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The US has a steady 35% increase in total number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus since the 1st death was recorded.

At the current rate, there will be 200,000 recorded deaths by the time Easter rolls around.

Trump wants everybody back to work by Easter. Tons of Americans unironically agree with this sentiment.

Are they right or are they wrong? What should the US do?

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The resolved death rate is 16% so it could be as high as 20 million dead given full infection of the US. Thats just the US.

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But basically half of all cases is in NYC. Just abandon NYC and then we can boom again, right?

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>At the current rate, there will be 200,000 recorded deaths by the time Easter rolls around.
Who fucking cares? More people die in Chicago in a given weekend, but we aren't talking about that.

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US peaked on 3/19 then social distancing ended the happening

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More than 2,5 million people die just in the US EVERY YEAR. All it takes is a little media massage and all of a sudden a couple of thousands ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD is a an apocalypse.

Idiocracy came a lot sooner than predicted.

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16% would be a worldwide catastrophe. There would be dead people EVERYWHERE. Paris catacombs all over again

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And now estimate 2,5m + 2,5m on a yearly basis and guess how the hospitals will look like.

Then add another million because you cannot treat efficiently anymore and US is done. Then maybe add another million because doctors are getting sick and cannot treat anymore.

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Idiocracy is here, woohoo!

the fucking flu is not killing anyone who wouldn't have died anyway. Italians have 90% of the dead beign 80 years old ON AVERAGE and more than half of them had 2 or more life threatning preexisting conditions, meaning they would have croaked within the next 12 months anyway, the flu just tripped them over the edge.

90% of all people who contract the fucking flu have no or very mild symptoms, which means they are not even diagnosed. The death rate is FAR lower if take those into account, it is literally nothing. But yeah, let's believe the fear mongering media cause they have always reported the truth nothing but the truth and the whole truth in the past, right?

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Thank you for your well informed opinion.

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>shutting down your economy over a virus that 80% of people who get it won't even notice any symptoms and using it as an excuse to print infinity money to cover the 09 debt bubble
>Isolating the sick and elderly, who don't even work anyway and are a net drain

Sounds pretty based to me.
Enjoy the states power grab, now they can brand you critical workers and waive your rights, curfew you with no reason, arrest you for moving around also with no reason. Welcome to the dystopia you deserve.

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This is a new strain of SARS, cletus. Your muh flu cope is cringe.

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Not sure if you are being facetious or not, but hey, I've had enough of the media bullshit. It is an epidemic, no doubt, but statistically it is no worse than any seasonal flu. The issue is thanks to modern medicine you now have lots of old people, who would have died decades ago had it not been for their ongoing treatment. These people are literally teetering on the edge every day, any complication pretty much means a death sentence. Since they die in hospitals, they have to be tested and what would have been chalked up to natural causes in the past is now added to the statistics making it look like a killer virus. It is all blown out of proportion so much it has pushed the world to the brink, just because the politicians under so much media pressure don't want to look like they aren't doing enough for their constituents. It's all a farce and it's going to end in tragedy, much larger than what is essentially another flu warrants.

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Trump won't let that happen

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>the big TV in the living room told me it is bad
>it also said anyone who says it is not is a fucking retarded hick

idiocracy, here we come!

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>chicago loses 1 million inhabitants a month
damn son, no wonder you ain't got time for corona, you're dealing with a full blown genocide, top fucking kek

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Usually biz goes against mainstream informations and all of a sudden they're relaying kike's chart and medias fearspread. Something's wrong.

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trump will have to reverse his decision if a bunch of people die as a result of it

if he makes people go back to work by easter and people start dying off, trump is done
making people go back to work will hasten the 100 thousand death toll

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> it's just a flu bro
how do you explain the healthcare system in hard hit regions literally collapsing and the army needing to tow away all the corpses because they can't bury them fast enough ?


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just deploy National Guard to make sure no one leaves NY state and WA state. block the roads. ground all air traffic in and out. halt treatment entirely. clearly the healthcare and cops are interacting with sick people and from there they are spreading it further. a lot of news reports about nurses and doctors dying. completely unnecessary. imagine being such a brainlet you try to treat a 78 yr old who was going to die anyway, and he gives you the super-flu and you also die.

>but what about supplies.
when they need supplies they can signal it and we can send special trucks in to supply them. panic in high-risk cities is already making life shitty for people who don't live in those cities.

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And you do that every year?

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no, you do that now. let those who are dying die. that's how you stop this from spreading. what's happening is that first responders and other med/police people are interacting with the sick and then they get it and spread it. also, it could be a massive hoax. how the fuck did tom hanks get it and then recover so quickly. how are so many people recovering? the death rate is not reliable.

