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Do neets get coronabux or not?

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If someone can claim you as a dependent, you do not get the $1200. Doesn't matter if they have declared you or not. So, no.

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>claimed as a dependant on your parents tax return
>independent, no income, but welfare.
They increase your welfare payment
>independent, no munny at all
Not unless you file a 2019 tax return form 1040 reporting $0 income, and put your address if you want check or bank info if you want direct deposit.

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i dont remember if im a dependent before. i never filed taxes before.

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>Not unless you file a 2019 tax return form 1040 reporting $0 income, and put your address if you want check or bank info if you want direct deposit.
so i can do this now?

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>unless you file a 2019 tax return...
>tfw needlessly filed taxes last year..
>tfw qualify for everything
>tfw even qualify for business grants because registered LLC for something didn't ever complete...
>tfw also have 8m PoN and random cryptogame collections that are also mooning...

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go find your mommies 12 guage and paint your bedroom wall

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do disability neets get coronabux?

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Then you wont get any anyway. Jesus christ, friend, get a job.

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>wage-slave detected

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Parents claimed me as a dependant but I filed taxes independently and not through them. Do I still get trumpbux?

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No one knows ~~

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Did you file for taxes in 2019 or 18? No, then no.

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>have to be actively seeking work
>during a state wide lockdown
How do I get around this? My job is basically letting us go I believe because they can't risk paying us without profits if legislation is passed to force payouts. But I'm sure we'll all be "rehired" when we reopen since it's a more specialized job. It's not like I want to start a new job during the crisis what the fuck. Anyone dealing with similar issue?

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read the 880 page bill

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Final final final final draft actuly this time

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So edgy

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Just go on indeed and apply to random shit

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>ctrl f
>nothing mentioning dependents
I'm getting trumpbux

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You need to file taxes before you can get Trumpbux

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If I was claimed as a dependent in 2018, but filed for taxes today, will I get the bux?

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How do I make sure I get my TrumpyBux? I moved sense I filled 2018 taxes and I don't remember if I received a check or direct deposit? Mailing checks seems dumb as fuck. All the nogs here will be looting mailboxes when the checks start coming. I want to yolo throw my TrumpBux into BitCoin and watch it burn.

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Yes you will

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Neets will be the new niggers after niggers are gone.

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ive never filed. can i do it now?

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So how many instruments have you learned and how many philosophers have you studied, Anon?

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It's what happened during the 2019 tax return. If you're a dependent your parents get the $500

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According to /ptg/ from /pol/, you can.

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submit it electronically today for even $0 if you have to. It's free, worth a shot.

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>According to the dumbest people on the website
Not very reassuring

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Sounds like you're a dependent, little man. Mommy and Daddy still taking care of you? You're not getting any money. Even if you aren't a dependent, you're probably too dumb and lazy to file your taxes. You're not getting any Trumpbux. Sorry lad.

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i submit it online? 1040? i only see the pdf online. let me keep looking.

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come on now

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>i disagree with them
>therefore they're dumb
They're actually one of the smartest, but sure.

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No response.
All he does is sit in front of his computer and watch porn all day.

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>mfw op calls the IRS in 2 months to ask where his trumpbux are
>IRS asks for his social security number
>op proudly proclaims to be a neet and then starts screaming about /biz/
>IRS hangs up on op
>op texts IRS number wagie comics

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everyone get coronabux by stacking zano

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That's not in the bill tho

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You can't submit a return online for $0. You have to mail it in

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no. why you are still a neet anon? just buy zano if you can...solve in this way

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>Made 30k last year
>Got a exactly 75k salary job right at the end of 2019
Phew. I'll still get my Trumpybux right?

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fuck monero long live zano !

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But it is though.

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Where? I tried finding it. I've only heard the dependent clause through secondary sources

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Did you look at the House website for h.r. 748?

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Ok, i'll be nice

H.R. 748 Sect. 2201 (d) (2)

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Ok I found it but now I have another question. It says if they were able to claim me for a deduction then I'm ineligible, but what if they claimed and didn't get a deduction?

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Why didn't they get a deduction? That sounds like they're blowing smoke down your ear.

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Because they have tons of debt and owe a lot in back taxes

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Then they did get a deduction it just applied to their debts. SOL

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Why can't I ever win?

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We do. big bag of OGN and Zano incoming, gonna be great

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You're a young kid you are winning at life all the time. Stop being a pansy and go fuck randos.

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I have a fiance so no

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You'll regret it. Never again will you have access to loads of unattached young pussy. Your fiancee has probably already had oats spread on her.

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Lol I swiped her v card back in high school when she was 15, only oats getting spread are mine all up in her uterus

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the actual text of the bill says
>‘‘(2) any individual with respect to whom a deduction under section 151 is allowable to another tax payer for a taxable year beginning in the calendar year in which the individual’s taxable year begins
does that change anything?

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whoops wrong board

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Dependents are fucked

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nope you're not getting shit unless you filed a 2018/2019 tax return. Your mummy gets it if you're her dependant so you'll get it back in extra tendies or something I'm sure

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