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Any other bobos left? Crypto is fucked

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I'm curious to know if there are any bobos not rekt by the bottom

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Still here crypto is going to zero

>> No.18093563

still comfy anon, shit is about to hit the fan, US has no idea.

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Exchanges shutting down when price crashes makes it too risky imo, but crypto is a failure

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Not every bobo uses margin. Personally, I'm holding bags of usd hoping btc goes down.

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Bobo here....I just hodl. We need to spend a bit more time at 5k in my opinion.

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It definitely is extremely risky

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Hey do you guys literally always short the bottom? I keep telling you you're going to get squeezed. But you keep doing it anyway.

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shorted at 6724

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Being a bear doesn't necessarily mean you have to short.

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Bobro reporting in for duteh

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I dont feel so good bros...

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i fell for the ETHBEAR meme

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sold at $140, rebuying at 90-110

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Watch out!

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He's a big guy.

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You bobros are longing the usd/asset pair
Youre longing the asset that infinitely inflates thus losing value
And shorting the asset that has historically only gained in value
And you pay interest to make this play

Think, for once in your life, about that

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