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I hope none of you invested in rental properties.

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Destruction of property and potentially threatening behavior.

Prison time.

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insurance fraud is a serious crime kiddo

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have you seen detroit lul

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police are spread so thin fighting batt coof I can easily kill + depose of any rat tenants

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Hope this fucks all the youtube real estate assholes leveraged to the tits in mortgages.

>its fixed rate bro, no risk

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>releases poisonous spiders into your apartment.
Oy vey. I'll help you find a hotel goyim. And don't worry. If your key doesn't work when you come back, I'm on vacation in Miami. Here's a fake number you can reach me at.

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>Take out loan to buy a property you have no intention of actually using
>Get upset when the people you are exploiting to pay for your loans dont pay

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No renbts

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>doesn't pay rent for 3 months

Enjoy living in a shithole that will never get fixed again in your lifetime.

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Post nose.

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Police are chilling right now what do you mean?

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it isnt anything to worry about. these retards who are literally living paycheck to paycheck think that because the govt is banning landlords from evicting them during these 60 days that they dont owe rent for those months. what they dont realize and the conversation landlords are having with tenants right now is that if they dont pay the rent, it will still be owed when the 60 days are over and landlords can then legally begin an eviction process. what this amounts to is just more evidence that subhuman non-whites lack the ability to think critically with reason and logic.

and as you may have already figured out, come June/July theres going to be a lot of evicted people who will be looking for places to stay. the cycle of retardation typically follows the same pattern until these ppl eventually die thru some process of accelerated bad life decisions. it all really sorts itself out in the end.

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Id sell cement to niggers being evicted
Cement flushed down in large quantities fucks the whole buildimg up

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I just thought is it still possible the landlord goes bankrupt and thus has to foreclose on the building. If that's the case everyone would technically have to be kicked out. So is the government also protecting landlords from being foreclosed on? Do I still have to pay property taxes even though I think they are bullshit?

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Oh no no no we got too cocky landlord bros

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keep LARPing, convict.

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I thought business owners have to take risks

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my landlord hasn't even contacted me, i don't even know if she's still alive, she usually goes back to china for the winter, I just give her a handful of post dated cheques and she hasn't cashed it yet this month.
I'm starting to get really worried

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