>I don't understand supply & demand
Kill yourself. You will never own a home.

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ok boomer

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Who buys a purpose built fast-food joint when all fast food joints are running on fumes?

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I think you're the one who doesn't understand supply and demand.
Scumlording becomes unprofitable, scumlords sell their property, average price of property drops, working class families can now afford to own.
Do I need to draw you a little diagram?

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nice obvious larp landie

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>this is your brain on communism
In the case that the landlord can't afford it anymore, the bank takes over. Banks in turn sell to the higher bidder i.e another landlord.

Land is a scarce resource, because of the law that is supply and demand, not every family will own a home.

You won't suddenly be able to own a home just because a landlord has to forfeit his assets to a bank you retarded imbecile.

Be thankful that someone is offering you a home at an affordable price, the other end of the coin is you not having a home at all.

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>>repo it
>what is 'evictions are suspended'
>what is 'Courts Closed'
retail repo is, in best cases, faster than domestic, 2 months or so. Now, be lucky to get a repo order through before Christmas. Not to mention, tenants saf won't be paying rent during this process, guaranteed. Nor will you find another tenant, in middle of what is, I remind, you, a fucking pandemic where 50% the worlds population is under lockdown till fuck knows when. Non-essential retail is not even legally allowed to operate in civilized countries. Get the keys back, then what? The fuck are you gonna rent it to then?
>No Luck, Landlord

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>Banks in turn sell to the higher bidder i.e another landlord.
and they will go broke too, since most people can't afford rent and move back to their parents or start sharing rooms/whatever
Eventually some laws will be passes forbidding banks from giving loans to parasites that want to use them solely to leech off others

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>calls landlords parasites
>is the parasite
>says landlords are posting cope on 4chan
>is posting cope on 4chan

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You don't understand the law of supply and demand you absolute cretin.

Fuck off and die.

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>wagie doesn't pay rent
>landlord can't pay mortage or taxes
>bank takes home
>kicks out wagie
>sells house to some other landlord who managed money better
>back to status quo

what does this accomplish exactly?

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shit for brains coping moron detected

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lmao didnt read the comments my nigga fuck niggas fuck renters fuck the fuckers fuclk mother fucking ass cracka ass niggga asss gorilla dick ass cock schlop nigaroo nigga B nigga see nigga THEE cardi b
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No, I understand it very well, you're probably just some scared seething landlord that's about to get REKT and you're projecting things

Once the leech-off-others passive income from an asset you don't even own ends you will see what happens to prices, maybe you will understand things you have no idea about rn

>> No.18131808

Umm hello based department

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you don't know what communism, capitalism, supply, or demand even mean. You're a mad retard lashing out at your own stupidity.

>> No.18131855

Kill yourselves you retarded braindead communists.

You will never ever own a home.

>> No.18131869

get rekt parasite

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This level of delusion shouldn't be possible

>> No.18131909

>kicks out wagie
Nope. More likely they'd offer wagie a direct mortgage or sell ownership to new landie who keeps wagie as a cash cow for when this blows over. Kicking out the cash cow and expecting new landlord to find a renter during corona is a boneheaded move that could only be expected to come from the mind of a seething landie who's about to lose his shirt.

>> No.18131917

shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun

shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun

>> No.18131920

Great reminder to not invest in real state.

I'm never buying a house since I can legally live for free in someone else's on some occasions.

This is insane!

>> No.18132000

Don’t listen to the retards anon, you’re wasting your time. They have a deluded child like view of the world, you won’t be able to convince them of anything, especially not economics 101

>> No.18132033

>Banks in turn sell to the higher bidder i.e another landlord.
You stupid fucking cunt, how can you not understand this?
There will not be any landlord buyers because landlording is unprofitable.

>This is your brain on communism
I support property rights and think income tax and welfare should be abolished. Not a fucking commie.
Landlords are useless parasites in literally every economic theory under the sun. You'd know that if you ever read a textbook.

>> No.18132136

I do own my own home. Keep coping retard.

