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What's considered poor? middle-class? rich?

>Lives in typical 2 story house
>We have 6 cars its just me and my parents (lexus rx330, bmw, tahoe yukon, camry, white van, and my honda civic)
>Dad bought me brand new Honda civic on my birthday
>He owns 2 small apartment complexes
>Talked to him about buttcoin in early 2017 and he invested 100k into mining equipment cause i told him about it
>We made mid 6 figures in profit but acts like its not alot of money
>He owns a 2 story house overseas

I don't feel rich. My parents don't seem fancy pants. They don't go around wearing luxury shit. Honestly they seem like penny pinching jews who always wants to buy the cheapest shit possible. Especially my daddy.

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pls bumperino to the toperino

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Eventually your parents will die, and what wealth they leave you will by squandered by your lack of appreciation for the value of money. Your children will have to work, and they will remember you as the one who broke the chain of generational wealth.

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stop projecting

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Sounds like a good start. Does your dad give your mom spankings? Do you have pics?

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I'd say middle class. My family is very similar.
Only less cars trying to avoid any uneccessary spending. They would have never bought me a car without propper reason. But also never bought mining equipment because it is not tangable enough for them.

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We live in a 2 class system. There is only the ultra rich and the poor. Middle class is long gone. There are remnants of Middle class wealth owned by boomers but for the most part everyone is poor except for the 2% ultra rich. Yes you may own a fancy car or phone but people slave away 75% of their lives and you live on a 2 person income to support a family. By definition that's poor.

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