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BTC, ETH, EOS and soon RSR.

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Peter thiel, sam altman & coinbase. Literally only reason im invested. I acknowledge im a brainlet moonboy....

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The year is 2022
Tether is still in the top 10 on CoinmarketCap
USDC is in the top 20
And on /biz/......
RSR shills saying the collapse of tether is just around the corner!

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tether is irrelevant to anyone but mutt tards.. the dollar is over. there nothing "stable" about a coin that pegs itself to a corrupt dying fiat currency. Read up and understand that the goal of Reserve is to present a better option for a tore of value as well as a day to day currency that preserves buying power and can't be diluted by muh brrrrrrrrr. I understand that you somehow feel an allegiance to tether/usd but you are either a retarded statist dollar shill or a shitcoin holder that somehow feels threatened by the idea a truly hard and decentralized currency.

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>the dollar is over

requirements for moon
>the collapse of the US dollar
>the collapse of Tether

Doomsday prep the coin

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this is the new pathetic fud.. they actually are trying to tell u rsr needs tether to fail. tether will fail and we won't even notice.

RSR/RSV will have minimal exposure to fiat. these fudders are glowing cowards

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lol reserve isn't even targeting the u.s yet. they will be mainly focused on countries that are already dealing with hyperinflation or getting close to it. guess what, italy will be next on the list if it wasn't already, after this shitshow is over. reserve is getting stronger as the world economy grows weaker.

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>every country in the near future will have a hyper inflation problem as bad as Venezuela where a roll of toilet paper costs 5 million dollars

Do you guys even think about what youre typing?

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>every country

reading is hard

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Dump this shitcoin for a new shitcoin with a lowcap: Idena

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