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Since NEETS makeup something like 60% of this board does anyone know if we're getting some of that Trump stimulus money or is it just for wagies?

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You had to have filed a 2018 return (2019 return might suffice, haven’t checked the final text) and had AGI over 2,500 but let than 75,000 if you’re single. It phases out after that at 5%. Full phaseout at $99,000.

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If you made less than 75k in 2018 or 2019 but now make more, youll have to give back your Trumpbux HAHAHAAHAHA wagies BTFO once again

>The only catch is that technically a person’s 2020 income is what qualifies them for the payment. Since no one knows their total 2020 income yet, the government is using tax returns from 2019 and 2018 to figure out who qualifies for a check. It is possible that someone may have to pay back some of the money if his or her income this year turns out to be significantly more than it was in 2019 or 2018.


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is this true? i thought anyone, even 0 income people got it

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Wrong, they removed the minimum income requirement. All you need is to file a return. You can file even with 0 income.

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Welp, haven't filed since 2016 as my income is 0. Guess I aint gettin' shit bros!

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You still have time to file a tax return.

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You have to have filed taxes in 2018 or 2019 even if you made 0 to get trumpbux. If you make 0 you should be filing taxes anyway even if you dont have to pay anything.

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But if you have student loans and you file for taxes, you will have to start paying them back. Just a warning to NEETs.

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Real talk, if I didn't file in 2018 (didn't make any money basically LOL) can I get this if I file in the next month for 2019? Got massive profits from UND trading and I need to file now so I want to get in on this free neetbux

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If your in college your parents probably still have you listed as a dependent which means you get nothing

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Yes but dont forget to pay your taxes on your UND profits

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>Got massive profits from UND trading
How massive?

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>FDA doesn't allow testing kits to be created by certain entities
>Local Governments everywhere shutting down everything for fear of spreading and are quarantining people who don't need to be quarantined
>We will probably witness historical bailouts to corporations and workers alike because of this
Sometimes I don't get this shit, just have some private entity make as many testing kits as possible, people who don't have it don't quarantine and those who do do quarantine. This is basically how South Korea did it, right?

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>still have you listed as a dependent which means you get nothing
wait really? arent majority of college students listed as dependant on their parents? I am so i dont get anything?

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Thought you get extra $ if you have a dependent claimed. Ergo, if your parents are cool, they might give you the difference.

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Yes majority are listed because its a tax break for the parents, dependents get nothing. If your not in college your parents cant list you as a dependent unless your physically or mentally retarded.

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Some are some aren't. If they are then their parents get an extra $500 per dependent. I'd check with your parents to see if they claimed you as one.

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>Thought you get extra $ if you have a dependent claimed
No, dependents get nothing. If your a minor your parents will get an additional 500 dollars per child but thats it. If your an adult and a dependent they dont get extra and you dont get anything

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last year i fucked up and i claimed myself as independent. but in '18 and '20 i claimed as dependent. My mom makes over 100k a year so are we just not getting anything? or can i use my taxes from '19 to get money?

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That only applies to dependents who are under

>the checks will be $1,200 per adult and $500 per child under the age of 17


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>i claimed as dependent
You get nothing, unless your 16 years old your mom gets nothing for you being a dependent and if your mom is a single mother she gets nothing for herself

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>If your an adult and a dependent they dont get extra and you dont get anything
So i lost my job 2 months ago, I have 4 dollars in my bank account, cant afford to do anything and i was kinda banking on this check coming through so I can have pocket money until i find a job.

wow so nobody i know is getting any money from the government. i dont know why i expected anything else

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Which program lets you e-file a tax return with 0 income? Asking for a friend.

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All of them

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nah, not all nigga. Some anon here must have tried them all already. Only a couple supposedly let you.

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source? i made around 1000 in 2018 and reported it. so id get it ?

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I filed in 2018 and did NOT file a 1040 because I didn't have a job for 2018. I payed 0 in taxes. Are you telling me I'm eligible for trumpbucks?

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1) Must file taxes, even if you make $0 you should still filed them if you want neetbux.
2)Must make less than 75k to get the full 1200.
3)If you file taxes but your parents declared you as a dependent on their taxes-which if you live with them and you dont work they most likely will- you WONT get neetbux.

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>you WONT get neetbux.
this is retarded. just because i live with my mom somehow that means i dont deserve money? what a fucking retarded system

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agreed anon. they got money for corporate bailouts but they got nothin' for the NEET? it's un-American!

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Hahahahaha bedtime

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I work i just live with my mom i dont see why i shouldn't be eligible for this money just like every other person who works. I have student loans to pay off, i need money for gas, food, etc i was let go from my job because of this corona virus shit. this is supposed to be something to help americans.

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Did your parents filed the 2019 taxes yet? If not then tell them not to claim you as a dependent. Then you can still get the neetbux.

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shouldn't have let her declare you as a dependent anon

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Do what
said, or if they already filed them ask them if they claim you as a dependent.