>> No.18132180

>the spacing
you have to to back, all of you unfunny, insignificant shills.

>> No.18132205

RACISM CEO here. You're HIRED.

>> No.18132206

>landlording is unprofitable
You have to be over 18 to post here, kiddo

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so one landie loses his shit, the other gains, wagie still pays rent

>> No.18132255

>coping this hard

>> No.18132268


>> No.18132301

Yes. One less landie and no rent during corona is still a win.

>> No.18132305

We were speaking hypothetically. I wouldn't expect you to understand such abstractions.

>> No.18132322

Hello based department?

>> No.18132353

Found the landlord

>> No.18132436

How long do you honestly think society will function if no one pays rent. The homeless might as well live in these buildings that aren't enforcing rent.

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>we were speaking hypothetically
No shit moron I’m laughing at the fact that you think landlording will ever be 100% unprofitable. You literally have a pea brain anon. But like a deformed one where it’s smaller than regular peas

>> No.18132465

Landlords will stop paying utilities so it will just be squatters living in the ruins. Sounds nice 2bh.

>> No.18132535

Yeah you obviously don’t know jack shit about banks. The last thing banks want is to have to write down losses, the last thing banks want to do is start being landlords. Mortgages have been given up to 6 months forbearance for landlords meanwhile in 30days evictions will begin again so you will be an even more pathetic person then than you were before. Also I suspect landlords will be very wary in the coming months when dead beats like you start looking for new homes and even landlords who used to not run background checks will start doing them to root out the trash like you

>> No.18132583

Aren't they all still open though? I guess I could see if a business was completely shut down but I see cars lined up around the block at those places.

>> No.18132584

leftypol -->

>> No.18132693

Holy mother of Dunning Kruger that's a supremely ironic post.
In my country, house prices are plummetting and renters are not paying. Over-leveraged landlords are making losses NOW.
The uncertainty is for how long will this situation continue.

>> No.18132699

Bong (and I'm guessing, Italy/Spain/etc) they are all (BK, McDs, KFC, yadda) totally closed, even the drive-ins. Not sure even spiritual Home of Burger will hold out much longer when plague toll continues to rise

>> No.18132727

the state will force utility companies to continue to supply houses with utilities.
The only people who are going to lose are landlords and you are all shit for brains coping stupid fucking morons if you don't realize this

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Nuh uh

>> No.18132834

>Landlord Cuts WiFi since any cable/satellite/isp isn’t a “utility” its an amenity
This kills the commie and after 3 days of no internet they will flee like the roaches they are

>> No.18132854

Daily reminder that the average Chapo is a NEET or severely underemployed.

>> No.18132948

Landlords don't typically supply wifi. It's a separate service. This is like saying the landlord will cut off your magazine subscription or something.

>> No.18132985

Every company saying this by the way is in some huge trouble financially. They're not paying their rent because they legitimately can't afford it and coming out and releasing a public statement like this is there way of trying to reframe their bad financial position as a show of solidarity.

>> No.18133037

Landlord can simply call up said isp/cable company and tell them they no longer wish to have their services provided to their building. POOF there goes your internet

>b-b-but the cable is in my name I pay the bill
Doesn’t matter faggot, you don’t own the building and the landlord allows your isp/cable company to provide their service as an amenity to you as a tenant. You all really don’t understand there is plenty of things the owner (Landlord) can do that you can’t

>> No.18133046

The landlord supplies the entire building with the ability to get wifi, you pay the wifi company to access it. Landlord can just disconnect the cables.

>> No.18133080

>Landlord can just disconnect the cables.
i don't think you really understand any of this

>> No.18133101

People pay cable bills.
Its a utility.
Also if you're cutting at an access point that most landies have access to, then you're cutting off the whole building. That'd basically be begging for the lamppost, assuming the cops don't get to you first after people call you in using their cellphones.