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as I said, it is an epidemic, the old an polymorbid are dying pretty much at the same time, but they would have died from any flu anyways. You don't seem to realise how much older the world has become over the last couple of decades, there are more 90+ year olds now than there have ever been in the history of mankind. 20 years ago dying at 70 was no big deal, old age stuff, now it is considered middle aged and too young to die. As I've said before the oldies are being trown over the edge by the flu epidemic. Sure it puts a strain on the hospitals, especially when on top of this people are being freaked out by the media and run to the hospitals at the first cough.

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You need to stop posting.

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>imagine being such a brainlet you try to treat a 78 yr old who was going to die anyway

Doctors can't refuse to treat people, it is part of their code of ethics even if they know that there is no helping the patient.

What idiots like you don't realize is that the bottlenecking in hospitals that the virus will cause can cripple the American healthcare system since they can't cope with rapid amount of people becoming ill.The fact that the US is 27th on the world scale when it comes to healthcare is going to be a scary 3 months for the country.

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oh wow, such a compelling counter argument!

Please post more, so we can all learn from you

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Ny and cali are both in quarantine as of this week. Current rate will last 2 weeks tops

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Sorry I messed that up, 45 million

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A 35% increase of nothing is equal to nothing. Say it with me: nothing burger. Virus tests are a scam. Check House of Numbers documentary to understand

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Dubs of schizo

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BUY SUTERUSU ? Asia revenge recovery PAMP CONFIRMED.

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It's all female levels of spastic hysteria.

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>the fucking flu is not killing anyone who wouldn't have died anyway
You're stupid, but technically correct. Since everyone dies.

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Oh dear lord, retards with no reading comprehension are out in force again. Makes me wish the flu really was really deadly.

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quads of truth

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Louisiana now too.

Ruralfags are in for a rude awakening though. My in laws still go to church. I shit you not, they are the young ones at 70. Median age in these small town churches is all over 65. These people don't travel much but once this gets in a community, and isn't traced, it's a fairly closed loop. All it takes is a few younger townies to pick it up.

I've worked at a small county hospital. When this hits a Bible study of 70 year olds they are going to be completely overwhelmed and not at all mentally prepared for triage.

That said, I'm bullish long term. This will speed wealth redistribution, cut dead weight, free up pension cash, and make sealing borders more the norm.

If 7% of Boomers and 15% of their remaining parents can croak, and then we also bring industry back from Asia and close our borders, wages will start rising for the first time in half a century and property will be affordable.

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>Average us farmer age
>58 years old

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You’re an idiot, the data shows it’s already the fastest spreading pandemic this century and by all accounts more contagious than the flu and very likely more deadly. It’s also still an enigma, how many waves will there be? Are there any long lasting effects? I notice you don’t argue anything other than “muh flu”.

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Isn't that the population pyramid of Afica?

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Cope. It's > flu and that was already a test of our wallets and healthcare

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I think we should proactively gas the boomers and provide them a humane death instead of possibly suffering from Chinese flu.

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>If I let old people die now, there will never be any old people that could get infected ever again
Based retard.

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deaths/day is already stalled

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They should do it. Imagine a world without fattoids.

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Not sure if absolutely retarded or just coping by extreme denial

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This assumes no action. Dumber than dirt, OP. Trump Pills are coming. The hydroxychloroquine cocktail works.

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Yes! Take the fish pils!

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>Trump wants everybody back to work by Easter. Tons of Americans unironically agree with this sentiment.
No he doesn't. He's just saying that to keep confidence high and prevent further market crashes. His braindead cultists think he's telling the truth though. Next week he'll be saying things will open by May 1st, then May 15th, then by June.

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You're not factoring in the 100's of thousands that already had it and were never tested. They drank some green tea, and are back to walking their dogs and masturbating to anime porn as of last week.

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>The speed of transmission is an important point of difference between the two viruses. Influenza has a shorter median incubation period (the time from infection to appearance of symptoms) and a shorter serial interval (the time between successive cases) than COVID-19 virus. The serial interval for COVID-19 virus is estimated to be 5-6 days, while for influenza virus, the serial interval is 3 days. This means that influenza can spread faster than COVID-19.
>Further, transmission in the first 3-5 days of illness, or potentially pre-symptomatic transmission –transmission of the virus before the appearance of symptoms – is a major driver of transmission for influenza. In contrast, while we are learning that there are people who can shed COVID-19 virus 24-48 hours prior to symptom onset, at present, this does not appear to be a major driver of transmission.