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my mom already claimed me as a dependent this year. for 2019 taxes she couldnt because i filed as independent

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your student loans have nothing to do with your tax or trumpbux

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2019 taxes is the most RECENT taxes you can filed, 2020 taxes is next year. So if you did filed as independent on your 2019 taxes, then i you should still get them.

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fuck i had my times messed up i filed as dependent this year. god damn it i hate my life. guess ill just have to wait for this virus shit to die down to get a job.

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Kill yourself

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The IRS won't accept any electronic filing with $0 income. You have to mail it in

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You know what's more retarded? I haven't seen my piece of shit mom in 5 years and that bitch claims me as a dependent. I'm not going to be getting anything. Thanks to her I have a credit history back to when I was 5 years old which I defaulted on a mortgage.

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Putting that idiot on currency would be the biggest insult to the dollar. I'd rather they put that nigger woman they wanted to use 4 years ago.

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Wrong, you need $2500 AGI. What they removed was the $600 vs $1200 amount and made it so that everyone gets $1200.

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>What's that goy? You make over 100k? No free handouts for you you have enough, spread that wealth around.

>Huh? No the banks and airlines absolutely need a bailout and your taxes WILL have to go up to pay for it. BTW you now have less purchasing power because we inflated the dollar.

Just fuck my life up m8. I'm both too rich for handouts and not rich enough.

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>muh inflation
>meanwhil dollar index continues to climb
Only brainlets are currently worried about rapid inflation, deflation is the current concern.

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>Things didn't inflate in a week so therefore it never will
Wow what a hot take, kindly stop posting anytime.

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yeah and wagies in high COL areas get fucked because making 75-100k isn't shit in NYC or SF.

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Goes way beyond that you dumbass. You clearly haven't been paying attention to the international dolar crunch.

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How old are you?

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Why? He's already a legendary President. When you find out what else he is going to do in his 2nd term your brain might explode.

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In that case I propose we do everything in our power to create crabflation.

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Honestly hope NEETS gets it. Really need to invest in OGN or Zano. Financial freedom coming thanks to Trump

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yes. only those who make money get money. on top of this, if your parents claimed you as a dependant, they get your money. If you're under 26, or a neet, you better get ready to sell your boy hole by the time april first rolls around

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they have mentioned direct deposit. how will they know if i have recently switched banks?

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I wanna know if college students who filed as dependent for insurance reasons got it

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depends on how neets get money for me chance i will get trumpbux

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>Must file taxes
wrong its like people dont even do the research

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I typically take the standard deduction and use my paycheck allowances to owe around net 0 each tax season.

Some people are saying that trumpbux is basically an advance on your return next year. I’ve read part of the bill and I don’t really understand the terminology. If I get this $1200 check, and I typically owe around $0 around tax season, does that mean I will OWE $1200 for next tax season?

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the $1200 is nontaxable

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Fuck can you not read? If your income is over the amount then you need to pay it back by lowering your deduction.

If you are under it's FREE MONEY BABY YEEHAW

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were do neets get their money from?

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pot calling the kettle black. They'll send you the money based on the info they get from the IRS retard.

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How do we get the check? They just mail it to the address associated with your tax statement?

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Yeah or if you choose a direct deposit for your refunds then it'll be that.

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I've read that they'll go off your 2019 IRS return if you've already filed, otherwise 2018.
In 2018 I was filed as dependent, but for 2019 I wasn't.
If I could race to get my taxes filed with my tax agent tomorrow morning before the House convenes tomorrow morning/afternoon, could I qualify for the $1,200? Or do you guys think it's 2019 taxes "already processed and returned" by the IRS?

Does my lazy fucking mother get an extra $500 for not filing my 2019 sooner? She is literally working right now and is about to suck a bunch of nontaxable money from me.

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Meanwhile I live with my mom and collect SSI and will get a check


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Prostituting themselves

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Are dependents gonna get trumpbux?

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500$ or some gay ass shit like that

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Social security/welfare/food stamps/ free housing programs.

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Everything will be ok with Colonel Birx mommy.

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Trumpbux should only go to those of us earning MORE than $100K a year, not to the unproductive, low IQ members of society.

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and you wont get it until end of MAY
and you will pay it back in taxes.
America! home of the slave

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How did you escape the wagelsave plantation?

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Nothing has passed and they're keeping shit secret so no one knows.

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>pot calling the kettle black
retard you dont need to have to ever have done taxes theres still a chance you can get money

>> No.18116321

and your proofs?

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they get nothing. If you're claimed while under 17 then whoever claimed you gets $500. It's literally retarded because this excludes a solid 60-80% of college students and people under the age of 27. (you know, the people most likely to be working in jobs that have been shut down and are most likely to need the money.)

>tfw filed independent in 2018
>mom asks to claim me in 2019 because student loan benefits
fuck me.

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use google there are many sites that say like https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-stimulus-package-questions-answers.html

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people who are receiving Social Security retirement and disability payments each month also get a stimulus payment

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OR the social security administration

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