>> No.18133123

Cable, and internet are not utilities... what do you not understand. They can’t shut off your water,power or gas; but they can turn off your cable/WiFi anytime they want

>> No.18133147

Another genius who thinks cable is a utility. Internet isn’t classified as a utility

>> No.18133151

not every landlord is a debtridden cuck m8. And it's still up to the landlord to do whatever the fuck he wants with the building. He can rent it out for a few years and thhrow in a few upgrades and sell it for the remaining mortgage + profit.

>> No.18133161

And piss off all your paying tenants?

>> No.18133189
File: 2.92 MB, 580x328, 1511885928941.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah, shit. sorry. i agree with you 100% on this..
i missread your post before. i thought you were saying the opposite. imma retard sometimes

>> No.18133234

lmao landlords are pussy faggots that like to jerk off over what they can do but in reality they won't do shit. That's why they're low level kikes who will never get to satisfy their sick pedo urges like the decadent billionaires they wish they were.

>> No.18133245

'WiFi' is not (per se) cable. Where a landlord would generally be in (some) control is cable service in an apartment multi drop - even then, it would need some Moshe special cabling for the landlord to be able to disconnect individual tenants. Can of course tell the cable co service is no longer wished for the entire building, fairly high possibility of pissing off other (paying) tenants then tho. Individual property, agreement be between cable supplier>tenant, landlord can't do shit. And when, cant stop tenants using mobile internet (4/5G), FTA, satellite or interfere with their Post, etc.

>> No.18133248

They're utilities. And cutting them wont work. It's illegal first and foremost. Its likely a violation of the rental agreement so you'll never see rent secondly. And lastly, everyone has smartphones. You'd be liable for fees that people paid on utilities/services that you've illegally cut on top of never getting rent money.
Just accept the checkmate. If you freeze rent, this goes a lot smoother for everybody.

>> No.18133324

FUCK landlords. YOU will suffer the effects of the bad economy just like the rest of us. YOU ARE NOT above common people. YOU ARE NOT entitled to money for doing nothing but owning property.

>> No.18133368

Ohh so now you want to fall back on your lease agreement after advocating to not pay rent... and no it’s not illegal to turn your WiFi off

Not really landlords know the exact layout of their building where everything goes that a renter has no fucking clue, it would actually be really easy to disconnect an individual unit

>> No.18133373

getting your own wifi access point is no hassle though. You can literally just get a subscription for those mobile bandwith boxes and be done with it. Sure it'll cost you abit extra, but if you took my wifi for an example, it would just cost me 30 bucks/month to get my own wifi setup

>> No.18133393

Regardless if you as a third party cut a service that does not involve you in the transaction, you do realize that you'll be held liable, yes? Especially so if any if your tenants are currently working from home and can quickly get corporate lawyers involved when you decide to try to cut off the whole building's internet like a retard?

>> No.18133423

Kekd. You are a commie. I hope the boogaloo pops off. You and your cohort deserve to be gutted in the street. Fag.

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it's illegal but it's also basically impossible for the town to actually crack down on unless they actually go all the way through with and win a lawsuit against the landlord, you hear it happening all the time with slumlords who put low-income tenants in condemned houses. it just depends on how much the landlord actually cares about wether people hate them for having their (generally impoverished) tenants live in those conditions.

>> No.18133458

I gotta admit it’s fucking hilarious how you commie faggots are so worried about muh internet while you think your going to lead the revolution and overthrow landlords.

>Nononononono not muh heckin internerino you cant do that you bastard it’s illegal to cut muh wifi

>> No.18133542

All you have to do is tell the providers you don’t want them to provide any internet services to your building or even an individual unit and the tenants would have to deal with it or move the fuck out. Once again internet isn’t a necessity for life like water, electricity or gas which are REAL utilities for life

>> No.18133628

why is cutting internet such a big deal? You don't need to own a building to get a wifi setup. You can literally just do all that yourself? Get a 4g box and a subscription for whatever amount of gigs you need and voila done

>> No.18133646

It's like you people engage in some weird form of solipsism where other people still exist but they're all commies and you are the only non-commie.

