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>3 years
>0 customers
>0 world use

Seriously how can linkers explain this?

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Anyone who bought link when it was being hyped is still MASSIVELY in the green.

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they're victims of sunk cost mentality

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how about pic related?

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>A slow json parser that provides unnecessary price quotes at ridiculously expensive and variable rates
Scam shittoken.

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SWIFT was a contest, and winners got to use their logo

Google Cloud was a literal blog post and many other shitcoins got this "partnership" too, except chainlink is the only one to pin it on their twitter

ChainLink is located in the Cayman Islands in a building with over 10,000 other businesses

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MFW he still doesn't get it.

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Yes to every question except discord. It's the moral duty of every /biz/ oldfag to flush your reddit-raid out of here for good

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>someone actually took time to make this

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copy pasting fag. I will be laughing the day currency inflates so much your shekls are worth peanuts. kek

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