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Wrong. I was often in medical meetings in the UK where they vote not to resuscitate if they are dying. You can withdrawl care and be ethically doing no harm.

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The token burn will be massive.

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The US loses 30,000 people annually to flu
The world loses 500,000
We currently have 1000 US deaths from corona
And 21,000 globally

China had peak incidence and recovery within three months
New cases and deaths in Italy are already declining
Washington state and New York are already declining in their rate of rise and most states are nearly unaffected

If we don't start seeing at least 50x the daily incident disease rate and death rate we're currently seeing it's not even as important an illness as the flu

The normal, seasonal, non-pandemic flu
That nobody even thinks about

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Sell me your coin.

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That's not true, and even if it were, it wouldn't be an excuse to not address another cause of death

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Louisiana has the fastest growing infection rate.
And I just read an article about a church holding "faith healing" services in Baton Rouge, despite court order, it's no wonder why.

Those creole motherfuckers have doomed us all.

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>Leading causes of death: Number
>#10 - Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173
Lets make this #1 Burgers!
>oh saaaayyy can you seee

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>I only read pol and never bother to read medical journals or professional research when a pandemic arrives, the post.
There are too many brainless wonders like you, the world is a sad place.

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dunning kruger the post

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people are going to go back to work in a few weeks and then there will be an increase in corona cases. and it will keep spreading until the govt forces another shutdown. thats how i see this going down.

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Nice anon, you are JUSTING all the bobos in this thread who want to make people sell. I think it may go lower, and I have some shorts in, but these guys are degenerates trading on leverage and they will all get fucked. The media is hyping this up for their own agendas it's clear. I actually work in the emergency services in a major met city in the UK, people are scared because we're building morgues and field hospitals, but honestly it's not that bad. and the worst will be over in a week. FUCK YOU BOBOS, I'll short at the right time due to different economic factors and fuck you all in the ass.

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But, I’m enjoying this quarantine. Any chance you could not bring this up anymore?

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You can bet on how many people will die from Coronavirus with coronacoin $nCoV.

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you have low IQ and your arguments are easily refuted.

>The world loses 500,000
that's actually inaccurate. Mortality cause is overly attributed to the flu, cause they just don't care and anyone who dies during flu season is just put in that category without testing.

>And 21,000 globally
We would be at 500k+ already if it wasn't for extremely strict quarantines. We can't quarantine forever, as soon as the world goes out of lockdown it's back to millions of deaths daily. Without quarantine, growth is exponential. Which means it will go from 20k to 500k in a few months, and 500k to 100 millions in another few months.

Does the flu need quarantine to stay at 500k/y ? No, it does not. It's not the flu. But you're too low IQ to understand that.

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I hope we don’t go back to millions of corona deaths a day. That was bad, from what I remember.

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>t. I just got BTFOed and have nothing to say

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>Just abandon NYC and then we can boom again, right?
No. You stay put where you are.

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Trump will be the first to relax restrictions but state governors will take longer to follow suit. The absolute earliest for everything to be back to normal is May 1st, it may come back in pieces before then but the economic damage will have been done, it's going to be a recession year.

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Miss, I’m agreeing with you. We can’t go back to millions of daily deaths. We have to stay inside and chat.

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>current rate
linear thinker detected

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I think the US is going to have the highest death rate. Why? People with the following pre-conditions usually get killed by COVID:
- asthma
- diabetes
- heart disease

Americans are fat as fuck. A 29 year old girl died the other day and she only had mild asthma (ie no respirator neede

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And that's a good thing

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>My entire argument is based off a hypothetical situation I just came up with with no objective evidence to support my conjecture
It's a fucking flu you stupid homosexual shitskin

>> No.18102168

i too hate it when the seasonal flu comes and they have to use the local ice rink as a morgue

>> No.18102213

You act as if the entire world isn't obese as shit. Go to Mexico, UK, Italy - everyone is fat as fuck all over the place.

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Holy fucking shit the amount of retard schizos itt
what amount of mental gymnastics do you have to go through to reach that figure?

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Isn't that with assuming the chink numbers are true? What if they're fake? Wouldn't the fatality rate be way higher then even 16%?

>> No.18102395

>Old people with preexisting health complications die
Are you a nigger who thinks statistics are racist? Sorry you don't like statistics and they prove your argument invalid and your hyperbolic jokes.

>> No.18102418

How are the Italians cremating all of their dead though? It takes a good chunk of time to cremate a body. Maybe the numbers aren't accurate? Couldn't be...

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Nobody said 40 million dude.

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