>> No.18133701

Cut it and see what happens, then. Also make a live thread when you do, so we can all laugh a week later while watching news on TV and go "hey I remember that guy!"
You'll make landie posting an immortal cornerstone on this board after getting blown the fuck out.

>> No.18134021

Landie posting... fuck off back to your leftist commune, don’t forget to dilate when coronachan fucks your compromised immune system from aids, and your colostomy bag from a prolapsed anus

>> No.18134179

Seethe harder, landie.

>> No.18134693

>the landlord lashes out in anger

>> No.18134881

>EVERY economic school of thought despises landlords
how strange that all "completely organic /biz/ posters" repeat this same line word for word

>> No.18135010

Wifi ultimately comes from a wired internet connection somewhere in the building. Who do people call when the internet goes out in the building. The internet provider? No, it's whoever manages the building. Have fun with that.

>> No.18135100


>> No.18135141

It's fucking true retard. I have a master's degree in economics. This is my home board and has been for years. Keep coping though.

>> No.18135347

I only come to 4chan during events to watch the drama, you lot do not disappoint. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahhahaahaahahaha

>> No.18135357

Based and redpilled

>> No.18135369

>i hav a master degree in basket weaving

>> No.18135392

do you regret cutting your dick off?

>> No.18135487

based, bootlickers seething

>> No.18135547
File: 61 KB, 747x747, 1584578584429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else waiting for all of these landlords to go bankrupt and buy their properties for dirt cheap?

>brb bad bitch slumlord coming through

>> No.18135570
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I'm saving for a home by skipping rent actually.

>> No.18135611


>> No.18136475


>> No.18136517


>> No.18136539


>> No.18136550

Real Estate drops in value and the people renting buy homes instead.

>> No.18136816

Don't need WiFi.... Have 5g cell phone ho.

Free rent feelsgoodman

>> No.18137390

>disregard for moral and ethical standards
>being a landlord
Oh dont make me laugh. Landlords arent providing any great service, they are there to exploit and make money.

>> No.18137432

>giving all property to bankers is good
I thought commies hated bankers?

>> No.18137450

>voluntary transaction

>> No.18137513


>> No.18137586
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time to open central park for business.

>> No.18137588

lmao, even considering /biz/ is now infected with bunkerchan retards, I have never seen topic on which /biz/ is so split as this one.

>> No.18137696

socialist incels deserve the rope if they dont want to pay the rent

>> No.18137714

What the fuck are you on about? I have never told my landlord or building manager when my WIFI cuts out. I call my provider, who sends out a tech, who fixes the issue.

>> No.18137737

landlords are going to be publicly executed, unironically, and you're a stupid fucking moron if you continue to deny this

>> No.18137776

the wiring comes throught the building and is usually routed through a junction/distribution hub in a mechanical room of the building, which is locked, secured and maintained by the owner. all they need to do is tell the isp to disconnect it at the panel in the mechanical room.

>> No.18137803
File: 2.25 MB, 640x360, terry terry terry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no. i don't think so.

>> No.18137844

Communists are good for 1 thing: Fertilizer

>> No.18137953

define communist

>> No.18138036

this board is infested with disgusting kikes because of the subject matter. Imagine looking down on some renter while the property you "own" is in danger of being repossessed if those damn wagies don't pay you. You are renting from a bank as a landlord, and your property taxes is just rent to the government, you are as pathetic as any tenant.

>> No.18138056

Wouldn't it be funny if BK's stock dropped like a rock when they expected their share price to rise?

>> No.18138264

Wagie get replacee with immigrant family. Wagie becomes homeless since landlord tells all other landlord about the short sighted little shit.

>> No.18138280
File: 395 KB, 372x442, 1581228594976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Land cucks are FINISHED! Game over you leech faggots. Get a job!

>> No.18138291

So with that analysis why can't landlord go without one month of rent then?

>> No.18138392

and if faggots would stop landlording hogging up all the excess homes, people could afford their own home

>> No.18138426

>Even corporations who are symbols of the capitalistic system like fast food industry are telling the usurers to fuck off

Yeah how about no. This is socialism of the good kind. The black, white and red one.